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Importance Of Community Service

Updated on October 22, 2011

There is now a huge push for community service in the United States and many other countries as well. Not a bad show or gig for someone who was so cooperative to his community. Helping other peoples has always been famous, but more and more popular people in various communities are receiving on the bandwagon.

Many organizations have been very active in our communities for many years aiding people in many different ways. Some instances are rendering assistance to health care institutions, upraising money for the needy people; addressing various issues dealing with education and aiding the poor and/or elderly.  These kinds of groups have been bestowing a helping hand for a long period of time and continue to do so efficiently. 

The volunteers who work vigorously to help others are caring people who very seldom have other jobs but willingly wish to make a variation in their communities. These types of groups are always looking for some more people to work.

Distribution of Work

We share our work and this distribution of work conducts to our dependency on other people working in various roles. In every step of our lives, we have to depend on others apart from our members of family.

For instance, the cobbler mends shoes for us, the hairdresser cuts our hair, tailor stitches our fashionable clothes, meat is cut for us by butcher, bakers makes biscuits for us, architects make houses for us, etc.

All these peoples fall into a community, without them our lives will be very hard. Division of work is, hence, significant for a well-functioning and well-formed community. 

Donating Some Goods

By giving some furniture, phones, clothes and computers to charities and some other organizations, you will be aiding the environment, saving the money and benefiting the community in this way.

You can also donate your shoes and clothes at some recycling banks. A number of organizations in your area will collect furniture and electronics from your home. You can also donate your mobile phones and accessories at collection points across the area.

The Senior Citizens need special attention from us.
The Senior Citizens need special attention from us.

Helping The Elderly or Old People

There are various tasks one can do to aid the elderly. The choices vary from volunteering to mow the lawn for an old or elderly person living near by or picking up medicines or groceries for them.

One way to recognize elderly people in need of help is to ask your local senior citizens center or area of worship to mention a list of people in need. You could use your computer proficiency and teach your senior friend how to use a computer and the Internet.

They always require help with raking leaves, cleaning the gutters, or washing windows, any of which you could engage in. You could even send meals to homebound individuals. 

Feeding the hungry is the best charity.
Feeding the hungry is the best charity.

Donate Food and Give Homeless Shelters

Donate some food or supplies to your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter. However, the best type of support you can render is by volunteering your time.

You could aid in cooking the foods or serving them. Other things you can do for the homeless peoples include making "I Care" kits with combs, shampoo, toothbrushes etc.

Helping Children in Need

With the things you could do for children’s are to arrange some teacher for the student who needs assist learning English, Math or some other subject. You could also arrange a buddy system for kids with special requirements in your community.

A larger project, which friends and family can help out with, is a backpack and school provides drive to help needy children in the area. A list of children’s in need could be composed from local social service organizations or some places of worship.

Feeling of Association

In a community, people live there by associating with one another. The feeling of association is a normal human feeling.

This aids in establishing harmony and peace within a community. Without this feeling of association there will be disarray and disharmony in the community. Hence, this point parts a significant role in making a lively community.

Hence, with all these points in an ideal combination, a community can aid in making a progressive and peaceful society. Likewise, any difference could give rise to umpteen troubles that are disrupting harmony and peace the world over.


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