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Casey Anthony Trial: Guilty Verdict = Sentenced to Death

Updated on May 23, 2011
Sadly, this is a real shirt
Sadly, this is a real shirt

Casey Anthony to be Executed?

Will Casey Anthony be executed? Florida prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Casey Anthony, who is charged with murdering her daughter, 2-year-old Caylee Anthony.

Prosecutors filed papers this week seeking the death penalty if Casey Anthony is found guilty of murdering Caylee Anthony.

Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, was quoted as saying: "This is not a death penalty case. We will do whatever is necessary to defend Casey Anthony from the State trying to take her life."

Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony
Life or Death for Casey Anthony?
Life or Death for Casey Anthony?

Death Penalty in Florida

If Casey Anthony is sentenced to death, she will not be the first woman to be executed in the state of Florida.

In 1998, Judy Buenoano was executed by electrocution. She was the first woman sentenced to death in the state of Florida since 1848, and the first woman to sit in Florida's electric chair.

In 2002, Aileen Wuornos was executed via lethal injection in the State of Florida. Wuornos provided a chilling confession to the murders of several men and was convicted and sentenced to death of six of the murders.

Death Row Inmates

If Casey Anthony is found guilty of murdering Caylee Anthony, she may be sentenced to death. Should she become a death row inmate,Casey Anthony will be the fourth woman to be executed in the state of Florida since 1848.

The following statistics on executed inmates in Florida (male and female) should provide insight into Casey Anthony's future:

  • There have been 67 executions in the state of Florida since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976.
  • 12 years is the average length of stay on Florida's death row prior to execution.
  • 44 years is the average age of the Florida prisoner at the time of execution.
  • Death row inmates are only permitted to shower every other day.
  • Women women on Death Row are housed at Lowell Correctional Institution Annex in Lowell, FL.
  • In 2000, Governor Jeb Bush signed legislation implementing lethal injection as an alternative method of execution in the state of Florida.

Will Casey Anthony be Sentenced to Death?

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    • LLee profile image

      LLee 8 years ago from San Diego

      I hope she fries!!

    • profile image

      futonfraggle 8 years ago

      I see a confession followed by a lame attempt at an insanity plea. You?

    • tony0724 profile image

      tony0724 8 years ago from san diego calif

      I hope that bitch gets a firing squad and burns In hell !!!!! How could anyone harm a little Angel like Caylee !? That young woman makes me sick !!!

    • profile image

      facethemusic 8 years ago

      Let's see execution methods for casey.

      Lethal Injection: Casey will be in a position she is used to while getting laid. The only difference is she won't be getting a hot beef injection.

      Electric Chair: I saw a stupid picture of her pulling her ohio state shirt forward a bit to attract attention to her boobs. Well, when she it hit by the electricity from the chair her back with arch and case her to look like she's saying, "hey are my boobs big enough?"

      Either way this discusting piece of crap will be dead. I hope it comes sooner rather than later for her, as in before she turns 30. I'd love to be a guard when they're getting her out of her cell for execution, she'll more than likely fight like a wildcat all the way down the last mile. I'll make sure that I am outside of the prison she is being executed in getting ready to throw a big old Casey is dead party though.

    • GeneriqueMedia profile image

      GeneriqueMedia 8 years ago from Earth


      I love being fair. LOVE it more than anything else. And truly, if Caylee did this, which all evidence and poor cover stories tend to prove, than she should be taking a long walk off a short cliff.

      And while I understand the whole "Not guilty into proven innocent" only pertains to the court of law, tell me how many "pure" people you'll find for the jury?

      Are we not condemning her to death just by speaking our outrage publically?

      So many questions...but hey, I'm pretty sure she's guilty.


    • futonfraggle profile image

      futonfraggle 7 years ago

      So many questions, indeed. Although I've seen cases with media coverage like this (O.J. Simpson), I've never seen the defense team utilize the Internet as a means to 'defend' their client from the media via blogging. This whole case is so sad and odd.

    • GeneriqueMedia profile image

      GeneriqueMedia 7 years ago from Earth

      Unfortuantely, it's merely the shape of things to come.

      As we become more and more interconnected and media begins to change hands faster we're going to eventually have to address this information overload we're beginning to reach.



