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Blocking the Internet

Updated on January 24, 2012

Financial Sector

1950 Stock Exchange
1950 Stock Exchange | Source

US Government

In a recent report to the US Government, it has been recommended that during flu epidemics, the internet should be completely shut down with the exception of financial houses.

This is not a joke. It has been stated that during a flu epidemic many people stay at home sick. It is feared that these stay at home people could use social networks and download you tube. This extra traffic could cause a slow down of the internet and thereby impede the ability of the “money men” to quickly trade their shares.

Watch out for this. It could be the next excuse for the economy failing, in the making.

The Government has already talked of closing some social networks in order to prevent “piracy”.

They have proven they can do it and that is where my problem lies. If they can close sites at will, why have they not closed the porn sites, especially those that thrive on child pornography?


Original Porn
Original Porn | Source

It's all about the Money

It is, as is so often the case these days, all about the money.

It is estimated that the annual revenue of internet porn sites, in the US alone is $2.5 billion.

12% of all internet sites are pornographic, an estimated 4.2 million sites.

Let’s be clear about this, pornography is a big money maker. It is estimated that the revenues from porn are more than the football, basketball, baseball and hockey franchises combined.

The total revenue of porn in the US is $50 billion; compare that to the combined incomes of ABC, NBC and CBS being a mere $6.5 billion.

I think that by now most Americans realize, that politicians are no longer concerned with pleasing the people, their concerns are with pleasing the money and where there is this amount of money involved, the politicians must be aware of it and coveting the dollars in return for favors.

It would be interesting to see, if any “shut down” of the web, would prohibit the financial sector from visiting the porn sites.

Real Business

Now I am not suggesting that porn sites be completely shut down. There is obviously the wants of the people to be considered [I’d never make a politician], and 40 million US adults visit porn sites daily, 1 in 3 of these being women. What I am suggesting though is: if the politicians really want to play around with the internet, why don’t they cut the sites that deal with child or violent pornography. I for one would not mind the government upsetting potential pedophiles.

Just leave the rest of the web alone.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      More and more, countries are controlling Internet use. There is so much hypocrisy involved. Even Google controls part of the internet by allowing or denying stories to be published using Adsence. There is huge money in porn so those sites flourish...Google assuages its concience by stopping ads on a HP story that says "fuck."

      When anyone says "It's not about the money," its about the money!

      Detectives say "follow the money, find the reason for the crime."

      China shuts part of the Internet at will and (I believe) disallows facebook entirely.

      The Internet will end up being a political tool if we allow these powers to increase.


    • michiganman567 profile image


      6 years ago from Michigan

      They shut down the entire internet in Egypt. All they had to do was make a phone call, so why do they need these laws? I don't know who Anonymous is, but they seem to be working right into the government's hands when it comes to creating a public outcry for government control of the internet. It kind of makes you wonder. I heard that wikileaks has CIA ties. I don't know why some private in the army can download state department memos concerning Italy from Afghanistan. Yet none of the information that he released was very important. A lot of things do not add up.


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