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Why Does People Kill So Easily?

Updated on December 15, 2014
The First mourning -- Adam and Eve mourn Abel's death
The First mourning -- Adam and Eve mourn Abel's death | Source

After ISIS, Boston Bombing and the Sidney Hostage Stand off..

"An eye from an eye, a tooth for a tooth."

We have been roaming on this Planet for a few minutes in galactic time; It’s believed that humans originated about 200,000 years ago in the Middle Paleolithic period in Southern Africa, right where our friend Martie C. lives.

Roughly we have 5,000 generations behind us...and that is nothing compared with creation. Paleontologists worry about dates and excavations, but where this evilness really came from?

We are dust and shall return to dust... there is a hidden origin for evil beyond the scriptures. Were we tainted souls from stellar aliens that were casted down on earth?

Cain killed Abel and didn't have remorse at all. We are prone to kill easily if every one is doing it. Some feel that unequivocally thrill by taking someone's life.

Not even the Biggs boson was able to stop us from killing each other. There is an internal contaminated feeling that ticks every second, ready to wake up our demons and make us inflict harm to others and to ourselves.

The Massacre at Saint Bartholomew, 1572
The Massacre at Saint Bartholomew, 1572 | Source

The Spanish Inquisition, the massacre of Native Americans by the Puritans, The Huguenots and the crusades.

We as humans have killed in the name of God's Glorified name. From that Inquisition, that was a forerunner from the S.S. Gestapo, to the desecration and annihilation of our American Indians. We felt as though we had the right to kill in the name of Religion. Crusaders did take Jerusalem paying a big price. Huguenots were almost exterminated on that august 24th of 1572 (Saint Bartholomew)... feels like we were there for sure.

The feeling is just devastating: swords and daggers being inflicted on the enemies of France. Blood turning the river into quintessential stench of hatred. The vision is just horrifying. Kids begging for their parents and being put to the sword like little dogs. All because the King's Mom ordered so...!

Auschwitz concentration camp, arrival of Hungarian Jews, Summer 1944
Auschwitz concentration camp, arrival of Hungarian Jews, Summer 1944 | Source
Adolf Hitler in Prague, March 15,1939
Adolf Hitler in Prague, March 15,1939 | Source

How could the Nazis be so cruel to kill Jews the way they did?

Hitler was here with a purpose; to reminds us that power, the damn power!! if given to a mentally ill (paranoid) person can harvest disastrous results. Later we will talk about Joseph Stalin who was born on December 21st 1879. Let's go back to Adolph. Younger brother died in 1900, father died in 1903 and mother in 1907. After 1914 and the end of World War I Hitler was already immersed in antisemitism.

At one point in his life, he thought the world, and inferior races, were against him. If we were in his shoes we would adapt our genes and our character to what the environment had to offer. Is curious to know that if there were Hitlers before, they weren't as lucky as him.

He was at the right time and the right moment. Germans were left financially ruined after the Treaty of Versailles (1919). But Jewish adapted quickly and kept their autonomy. That was not well seen by the average German citizen... and Young Adolf who was already done writing his "Mein Kampf."

Joseph Stalin, 1936
Joseph Stalin, 1936 | Source

From the 1930s to the 1950s Stalin killed over 20,000,000 people in Russia

Can you imagine Stalin killing his people and being present at the Yalta summit? In today statistics, you will have to decimate entire states at the fast path of a million souls per year. We caught up with strong reason for Stalin's cruelty. He was atheist and first wife Ekaterina Svanidze died of tuberculosis in Stalin's arms. What were his premonitory words? after a few months of Marriage, 'Kato' died of tuberculosis. An atheist child lost his wife, who was only 22, in 1907. At her funeral, he said "This creature softened my heart of stone. She died and with her... died my last warm feelings for humanity."

Just lets check one moment in his troubled childhood: Imagine yourself a young Georgian (Russian) cobbler, from the town of Gori, At the age of seven, and contract smallpox which permanently will scar your face. Just remember, you are a Christmas baby in miserable conditions away from health-care and today's advancements. The year was 1885. So far we see a pattern: unfairness, bad luck and that rooting evilness seeding the worst thoughts against humanity.

The Choeng Ek killing fields,1979. Atrocities from the Khmar Rouge.
The Choeng Ek killing fields,1979. Atrocities from the Khmar Rouge. | Source
Pol-pot in exile
Pol-pot in exile | Source

Circa 1976-79: Pol Pot killed over 2,000,000 people in Cambodia

Born Saloth Sar, Pol Pot was a Cambodian Maoist revolutionary who led the Khmer Rouge from 1963 until his death in 1998. He solely killed around 2.5 million Cambodians and Kampucheans in a three years tenure (1976-1979) as a prime Minister. The combined effects of forced labor, malnutrition, poor medical care, and executions resulted in the deaths of approximately 21% of the Cambodian population. Just think about it : the total population then was just above the 8 million milestone. Even though his family was rich by 1940s standards, Pol Pot was a lower than average student. He was into riches and saw a way out by joining in 1951, a communist cell in a secret organization known as the Cercle Marxiste. The time was right to get into politics and become a leader. Here we conclude that we can get lost to earthly ambitions if our goals are far reached, and... slightly we drift away from ethics and morality. Unfortunately is been rumored that he was poisoned in 1998, and his body was cremated immediately by a faction of the Khmer Rouge. Not brushing the eye for an eye... but sooner or later what goes up has to come down.

Pablo Escobar, Colombian Drug Lord. His empire amounted to $25 Billion dollars back in 93
Pablo Escobar, Colombian Drug Lord. His empire amounted to $25 Billion dollars back in 93 | Source

The Drug Cartels -- Colombia and Mexico

Put Arms, logistics and ideology to a group of young aspiring leaders and add drugs and.. corruption on the Government, and you will see desperate kids trying to emulate Al Pacino on Scarface(1983). Just think of the biggest consumer of the World and some 'Iran-Contras affair tossed here and there. Just try to help Panamanian leaders like Noriega or Moammar Gaddafi.

Just recently Erick Holder and his "fast and furious" made the news Do you want to taste that soup? Are we in big trouble? Are we teaching our young generation with the example? Is the love for the money the root of evil? Just check our History and sense the need for more and the good feeling of being on the top, even if we have to get rid of aspirations and remarkable good deeds from our legitimate peers like Abel.

Scareface, 1983
Scareface, 1983 | Source

Why do they kill So Easily?

Just think of a fed up postal worker, a poor geek being teased. An illegal immigrant being mocked by his accent. On the other side of the world, feel poverty and despair from a mother raising four or more kids on her own. She can do so much but just.. check into the mind of a child who is facing an unfair world. Third World country's challenges are compounded by a judicial system that is poorly equipped to handle complex criminal prosecutions.

Back home think of the 'Son of Sam' David Richard Berkowitz, and Jeffrey Dahmer, who died mysteriously on Nov. 28 1994. "Okay the trustees guards will look the other way." Comes to our mind sequentially... names like The Unabomber Ted Kaczynski , or Timothy James McVeigh (he was bullied).

There was a point of no return in their minds. They knew it was wrong, but they did it anyway. Some felt pleasure and some just felt the evil from those 5,000 generations behind us. Evilness will die, when we disappear from earth, just simple. Besides that famous Biggs boson there was a force represented by Satan or that Devil. Just tell your wife, you cheated on her, and all her bosons and evil magnetic quanta will take care of you. We are just Humans, not perfect and prone to deviate from reasoning and common sense. Shoot! We killed some time writing this piece!!

Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

"The old law of an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind..!"

Can We Avoid Evilness?

See results

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