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Updated on May 6, 2012

When a state drifts to fascism, they first beef up the police.

Lately, this is what the people of the world face whether protesting against political corruption or austerity. It looks like that democracy is a thing of the past.
Lately, this is what the people of the world face whether protesting against political corruption or austerity. It looks like that democracy is a thing of the past.

What to Know; What to Do

Fascism is an extreme political philosophy of absolute control and it can be either right or left in political orientation. History is filled with examples of both right and left leaning fascist politics and states. It has plagued many a society throughout history and it is still with us today. There are many ideas as to what constitutes fascism, but there are some hard signs to discern scientifically if a society is under fascist rule or otherwise. Then there are things we can all do to prevent the society we are in from drifting down that road. But in order to do this, requires the conscious understanding of just what everyone should have as human rights and what we are all responsible for in having those rights and freedoms.

Consider the following list of what has been determined by several professors and political scientists. We will be analyzing each one in turn and see how it applies to the politics of today.

  • The state becomes the supreme authority acting on behalf of a handful of people who consider themselves superior to everyone else.

  • A concentrated focus on agriculture and the regulation of it and what it produces

  • The private ownership of money and hence means of production and resources coupled with the regulation of the economy by the state on behalf of the oligarchs, or the bourgeois class emphasizing self sufficiency as the ideal model.

  • Economic planning using corporatism as the guide.

  • An almost worshipful attitude to patriotism, the nation and state.

  • Anti-liberalism, anti-communism/socialism and anti-conservatism.

  • Anti-capitalist speaking but contains monopoly capitalist norms and socialism for the elite.

  • The attitude taken toward democracy and existing political parties.

  • Focusing on the importance of prominent and charismatic political leaders.

  • An emphasis on the importance of tradition.

  • Consideration on the individuals relation to society as a whole and how they serve it.

  • A stress on hierarchy and rank such as found in the military.

  • A predefined role for women in the society

  • How religion is regarded and treated.

  • How various acts and laws are rationalized and enacted.

  • The regard for intellectualism and elitism.

  • The promoted view of what is believed and thought about the third world.

  • The use of romantic symbolism

  • A positive view concerning violence abroad and at home.

  • An emphasis on militarism and imperialist adventurism.

  • Idealizing of masculinity, youth and strong leadership

  • Progress through austerity and the use of the shock doctrine approach.

  • The suspension of rights under a martial law and/or articles of war and drafting laws that suspend the rule of law.

  • An air of infallibility with an overt block on any criticism including threats of arrest, internment, torture/violence and death. Dissent seen as treason.

  • Regulating the media and censorship on a broad scale.

  • A culture of surveillance, obsession with security and neighbour spying on neighbour using spy technology.

  • An attack on scientific findings that are not in line with the state doctrine.

  • An almost irrational fear of difference.

  • Appeals to the frustrations of the middle class.

  • A psychosis of obsessions over plots, conspiracies and the “enemy” without and within the homeland.

  • The attitude against pacifism and a mindset of perpetual war.

  • Contempt for what is defined as weak.

  • The offering of solutions to “improve the people” which leads to ethnic cleansing, eugenics, genocide and transhumanism.

  • The big lie.

When the state decides through the aegis of a single person or a small group of people, to become the supreme authority with god like dimensions, then society is either responding to trouble, or manufacturing it for some announced or hidden goal. That trouble can be in the form of a threat from outside, or within, or more commonly, due to a worsening economic circumstance within the society itself. Bear in mind that at the fundamental and basic level, that all economic power rests squarely on the availability of natural and useful resources (1). Though most think in terms of money, it is actually what we need to survive that is the basis of the real economy and fiat currencies are just a convenient way to manage trade between individuals and groups of individuals for the real wealth. But as societies usually work with a fiat currency that is manipulated by private banks, the danger presents itself when the control of the currency is attached to loans given at interest. This little device goes a long way to extract value out of the people over time and is what is behind the first gradual, then accelerating decline of the economy. When this occurs, the state takes more and more control in a bid to avoid the ultimate economic catastrophe based on fiat currency. Thus, they take on more responsibility and react to protect themselves as the state with the law and defensive measures.

