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Democracy; What does It Mean in Today's Society

Updated on October 18, 2016

Democracy: Finding Out A Different View

Democracy has come to mean a lot of different things to different people. Some say that the citizens have certain rights that no one can take from them and some say that the majority rule in a democracy.

Still, some take Democracy in a different fashion. It seems that the politicians have distorted our basic freedoms, our rights and our values as humans and transferred this power to the elite of the world. By manipulating the facts, issues, history and our thoughts, the agenda of the elite gets accomplished by our democracy..

There was a very fantastic man that was in Missouri that explained the concept of the way that this type of democracy and manipulating works. He said that we have a fair vote, with people voting on ballots, and no exception to be given to sex, gender or race. This sounds fair and very honest. He further continued with this. Now, the politicians have their agenda and the people that they need to be in office have already been appointed or the plans have already been drawn up to be voted on. The scheme is to get the people to vote on the agenda and people that have already been drawn on the board. It is like this: people in the very hot, barren,dry desert are going to have a democratic vote on which new rain coats will be bought for everyone in the village. They can either chose a shocking pink or an electric-green vinyl water-repellent full length rain coats. It does not matter if the people need the rain coats, but that the choice was given them to vote.

The thought of this way of thinking comes to me each time that a new election comes about. It is said that businesses plan for the future for 5 years. Governments and countries plan for the future fifty years in advance. Noting this, it would be hard to conceive that those in control would not have plans like the rain coats for the future. Those politicians are playing win-win by having both of their plans in place to achieve their agenda.

Back to the concept of the rain coats, the question would be why rain coats for those that do not need the coats. The follow the money theory could be the reason or maybe a company that has to ditch some carcinogenic chemical or get fined. The chemical could easily be made into the plastic and pronto, no more chemical. This idea could go for nuclear waste or by-products that companies have to eliminate. The backing of politicians and vote of the people could easily swayed to support any action with the appropriate stimulation. Hate media and propaganda have been used sucessufully to attack other countries and races in recent times.

The media has a great deal to do with our democratic system and how the voting is done. The media manipulates the thinking of the people, causing confusion, distress and actually can change the future actions. Even though we are not told how to think, to move or what religion, our thought patterns are altered with radio, television, newspaper and other media.

So, in thinking, our democracy is threatened to the core. Our democracy is based on fair, unbiased laws that protects the people, that protects our religions, that protects our rights and also limits the powers of government. When the government and politicians distort the laws and threaten the basic laws that protect our rights as citizens is when the people should distinguish between what violates our basic rights and the greed and corruption of the politicians and governments.

Race and Religion Topics

Now, the topic is politically correct trends, even if not right or what the majority of the people want. The democratic vote of the people may be in the majority, but now, overturned by the judges of the state or federal government. What is democracy, then, if the majority does not have the final say in what the people want? The United States of America was founded on basic freedoms, laws and securities, but for some reasons, these are being challanged and corroded.


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    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 6 years ago

      Thank you so much for you comments. I know that our country has a lot of soul-searching to get back on track. Any action will hurt someone or somewhere, whether it will be cutting programs or raising taxes. America's politicians are being corrupted and are not working for the US citizen, but for purposes unknown. I ask where is the breaking point of the working person. There has to be a point of saying that it is not worth working any more, not able to break even.

    • profile image

      Hubertsvoice 6 years ago

      The government will shut down and the world as we know it will end if we don't raise these taxes. Is that what you mean by "our democracy is threatened to the core"?

      That's also the way evangelist preachers make millions.

      "You must send me that donation of half your income or I will be called to heaven and my family will be forced to live only off of the interest of the $30,000,000 I have already taken from you."

      "You have to let me raise your taxes to half your income or my constituents will recall me and I will have to live off the interest of the money I've made in all of those transparent, closed door meetings of the transparency committee."

    • mindprison profile image

      mindprison 6 years ago from Pakistan

      The definition is correct, but the make you choose what they want by feeding through mainstream media. After the politician got the power they don't really care what we think and what we want, they will do what they like to do. Whether you like it or not. Oh yes but you can protest.