    • futonfraggle profile image

      futonfraggle 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Crystal 7 years ago

      They should bring back capital punishment and have casey be put to death by one of those methods,very slowly

    • profile image

      Juli Smith 7 years ago

      They are hoping that Casey wont get the death penalty or be found guilty by the facts that she is white, young, pretty. I believe she is guilty. I always go by gut feeling, and when the Susan Smith thing was big, I knew from the onset she was guilty. Too many lies, too many coverups, in addition, I believe the grandparents are piece of crap parents. How can you NOT know that for 2 years your loser daughter has no job, and yet how would she have money to pay any kind of nanny? This zany the nanny defense is beyond ridiculous, including the "ugly coping" defense. And it seems from what has already been presented that the parents have enabled and encouraged/supported this deviants behavior for years! lying is second nature. she lies like we breathe air! something that poor little sweet baby will never do again. the parents should be prosecuted.

    • futonfraggle profile image

      futonfraggle 7 years ago

      I think the whole situation is ugly. Of course, I wouldn't want to walk a day in their shoes but I feel frustrated every time they lie or manipulate the truth. I just watched George and Cindy Anthony on Larry King Live. What a waste of time (for them, more than me). They're desperately trying to help their daughter but they only seem to be making things worse. According to Cindy "God" took Caylee away (sure, Cindy, pin the murder on God...). Cindy also said that the pictures of Casey partying while Caylee was missing was just "one time." Sort of like saying, oh please, she was only out partying one time while Caylee was missing, what's the big deal? It's clear to me that these people are mentally ill OR they're putting on a good show. Since genes can affect the risk of mental illness, this is certainly in the interest of the defense team IF Casey Anthony confesses and pleads insanity. Just my opinion, of course.

    • profile image

      maria gonzalez 7 years ago

      I think that if she gets the sentence that she truly deserves,then they will sentence her to suffer the current in the electric chair. They will shave her before she goes to old sparky to die. She should also sit in the electric chair naked, to take her punishment, and they should televise it for all to see. I think this would deter other party girls from killing their babies!

    • profile image

      melissa 7 years ago

      Im amazed at the demonic tones you all have!! Scary! You all sound like a lynch mob from the 1800s. She is probably guilty and what she did was wrong and absolutely horrible, but we no longer live in the world of "an eye for an eye" if the state kills her, they are no better than her, murder is murder, you can call it excecution, but its still murder. Two wrongs DO NOT make a right.

    • profile image

      Rebecca 7 years ago

      Oh come on Melissa. Fair is fair. Casey Anthony brutally blogeoned her little daughter to death because she was in the way of Casey's getting to party. Casey is an immature, spoiled brat whose parents apparently gave her anything she wanted and when she was fed up with playing with her new "toy" Caylee, she pounded her head in. It's obvious Casey was well aware of what she was doing but didn't care. She deserves to get gassed or fried. Hope it's soon.

    • pmccray profile image

      pmccray 7 years ago from Utah

      Sometimes life seems so unfair. This shallow, self absorbed female gets pregnant at the drop of a hat and there are females trying desparately to conceive. Once guilt is found she should suffer what her child did. At least we can take solice in knowing that the baby is in heaven because she wasn't here long enough to sin. Vengence is mine sayth the Lord I will repay!

    • profile image

      dottie k 7 years ago

      death penalty or not,casey will get exactly what she deserves,it may not be in this life, but she is very young and only GOD knows what is in store for her, also her greedy atty's will have to answer to their maker, God have mercy on her soul.

    • profile image

      Kelly 7 years ago


      Grow some balls. The reason crime runs rampant in our society is because we don't go an eye for an eye enough!

    • profile image

      lee 7 years ago

      She didn't do it guy's, give her a break. I think they were playing hide-n-seek, and Caylee hid in the truck. She must have thought the chloroform was candy and OD'd. Casey was desperate to find her and her and went out everynight for a month looking for clues. I come from a place where you never call the pigs for anything. Justice for Casey!!!!

    • profile image

      Pissed Mom 7 years ago

      lee you are as much a whack job as CAnthony. Why did she even have chloroform in her trunk in the first place. I don't know about you, but I don't carry chloroform around in the back of my car. But apparently you do...What a crock...

    • profile image

      Heather 7 years ago

      I don't think we will ever know how everything went down that day or why...and the only person who knows what truly happened is the person who killed Caylee and God. RIP Caylee.