Reflecting back for a moment, consider that real resources such as agricultural produce is the real wealth and it is this that is being managed through the manipulation of a fiat currency. Thus, more regulation is enacted to protect that resource, to increase efficiency and to regulate all aspects are enacted by law and enforced if required, by military interventionism. Legal structures are enacted by executive orders such as Codex Alimentarius (2) to regulate all sides of food production, distribution and use. Further, as a enforcement of this regulation, people who are involved with agriculture are told what they can and cannot do, regardless of their own experience. In addition, this resource is rationed on the consumer side of the equation where people are told what they can eat, what they cannot eat and whether or not they have the right to eat at all. More commentary will be made on the last point later.

Private ownership is the benchmark of capitalism at any level (3), whether laissie faire capitalism or monopoly and imperialist capitalism. Thus, an extension of this is the private ownership of banks and the distribution of fiat currencies. This has been going on for centuries in one way or another. Money in this form became consolidated in the early 19th century under the Rothschild family first through A. M. Rothschild (4). He stated that he cared not for who ran the government and made the laws as long as he controlled the money supply. For with that control, he could buy anyone he wanted for any purpose. Jay Gould once callously stated that “I can hire one half of the workers to kill the other half.” (5) The Rothschild family has been more subtle by not saying anything but hiring both halves to kill each other and profiting from both sides. With the ownership of the banks and the money generated by them though loans and credit, the ownership of all else follows. Lawyers are retained in order to enact laws to gain control of the means of production, the economy and the state on behalf of private bankers otherwise known as the oligarchs. They are behind the selection of the political, military and legal forces to dictate what kind of government is going to regulate the economy and the citizenry for their ultimate benefit. The people who actually create the wealth are told to be self sufficient, to pull themselves up by their bootstraps as the ideal emulating the tycoons, even when all avenues and the doors are closed for most. Still the ideal is held up as every now and then, someone from the bottom breaks through with exceptional talent and luck such as in the pop music industry. The false hope of being the next billionaire and president too is always held out. But in all of this, one way remains open to “pull oneself up by their bootstraps” and that way is in the military. In its extreme, society is oriented as a militarist economy with strict hierarchy and an economy under total regulation from on top.

The political economy under the direct control of the super rich, the oligarchs becomes a plutocracy (6) no matter what kind of window dressing is served up for popular belief. A plutocracy as a strict controlled structure dictates everything that is allowed in the the economy that follows the corporatist structure from the top down in a pyramidal structure. In fact, it is the corporation that directs the economy and society is constructed as one giant corporation, whether that corporation makes processed food or munitions for the war effort. Every single person is required to work for that corporate entity at one level or another with no social safety net in event of illness or lack or work. This forms the lash to look for new opportunities in a closed economy. Within the United States, there are two Constitutions, one for the United States of America and the other of the United States of America. One was passed into law by a revolutionary council for a newly born republic in 1776 (7) and ratified in 1787 and the other in 1871 to form the privately owned US corporation (8) centered in Washington DC. One, is of the republic, for the citizens of that republic; the other for the corporation managed by private banks managed by oligarchs for interests of generating a profit. The second constitution was born out of a financial crisis caused by the Civil War. Under a mixed economy, there are safety programs in place to assist those who lose “gainful employment” one way or another. In an economy regulated by absolute capitalism, there is nothing in the way of any social support save employment by the corporate firm. The worker is totally dependant on the corporation and their own care without any other support. This structure is prone to all kinds of corruption. For the sake of argument concerning who drives this society, whether it is the banker, or the corporatist, the answer is the latter. This is demonstrated in what is know as the company town like isolated mining communities, that used to be more common than it is now. The company town (8a) produced their own fiat currency or script and these corporate bank notes were used by the workers to buy company goods. They were only good in the company store and they refused to pay their workers anything but company script. The company thus served as the bank and controlled the same. This clear distinction has been lost with the advent of the mega trans national corporation that works in counties all around the world. But the truth of the matter, is that it is still the same structure. The corporation of the United States of America indeed has its own script that is managed through corporate, privately owned banks. One might say what was once localized in pioneer towns and the like has become nationalized. This total economic control makes for a near perfect system of slave labour that actually thinks itself free. It is one of the benchmarks of fascism, i.e., the total control of the population.

