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Lonliness Is Important Somtimes

Updated on July 22, 2016


Benefits Of Loneliness

A lot of people might be already loving the times they spend being alone, actually most intelligent people are ones who prefer to spend most of their times alone.

Being alone can consist of many benefits that will make you realize that you're not actually doing it wrong if you are already one of those people who like to spend some times alone with yourself.

Some might think they're unsociable or shy or whatever that has to do with negative qualities but this shouldn't always be true, being alone sometimes help to recover the state of mind and help people think about the true plans that can lead them somewhere. It can help us discover ourselves and figure out why we're here,what's our mission and most importantly think about the wrong things that we've previously done to avoid them in the future also learn how to keep from having them happening again and construct new values.

Loneliness makes you learn how to enjoy living life with yourself without having to relate the reasons of your happiness with other people and thus creating strength and a feeling of settlement in your soul. It can make you focus more on the matters that you care about without any possible distractions, it helps you gather yourself up to realize the things that didn't help you achieve something and it makes you realize the true meaning of life while having a big wide vision and consciousness to all the things that would surround you.

And yeah, let's not forget about the less communications you'll have the less problems and complications you'll get, it's as simple as that.

Some people call the ones who like to spend times alone " emo or gothic" or many other terms like being an anti-social person but that's not true and should not necessarily be true because there come other conditions aside those definitions, you can't just define something using terms with unrelated reasons.

I personally love spending time alone! it refreshes my mind, heart, thoughts and soul and it gives me reasons to stay as such most of the times. Of course one should have company between now and then to help keep the doses equal and that is just life in general, we have to keep balance in everything that we do and as having company can be a must and a need to you,loneliness as well is a must and a need for everyone.

Question of the day:

Do you like spending times alone?

Do you like to spend most of your times alone?

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    • profile image

      TheBizWhiz 3 years ago

      Wow, this really hits home because I have always enjoyed spending time with myself. From an early age I would prefer to walk around the playground by myself while my classmates would try to get me to play games. My imagination always kept me company. The problem was that I also enjoyed sports, so the reality is that I was an introvert forced to be an extrovert, but most days I could spend drawing, writing, reading, or walking in the woods.

      But now that I am older and have moved a lot, I am able to spend more time alone, except now I have a family. The beauty is that I still feel like I am spending time with myself when it is just my wife and kids, like we live in our own cocoon.

      Thank you for writing this article. Not many people are willing to discuss this side of themselves.