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Ending Of The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? When? ( Part Two )

Updated on November 7, 2014

Peace Sign. | Source

The Conflict

As a viewer of the conflict and a reader of many many articles and viewing many videos and realities I'll tell you what I know.
What I know is that the Jews actually lived in Palestine many tens of years before the settlement of the Palestinian people and that happened when Israeli people leaved Israel and separated, many left to Britain, US and Germany while others left to other countries in the world.

When Jews were found as refugees in these countries, the British letter that came from Macmahon included a promise to give these Jews their rights to go and create an independent country in the middle east ( Palestine) and that Britain will make its complete effort to help those travel and settle in their new land.

However, this land wasn't new to them because they already have lived there several years ago before the Palestinians resettlement in Palestine so there's a point in this yes? How do you call them invaders when they only wanted to live again in the land that they have lived in several years ago before you took your place in it? that's one thing that should be realized by the Palestinian people.

Check out this interview below, a guy called Corey made it and I thought about sharing it with you guys.

Interview With Palestinian People With Their Messages For The Israeli Youth.

Who Should Own The Land? Why Not Both?

I asked many Palestinians about this issue, like why don't you guys just live together in peace? they answered: Israelis don't want peace, they don't want Muslims they want only Jews to live in Israel and when I ask Israelis about this issue, they say Palestinians want the whole land for themselves and they don't want us to live with them, they hate us how would you expect them to accept living with us?
That's confusing! isn't it??
So if both sides are really complaining that the opposite sides don't want them, both are complaining about the same issue, how can we know the truth?

Make Love And Not War! | Source

Let's Unite?!

If we take people as people and as human beings while taking off everything that has to do with discrimination including ( religions, origins, colors etc .. ) what would we lose?
Why do people always rate and judge others by the things they were born with?

It wasn't their choice to be born in Israel or in Palestine, it wasn't their choice to have an Islamic religion or a Jewish one..

Aren't we all made out of flesh,bones,heart, skin and feelings? Shouldn't this whole earth be for us all to live in? Who said this land belongs to this or to that? the land exists for us all! without any exceptions..

Solving issues doesn't start or end with violence, people must realize this!
Violence was never a solution and will never be! Seeing people getting killed isn't a solution, isn't a good revenge neither is a good way of getting rights.

Just imagine how all the world would be if we all just unite!
Seriously some of us could be brothers and sisters without even knowing it due to our gone ancestors, we all share the same blood and we all live under one sky.

By the way, what I love about the internet is that a lot of sites just let everyone use them because they're simply found for everyone to use despite their religions or origins or or or..

I just wish for world peace!

Please feel free to share with us your thoughts on this one in the comments box section below.

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    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 3 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Excellent Hub, RanaKm. It is an awful shame for the people in this area to suffer so badly because the leaders cannot come together and compromise. Both sides need to put the past behind them and live together in peace. I think the implications for the world would be tremendous if they did.