It is useful to inculcate an attitude of worshipful respect for the homeland, fatherland, motherland, however that may be phrased by way of patriotic fervour. The nation becomes the focus, especially during attacks from war, internal or external. The state becomes the center of life for the citizenry to the point of obsession. To display an attitude in contradistinction or to be critical of the state becomes an act of treason, which in a war economy, is punishable by death. During the Bush era prior to the election of Barrack Obama, Bush was heard to remark in 2001, that “Either you are with us or you war with the terrorists” (9). He also remarked that as far as the war on terrorism is concerned, the war is perpetual (10). In a fascist society, no criticism of the state is tolerated (11,12). A war economy supplants the rights and freedoms people assume to be still in force when in reality, it is martial law and the articles of war. A militarist society functions on a war economy that supplants all civil liberties and cherished freedoms. Anyone who disagrees is rounded up and imprisoned on ground of treason.

In such a state, it is always good to have a scapegoat. For the Nazis, it was the Jews and the Communists (13). For the corporation of the US, it is the Muslim and illegal aliens that are the scapegoats. It follows that with such attitudes that are prevalent that there is zero tollearnce for liberal attitudes. In fact, when power becomes centralized such as under Hitler's enabling act of 1933 (14), there is a fervent attitude against conservatism, communism and liberalism. We see such attitudes rising in the US today post establishment of the super congress under Barrack Obama. There is wide criticism of all things liberal, conservative, communist and socialist. Only the established order called democracy and capitalism is the right way and this is defended against all opposition. Anyone critical of that becomes a terrorist as defined by laws now on the drafting table and terrorists are the scapegoat to be arrested and eliminated (12). In addition to being anti-communist/socialism, there is an air of anti-capitalism. But while the public relations condemn capitalism, the action is the support of monopoly business and socialism for the elite while the rest get a few handouts, enough to prevent an open revolution, but are conditioned against socialism and for business as it is.

A growing and covert movement is afoot to discredit democracy, even though public relations efforts made internationally sell the idea of setting up democracy. Though this is all cleverly manipulated so that it is not apparent that democracy is being dismantled, it is nonetheless being eliminated with plenty of new acts and executive orders since the 9-11-2001 tragedy. In this, Obama is staying the course of Bush. In 1933, Hitler managed to discredit and eliminate democracy and centralized power into his own hands through the Enabling Act. A comparable thing has recently been done in Washington DC with the super committee, where power and decisions are concentrated in the hands of just 13 people including the president (15).

The existence of a charismatic leader is essential to get the cooperation of the people, even if it means they become the willing executioners of that charismatic leader. Such a charismatic leader is found in Barrack Obama who has won the favour and support of enough of the people to place in in history as the first US black president. Though he has broken promises such as withdrawing from Afghanistan and remarking that he would stay the course of George Bush, he still garners much support even today. He might even get a second term in office in 2012 considering that the Republican front runner Newt Gingrich may well be his competition and he is not exactly well loved, nor charismatic. We can view films of Hitler and see that he too was a charismatic leader. Though there is much criticism of Hitler today, he actually did many good things for the German people (17). To some this is heresy, but it is true nonetheless, though he was on the losing side in WWII. It was by creating increasing employment in depression age Germany under the repressive Versailles Treaty and providing a cheap automobile and the first superhighway that garnered him much support. There are many other things he did for the German people too. Where other politicians failed, Hitler succeeded, even though he did it by building a war economy and this won him willing support of the German people. Obama is doing similar things with his medical insurance program and jobs program despite opposition from the Republicans. It may prove to be an ironic twist of fate that the Republican opposition to his jobs creation program will prove to be a win for Obama. In addition, Obama clearly is a charismatic leader whereas Gingrich is not.

We see the emergence of the idea of the value of tradition, though tradition has always been promoted within the US. Tradition in Germany during the Nazi era was fused with the mythology of the Teutonic knights and the superiority of the Aryan race. Today in the US we see the emergence of tradition and the superiority of the US way of life despite all the setbacks of the last few years since the collapse of the housing market and several major banks. Those traditions are tied to the American values of self reliance such as seen in the pioneers and entrepreneurship.

