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Government Liability for All Pro Life Babies

Updated on June 30, 2011

Fetal Life

Government Liability for All Pro Life Babies

I have asked this question and it was pulled because it was a source of debate so I will submit to you the following. In theUSAas in many European Countries there is an argument between Pro Life and Pro Choice. It should be noted that in both arguments there is not a movement to force woman to have abortions but rather a backwards neglect of children born to Pro Life governments.

Pro Life argues all abortion should be out lawed and that the fetus has rights.

Pro Choice argues that woman has the choice to choose bodily autonomy and they find forced abortion to be as illegal as outlawing abortion.

And yet, men still believe woman can be manipulated and forced into having abortions and it is not found to be illegal or abusive in any country. It is rather a grey area of the law because the legal system has failed to recognize that woman also has a right to carry their babies to term regardless of what anyone thinks. The fact that woman are abused, beaten and murdered for the exercise of this right is morally and legally incomprehensible and the fact that all governmental agencies don’t protect woman’s rights while carrying children is irreprehensible.

I would go further and state once a woman has been abused while pregnant, in the absence of protection from the legal system; the governing body has a fiduciary responsibility to that woman and child. Under all normal circumstances people have the right to be free from abuse and oppression. Why are women allowed to be abused during pregnancy and forced ad coerced into abortions? Abuse and coercion while not pregnant is illegal. Why is it legal during pregnancy? Why are those abusive would be Father’s allowed to be abusive to the woman carrying their children and never held accountable for child support?

And why hasn’t the legal system caught up to the times. Why hasn’t the legislator recognized that women are being abused while trying to exercise their right to have autonomy over their bodies?

No Legal Premise for Coercing Woman into Abortions

As clearly seen within these definitions there is no legal foundation for men ot abusively coerce woman into having abortions. It doesn't exist and yet it goes on everyday and there is no law protectingall woman during their pregnancies. Why do you think there are no laws protecting umarried women during pregnancy?

See what has happened in the past...

I present Lacy Peterson and I will tell you the law only applies to married women when it should apply to all women. Both single and married woman are being murdered over pregnancies. It is the worst abuse that exists in our society and it still is perfectly legal. Why?

Government Assumes All The Liability

Say what you will about the Bushes but at least they acknowledged the right of married women to carry their children. It was a small step but there is a lot of room for improvement. By failing to address this very real crime, the USA government has de facto assumption of liability to fund these women and children because the failure of the legal system to address these victims have left them without funding and without justice.

And finally women can't predict behavior. No one can predict behavior. So it should be assumed that these women or children are flawed because they are victims of abuse. It is the most convient to blame the vitim but the perpetrator is the criminal and should be subject to the strickest criminal penalities.

There is no law that forces women or justifies a men's attacks on pregnant women. It doesn't exist. And it is a crime. The legal system should embrace this and penalize all men for such conduct.


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