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Wikileaks Again

Updated on December 3, 2010

What's The Big Deal?

I am tired of hearing about this. What is the big deal? There are three possibilities here:

1. These really are secrets. In which case the security of the Government Departments is inept, as, if a private person could find out these details, then so could any foreign agency.

2. This information was inadvertently under classified. In which case, it shows that Government Departments are incompetent at correct classification of information.

3. This stuff is correctly classified and is not important. So what is the fuss about?

In any of the above scenarios, if the Government Departments hadn’t cried foul so hard, the media would not have picked up on it. If the media had not picked up on it, very few of us would have known about it and it would still, almost be secret.

Governments are only crying because these “leaks”, show them as being far less in control of things, than they would like us to think. Their own malpractice has left egg on their face and instead of “manning up” and doing something about it; they would rather shoot the messenger. Putting an internet entrepreneur into prison will not increase their security. If anything, they should be thanking him for showing them their weaknesses.

Another possibility in this is that false information was fed into these leaks, knowing they would be revealed and hoping that the misinformation reaches the right place and is believed. If this were the case, then there has been a vast amount of over activity and a gross amount of “ham” acting, to make it plausible.

The last possibility is that since 9/11, departmental rivalry has been rampant within the security sector and one department purposely divulged this information to make the other departments look bad. If this were the case, then the Government again, has some internal problems and again, should not blame the messenger.

Which ever way you look at it, the Government Departments need to start acting like men instead of babies crying over spilt milk. That way the media could concentrate on keeping the masses informed on really important issues.

I do not believe that the releasing of this information, on the internet, has or will, put any men’s lives at risk because, as I have said, any foreign agency that wanted to could also have gotten the information on their own.


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    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 7 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      From the news reports some harm has already been done. We are dealing with matters of treason here and the rule of law is at stake. I agree that some incompetence is probaly involved. When I was in the government we dealt with hard copy and any secret information we used had to be returned to the safe or destroyed with a witness to sign off.

      What is really bad is the carelessness involved and lack of respect for rules.Any breach of security is a serious matter.