The individuals role in society is increasingly being subjugated to the larger needs of the state. The needs of the state may be that of a war economy where the individuals role is the support of that war effort. Today, civil liberties and rights are being suspended due to the war on terrorism that has now included the domestic sphere, where occupation movements have now been listed by various police agencies as a terrorist organization (18).

A strict code of hierarchy is characteristic of fascist and totalitarian societies. To get an appreciation of what that is, consider the structure of the military with it clearly defined rank structure. In any militaristic oriented society, the citizens take on the same hierarchy, though often not as clearly defined as in the military.

Typically, women in fascist societies play a role defined by their biology. With the Nazis, the role of women was strictly defined as “kinder, kirsch, kirk”, Children, kitchen, church. Part of the traditional role of women is to bear and raise the next generation of soldiers and workers. Thus a strict prohibition on abortion for any reason becomes a consideration (19), despite the fact that there are already too many mouths to feed and that there is also an agenda to reduce the world population. But if that population is to be reduced, it might as well be done profitably through a war.

Often there is either a strict requirement to follow a set state religion, or a complete negation of religion. In the case of the religious revolution of Iran, the state was run by Ayatollahs after the 1979 insurrection. The Prime minister is effectively appointed by the theocracy of the Ayatollahs though there is a very limited latitude by way of a vote. The Iranian state is a strictly controlled Islamist state (20). In Nazi Germany, there was a close bond between Hitler's Nazi party, the Jesuits and the Catholic Church (21). Though the Nazis were a militaristic police state society, that had deep ties with the occult (22), the ties with Pope Pius 12 was to prove to their benefit at the end of the war through the “rat line” and operation Paperclip (23). In the communist state of the Soviet Union, there was an absolute prohibition and negation of anything religious or mystical that continues to this day in various communist organs (24). Everyone in these states had to comply with the will of the dictator or face severe consequences.

Under a tyrannical and fascist regime, laws are enacted to assist the rule of the leadership. These laws may target specific minorities such as anti-gay laws in Uganda that gets the ire or more liberal world regimes. In Nazi Germany, it became illegal to support Jewish businesses or for a German to marry a Jew. In 2010, France deported its Gypsy population en masse out of the country in a bid to open more jobs for the domestic market. Since the post 9-11 period we have seen laws enacted in many places that act against freedom and civil rights. In the US we saw the passage of several massive pieces of legislation such as the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, the loss of Habeus Corpus, Extradition Bill and the new National Defence Authorization Act along with powers of arrest without warrant and indefinite detention of targeted terrorists from anywhere in the world to the US (25). As various groups have been identified as terrorists, it makes the members thereof targets for arrest and detention. But it does not stop there. In a bid to maximize control, the state itself employs such terror tactics to instil a state of perpetual fear. This is done by the rough treatment of peaceful protestors and through torture in prison settings.

Much by way of criticism of the state comes from the intellectuals within the society, such as Noam Chomsky (26) and Naomi Klein (27) and also from the outside. These can be scientists, professors, journalists, writers, artists or anyone else with a keen desire for finding the truth and understanding of what is going on. As such, they become a target by a tyranny that has something to hide. That tyranny becomes an elite over the citizens in that society who make themselves above the laws that are enacted to control the society under their iron grip maintained by an armed police agency, some high profile and some secret. Sometimes, intellectuals are allowed to speak to give the illusion of freedom of speech when the truth is quite the antithesis. This is born out when others without the stature of great intellects are arrested for saying the same things that the intellectuals state. Could it be that the intellectuals serve the purpose to draw out dissidents for easy state identification for arrest and detention? For the most part, the intellectuals of the state resent their opposites that criticize them and find ways to silence them. This might be through a scandal or some manufactured scandal. This especially applies in the political sphere.

The third world or the undeveloped world is viewed as a place where “civilization can be developed” when in reality, it is a bid for growing space and the extraction of resources. The lesson of history has been about the strong exploiting the weak, about superior numbers of forces or better technology liquidating societies that are weaker and/or less advanced technologically. Within the last several centuries we saw the European nations, principally England, France and Spain taking over and essentially sacking the First Nations, putting many to genocide through the use of superior technology (28). This trend continues today around the world where smaller, less advanced societies are subjugated for the same reasons and by the same methods. All the while, a public relations program promotes the benefits of such developments for public consumption..

