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Forgiving the American Presidents: GroundHog Day for America.

Updated on February 10, 2014

Have They Asked for Forgiveness?

I just saw a post on Facebook which made me both inspired and ill. It was the recrafting of the public imagine of George Bush Jr. with his granddaughter Mila. At first I felt incredibly sad for the Mila Haggert who will no doubt live the Karma of her grandfather George Bush Jr. for the rest of her existence. Let’s face it there is nowhere on Earth that this child will not have to hear of the atrocities her grandfather committed in the name of National Security. But then I thought of all the victims of the very policies put in place by George Bush Jr. and how many thousands will never get to hold a paint brush, see their retirement or even hold their grandchild like he has and I wondered why he has not asked those he has hurt for forgiveness?

But why limit it to just Bush (43), it has been almost forty years a disastrous foreign policy by both parties that gas gotten us into the longest most costly war ever. As such we will review several of the last presidents over the past forty years.

How Many Middle Easterners Will Never See Their Grandchildren?

Bush (43)

The argument posted on facebook was that Bush had much more class than Obama. Really? Both men have continued policies which have harmed national security and innocent lives abroad. Mass murder has not been a problem for either individual whether it is in Iraq or Benghazi or Syria while doing absolutely everything they can to bankrupt this country morally, financially and ethically. What is even worse than them spending the wealth of this country on bombs to carpet bomb countries that they are only interested in their natural resources is that when they want to make it up to the sovereign state they have just bombed they steal more American wealth in the name of diplomacy also know as foreign aid.

If bribes worked Hilary Clinton would have received Osama Bin Laden's exact location in Pakistan when she gave $500 million dollars to that country for foreign aid while Bin Laden was being hunted. Later I will show that Secretary Clinton gave 7.5 billion dollars to Pakistan in foreign aid while they protected Bin Laden.

It was not rocket science that Bin Laden was in all probability in Pakistan. Osama Bin Laden was apart of the Saudi Royal Family and they have long standing business ties to Pakistan. We have our military working in Saudi Arabia. How could they have not known when the average person who gad any experience in the region knew?

The real question is how the DC elite and mass media could have missed this glaring fact?

Just like they all think we do not know what Hezbollah is. Hezbollah, for the most part is a social organization, like the Shriners. They do a great deal of charity work. I have actually never seen one shred of evidence Hezbollah has ever hurt a Westerner. I do know they gave protected safe passage of friends of mine from Israel to Damascus a few years ago.

why are all American presidents such cowards?

The Lies

George Bush (43) Retirement

Do You Think George Bush Should Retire In Luxury While He Has Left The Middle East and North Africa A Disaster?

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Bush (41)

A little history lesson here. The original fight between Iraq and Kuwait broke out because Iraq believed Kuwait was drilling into their oil fields. Saddam deployed troops and the US sent April Glaspie to discuss this with Saddam as a friend. The US policy stated to Saddam Hussein, “We have no opinion on your Arab-Arab conflicts such as your dispute with Kuwait. Secretary Baker has directed me to emphasize the instruction, first given to Iraq in the 1960(s), that the Kuwait issue is not associated with America.” This in foreign policy terms is a green light for Iraq to invade Kuwait without concerns of US military interventions. It of course was a lie. One which the American Military, the American People and Middle Eastern people have paid for dearly while the leadership enjoys its’ riches.

Sudden Opinions

The Same Old Same Old

Obama (44)

It would be one thing if they were doing this one behalf of feeding the nation which they are sworn to serve but it is all in the name of self service. After the first Gulf War we had a major financial crisis in this country which has continued for almost forty years now. Did the second Gulf War improve this country’s economy? Not for the majority so it could be argued that neither Gulf Wars have served the general welfare of this country.

The Libya invasion has completely destabilized North Africa. Benghazi is only the beginning. We will be dealing with that area of the world for decades to come. Why? Obama can’t even give Gay people the right to marry which he promised so he over throws Kaddafi? Hey, we still are not out of the Afghanistan war and that was the first bill he was going to sign in 2008 when he was elected. He hated the war so why are we still in it? Let me be clear transitioning to less soldiers means we are using our guys as bait to draw out our opponents. Obama can’t even say the word Autism which is a national epidemic and becoming a pandemic In the State of the Union Address.

Even worse is that Obama is sending bombs to Syria to arm the militants which ultimately will drive up oil prices, force our troops to continue fighting the longest war in American History and ultimately defund the social programs of this country to buy goodwill in the name of diplomacy. A foreign policy which habitually and continually fails leaving our country economically devastated and detested around the world.

Unable to Take Responsibility for Blow Back on Lybia

The Horrors of Our Presidents

As long as I live I will never forget what has happened and that both a Neo-Conservative Republican and a Democratic President played the performed same way in this conflict. Yep, this is "Change I Can Believe In!". None of them have apologized for their actions. I guess being president is never having to say, “Opps sorry for sending Saddam Hussein to invade your country Kuwait!” Or “Opps, sorry I lied about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq...I swear we sent Rummy there with them in the 1980(s)" and "Big opps we told him to point them away from the Kurds???”. How about, “Gee Whiz, I was surprised Libya knew that POTUS illegally invaded their country and even more shocked when they got our embassy after the State Department recalled the security forces.”. Presidents must not be concerned with how their people think of them. Because let’s face it there hasn’t been a decent president in my life time but this last string of presidents have taken poor job performance to a whole new level.