    • profile image

      montana mom 7 years ago

      if sher didn't want that beautiful little girl why didn't she give her to someone else, it makes me sick they should do exactly the same things to her but only have her mother do it can you imaging the last thing caylee saw or felt was her crazy sick mom

    • profile image

      Katy 7 years ago

      She deserves to burn in hell for what she did to that precious innocent life.

    • profile image

      Judy 7 years ago

      When I look at the video of precious Caylee; and think of the way she died at her mother's hands....I get sick. The suffering that poor child wnet through......The death penalty for Casey would be nothing by comparison; unless they drugged her with chloroform, taped her mouth, put her in a garbage bag and then buried her. Anything is more humane than what she did to her daughter. God Bless you Caylee.

    • profile image

      Judy 6 years ago

      People like Casey would not suffer in prison, at least not with thoughts of what she did. She has no conscience. She would probably come on to the security guards, male or female. She would have her "mommy" put money on her account so she could eat the junk food she loves. She would enjoy hearing that her story is being made into a movie and feel like a movie star. This woman needs to die for what her innocent child went through.. I didn't believe in capitol punishment; until I saw a video of this innocent child singing; and curled up with her great grandpa...then compared it to party photo's of her mommy. Caylee deserves some justice.

    • profile image

      Beta 6 years ago

      We all are entitle of our opinions, but I think that we cant play GOD, and remember "Two wrongs don't make it right", because by killing her, It would be pain less for her, so I think that if she relay did the crime she should be put in jail for "life time", and she will be suffering enough, just by not being able to live and see her child, and her nightmares, and her guilt will choke her.

    • profile image

      Staci 6 years ago

      There are some imaginative creeps making death suggestions on here. Call me old school, but wouldn't a guillotine be sufficient?

    • profile image

      kat 6 years ago

      The term is "Innocent UNLESS proven guilty" Which by the way she will be found guilty unless O.J.'s jury is used! I just hope that the state of Florida does not fail that sweet little Angel.

    • profile image

      Just Wondering 6 years ago

      I always wonder why people assume that a Susan Smith or a Casey Anthony will "suffer" from conscience while imprisoned?

      What part of the personality, character, or behavior of such individuals is the assumption based on?

    • profile image

      Yve 6 years ago

      Would it be wrong to wish that she received the same treatment and death that her daughter got!

    • profile image

      lindad 6 years ago

      the only person who suffers from a conscience is those people who have one to begin with. SHe has shown she has none and she should get the maximum punishment allowed by law the poor girl didn't stand a chance with this woman what goes around should come around. i think she should spend her life behind bars only then would she suffer death is too good for her.

    • profile image

      Leela 6 years ago

      Death penalty verdicts are rare, especially for women. I have to agree with the defense - this is not a death penalty case. Look at Florida female death penalty convictions - they were convicted of multiple, heinous murders. I just think there is something missing in this case; the whole family seems strange. Casey is not a good person, very likely Caylee's killer, but there is no compelling evidence in this case. That fact cannot be denied. They will be lucky to get life on her - a death penalty sentence will not happen. I am saying this as someone who works in the legal field.

    • profile image

      MYRA 6 years ago

      She needs to die in the chair. They need to make a good example outta of her so all the sick demonic ones will never dare kill their own kids. Letting her live would only say, yea it's ok, killing defenseless children is OK here in America. God forgive me for this...but i truly believe she don't deserve any mercy. She coulda chose to give her baby up, or as bad as it sounds get an abortion.... obviously she weren't educated enough to know about birth controls. Whatta dumb bitch. I pray for all the defenseless children in this world...please send your army of angels to protect these children who cant fend for self, please be their lil voices when they can't speak.

    • profile image

      abdays 6 years ago

      Casey is guilty just like Susan Smith who aired her fake crying episode over Tv. Why would any loving parent wait 1 month versus 1 day to report their child missing???? I don't & cant have any children & it angers me so much that there are people that take it for granted when there are people like myself who would love & cherish every minute. How can her parents not see that she didn't have a job for 2 years? I saw the 48 hrs episode just re-aired & her mother says that the reason she made the comment to 911 about the smell of a dead body in the trunk of Casey's car was so that the police would respond quicker!!! What a crock!!! She believed that Casey was guilty to some degree @ that point probably because she knew how irresponsible she was but later decided that it made Casey look bad. She's just as guilty as Casey!!