We all have visions of an ideal world and this is exploited by and for the benefit of the tyrant. This is often identified as romantic symbolism. The occult is sometimes used in the promotion of an ideal. Sometimes, such as in the Venus Project (29), we are shown what the possible future can be like. This is held out as a draw and indeed, sometimes there is advance toward the great idea, such as in Hitler's vision for the new Germany under the Third Reich where Hitler had a vision for massive architectural projects for a renewed Berlin. The Venus project shows us a wonderful new world possibility, but shows us no path to get there in the context of the current world order of corporatism, where the established order will not willingly relinquish anything to make way for the vision. Thus the vision is used to gain converts, but goes no further than that. It remains and ideal and a post modern myth. It forms the crux of a modern symbolism and continues the age old ideas of mythology. Hitler had his ideals, symbols and mythology and we have ours.

A war economy praises the virtues of patriotism, bravery and honour above all else. Whereas murder of one individual by another is illegal, the mass murder of whole peoples in foreign lands is foreign policy, especially if they are identified as an enemy against everything you are told that we stand for.. War is highly profitable, which is why there has been plenty of it. The ordinary citizen is kept in the dark about all of this, but is in the nature of the newly emerging disaster capitalism (30) as well as investment on both sides of the war where the winner gets the spoils and the loser is given loans to rebuild. This is a perfect money making scam that is centuries old and originally perfected in Britain during the Napoleonic wars (31). Disasters make money from post disaster recovery, whether natural or man made. It is kept secret so that this war economy can keep running and making profits. For a war, an enemy is required and sometimes this occurs due to animosities over resources. At other times, the enemy is manufactured by setting up a false flag (32) and blaming a targeted people for the attack. It is usually easy to get people to believe due to the persuasive arguments presented by a state media or propaganda campaign. Some people question this and discover the truth, but they in turn are identified as terrorists and isolated from the general population that still believes the propaganda. This kind of activity was prevalent under Nazi Germany, but there are those who say this is true of the US too especially with the attack on the WTC on 9-11-2001 (33).

What is often praised in such a culture is masculinity and strong leadership. Though there is a public relations in support of feminism, it remains just that as women are payed less for the same job and generally have less rights to self-determination than their male counterparts (34). During the existence of Nazi Germany, the state entertained the concept of the superman and sought ways to develop this through racial purification and eugenics. In times of a war economy, strong leadership and sometimes brute masculinity is placed in prominence as the ideal. This is coupled with the idolizing of youth, who are kept ignorant of crucial information and given only that which will benefit the state. The youth are told that they are the inheritors of the future, that they are the future and they need to fight for the sacred ideals. Education is shaped around such principles so that people know only what the state requires and no more. Today, we call that dumbing down and this is perhaps one of the cruelest censorship programs in the world. It leaves most people effectively on the level of a toddler, incapable of surviving without the state. When the state is no longer interesting in supporting such a population, they are subject to attrition. As the modern state is a corporation, this makes the situation all the more clear, especially when that corporation has a surplus capital and no longer requires its labour capital.

Progress in such a climate can only come with sacrifice and the way to advance is through austerity so that “society as a whole can advance”. Today we see austerity and the use of the shock doctrine (30) to sell people on cut backs to living standards at the same time that a costly war is going on. But the advance of some means the opposite for everyone else and the middle class in many countries are beginning to complain and protest.

During a war or civil unrest, martial law is declared bringing with it the articles of war and the suspension of civil rights and democracy. In Canada during October 1970, this sort of thing occurred under the War Measures Act where civil liberties were suspended and the populace had to deal with an armed police state (35). The move to such a condition can be swift as it was in Canada. This was Prime Minister P. E. Trudeau's response to a political kidnapping in Quebec where one of the political captives was executed by the FLQ. The martial law extended right across Canada, though the terrorist plot was confined to Quebec. Thousands were rounded up and detained in a bid to flush out the FLQ. This fact shows how rapid such events can unfold during a threat to the state. The US has legislation already in place that will also allow a fast response during a crisis. Moreover, this can now be enacted jointly between the US and Canada with a police and armed forces sharing policy. Though the situation may not be ripe for martial law in the US, it is important to realize that it can arrive swiftly without announcement should the threat level be more than the state is willing to bear. Recently, that threat level seems to be much closer with the occupation movement (36).

