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First Woman President Time to Vote for a Female Leader

Updated on July 10, 2013

Woman Symbols

Symbol widely recognized as referring to women
Symbol widely recognized as referring to women | Source

Female American President

Many nations across the world have female leaders running the show and calling the shots. Here in the US we haven’t had a woman sitting in the White House, even though some people would say Hillary Clinton did carry some clout during her husband’s administration.

Why have we, here in the US, never had a woman President? I mean we pride ourselves as being a land of opportunity and we have immigrants from all over living here or aspiring to come here. I think it is disappointing that we really haven’t had a legitimate female candidate vying for the Presidency; I do, however, find some comfort in seeing women getting much closer than they have in a very long time.

Presidential Leaders

As a man I have no problems whatsoever saying this, men can be stubborn…very stubborn. We have a tendency to really dig in and our feelings can sometimes cloud our judgment. For the most part we can do what needs to be done, to get a job done, but having a man running our country can pose some problems.

Women are wired to be more compassionate and understanding than we are; how else can you explain how women nurture a hurt child when men are more like “just walk it off” and you will be fine. I remember seeing a comedy show by Jeff Foxworthy where he kidded about this issue. He joked that men could cut their leg off and claim they were just fine and to give them another beer; yep kind of sounds just like a man.

Let’s face facts; women are way tougher than men are. Can you imagine how things would be if men had to go through childbirth? Our civilization would probably have died out by now. I remember being in the room when our daughter was born. I am proud to say that I didn’t pass out and hit the floor, but it did seem very possible for a little while there. I wasn’t even tough enough to be witnessing the event, my wife was tough enough to be in the middle of the event; she is definitely tougher than me.

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Women Deliver

Women just get results; they find ways to improvise or adapt to get things accomplished. Men on the other hand had a tendency to do the exact opposite; we loiter and delay because we might not want to deal with something. I won’t to try to oversimplify this but a perfect example is mowing the lawn or maybe taking the trash out. Be honest guys, have you ever stalled on chores because of a ballgame you were watching or because you just didn’t want to deal with it? I know I have.

Given the recent stalemates at our highest levels of government I have wondered if things might be different if we had a woman President. I can envision a meeting where the male leaders of the House and Senate are meeting with a woman President and seeing her taking charge of the situation. I believe both of the legislative leaders would have flashbacks to their childhoods when their Mothers scolded them for swearing, breaking something or hitting their sibling. I know these “meetings” I had when I was a child definitely got my attention at the time and motivated me to be better.

Wouldn’t it be great to see a woman President call out a politician using their middle name? Everyone in the country would know that person was in trouble because we have all heard our Mothers use our middle names when we had done something really naughty. Maybe that politician would be just a little bit shamed and try to do their job better? Women certainly carry that kind of authority with their voices when they are upset or disappointed. On the hand men do this and everyone just hears another politician saying what they think needs to be said, politically.

Female World Leaders

As I mentioned women lead some very large countries around the world, here are a few examples:

Argentina - President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

Australia - Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Iceland - Prime Minister Jóhanna Sigurdardóttir

India - President Pratibha Patil

Germany - Chancellor Angela Merkel

Here in the US we try to be the leaders of everything but having “minorities” leading us has never been something we wanted to lead the world in. Sure we have an African-American President now but it took way too long for a race, other than Caucasian, to have a viable shot at the Oval Office.

For woman it has been just as bad, if not worse. Back in 2008 Clinton was battling Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination. That is the first real chance a woman had of headlining a political ticket for the White House. Past elections have had women in the Vice President spot but not at the top of the ticket.

For a short while Michele Bachmann was trying to obtain the Republican nomination for the 2012 elections but many people recognized her chance of actually winning the nomination was very slim. After a few months, and many dismal primary results, she bowed out of the race.

Chancellor Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel
German Chancellor Angela Merkel | Source

President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

Argentina President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner
Argentina President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner | Source

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Female US President

I think it is safe to say that for most of the population here in the US we will see a woman President somewhere in our lifetimes; I believe it is inevitable. We have way too many intelligent women in politics to think otherwise.

I also feel that our society has evolved to the point that seeing a woman President wouldn’t be some crazy thought. Women have come a long way from not being able to vote and staying home and raising the kids; women sit in positions of power as Governors, Senators, and CEO’s, etc.

The belief that women should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen fixing her husband dinner is not relevant anymore. Times have changed and they have changed for the better.

Some people say that a woman can do anything a man can do and I agree with this. Women may not possess the physical strength that their male counterparts have but they can certainly use their other traits more than sufficiently to accomplish any task.

There is no reason why a woman cannot become President of the United States of America. Women have proven they are more than up to the challenges they have already faced and conquered, usually with flying colors. After all of the things thrown at them something like being President might be just any normal day of the week for a woman.

The only thing left to do is figure out what to call her husband. Will he be the First Husband or will a whole new label be created just for him? I say we should find our first female President and find out.


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