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Don’t Touch My Junk- A cry to liberty

Updated on November 24, 2010

The new Scanners

Don’t Touch My Junk

What is wrong with the world these days? What has happened to my beloved country? Why are things so crazy?

I am at work feeling sick with the desire to vomit. My head is throbbing my throat is coarse. I decide to take some sick time off and go home to get some rest. On my drive home from Carlsbad to San Diego I was listening to the Sean Hannity talk show as I normally do. The topic was the new TSA scanners and enhanced pat down methodology being currently employed. As I listened I started to feel my pulse go up, and I started to get really anger. I decided then that I had to write my opinion on this topic.

Terrorism has caused us some serious problems, but is our approach to protection the correct one. At this point we have a new Patrick Henry and that person is John Tyner. The famous words “Give me liberty or give me death” might be a little stronger than John Tyner words of “Don’t touch my junk”, but nevertheless the cry for liberty is there.

“Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano just announced that if you want to board an airplane you will be forced to submit to either: (1) a dose of radiation that creates a picture of your naked body, or (2) having your private parts groped by line workers from the Transportation Security Administration.” quote from Carol Rose at

I have problems with this. What happens to the individual that flies the entire time do to work, and so in effect this person is constantly being subjected to radiation, what are the cumulative long term effects that a person could have for the radiation? Radiation is radiation and it adds up to destroying the body. What about the pictures and some unscrupulous TSA worker, what could happen? What about the junk? People do not want to be handled in such a manner. This is inappropriate, plain and simple! It is a violation of their 4th amendment rights but even more so of human dignity.

Why do we as a nation need to put up with this behavior from our government, for example the searching of infants, and young teenage children that are barely entering into puberty? The breast cancer survivor that has to take out her false breast. This is embarrassment and harassment to say the least. What about the religious man and women whether Christian, Jewish, or Muslim who belief in a strict privacy about their bodies. How much are we going to put up here in this country?

These seem like really off the wall policies.

Now I am hearing on the radio that the Obama administration is asking for exceptions to these policies for Muslim women because of the requests of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations). Where is the justice in this, this problem hits the Christian and Jewish religious women just as hard. It would make no sense to let the Muslim women of the hook for these searches when all the terrorist that are causing the problems are coming from the Muslim religion. Now do not get me wrong, I do not think that any women regardless of her faith or lack of faith should be subjected to these types of invasive probes. I hope that the Jewish and Christian groups stand up like CAIR is on this subject.

These types of searches belong in a prisons where it is known that the criminals are dangerous, not on the traveling public. Not to mention this is going to cause a lot of people to not want to use Air Travel. I surely would not want to us Air Travel as this is going on. I am going to use the train or bus. I was talking with my wife and she said hell no to the possibility of using the airport. I could understand these methods used in prisons and in combat torn areas but not the Airport.

If you say the basis for this is because of the crouch bomber, then you are greatly mistaken. There were plenty of rules on the books when the crouch bomber got on the plane and if they were really following those rules he would never have gotten on the plane. He should have been pulled along to the side for a few things, according to the rules that were in place which is place of departure, and paying last minute in cash and not in credit.

What about the fact that Israel has the safest Airports in the world, even though they are the biggest target for terrorist attacks and yet they do not resort to this immoral type of forced immodesty. Why not swallow our pride as a nation and learn from them on the situation.

I do not want to just state the negatives, but I do not see many positives to the striping of our personal rights and modesty. So how about some other ideas to ensure airport security, such as

1) Follow the example from the safest nation in Airport security which is Israel

2) Establish a military unit that deals with Airport Security, and is constantly going through the airports to ensure security.

3) Follow the rules that were previously on the books, such as pulling aside individuals that are paying last minute in cash, individuals that have a shady background, individuals that buy last minute tickets and only as one way tickets.

4) Allow businessmen that fly on a normal basis to have a federal background security check, like those in the Military with Top Secret clearances have special id cards and another place to enter and cross checked with biometric readings.

These are only a few ideas but if you have more please add them in the comments section below.

Now let’s get down to the problem. The problem is that we have leaders that do not know how to be leaders. We as a nation elected a man that lacked experience. We as a nation have repeatly been putting men into the position of Commander and Chief of the Armed forces that know little to nothing of the military. Let’s recount: Clinton a draft dodger that ran away to Canada and who was later pardon by Carter. Bush Jr., a man that was only in the Air National Guard (although he was more qualified than a lot of candidates), the fact remains that he did not have a lot of military experience. Then now Obama, a known pacifist that voted against any military response to the 911 attacks when he was in the Senate. The President has what is called the War Powers Act, in other words he can go to war up to 90 days before the houses of government can stop him. A lot of things can happen in world in those 90 days.

