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Does Celebrity Rehab Work? Are the Celebrities Still Sober?

Updated on April 24, 2014

Real or Hype?

Season 4 of Celebrity Rehab just ended and it led me to wonder. What has happened to all the celebrities who have appeared? How many of them are still sober? How many have been arrested or reentered rehab since they appeared on the show?

Just one night after participating in the Celebrity Rehab 4 reunion, oil heir Jason Davis was arrested for drug possession. This comes as no surprise to anyone who watched the show. First we had to figure out who this "celebrity" was and then we watched him go from a mess of a young man in an old man's body to a little bit less of a mess by season's end. He was still arrogant and obnoxious, but a little bit of denial seemed to have washed away.

Just yesterday, as of this edit, Mike Starr, formerly of Alice in Chains was found dead. Cause of death still undetermined but since there was a recent drug arrest, speculation is that it is drug related.

No doubt about it, rehab and recovery are hard work. Statistics are grim. According to most studies, the relapse rate for drugs and/or alcohol are 50-90%. Of course these vary according to substance, length of treatment etc.

Add to that the public scrutiny, paparazzi and shows such as TMZ, it has to be hard to be a celebrity trying to recover. As I did research for this article, I found that since many of these "celebrities" are minor ones, it's hard to find out what has happened to them since they appeared on the show.

Jason Davis was easy to find since he's the most recent as of the writing of this article. Gary Busey, actor/star of the Buddy Holly Story, was easy to find since he is a more accomplished celebrity and still in the public eye. Others, such as Lisa D'Amato (America's Next Top Model) seem to have disappeared.

It appears (and I can't see into their homes or drug test them to verify) that Brigette Nielsen (Rocky IV and Cobra), Rodney King, Jaimee Foxworth (Family Matters), Jessica Sierra(American Idol), model Amber Smith and Mackenzie Phillips (One Day at a Time), are all clean and sober and doing well. Gary Busey is apparently clean and sober, his visible troubles on the show seem to be due to the head injury he received in a 1988 motorcycle accident.

Jason Davis is not the only one who was arrested after appearing in Celebrity Rehab.Tawney Kitaen (Bachelor Party) got a DUI in 2009. .

Others such as Chyna (WWF) and Mindy McCready (country music singer), who were both hospitalized for overdosing on medications still seem to be struggling. Seth Binzer (Crazy Town)Mary Cary (porn star), Steven Adler (Guns and Roses) and Dennis Rodman(NBA) have all been seen drinking or have had some type of public struggle. This seems to fit within the 50-90% relapse rate.

The rest of the Season 4 cast's success remains to be seen. At the reunion Janis Dickinson (self-proclaimed first supermodel), Jason Wahler(The Hills), Rachel Uchitel(tabloid celebrity), Jeremy London(Party of Five) and Eric Roberts(Academy Award nominee) seemed to be faring well. While Frankie Lons(mother of Keshia Cole) and Leif Garrett(former teen idol) don't seem to have totally surrendered.

Dr. Drew Pinsky, the executive producer, is a board certified doctor specializing in Internal and Addiction Medicine. He is attractive, personable and seems to be highly dedicated to his work. As a side note, he also seems highly codependent, often physically manifesting the symptoms the patients are experiencing.

If anything the success of the show presents a side of rehab that your average addict or alcoholic doesn't see. I have never been to rehab, but if I needed to the picture the show presents isn't too daunting. The accommodations look comfortable enough. I would image that show has actually helped and led many non-celebrities to a rehab facility.

Who will we see next on Celebrity Rehab 5? Only time will tell. Dr. Drew has been trying to get Lindsay Lohan for years. I doubt Charlie Sheen will be there anytime soon. My guess is that the next season will include another group of has beens or wanna bes. I look forward to it either way; I get attached to these people and only wish them all the best.

Watch All the Seasons


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    • cherimmhmm profile image

      cherimmhmm 3 years ago

      I don't agree. From "Being empathetic means one can easily identify with and have an understanding of another person’s feelings, situation, or motives. However, understanding another’s emotions and actually feeling them are two totally different things. By taking on the feelings of another you are tapping into codependency." Dr. Drew often states he feels what the person is feeling.

    • profile image

      mike 3 years ago

      He's not codependent. It's called empathy.

    • profile image

      lidmexetpifec 5 years ago

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