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Some Good and Admirable Habits of People Around Us - Worth Emulating

Updated on September 27, 2015
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Learn how to overcome problems from successful people around you
Learn how to overcome problems from successful people around you | Source

There is a lot to learn from successful people around us

Whatever is your role in life - mother, father, doctor or home make - I am sure you will be open to tips which can make you more successful.

For example, being an entrepreneur and running a micro size firm can be quite demanding and challenging. Such a person has to be always on his toes, multi tasking and creating a great output from the rather limited resources at his command.

Similarly being a working mother, is a huge task. Amongst all the family members, she is invariably the first one to get up in the morning and the last person to sleep in the night. To be successful she has to manage 4 to 5 things very delicately. They are: (1) The kids (2) The husband (3) The Home (4) The office and the boss and (5) The parents in laws (if it is a joint family).

It is therefore, quite natural for such a person to lose their cool or make mistake or at least demand the credit for their great achievement.

But on the contrary, we do come across many such great personalities who carry on doing their work in a most humble way. Yet these extraordinary people are unsung, unnoticed and un-decorated heroes or heroines of our society.

Learn how to solve problem & face challenges
Learn how to solve problem & face challenges | Source

Why take tips from people around us?

It is natural to ask this question. You may think "why not pick the auto - biography or the biography or a national or international hero". You may even prefer to read a good self help book which has been a best seller.

Well you are quite right. But there are certain distinct advantages of learning from the good habits of people around you and emulating them.

  • You can relate with them as they come from the same / similar society, time frame and background.
  • Most probably you have seen them or met them.
  • If you know them then you can even ask them for their suggestions or clarify your doubts and you can expect an easy to understand reply and easy to follow tips.

The questions: what makes these ordinary people extraordinary

What makes them so successful?

What gives them such amazing power of action?

Where from do they draw their unlimited energy?

What is the secret of a constant smile on their faces?

Why don’t they ever complain?

Approach to a problem
Approach to a problem | Source

The answers are hidden in the questions

So I decided to find the answers by studying such persons, their habits and thought patterns more closely and carefully.

Fortunately I did not have to go very far nor had I to wait for long. Such extraordinary persons were always around me (and I am sure around everyone too).

Let me share about some such persons:

Cute girl studying for her exams
Cute girl studying for her exams | Source

The challenge of tough annual exams

Once I teased my little daughter who was studying hard for her annual exams by saying “Why do they have to test the small kids with tough annual exams. It is so taxing for the children!”

“No Papa, the exams are not bad. Every time I have the annual exams, I get promoted to the next class after a few days. Is it not wonderful?” I had learnt an important lesson of life from my own child.

The case of the driver leaving the job suddenly

My neighbor is a hard working entrepreneur who deals in Corporate Uniforms. He had been employing a person as his driver for the last 15 years and had trained him well to be an important part of his business system such as delivering the samples or important documents to buyers, picking up and dropping the buyers from and at the airport and running many such errands.

Suddenly and without notice this driver decided to quit the job. Naturally, this must have upset my neighbor's daily schedule, manpower planning and work allocation.

After a few days, when we bumped into each other at the parking lot, I expressed my sympathies saying how difficult it would be now to manage without a driver. To my surprise, he was genuinely in high spirits and rather grateful. He said something like this, “I am so happy as I drive myself. It has improved my reflex mechanism. I now plan my day better, combine all my work in one part of the city thereby saving time and money on fuel.”

Enjoy the life - always
Enjoy the life - always | Source

The Health Challenge

I know two persons who got backache problem in their late twenties. Surprisingly, they have no complaints whatsoever. Rather their views are that they are more health conscious now and they are eating right food and exercising regularly.

In fact, they are thankful for their smart looks to their change in life style and correct posture which was triggered by the backache challenge.

I may add that both of them are very hardworking and successful persons and have created business empires.

Like this there are many people who decided to improve their life style by taking to healthier food, regular exercises, yoga, meditation or daily walks when they faced a health problem and they look fit and are more cheerful.

A child is always playful
A child is always playful | Source

Kids remember everything at the last minute

It was a family get together. My wife and Uncle were chatting and discussing about the school going kids giving tough time to their mothers these days.”They always remember late in the evening on what project or home work their teacher has asked them to do. It suddenly creates a state of emergency and chaos in the house” exclaimed my wife.

My Uncle got amused and said, “Children always live in the present. They would like to have a wonderful time and only after playing and enjoying the day fully, they would like to think about the school assignment.” Right or wrong, my Uncle who is an extremely successful person, had a unique way of looking at the common problem of life.

Check your style

How often do you notice the good qualities in people?

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Some tips which are part of the common habits pattern of extraordinary people in our social circles:

You don’t have to read best sellers or the self help books, you don’t have to have a Life Coach to know, learn and imbibe good habits which pay great dividends.

Just look around and you will find many such wonderful people within your family, friends, neighborhood, office or community or common interest groups.

I am sure you will find something on these lines:

  1. The glass is neither half full nor half empty – it is full.
  2. Be thankful to the problem – it is an opportunity in disguise.
  3. Welcome the challenge – it is an entry gate to next level promotion.
  4. Accept the change – it will bring good news.
  5. Don’t criticize a person or his habits.
  6. Respect the skills of others
  7. Celebrate rather than be jealous of the success and progress of others
  8. Focus on potential
  9. Life is beautiful and full of possibilities
  10. Make friends with yourself. Love Yourself. Do not apologize for being yourself.

It is so simple, isn't it!

7 Steps to Developing Good Habits

Please do share your Experiences / Comments / Suggestions on this subject. It might help others too !

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    • Suzanne Day profile image

      Suzanne Day 4 years ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

      I think looking after a husband or kids can be tough, because depending on what type of people they are, they can be quite demanding! This hub only goes to show that it's not a problem if you can see a different angle on how to think about it. Voted awesome.