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Bush Broken Promises

Updated on November 7, 2013

Promises Broken

Like Machiavelli, all the Bushes should be exiled to an Island and out of American Politics forever and yet they keep persisting. The Bushes, for better or worse, are an ever enduring, somewhat misunderstood, family. If only public service was not some flipped joke but a very serious trusted position for them. I believe Bush Sr. had a healthy sense of humor about his work because he did spend his life in public service. Being the Director the CIA is not an easy job. George I am certain will be remembered far more kind but inorder to seal the Bush legacy as great leaders, I think JEB has to prove that he can put country before family.

JEB the fool? Or is the third Bush presidency going to be the charm? Do we actually believe after all we have been through by the Bushes? Are we so delusional to believe that one of the three Bushes, mainly JEB, could be a decent public servant?

I have my doubts and I am very capable of constructing arguments against JEB's candidacy. But I first must entertain JEB for president before I completely dismiss it. So ask yourself do you want more Bush in particular JEB?

With respect to George Bush Sr. who is in aligning health and with a bit of humor we should review the broken Bush promises and some of the, in the inconqueerable immortal words of Barbara, the most Bushwacked moments in public office.

Please keep,in mind that after the war in Libya and Benghazi that all presidents have their low points including Democratic Presidents.

Wouldn't You Love to be a Fly on the Wall in This Room?

Plotting to over throw a Middle Eastern country or ordering Empandas from Taco Bell?
Plotting to over throw a Middle Eastern country or ordering Empandas from Taco Bell?

Voting for JEB???

Could you in good conscience vote for JEB for President or Vice President?

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Degree in Spanish??

Do you think a college degree in Spanish is enough education for the office of the Presidency of the United Sates?

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Do you think it will be different with JEB?

Do you think JEB will be different then his Father and Brother?

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How do They Find the time to Holiday Between the Carnage?

Remember the Scumbag Entitlement

The Bushes have never admitted they have been wrong about Iran Contra or WMD. They have never accepted "Personal Responsibility" which is one for their catch lines. They have never owned their failures with "No Child Left Behind." They just expect to be leaders without being responsible. That would be okay except for that is not how the country works for the rest of us. How could JEB represent us if he is so far removed from the realities of what it is to be an American?

I am for optimism but not delusion. This is a real question about JEB's character that every voting person needs to consider. But until then, some highlights (Bush double speak) of Bush high standards that we have all strained to forget.


Now why would the USA be so worried about WMD in Iraq. I mean who sells WMD in the world? As Vice President and former Director of Central Intelligence Foreign Affairs were handled by George Bush Sr. While it has never been publicly disclosed what arms were sold to Saddam Huessin, it is well worth considering the very arms he used might have been sold to him by the USA for Oil. Not to mention the Oil For Food program otherwise known as O.F.F. in which Saddam sold oil at a discounted price and never purchased food for his people. He kept all the monies. Monies that have been recovered and repatronized to South Korea? I was unaware of their vast military campaign in Iraq? In recollection it was 1983 when Saddam first met with Donald Rumesfeld.

Rumesfeld Meeting With Saddam 1983 Bushwacked #1

1983 Marine Barracks Bombing in Beruit

So there is this very friendly relationship with Saddam in 1983 in which Donald Rumesfeld meets with Saddam who is rather unhappy with Syria and then the entire regiond suddenly becomes destablized. It is always how it happens the USA makes a friendly visit selling arms to one disgruntled country and then the region destablizes, anti-American sentiment goes through the roof, Israel is always threatened and then American soldiers end up dead. It is not rocket science. So you have to ask why anyone would have an overt arms sale in the region unless to provoke another war? Anyone think there might have been a correlation between Rumesfeld selling arms to Saddam and the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beruit? Hey Oliver North was a Marine who traded drugs for arms from Iran in 1983. It was a Marine barracks that was bombed. Do you think there might be a correlation there? Do you think that bombing could have been a message?