We need a President, a true Commander in Chief that understands the threats. One that will take the war on terrorism right to the terrorist and not sit back and do nothing as a US Army Major Nadil Hasan who shot up the locked down medical area for troops waiting to be send to a Combat Zone. We need a President, a true Commander in Chief that will keep Prisoners of War as just that and have them tried under the Status of Prisoners of War by the Uniform Code of Military Justice, not the civilian laws of the land that are given to the people of the land.

We have a budget for national defense at 25% of the overall budget but you might think that it is excessive; not at all it should be over 50% since it is the only thing mandated by the constitution.

We should elect public officials for the Senate and Congress that have an understanding of the military since they have the power to declare wars with other countries, a very serious power. Cowards, draft dodgers, treasonous people need not apply. We should do background security checks on anyone wanting to run for public office, just like we do with men that serve in Submarines and Fighter Jets, since they are privy to all that Top Secret information. If this is the case a lot of the Senators and Congressmen would not be in the houses now because of their history. You can trust me on that one; I used to conduct the background checks.

We need leaders with true conviction and courage, we need leaders that have a good background, we need competent leaders that are properly educated, and proven to be leaders.

We have so much money wrapped up in high technology weapons. Why not use them? There is no reason to wage wars that takes close to a decade. Why were we in Vietnam so long, because of politicians and why are we in Iraq and Afghanistan because of politicians. These politicians that do not know what it is like to have sons and daughter in the fight, these politicians that go to Ivory league schools and do not know anything about Terrorism and the Military they are the problem. In the history of this nation most presidents served in the military. We need to go back to that criterion when we elect a President.

We need to be energy independent. We need to build up the military, NASA (Since so much is military related), and DOE (the department of energy), we need to evaluate what is useful and what is outdated, get rid of the old stuff, employ the new stuff, but not at a cost of cutting their budgets if anything increase their budgets and cut the budgets of other federal programs that are not covered under the constitution.

So again I ask “What is wrong with the world these days? What has happened to my beloved country? Why are things so crazy?” There are other solutions.

Let us all stand up and shout “Don’t touch my junk!”

This could be your 13 year daughter

Rep Duncan already fighting for us, lets get your representative in the fight also


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    • RabbiDanyiel profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      In answer to American Romance, I respectifully disagree with your words but I agree with your frustration. Not all muslims are terrorist but most of the terrorist tend to be muslims, so profiling does make sense but it is based on several factors.

      I heard on the radio a perfect solution. Develop a highly contained box that each person goes through, it would only take a couple of seconds. Once inside the box send the resonance sounds that would detonate any explosive material. Therefore, anyone that is clean would be safe and fine and anyone carrying any bomb type material will be blown up on the spot, that would stop anyone from trying to bring any bomb type material into the airport, we would just have a dead terrorist with the only life being lost being his own, and no one would carry in bomb type material into the airport. No need for enhanced pat downs, no need for radiation exposure. Just a cleaning crew.

    • RabbiDanyiel profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      This is a violation, and as the Thanksgiving holiday is approaching, it appears that people are more concerned about the false sense of security. Life and death are in the hands of G-d first and foremost. Second, as a founding father of the USA once said, forgive me I do not remember which one, a person willing to give up his liberty for security will lose both, paraphrased of course. However, it is very true. The boycott at the airport is not going to do anything. The answer is to boycott the airlines so that the lobby against the government because then they lose out on the airfare. The long term answer is to put leaders into office that have and can feel the pain of the common people. A leader should not be able to send other people's sons, daughters, fathers, etc in harms way of combat if they do not experience first hand the effect of this. This would make sure that the global war on Terrorism would come to an end, because the politicians would not be able to use it for their own advantage.

      America needs to Stand up!

      Boycott the airlines, and then put in new leadership in the Senate and the president, and hold them all accountable. Since to much is at stake.

    • ReuVera profile image


      7 years ago from USA

      Great hub! Voted up!

      And I strongly agree with your input about Israel. All the countries should learn from Israel ways of Airport security.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 

      7 years ago from America

      Enough is enough! stick Muslims in this thing and allow the gray haired old ladies and white people through! This should be used on those wearing towels around their heads only!

    • RabbiDanyiel profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      I was just listening to the radio and a promenient physist says that the radition from this device is 20 times more powerful than what the TSA is saying, in order to give the image the desired characteristics, now is that bad or what?


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