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Bullying Difference Between Boys and Girls

Updated on July 25, 2012


Everyone has been picked on making fun of at one time or another. Stop it before the bullying starts. Ignoring someone who acts like they want to fight you will just make them pick on you more. Telling on a bully just makes the problem worse. Stop the bullying learn how?

How to Stop the Bullying

Boy bullying differs from girl bullying. Males are viewed to be the dominating sex in nature. When a boy is a victim of bullying it is obvious because of the physical evidence. Males are more likely to have altercations that are more physical than females.

Females tend to be the problem solvers. Since females are physically weaker than males. Females rely on their minds to survive socially. Teenage girls start to develop socially and form groups.

Girl bullying is unnoticed because girls learn from a very early age how to manipulate to achieve whatever they want to achieve. If you ever had a tongue slashing whether it be from a girl or a women. You know how they can manipulate an argument to make you look like the culprit.

Women can take any situation and get the upper advantage. That is why girl bullies have the advantage over their victims. Girls interact differently than boys. Boys are verbal and they communicate physically with one another. Most cases result to intimidation with violence.

Male bullies usually assemble a group of followers that are looking for acceptance. Followers will do anything or say anything just to keep their status in the group and avoiding being the outcast or rejected.

Girls assemble the same way, but each member of the group maintains a certain level of independence. Girls constantly compete against each other they never can truly trust one another simply because any female from within the group or outside the group can take top position in the group. Leaving the former leader either rejected or demoted. This usually happens when another female proves to be more worthy of the group. Then members of the group will assemble around that female.

Female bullies use every member of the group. Each member of the group has their place according to how nasty, manipulative and stuck-up. Most female bullies do not act alone they tend to bully other girls indirectly through the group. The members assemble to protect the bully in order to get a higher status in the group by pitching into the tormenting and harassment of the victim even though they might not have a personal vendetta against the victim. They go along with the bullying to avoid rejection from the group.

Signs Your Daughter is Being Bullied

· Your daughter loses interest in the thing she uses to enjoy in school. She makes excuses to stay home from school. Suddenly insists on you take her to school. Grades come way down. Come home starving because her lunch was taken.

· Isolates: Avoids phone calls. Avoids socializing with friends, stays home turns down invites with her peers.

· Starts to show low self-esteem a lack of confidence and seems distracted.

· Always losing things like lunch money, books ect….

· Un-explained: cuts and bruises on her body.

Signs Your Daughter is a Bully

· Your daughter is aggressive, even to adults.

· Your daughter pushes around and teasing other children.

· Your daughter dominates and manipulates.

· Your daughter is a smooth talker in tough situations.

· She is easily angered and frustrated.

How Can Parents Address the Problem?

Parents cannot address the problem if the child will not admit there is a problem. In most cases, a child will deny the bullying. The reason the victim seeks no help. The bully has a way of turning things around to make the victim look like the troublemaker making the victim look bad in front of the person of authority. The bully might apologize and seem so sincere. Bullies can be very convincing and persuasive to authority figures.

Put yourself in your child’s shoes. Ask yourself this question. If someone were bullying me at work, what would I do? Whom would I tell and what can they do?

How to Deal with Bullies

There is nothing a victim can say or do to stop the bullying, why tell a teacher or a guidance councilor they can’t do anything but talk to the child and the parents. In most cases, the parents of the bully give very little punishment or none at all. The only way to be free from a bully is to confront the bully head on.



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