Bushwacked Play #1 & #2

Beruit Bombing in 1983

Iran Contra aka Bushwacked #2

Infantry to War

So Republican parents, I didn't know any Democrats as a child I was raised in a segregated portion of Florida, all sent their children to Western Europe to work in bringing down the Berlin Wall. The idea being to flank the Middle East. I have to say in the 1980(s) there was real terrorism in western Europe. If a suspicious package was left everyone walked out of the cafe'. Things did go boom quite frequently but Europe was very cleaver about it never publicly admitting it. If terrorism never got airtime then it did not exist and therefore lost its' traction. The worst thing, in my opinion, was to ever admit there were terrorist attacks in America. The White House should have known better. Anyone who knows anything about terrorism knows never to acknowledge it. But if you wanted to go to war when you didn't have the will of the people what better excuse right?

The better excuse was having someone lie to Congress about Iraqi Republican Guard invadin Kuwait and pulling infants out of Incubators, leaving them to die on the hospital floor. If I were Congress I would never take testimony again. I can't tell you how many examples I have of people lyng to Congress and Congress failing to fact check and investigate its' witnesses.

Bushwacked Plan #2

Bushwacked Plan #3

Because Again this was an Overt Operation...

Saddan Huessin invades neighboring Kuwait and sets the oil wells on fire causing a horrific environmental disaster. To be clear the oil wells were not set a blaze until the story of Iraqi Republican Guards taking infants out of incumbators and leaving to die on the hospital floor hits the international presses. Again the question that is why not have a covert clandestine actions instead of all of these overt actions. What is the use of being the former director of Central Intellugence Agency if you do not know how to run covert clandestine operations?

Because Clandestine was not an option this...

When the Bushes Can Not Win the War, They Declare Victory!

And so it was a very short campaign in which CNN had the exclusive as they reported throughout the night. Undoubtably there were attempts on Saddam's life but they could not get him so they did the only thing they could. They retreated and declared victory.

The problem with declaring victory when there was none is eventually people were going to figure it out. Bill Clinton had an exceptionally close call with the truth.

Iraq Defeated in 1991?

Eight Years Bushwackless then Bushwacked Again

Now apparently the carnage that was cased in the eighties and nineties has left a lasting impression on the Middle East. However when Clinton took office apparently he grasped the concept of clandestine operations. Those of us who were on the inside knew of the troubles. We were highly sought after and recruited in droves. But we could always say "no" and those of us who did are around now to talk about it.

It wasn't that they had just destabilzed the Middle East but that destabilization had exploded onto the continent of Africa. It is far easier to destabilize and to destroy a country then to rebuild it. But for all intents and purposes the average person in America believed we had normalized relations with the Middle East. I credit Bill Clinton with being wise enough to keep these operations clandestine. Sadly, however clandestine operations were not effective. Recruitment was down and we were losing a lot of people to a very clandestine war which would eventually boil over to a very public war. Our special forces,were leaving the services and working for private security corporations which were costing the USA a tremendous amount of money.

In 2000 after a long legal battle George Bush Jr. wins the United States Presidential Election. Within the first two years of his presidency the biggest strike on the homeland occured in the history of our country. I do not judge him for initial reaction but for his over reaction regarding the WMD. Even his Father used coalition forces. Making an unconfirmed public claim of weapons of mass destruction caused the USA a tremendous amount of embarrassment. In a moment when we could have reached out to our allies and asked for help, George Bush went it alone with Tony Blair.

WMD Bushwacked #4

In the Greatest Transfer of American Wealth Ever...

George Bush declares war in the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of this country he extends his presidential powers and suspends all constitutional rights under the patriot act in the wild goose chase of the ever so important weapons of mass destruction. To be clear Congress authroized the war in Afganistan but some how George Bush managed to switch the war to a whole other country.

But the Bushes are very savvy in that they know Congress will never actually perform oversight, investiagte witnesses and if they do they just give the member a seat on intelligence with a security clearance and then threaten them with violating the national security of the United State of America.