Is there any credible evidence that any of these individuals have attempted any other sort of foreign policy besides bombs and billions in foreign aid?

Sadly, as I write this Obama has decided to give arms to the Syrian opposition. How can he be certain the will not be used on the Lebanese or Israelis? Have we all not learn arming foreign countries in civil conflicts is an incredibly stupid foreign policy which will only result in increased destabilization of the region, higher gas prices at home, the American people saddled with the cost of the bombs and then the cost of the economic foreign aid after the bombs to buy goodwill? If I were the Kurds and Turkey I would completely object. The American government gas no way to determine who those arms will be used against including the American Military.

Breaking Bread With Our So Called "Enemies".

I write this with tongue in cheek. I lived overseas. America does not come close to cornering the market on morality. If anything we have become, through habitation of war, a nation with only two skills. We either carpet bomb our enemies or we bribe them.

This is an odd conversation to have with someone from the middle east. I have even had this conversation with a Somalia also. The say, “Why does your country bomb our schools, weddings and non-military targets?” To which I answer that I have no idea. Bombs are very expensive and cost the American people a great deal of money just to destroy something. This often infuriates and bewilders the person I am speaking with because they never consider that the average person in America is being taxed with the cost of bombing weddings in Yemen. Ultimately, I calm them down with, "Don’t worry because it gets worse for the USA citizen because after my government wastes a bunch of money on expensive bombs the State Department runs in trying to buy good will?" I explain that we, the American people are taxed twice, and we know both strategies to be very ineffective. So they ask why I allow it. I answer for the same reason they take the bribe after the bombing. There is only this dysfunctional weak government employing bad ideas to maintain the perception of the need for government. Heavens forbid they actually help the people they are sworn to serve instead of themselves so there could be real progress.

It only ends when everyone wakes up. I am applaud my government, on the behalf of corporations around the world, would bomb third world countries and then try and bribe them into good relations. More so because it is stupid and is ineffective.

You think I am kidding about the taxation twice for every bombing. Remember this moment in time when Hilary Clinton gave 7.5 billion dollars in aid to Pakistan. The Clintons are tied up in this mess with the the Bush and Obama family as well. The same Pakistan which sheltered Osama Bin Laden from the USA for years. However, the people of Pakistan are no more responsible for that than the American people are for the actions of its' government.

More Failing US Policy

The Ending if the Beginning

Let all Americas awaken to realize that none of us can ever forget being forsaken. That is the only way government tyranny will end and they will go back to doing the peoples’ business instead of lining their own pocket. We have been taxed not once but twice for every bomb dropped and that is not including the taxation on our souls of what our government does in the name of this country. They do not do it for us but for themselves and their own greed as any third world leader would.

Recycled broken foreign policy of bombs and bribes is not working nor has it ever. The world is inner connected now and it is very easy to see who the criminals are and who are not. I also do not wish to see one more military member injured with this failed policy. It is really easy to forget when you are in Washington, DC and living large but for the rest of us out here we will never forget either the bombs or the bribes. I doubt any foreign country has either.

Our only hope as a nation is to empower moral individuals and send everyone who has ever been involved in government during this war home with a pink slip. Time to clean the house and clear out the hill. Their ending is our new beginning.

Bill Clinton was spared in this article but he could have well been held accountable for his actions against Saddam Hussein as well. Presidents sending agents to assassinate Saddam Hussein in a foreign country is not good foreign policy either.

Has there ever been one shred of proof that Saddam Hussein was involved in the 9/11 attacks or did George Bush (43) just hang execute him because he had an issue with him? Last I heard Saddam's billions were being collected and accounted for by the US military. Where did that money go, in (43) pocket?

Can You Forget What Happened At Gitmo?

Do You Think This Guy Survived To Hold His Grandchildren?

Asking For Forgiveness...

All of POTUS and SCOTUS need to resign and then ask for forgiveness. The American people have been threatened, harassed and arrested doing everything they could in protest of this war. They can not be held accountable for the cost of this war when they did not consent nor did they reap the profits.

But this recycled broken military and foreign policy which abandons anything resembling intelligence has been reckless. This system is broken and the world knows it. Now if only POTUS and SCOTUS could stop smashing and grabbing everything in the world to line their pockets and recognize they desperately need a new stradegy.

The American people are sage but their government is morally bankrupt. Actually, the average American would be far better serving in federal government than the SCOTUS or POTUS. From this day forward any and all presidents can not hide behind national security and their intelligence agencies when enacting antiquated ineffective foreign policies.

A Few Final Thoughts

It might be much cheaper than millions in aircrafts, billions in fuel costs and millions in bombs to just negotiate with these third world countries to sell their natural resources at fair market value. I'd like to see veterans return home healthy for a change. The ancillary benefit to both big oil and healthcare in war are third and fourth teir taxes on the people which is debt assumed by POTUS and SCOTUS.

It seems rational, reasonable and cost effective for everyone.



I do not watch television as I am either working or creating. I published this article for the first time on February 2nd and on February 3rd, George Bush (43) was in my home town giving a lecture at a theater in which family's name is on.

He is paid a presidents salary for the rest of his life and yet he is charging $500 a head at a lecture. I would have charged double that to have to list to him for ten minutes. Last time I heard him speak he could not conjugate verbs in English. Could it be he is fund raising for his brother, JEB's, presidential bid?

I am Republican but Old Guard Republican and I can assure you that the majority of Vero Beach or any of the Old Guard were in attendance at his lecture.

Oddly enough, I did not see one crippled veteran there either?


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