    • profile image

      emily  5 years ago

      what??? how was the child killed...

    • futonfraggle profile image

      futonfraggle 5 years ago

      Emily, a cause of death was not determined. Caylee Anthony's body was found in a wooded lot, with duct tape over the mouth of her little skull. However, the judge has ruled to allow the results from air sample tests in the case. The air sample tests may prove that chloroform and human decomposition soaked into the rug of the Casey Anthony's trunk. The Defense team is outraged; this is the first time in United States history that an air sample test may be used as evidence in court.

    • profile image

      Ashley 5 years ago

      Well, it has started.. The trial. The long, anticipated wait is over. Final Verdict: Guilty. Let's cross our fingers!

    • Amy_Martin profile image

      Amy_Martin 5 years ago

      I have been following this from day one... Verdict = GUILTY.

      Means of execution? How about the way her precious daughter died? Duct tape over mouth, drowned, tossed in a garbage bag and left to rot in a ditch? That gets my vote.

      And, I am usually one to oppose the death penalty. :-P

    • profile image

      Sean 5 years ago

      I would love to be outside the prison where they execute her the day of the execution. What a no good loser she is !

    • profile image

      carlita22 5 years ago

      This woman is obviously a murderer, I ve been following this case for some period of time and all I've noticed is lies coming from her and as I recall this has to do with Caylee and all she's been worrying about is herself all I hear is her talking about how she could get out of prison and nothing else so which makes me believe this woman murdered her child because she was a rock in her shoe which needed to be removed.

    • profile image

      Kayleefriend 5 years ago

      I heard the duct tape evidence and now I know it was premeditated. If she was only sedating her daughter, why wrap the duct tape in the hair...where it will take forever to get out? She would have to explain to everybody. It was premeditated. Death penalty is appropriate.

    • profile image

      Rachelle Sch 5 years ago

      From Watching the little I have of this trial I am horrified and sickened and the way she acts in court( Casey Anthony)gives herself away she is guilty beyond a doubt this I know and can feel in my heart and soul, it makes me sick. If this evil woman gets the death sentence then so be it. On the other hand she most likely will get life with no chance for parole, then possible shanked in GP ("general public") for what she has done. It breaks my heart when I hear this trial, I have a 3 year old and could never imagine doing or caring out the horrific thing that evil woman has done to her own child. She could have given her child up for adoption. I hate all the publicity she is getting and I hate how she is referred as the Tot mom. It sounds to cuddle and cute when in reality she is an evil wench.

    • profile image

      Patio Malley 5 years ago

      Listen people...

      It truly does not matter if C.A. is convicted for ANYTHING or not. The truth is out. Whether she is incarcerated for life, executed in 12 years or set free to walk the streets, there will be SOMEONE in ONE of the aforementioned situations waiting for the opportune moment to strike Caylee's revenge. It is just the law of the land. Wild killer animals are disposed of. C,A, might as well take the stand, admit she did it all, call the jury and judge a few expletives, say she is glad her baby is dead so she can party freely now, and let the jury just have her for the psychotic, evil, murdering female dog she is.

      Personally, I don't think that the prosecution with prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she is guilty of MURDER. Casey WILL BE convicted of felony child neglect, obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence and filing false police reports at the VERY LEAST, so she's looking at going into General Pop for several years. One of these psycho, killer lifers in general pop will exact revenge in the name of the masses JUST for the publicity alone if nothing else. This way, it will happen sooner than 12 years of sitting on death row at the FL tax payers expense. Let it happen upon her first steps into prison.

      I could care less what the verdict is, really. Casey WILL get justice no matter what. What I DO care about, is this punk Baez getting slapped with contempt, being barred from the Florida Bar, not to mention becoming the laughing stock of the legal profession, (not that he isn't already because he is). What an egomaniacal piece of excrement this tool is. I hope he rots in hell also. He needs to be slowly disemboweled with a wooden spoon dipped repeatedly in sulfuric acid first.

      I just do not understand how criminal defense attorneys turn off their switch when they KNOW they are defending a cruel, evil WITCH like Casey Anthony. Money isn't everything. I hope their consciences fester like acid within their souls for all eternity causing each member of the legal defense team to forever live their lives in shame.

