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Finally some justice for the American Public? Or not.

Updated on December 20, 2015

The Inherent dangers of GMO foods was known over 5 years ago

Ignorance is NOT bliss

It is astonishing how little the American public actually knows about the foods they buy and feed to their children every single day. It is frightening to think of the danger they are putting their children in without even knowing it.

There are some things in life that we cannot protect our children from, but demanding food safety should never be one of those things beyond our control.

If anyone does not know the significance of the potential dangers of GMO foods they must be living in a cocoon and need to be encouraged to enlighten themselves for their own protection and the protection of our most valuable national assets: the children of the world.

They are our only hope for a better tomorrow, for a healthier lifestyle, equality for everyone, freedom and peaceful coexistence with each other on this fragile planet - the only home we will ever know in the universe and in our lifetime.

If this video does not scare the pants off of us, nothing will. And yet the U.S. politicians deny the dangers so that corporate American can make trillions of dollars in net profits and line their own pockets with profits from bribes to pass these dangerous laws to protect the likes of Monsanto and other killers like them that "feed" America these poisons for profit.

Dangers of GMO foods proven definitively

The problem with GMO foods is that there is no way of knowing the outcome of ingesting them without the first hand experience of their experimental use on the general population.

By the time we actually find out that it is killing people, it will be too late to save millions of people just for the sake of increased profits forced upon us from the greedy practices of those who have no idea what they are doing.

That is, of course, if they even care about the damages to individual people when it comes to making a choice of endangering mankind versus corporate profits.

Corporate profits will always trump safety, and greed will always trump humanitarianism. This global obsession with self absorption by the greedy and the wealthy is now a global threat of our own making and a challenge for our very survival. There are no excuses, or no justifications, for continuing on this path to destruction in this country or on this planet.

Taking charge of our own healthy eating

Survival of the fittest

This is not the wild wild west anymore and we are not in competition with the beasts of prey in this world. And to the chagrin of those who embrace this unholy practice of greed versus humanity, we ARE at the mercy of those who would harm us for profit.

We blindly allow those few individuals whose lives consist of total self serving and the unending quest to control the world's finances, food, our freedom of choices, and ultimately to take control over our very lives for their fits of personal pleasure.
These predators count on the general public being unaware, uninformed, or misinformed as a protection against mass rebellion against their takeover of our lives.
For anyone who does not believe this as fact, there is a simple way to prove this point. When shopping for groceries in any grocery food store in the U.S.A., ask a stranger if they know what GMO foods are. Their response will astound you. 99% of shoppers have no clue of their existence in the foods they buy, or the potential dangers to their own health, their children's health, and the potential dangers to the unborn children they may bring into this world.

Multiple birth defects have been linked to the ingestion of GMO foods. While it has been a relatively short period of this mass experimentation of the general public it is already being proven that the dangers are real with deadly consequences.

The proliferation of GMO products in the USA are only allowed because of the ignorance of the American people who have no idea what is being done to us.

Splicing, Grafting, & GMO foods

#!. Splicing: by definition #3 from Websters Dictionary: To combine (genetic material) from either the same organism, or a different organism. {Using nature's natural genetic material the potential danger is minimal}.
#2. Grafting: By definition (Websters dictionary): To attach living tissue to living tissue; to implant living tissue surgically. {If grafted with tissue within the same species the potential danger is minimal to none}.
#3. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO): The modification of food products by splicing foods with poisons or other foreign DNA to create an entirely different type of product. This type of modification of plants or animals is highly suspect and proven to cause genetic "shifting" in the resulting new species. {The dangers are real and present and undeniable on many levels}

If the intention of Monsanto, and others, who are backed by our Government officials is to experiment on the American public as a means of population control, it would be a more massive killing of people than that of the annihilation of the Jewish people in the 1940's.

With the only obvious exception of the killings being non specific to a particular race, or religion. In some weird way, in some people's minds, this makes it less of a genocidal event than targeting any one group of people.

But most frightening of all is that if Monsanto has its way in introducing what they patent as "terminal seeds" this will totally destroy and condemn all GMO foods to future extinction. If the GMO foods that are raised from these "terminal seeds" contaminate natural food supplies it could potentially eradicate all foods that humans need to survive. What are they thinking?

Most wild, and domesticated animals, will refuse to eat genetically modified foods. It is time to raise the level of awareness of humans to that of the animals who seem to have a greater sense of danger than man is capable of.

The inconvenient and unspoken truth

'Denial' is the refusing to see the reality of the potential dangers; and those who simply say: "don't confuse me with the facts".
The perpetrators:

the uneducated, the greedy, and those who just don't give a dam as long as they can make millions/billions of dollars from the exploitation of people without paying any real consequences for their actions.

Justice? We'll have to wait and see

Justice is a relatively ambiguous term that has little meaning anymore in these United States we live in, when the main goal of most people (especially politicians and corporate leaders) is personal monetary gain without 'earning' it.

The following is an excerpt from the article entitled: Order in the Court..

''One of the world’s most criminally corrupt corporations will finally get its day in court. And it won’t be pretty.
OCA, along with IFOAM International Organics, Navdanya, Regeneration International (RI), Millions Against Monsanto and dozens of global food, farming, environmental justice groups announced today that they will put Monsanto MON (NYSE) on trial for crimes against nature and humanity, and ecocide, at an international citizens tribunal in the Hague.''

Monsanto writes the laws to protect themselves, pays off the U.S. politicians to vote yes for their new laws, and both are blatantly shameless in the face of their public betrayal of the common good and the assaults on the people of this country.

Is it possible to detox GMO's from the human body?

Does "truth" really matter anymore

when it comes to the government or the Supreme Court?

These selected individuals are the most obviously partisan in nature and represent their benefactors over the good of the common people in this country.

The U.S. and its Supreme Court has become the laughing stock of the rest of the 'civilized' world. We have become the radical Christian 'western' counterpart to the radical Islam terrorists in the east.
When politicians, corporations, and the Supreme court, put their own personal agendas before the common good of all citizens we are rapidly declining into a pit of idiocy that we thought was once only a part of our distant past..

History does repeat itself when it is not taught properly from generation to generation. Promoting ignorance only leads to making the same stupid mistakes, and foolishly hoping for a different outcome.

Those who put their faith in an "indifferent" imaginary supreme being are the deadliest of all and the greatest menace to society in general. (ISIS/ISIL and others with radical religious views)

Mankind must evolve spiritually, physchologically, and logically to accept the fact that the bible (and other 'holy' books) are mere fictions of the imagination, with no basis in fact, or relative relevance in the 'real' world.

by: d.william


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