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Gay Rights! Why Now?

Updated on February 15, 2012


New Heights?
New Heights? | Source

Gay Movement

The movement for gay rights has been going on for years, yet it is only recently that they have suddenly dominated our every being. The media and politics are full of reports about the “gay” progress. Why is this?

This is not an article for or against the gay movement. Neither is it an article on my feelings towards the movement.

This is an article asking how the movement suddenly progressed so rapidly. They did not have an iconic figure such as Gandhi, Mandela or King Jr. I don’t believe the majority of the population suddenly became gay, neither the Congress. So how did this rapid raise of the movement come about?

Flag of the Arab League

Provoked? | Source


Some believe that there is a small group of wealthy elitists that are the puppet masters of the government. Is it possible that they are behind it?

I am not suggesting that they are themselves gay or even that they are in favor of the movement, but that it would suit their cause for the movement to gain exposure.

Some people believe that these elitists, in order to gain world power, are trying to create a war between Islam and the west. The theory is that they are creating bad images of some Middle Eastern countries, perhaps inspiring revolutions that put in place more radical Islamic regimes. This is done in an attempt to provoke the west. After all, these countries will be more congenial to radical Islamic recruitments.

Add to this a healthy amount of propaganda of Islamic nuclear weapons and human rights abuses; these will fan the fires in the west.

What though of the Middle East?

The radicals are by far outnumbered by level headed good Muslims and so a fire is needed there.

In Islam, homosexuality is looked on as a great sin. Perhaps someone who partakes in these activities is linked to Satan.

What better assistance could the elitists give the radical Islamic recruiters than placing Gays at the top of the west’s agendas?


The elitists are using their great propaganda machine of the western media, to fan both fires of a conflict that they conspire.

Stoking the fires, in the west, with talk of WMD and human rights and stoking the fires of the east with talk of gays and gay rights.

The American public is like sheep to the slaughter, believing all that they are told by the elitist owned media and, even against some of their religious beliefs, giving credence to a cause artificially uplifted by the same media.

If the elitists are successful in their endeavors, I wonder how they will then look upon the gay rights, in an elitist run world.


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    • profile image

      Brenda Durham 5 years ago

      rafken, the thought has entered my mind, questioning if there's some bigger influence behind the movement. Because, yes, there's something missing in the picture.

      Unlike diogenes, I personally think conservatives should voice our opinions loud and clear. Staying silent is rarely a good thing when it comes to politics. Nor to our consciences. Too many citizens are already being held hostage by the Left's imposition disguised as sensitivity.

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 5 years ago from UK and Mexico

      I have felt pressure from powerful gays in government, the news media and publishing. The problem here begins in Oxbridge where these homosexuals (a word they detest) first form liasons that last for life I believe.

      In our own interests, (hetros) we should probably not say a word about them, good or bad. They have very sensitive antennae!