In some situations, there evolves the air of infallibility, that those in power are never wrong even when things don't go right. There is an overt block of criticism which can include threats of arrest and actual arrest, internment, torture and the “disappearing” of critics and dissidents. The most infamous in this regard in the Catholic Church which is historically noted for its attacks on any and all opposition for the last thousand years. Where ever that entity has shown up, there has been a horror show, beginning with the assault on the Cathars and the Knights Templar, down through history to the attacks on the First Nations, the witch trials, attacks on scientific enquiry and anyone critical of the church. It can be said that the church has played the part of a theocratic fascist. Given the history, it is little wonder that the same church backed the Nazis. Dissent historically has been labelled as anti-Christian or as treason against the state. This treason was often dealt with by with a death sentence. After the French Revolution settled with the monarchy, disagreement set in and a rein of terror began until Napoleon took over the state. According to the emerging leaders of the revolution, any disagreement was punished with death by the guillotine.

In such a state, the media is heavily controlled even though the people are told they have freedom of information. In the state ordered media, the corporatist media and even the internet, censorship becomes more prevalent. Though it is criticized in other regimes, the regime at home can also be criticized for the exact same practice. There is even legislation concerning a “kill switch” to activated in the event of civil disobedience (37). The internet has allowed a world wide movement to form by way of the occupation movement that began in Egypt and Tunisia and then spread to many other countries including the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and many other places. This is a first in history and many corporations and governments are worried. Total censorship was attempted in Tunisia and the citizens found a work around and managed to communicate effectively enough to oust the government (38). The media is also manipulated to promote lies and distractions. If nothing negative can be found, then often times something will be invented with all the paid off support that can be mustered to corroborate the story. Many careers have ended on the rocks due to false news. Sometimes this even comes out later, but by then it is too late for the victims political life or career. News that should report on significant developments in the world, instead turns to personal scandals and focuses on fashion, entertainment or sports. Information going out and coming in is heavily controlled. Until recently, people in other parts of the world critiqued the US people as being the most uninformed people on the planet as far as real stories are concerned. This appears to be changing, but through a squall of building censorship.

Coupled with the control of information and knowledge to the citizens, the fascist state is obsessed with knowing everything it can about each and every person within the state. There is an obsession with security and the technologically of surveillance. In the industrial nations of the world, particularly in Britain, people who go about the business of day to day life, can be on camera at least 500 times a day. But it does not start there. With the advent of the war on terror has come things like backscattering technology (39) to do invasive surveillance of people getting aboard commercial jet flights. Someone recently revealed that all smart phones today are equipped with a dual mic, one for the customer to communicate with friends, relatives and work, and another used by government intelligence to listen in of any communication deemed of importance to state security (40). Further, even if the cell phone is turned off, the state surveillance can continue as the listening mic has its own power supply and can continue to monitor as long as the battery holds out with the cell phone switch off. Even if you cut off cell phone service with your provider, as long as the instrument is in the home, it can continue to do surveillance for years. But that does not end the story! Some of those aps that people like having are actually spy software that does the same surveillance job (41). The technology can easily be incorporated into lap top computers that are capable of sending live streaming video and sound via wireless internet connections. As every computer has an IP address, the location of the user is usually well known too. Anyone who hacks or uses popular communication services like Twitter for the purposes of flash mobbing can be easily traced as well, though at this stage they are still working out the kinks. Then there is the RFID chip (42) that has wide use on contemporary identification and on most products in circulation. Credit cards have them too, so that any use and what it is used on can be traced with full details in all parts of the transaction. This may seem moot and for the most part this is; but if a person buys firearms, this allows the state to trace the entire process from start to end. What used to be the norm of using neighbours of tattling on one another has given away to constant surveillance by high tech which also includes a plethora of new drones designed to home in on specific targets and watch someone (43). Some of these devices are made to mimic humming birds, seagulls, crows and even insects. They are hard to spot except for the seasoned eye familiar enough with real birds and insects to tell the difference. In short, surveillance is pervasive and invasive. If most people knew the full extent, they would literally explode in rage to know that the government has been potentially watching their every private moment, some of which is live streaming video. Mind where you place that cell phone and laptop computer camera! All of this technology is pervasive in the developed world and some of it has been in place for over a decade.

