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How To Become Successful

Updated on October 22, 2011

Success, a word which all of us a familiar with but it’s the quest that lets only the strongest survive and leaves the weak feeling down. There are different types of success; life success, religion success, work success, marriage success, the list just goes on and on. It’s the way that is similar for so many of them.


The first thing you need to do is plan, plan everything. How you want to try, how sure you are that this is your particular goal and how far are you willing to go.

Now grab a piece of paper and write down your plans. Its okay if you cannot seem to think straight, the plan will come out of you eventually. Just ask yourself what do I want?


Now comes the next question which can hinder you on your path, but it will not be the main obstacle unless you let it be. Stop crying about the fact that you are not talented. It’s okay! A lot of celebrities have no talent in their particular field but they make up for it by have good stage appearance and style. That is what you need to do, look at your good points forget the bad ones. Work out your good points and try to use them to gain success.


Excuses are silly remarks by people afraid to face the truth. We all do it. You need to stop doing it. Let not lack of money be a hindrance. Just look at Honda's founder, Soichiro Honda, Sony Corporation's founder, Akio Morita and even Apple's founder, Steve Jobs, they did it even without that much money in the beginning. So can you! Let not your mindset be I cannot, Change it to I Can!

Time, well here is another problem. You see we are all people who operate according to the same 24 hour clock. Now I know that it is not so easy to plan but it’s not impossible either. So make time, spend lesser time on Facebook and start working more.

There are six specific steps as a guide to success.

  • Step 1. Be Very Specific about Your Goal

You need to make one goal and keep that in mind t be able to become successful. For example your goal is to become famous. Now find out how you can be famous. Do you want to be a singer, designer, director, actor, producer or what? Decide on one particular field and then try the next step.

  • Step 2. Develop a Strategy

It will not be so easy to develop the strategy as you will need to consider all points. Some of them could be; how do I do it? If you are aspiring to be a singer supposedly you will need to contact producers, band members, agents to recognition. So plan it all out.

  • Step 3. Take Consistent Action

Keep on working, don’t stop. Try again and again. You will succeed! And keep your actions steady. Don’t keep changing plans. Be consistent!

  • Step 4. Turn Failure into Feedback

It hurts to hear that all your efforts were not enough, it’s okay! Don’t feel bad about this. Criticism is a part of life, you need to take that criticism and use it to become better.

  • Step 5. An Empowering Belief System

Don’t forget to believe in yourself. Your confidence and belief will help you throughout. So keep on believing and move forward. Try to keep faith and belief even at the worst possible time, no matter the hardships, no matter the pain, or criticism. Keep a brave front. You will be rewarded for it all!

  • Step 6. Values: Our Driving Force

Your values are very important. Don’t forget your values in your greed for success. Once you forget your values, you will definitely forget yourself. The grounds you are based on, the one you’re standing on is what will help you throughout your struggle.

"You can either dine with the dogs or fly with the eagles"

I am not saying you should forget your friends and family. I am just asking you to choose a good mentor, start socializing with people who can help. But don’t forget the people who were there from the beginning.

John McDonald said “The intensity of your desire governs the power with which the force is directed.”

Finally, it’s more about your desire, motivation and belief. So try it all out and see how you end up in success.


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