The Valerie Plame case is classic iron fist in velevt glove tactic of Bush administrations

Right Under Your Nose Bush Wacked #5

Of Course He Isn't Worried about WMD He has just Transferred ALL the Wealth Out of the United States

It is like magic. A Bush comes into office and the economy collapses. But I have to say something for George Bush Jr., he was very deceptive. He had everyone worried about WMD when he was transferring wealth and collapsing the economy. The budget in his administration was nothing it was the supplementals that spent more than anyother president. Jr. made Taft seem very thrifty. He was good. He made everyone look for WMD when he took over the entire country especially the banks which ultimately lead to the down fall of the markets. He bought a 12 million dollar mansion in Texas which was worth far more but he got it at a real deal because he had Collapsed the housing market with Chinese mortgages. As a matter of fact, I can't recall a Bush being in office without bad economic times or war.

What was even more amazing is that Saddam had been sitting on decades of cash from the USA. It was billions and billions of dollars he obtained from the O.F.F. program. Saddam was too paranoid to spend it so our tropps recovered it. And it ended up in South Korean of all places? I wasn't even aware South Korea had an operational role in Iraq over the last decade? I guess they have great banking systems and it is true that Asia, particularly Korea because it is really all one country no matter what they say on TV, and Japan have seen an economic boom. I guess that goes back to the Father's days as Ambassador to China. They have always been a little too close to China. As a matter of fact the booming economy for the past decade has been China.

The Dsyfunction of JEB

Only when the Bushes can take personal responsibility and JEB can acknowledge his family has been at the heart of American Foreign Policy blunders for the last 30 years can he even be considered seriously as a candidate at all. People in America have wisened up after having to go hungry and spend so much time cleaning up after all the Bushwacks.

JEB also has his own demons in Florida which he has to atone for. He has made many mistakes. His rosey conservative policies led to huge blunders like the Terri Schiavo case which almost destroyed the Republican Party.

Inorder for JEB to be a serious candidate he would have to put country before family. He would have to own the mistakes of his family and learn from them instead of just trying to continue his family's bad policies. This was true of George (43) finsihing Iraq for George (41) and it is already starting to shape up like that for JEB who is attempting to finish up for George (43) mistakes. JEB needs new fresh initiatives and not tired broken failed policies.

Bushwacked # 6

Specifically Bushwacked #6

Those Mexicans who thought they were welcome in the president's house ended up in detained and given the choice to join the military and fight or be deported back to their couuntry of origin. Bushwacking across borders is very foul. No wonder we have a horrific drug war acorss the Mexican border. As a matter of fact, I have noticed the drug war is without borders any longer. How where does heroine come from? What country is the country of origin of heroine? Could it be Afganistan? I noticed America has been spared the emerald war.

It was very apparent early on when one looked at pawn shops that the swords that were being sold were from Pakistan. It was very clear we have been fighting Pakistani soldiers for the majority of this war. Perhaps if their weaposn weren't sold second hand in the USA we all wouldn't have known. How come DC didn't know?

I am sparing the comment JEB has made on fertile immigrants here because it was another gaff and a reflex to protect his family but he will have to lose that reflex and stop the gaffs If he wishes to be seriously considered as a presidential candidate in 2016.


JEB will have to acknowledge that the electorate he is running to be president is far more savvy than the ones his Father and Brother ran for. He will have to be humble and innovative. He needs a new economic policy besides trickle down (which is double speak for trickle up) economic policy. He is going to have to embrace all of America and get in touch with the people. It is not that he can't have a fresh slate but he has to be adaptable and willing to let the past go. He can't change it but he can choose a very different presidency then his Father and brother. But he has to begin by getting out of the Bush family bubble and start listening.

There are glimmers of this. I have witnessed it but could not find it on youtube. If any of you wish to send me links I will happily include them in this article.

I want JEB to atleast run for the presidential nomination in 2016. I think he has to have some substaintive policies and not recycled bad policies. I believe JEB becoming president would be fulfilling his American dream but when he wins I want him to make certain every American has the opportunities to fulfill their dreams as well.

Roosevelt ran on a "chicken in every pot". JEB will have to run on robust economy, absolutely no wars or Middle Eastern meddling and grand careers for every American!

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