    • profile image

      Dean Collins 5 years ago

      i don't know why people would think she was guilty.....last year when the case just started.

      Having watched the prosecutions case on last week i cant believe how weak the prosecution case is (and the BS burn the witch public rumours out there) eg that there was a heart shapped sticker on the duct tape...(there wasn't ...there was a glue residual 'seen' by one of the police lab techs BUT she didn't bother to photograph it and no one has been able to find it again since.....)

      I believe it will be a hung jury with several people on the jury finding her not guilty because the state didn't prove the case but some of them wont be able to convince themselves that whilst she 'may' have done it....the evidence hasn't been proven regardless of what the talking heads on HLN / TruTV etc would have you believe.

      (this is why i am watching the raw footage on LiveCourtChat rather than edited media versions).

    • profile image

      JusticeforCaylee 5 years ago

      Well, I wish she gets her death penalty the way Caylee did: Duct tape but without the chloroform - let her die slowly and rot in the same spot her daughter's remains were found

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      This is so discusting! There are no words to describe this at all. WASTE of taxpayers money! Whatever happened to "do unto others" There would be alot less crime out there if that happened.She should die the same way she killed her daughter!!!

    • profile image

      sheila patterson 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Alastair 5 years ago

      One cannot begin to imagine the terror experienced by Caylee in the final moments of her life. This "mother" was having her "style" "Cramped" way too much having this beautiful little, innocent "Anchor" around her neck!

      This was an act of such Evil that no normal person can begin to comprehend.

      If Casey truly finds Jesus Christ and repents, He will forgive her, but somehow I cannot see that in this woman! But we are secure in the knowledge Caylee is safe within the arms of Our Savior!

      On a tape years ago, Jimmy Swaggart made the comment, "Tell 'em about Jesus and stick 'em in the Electric Chair"! I think most of us here feel that way, though many would deny her any chance of salvation and forgiveness for what she has done.


    • profile image

      Christina 5 years ago

      Casey Anthony is wack a job, she is sick even writing this comment brings tears to my eyes thinking about what she did to poor little caylee, what did caylee possibly do so wrong for her to die? oh yeah, got in the way from her party life style. Caylee is the only person who knows the truth.

      Casey needs to be put to death she is a sick BITCH!!!

    • profile image

      shit 5 years ago

      when people u love are even late for dinner u r calling checking on their safety.. when u see ambulance, u call - hey r u ok.. just to check on loved ones- she didn't even report her daughter missing... we think she knows the truth & is not saying. she looks guilty, acts guilty, old sparky will be

      last to spank that ass!

    • profile image

      cornbread 5 years ago

      How can casey get a fair trial,Nancy Grace and other talking heads were trying to convict her before a jury

      was even selected.I am sure some of them were exposed

      to their bias opinions.

    • profile image

      Canadian who wonders  5 years ago

      ive read most of what people say here , there is a few things that confuse me , one being CNN news if you watch it very well they cut anything about casey that is positive out . what also i seen is how people really sit down and get excited wanting to see someone die that's real sad for Americans there is something i think people really should think about , maybe its true she drowned and casey snapped who wouldn't if they lost there child , panic and not thinking but ask yourself how many children her age walk around with no socks and shoes on unless there swimming right , makes so much sense if you look at it from a puzzle side of things , makes so much sense that her father thinking he perhaps makes a great police officer figured he would hid her body and make it look like she was taken maybe he even drilled her when she snapped and told her they both would die if conviced so casey trusted her father like most kids do... maybe allowed him to actually take care of this and when it become too much then he pushed off the evidence to make it look like casey did since she was already in jail ... im sorry but really he too was not this perfect social caring man when in fact he didn't spend time with his wife he was too busy with another woman didn't even take blame for that .. i think really if she at least gets jail time maybe her father will snap and tell his whole truth out og guilt and casey can get proper help to one day live a life of being able to walk the streets when you look at this really if she does walk what kind of lonely life will she have many americans hate her or judged her over news coverage will she have friends perhaps not very many perhaps not because of hurt and lots of anger , a job perhaps not because people wont want that kind of news media going around , so what does she really have left reading peoples feelings on here on hate and hoping she frys well i believe America really should not kill anyone that doesn't admitt because none of us were really there to say for sure yes she killed her .. i know no matter how bad life was i couldn't harm a child i kiss and hug and take pictures of all the time i just feel like i don't think she actually did it either i think her laywers worked hard and actually have more professional ways about them then the state ones they sat with there non verbal expressions there arms crossed and dramatic hand gestures on side bar i hope one day they never have a child who makes a mistake and faces what casey does that's all i really have to say since never did i ever post a comment on any page till reading such hate on this one take care those people in America seems putting someone to death means more then seeing them live and perhaps get help for there issues