Science in the contemporary period has degenerated into a morass of contradictory proofs, theories and facts. If you follow something like the climate change debate (44), it will soon become apparent how chaotic it has become. This is neither good for the reputation of science as being detached, dispassionate and objective, nor for building confidence in the art. This may be one reason people are turning away from science and toward what was up till recently called faith, snake oil and mumbo-jumbo. Both sides have their conclusive studies making it difficult to discern the truth by this means unless one is a practising scientist who knows how to ferret out the truth by themselves. But this current confusion serves a sinister purpose and that is to discredit and reduce trust in science in the mind of most people, while those who know better, still pursue the art behind the thick smoke screen of manipulated lies. If for instance, the state says that there is no climate change caused by human beings, the scientists in their hire will give legitimacy to this claim by coming out with the appropriate findings and papers. Anyone who counters the claim, also from scientific research is labelled as a quack and fault is found with their research. This too may degenerate into a thinly concealed lie if they can't find something wrong, then something will be invented for public consumption. The Nazis also had their high science to prove Aryan superiority over all other peoples (45). But is was also German science that ended up laying the foundation of space age rocketry and all that goes with it. So too, science today that has developed super sophisticated technology.

Fascism relies on the irrational fear of difference and that is not hard to find among human beings, whether that is difference of culture, belief, opinion and religion, or difference of appearance, life style, politics and any other difference that can be used to drive people to distraction against one minority or another. Today, the popular “demon” is the Muslim or the illegal immigrant. Though the leaders themselves don't believe the propaganda they spew into the public consciousness, nonetheless. It is about getting people to believe in the big lie that is the important target in this case to achieve a deflection of attention and blame from the real criminals to a proxy criminal.

When the middle class loses its basis of support during an economic recession or depression with the mass layoff of the working class consumer base, they suddenly find themselves falling into the same poverty that the laid off workers are already experiencing. This new frustration is exploited by the political opportunist to boost their support base and give them a chance for power. Using selected targets that are demonized, they send the middle class on a chase to get the undesirables out of the way so there are more jobs for domestic born workers and the middle class that suddenly finds themselves in the ranks of the working class. Instead of hiring workers as the middle class, they now must be hired by someone else. This is often a bitter pill to swallow, especially if they have been hard on their own employees in the past. All of this psychology is understood by fascists and others and is exploited by them to gain a power base. As the economy worsens, there is a new rise of membership among the extreme right and left wing parties (46).

Conspiracies abound today and come in a multitude of types and flavours, whether of Islamist, secret societies, aliens from space or a demonic take over of the world. Some of the stuff that floods to consumers on the net, is pure craziness, but some of these have large followings. Some of these verge on obsession and psychosis. The fascist state also concocts conspiracies, such as the Nazi obsessions of Jews taking over the world and making all “goyem” (non Jews) slaves. For their part, the Nazis used a book originally published in Russia called “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” (47). This among other things was used by the state to persecute Jews and in the Wannasee conference (48) to plan the final solution. The same book has made a comeback in the 21st century. Gay people were also persecuted due to being degenerate and part of the cleansing required of the race in a eugenics based program. Political dissidents were seen as part of a bigger conspiracy and were also liquidated. The Nazis and other fascists wound up being a conspiracy in action and Hitler for one, had visions of being the world leader of a Reich that would last a thousand years. Unfortunately, for him, it lasted only twelve. In any considered conspiracy, there are enemies without and within the state that have to be dealt with.

In a world at war over resources and profits, peace is seen as a detriment when a warlike attitude is preferred. During G. Bush's last tenure as president, he in essence remarked that the war against terrorism would be perpetual (49) and that has expanded to include domestic groups identified as terrorists. Peace proposed toward an alien or domestic enemy in a war economy is something that a fascist state is against and violates the conditions laid out in the articles of war that every state uses in a martial law politic. As a result, protests for peace and peaceful protestors become the target of violent attack.

