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Logic of Honesty and Humanity

Updated on January 10, 2018
Truths, Logic, Lies, White Lies, Teachings of the Youth as Children go into Adulthood
Truths, Logic, Lies, White Lies, Teachings of the Youth as Children go into Adulthood | Source

Pondering Events of Reasoning

As we grow from childhood to adult, we learn from others, from listening, from seeing, from touching and from our own experiences. We do not have any problem believing as a child, but as we get older, we use logic, training, education, reasoning, thought and experiences to guide us through what we take for the truth or as an unbelief or plain out lie. Even as adults, we sometimes let someone convince us, against our better judgement, to believe something that our instincts tell us that is not true. We also find out that what we had been taught all our lives as a fact, a truth, a certainty, and authentic only to be a made up fairy tale or a total lie.

When growing up, we learn as we are instructed and told, believing these life communications to be the absolute truth. As we get older, we find out that our parents, our churches and our community has told lies, or so-called white-lies or half-truths, to help in the structure of our up bringing. Santa Clause, the tooth fairy, goblins, spooks, demons, spirits, Easter Bunny and many more are in the minds of people that many stories and lies have been told. Even the least of these have pasts that have some truth or so-believed truth, but each generation believes that it is essential to bring these tales to life.

The people in the church teach that Adam and Eve were the first people, and that is what most have been taught. Maybe the people in the church actually believe this and each generation thereafter was taught this. It states in the Bible when man and woman were created, all the plants, animals, vegetation, trees, water and such were good, but when Adam and Eve came on the scene, things were not good. It was so bad, that the Creator had to make a special garden for Adam and Eve to live. Maybe we teach our children what we would like them to believe because we do not know the answer ourselves. We are taught that animals are colored blind, yet the males are brightly colored so that the females can find them, bulls go after red, red-tinted sunglasses are put on roosters to neutralize the color of the red blood.

Look into the heavens, the night sky, with the billions of stars, planets and constellations and we see the Small and Big Dipper each night. We are told that our Earth rotates on its axis, orbits around the sun and every 365 days, it completely rotates around the sun. When I think of the concept, it is like being in an office chair, spinning around in the middle of space, looking at the four walls, the ceiling and the floor. It really boggles my mind of why we all ways see the same stars and constellations in the sky. If we are traveling through space, past the sun, why don't we see the stars on the other side of the sun, at least. When we sit and rotate in the office chair, do we not see the opposite side of the "room"?

Pondering still, in the last 200 or so years, we have come from basically from the stone age to manufacturing, then into the electronic age, and then into the information age. What happened to give us such a kick start, since we couldn't do it at an earlier timeline? Did we get information from some source that gave us a technological boost? Did a similar occurrence happen previously that eliminated the population? Did the writer of the Old Testament, Ecclesiastes, 1, 9, states that nothing is new, that everything has happened before and will happen again know something that we don't?. If this is true, then we are in a repeat of what has happened.

We know that we are bailing out the corrupt and dishonest businesses and that the citizens and our future generations will be repaying for our dishonest leaders and our politicians. WE KNOW THIS TO BE THE TRUTH! There are people who know the truth and still not standing up for what we know what is right. The businesses, the government and our churches are built on truth, honesty and values and when we disregard these basics, the future will be so unclear. The citizens that are stationed to OCCUPY any place of dishonest activities is a step forward. Step forward and be counted!

Untruth or Truth


Lies, Corruption and Cover-ups

What is going on with humanity, honesty and morality?

Has the Colleges, Universities, Churches, Governments, Banks, Corporations, Companies and Institutions all gone berserk? The last ten years are becoming a sewer of cover-ups, lies, sexual acts and corruption. It comes to the attention that these acts and events have been going on for decades and the management, top brass and other officials have covered up the evidence and deceitful acts.

The major banks, like J.P. Morgan has invested and/or lost billions of dollars, the auto manufacturing have major problems, the Universities like Penn State have the sexual scandals, and the Catholic Churches have many sexual scandals.

So, what in the blue-blazes is going on? Are people finally coming out and saying enough is enough or is it to the point that the corporations, banks, universities and institutions have become so evil that they can not keep the lid on the events any longer. When we are talking many billions of dollars for the corporations and banks and hundreds of kids being sexually assaulted, there has to be a point of not keeping the secrets any longer. The lid actually blows off.

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