    • profile image

      Sharon 5 years ago

      Casey's parents raised her to be the monster she is. She was doing horrible things when she was a child and the parents just smiled and upheld her. They didn't give her a conscious. What parent could lie and uphold a devil daughter who killed their granddaughter? What's wrong with the entire family just telling the truth? The family didn't love little Caylee enough to get justice for her. Baez called her a liar and and slut. Casey is a devil, a murderer and an imp.

    • profile image

      Lacey 5 years ago

      God says we are to forgive, because that's the gift hes given us. With that said, God also says to never harm his babies. Im only human and its hard for me to even think forgivness when something like this happens. Wether she actually comitted this crime to her daughter or not, the fact that she did not report her missing and that she was running around partying and acting like nothing happened. That makes her guilty in my book. How could she even lay down at night and sleep????? I hope she gets the most punishment as possible.

    • profile image

      Caylee We Will Not Forget u 5 years ago

      u all know casey got a not quilty verdict that a bad sign??? yea! maybe!! who knows? but who is the real killer? that stranger in the dark? or george or cindy or lee? or could it be.......roy kronk!!! well...we may never know the truth! justice for caylee!

    • tlap profile image

      tlap 5 years ago

      Caylee We Will Not Forget u - This person should be removed from society! A true sociopath

    • profile image

      Katherine 5 years ago

      Well after reading some of these comments on here I felt compelled to leave my own. I am a mother to 4 children who I adore more than life itself. I can't imagine living one second of my life without them. Following this case I was drawn to the videos of little Caylee and how beautiful she was. Watching her sing 'You are my Sunshine', be cradled by her Great Grandfather and dance around while listening to music was just heart breaking. These are things that parents should treasure and shed tears while watching because the child is full of love and innocence. This child did not deserve to die nor did she deserve to be thrown away like garbage but unfortunately we can't pick our parents can we. While I type this I have tears in my eyes thinking about her and feel relieved that she will no longer be harmed by this monster she knew as her mother. Caylee is free and welcomed in heaven as a little angel. We have a responsibility to love and care for our children and never let harm come their way. Rest in peace baby girl for your life was taken way to soon. As far as Casey is concerned a condition of her release should be that she never has the ability to concieve another biological child or have a child through adoption. She does not deserve child(ren) and the law should enforce it. Just my opinion

    • tlap profile image

      tlap 5 years ago

      I think we saw biological castration/elimination - it was called Nazism

    • profile image

      Adella mckenzie 5 years ago

      Casey Anthony will get what she deserves in the end!!! R.I.P Caylee Marie Anthony

    • profile image

      marge 5 years ago

      it was after the o.j. trial that i lost complete faith in the jury system.the anthony case really clinched it.both juries were composed of ignorant brainless people .even tho circumstancial every bit mput a cat in a room with only a bowl of milk go in a few minutes later the milk is gone who drank the milk?i am sure that this jury couldn't figure that one out.jose knew what kind of mentality that jury had.a horrible killer goes free to live the bella vita with no concience or regrets and an inocent little girl can never have a life but is dumped to rot in a garbage strewn swamp.this is our 'justice system'/ the idiot jurers should be proud.we all hope they sleep well at night.maybe some of them could help caley by hiring her as a nanny for their kids how about jose or sone of the defence team do they need a nanny for their kids or grandkids?it is my guess that none of the defence team would let her anywhere near their kids or grandkids.also how well do they sleep at night?ifeel that we have to change the jury system somehow.there must be a way to pick jurers who are capable of hearing the evidence and understanding it .not brainless people who aparently believed the defences ridiculus opening statement! what goes around comes around and she wont live the 'good life'she is evil and will somday pay the price for what she did even tho the jury decided they wanted her to bella vita.marge

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