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Past Presidents, Do You Miss Me Yet?

Updated on April 7, 2019
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Never thought George Bush was a great President, he tried to be, I thought Obama was a very good President, and disagreed occasionally

First Month for President Obama

Everywhere you turn, the Republicans are asking if we "miss him yet"; meaning George Bush of course. So, I thought I'd go down memory lane and see what there is to miss.

The first month in office and before 9/11- George Bush and Dick Cheney discussed ways to get back into Iraq and go after Saddam Hussein. Then 9/11 happened and they were elated to have a way in. So, without just cause, they pin it on the Al Qaeda in Iraq and weapons of mass destruction.

The first month of the Obama Administration, the Republicans made a pact to become the Party of NO. Vote No, say No and by no means agree or help further any agenda that the Obama Administration wanted to proceed with.

Also during this month, the Obama Administration, began to start making his 500 campaign promises become a reality. Health Care Reform and getting our troops out of harms way and back to their families. Mitch McConnell became his biggest road block.

"Economy is In Great Shape"

"The economy is in great shape" as George Bush put it just a few months before the collapse of our economy.

"Our system is sound", then we hit a dire crisis and jobs were lost, homes were lost and he said, "Law shouldn't bail out lenders", then he did. And even as our economy was falling apart, he still couldn't answer questions.

As he told a reporter at a press conference, "I don't know, ask an economist, I think I got a "B" in economics".

An outstanding remark from the leader of our country. "Do you miss him yet?"

It's the Economy Stupid!

Mission definitely not accomplished

Like his father, he sent our men and women to the middle east, but unlike his father, this would not be a short lived war. As troops are still on the ground in 2019. So, when George Bush gave his speech about Mission Accomplished, it was actually just the beginning.

Mission Accomplished

Bank Bail Out

The Bail Out Will Work

Just months earlier, George Bush felt that the law shouldn't bail out lenders, then he changed his mind and said "it would help the economy, over a slow period and it would take time".

Then the Automakers got into trouble due to the economic downfall and "he" chose to bail them out too.

The Republican Party members quickly fell in line behind President Bush to help with the bailouts. They never asked how are we going to pay for these. Bush said, they would leave this mess to the incoming President.

So, why then, if it was o.k. for the Republicans to support President Bush on bailouts without asking about the "deficit", are were they so concerned with the "deficit" under the Obama Administration?

Bail Out Automakers

Republican Plans for Making America Great Again

Reality TV actor and business man Donald J Trump who has lied to the American people over 9000 times since taking office in 2017, has made a disaster of the country so far.

  • Our security offices are under staffed
  • We have immigrants in prisons and children taken from their parents and they've "misplace" them.
  • He lowered taxes for the wealthy and raise taxes for the middle class.
  • He sides with dictators over our own intelligence officers.
  • He is divisive and acts like a 12 year old bully.
  • He is threatening to take away the Affordable Care Act in 2020 if his supporters vote for him and other Republicans to keep control of the Senate and take back the house. Holding Health Care Reform hostage for political gain.


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