In a militarist state where a dictator decides the course of everything, nothing that is considered weak is tolerated. There is an obsession over the perfect man and soldier and the concept of the superior race of human being. Anyone who cannot for various reasons, carry their share of the state agenda, is targeted for elimination as they are seen as a drain of valuable resources. In Nazi Germany, the mentally ill were gassed long before any concentration camp was used to mass slaughter the Jewish people and other minorities. Today, there are two terms circulating around the media and these are “useful idiots” (50) and “useless eaters” (51). These too are seen as a drain on resources. Thus social support programs are being slashed as in Nazi Germany, for seniors, the unemployed, the handicapped and other minorities. Coupled with this is eugenics and the new transhumanism (52). A select group of people identified as having potential to improve the race will have access to technology that will extend life, improve health, increase strength and make people eternally youthful and beautiful. We can be sure that this will not be universally available for reasons already mentioned. Part of the problem in all of this, is that the strongest and healthiest wind up in wars and getting maimed and killed while the lessor people remain away from the front and reproduce themselves passing on bad traits while the best are killed off. There is a move to change this trend, so that the best traits can be passed on. In Nazi Germany, the defined elite were required to have several carefully chosen wives and to have as many children as possible. “Untermenchen” or sub humans were sterilized so they could not reproduce (53). Many of these were murdered off later anyway to stem the flow of valuable resources into wasted lives. The new transhumanism proposes similar ideas, but in a more subtle way. There have been many incidents of forced sterilization in the US since the beginning of the eugenics program. There is a highly visible idea that is seen over the internet concerning the Agenda 21 (54) program for the world and its supporting evidence in the Georgia Guide stones (55). Some label this as mere hysteria, but one has to wonder when legislation such as Codex Alimentarius (56) is now law among many others. The concept of “useless eaters” is used to sell the idea of the waste of resources on useless people who don't do anything but pollute. Sustainability thus contains a dark side insofar as that the population has to be sharply reduced if the remainder is to have a lifestyle enjoyed by the richest in the most technologically advanced nations. Clearly if everyone alive today lived the way of the top consumers, we would need six earth like planets. Conversely, by getting rid of at least 82% of the population, the earth would be able to barely sustain the remainder at the top of the consumer pyramid. Everyone wants a healthy world, but we cannot have one in the current way of doing things unless there are some radical changes. There are many ideas, but the one favoured by the established top consumers is the one of substantial population reduction rather than the development of alternative energy systems and family planning. We are obsessed with a lot of ideas today and most people do not have a say which ones come into play. Too busy with the day to day demands of survival, most people work unaware of what is transpiring in their very midst. They turn their attention to sports and shopping instead, encouraged by politicians who say “Keep shopping!”

In all of this, we have the presence of the big lie. Lies are endemic and all around us in myriad forms. Lies are so pervasive, it is hard to know what is true. It seems that everyone has their axe to grind for one cause or another. In a finite world of limited resources and the lusting greed for profit, one of the ways to win the prize is through lies, misinformation and contradiction on a huge scale. But that in itself is not enough. One has to win the faith of the masses to believe that the big lie is the truth and that anyone who contradicts that truth is the liar. The bigger the lie and the more often it is repeated, the more people will believe it to be “God's own truth” (57). Often, all too late, people wake up to the fact that everything they believed in was wrong. There is no correcting the past, but we can learn from our mistakes.

Unlike the past, where fascism rose in one country or another and dissidents could escape in the worst case scenario, today that is no longer true as fascism has grown into a world wide movement. All tyrannical states have one thing in common and that is they rule by fear. Given the foregoing, it must now be asked, what can we do to turn the tide and stop the advance of a totalitarian and fascist world wide police state. First, be informed and observant and lose your fear. Second, communicate with as many people as possible and get them to understand what is unfolding behind the scenes and before their eyes. Third, prepare a defence that works with others in the community whether that means local food security or being prepared to repel domestic troops sent to deal with you. Fourth; escape is impossible in a world wide fascist state. There is no where to run in today's world, so you have to deal with it where you stand. This means that fascism must be crushed by the very people it attempts to control by fear and brutality. The hour is indeed late and the job more desperate than ever. To take the negative option and do nothing will bring unparalleled disaster to humanity.















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To some, this is a bitter pill to swallow, but we have to examine the truth objectivley


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