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Inside the Crimes of Kaitlyn Hunt

Updated on February 11, 2015
JT Walters profile image

JT Walters has a Master's of Science in Behavoralism from Florida State University. She is a researcher in many professions in Florida.

There are always at least three victims to any crime. The first is the actual victim. The second is the victim’s family and finally the third is the community. This article will attempt to illustrate the dynamic and damage that has been done to Kaitlyn Hunt’s community which has been all but over looked in the media.

The Cheerleader

Kaitlyn Hunt’s Community

Kaitlyn Hunt was not only a basketball player which was reported in the media but also was a cheerleader at Sebastian River High School. She was well liked but had little parental supervision and influence. If anything Kaitlyn would have been described as a sweet girl. It was well known she was a Lesbian and Kaitlyn had the support of her community. No one hated Kaitlyn. Even as I write this today I think the general consensus is that this is an exceptionally sad case.

It was true that Kaitlyn Hunt began a relationship with a student who was four years younger than herself but what has not been reported was the graphic nature of their relationship. While the media calls it an “R” rated hearing, I can assure you that when the details come to light it will be a “XXX” trial.

Kaitlyn's Organization

Do you believe Kailyn Hunt is a disorganized criminal sex offender?

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The Fall of Kaitlyn Hunt; Narcissistic Personality Disorder

On the surface one could attribute Kaitlyn Hunt’s behavior to poor judgment initially but that is just based on what has been reported in the media. There is much more that has not been reported. There had been interventions to attempt to stop Kaitlyn Hunt. She was warned what she was doing was inappropriate, illegal and that there would be consequences. To be clear the warnings were not about her sexual orientation but the fact she was having sex with a minor and in very inappropriate places.

No one wanted this case to go as far as it had except Kaitlyn Hunt, for reasons I will describe later, she didn’t hear her sexual conduct was against the law but she misconstrued it in her mind that it was about her being a Lesbian. There is a tremendous amount of evidence that has not been reported in the media. Hunt had been doing more than just having sex with a minor which she could have been charged with. If anything, it is my opinion, the State Attorney’s Office initially charged Hunt minimally.

Hunt determined to manipulate her way out of trouble turned on everyone who supported her as a Lesbian and claimed it was a civil rights issue. One has to wonder why they LGBT community would expect support when they support individuals such as Hunt. I believe she is quoted as telling one person, “Look what Zimmerman got away with. I will get away with it too.”. Hunt was referring to the fact that her alleged victim was African American. Hunt hadn’t realized how racist and toxic her words were to the African American Community which supported her. But it was more than that, Hunt was not seeking the counsel of responsible leaders who advised her to stop her conduct and take the plea deal. She sought the opportunistic, “yes” people.

Perhaps the greatest factor in this was Kaitlyn Hunt’s attention seeking behavior. I have written extensively on sex offenders and serial killers. They often have attention seeking behavior due to a fractured family dynamics as a basic drive for their behavior. Hunt was no different. Once she was arrested she had the attention of her parents, the LGBT community, the national media and financial support from around the country. Her behavior was licrative; not only reinforced but became more extreme to stay in the headlines. Ironically. She raised approximately $40,000 in four months which financed a trip to New York for a Gay pride parade and several other high end purchases.

A juvenile sex offender and an adult sex offender are only different in their ages, their level of organization and their time horizon for victimization.

Initial Arrest Photo: Not Camera Ready To

Camera Ready

About the Deal

  • 2 years house arrest
  • Child abuse convinction
  • No prison time
  • No requirement for sex offender registry

The First Plea Deal

Every responsible adult around Kaitlyn Hunt and her peers encourged her to take the first plea deal. The lure of attention, money, fame and her own self-deluded narcississm were too lucrative and reinforcing for her.

The First Plea Deal

The Second Plea Deal

This is a tough to report on so I will be clear about what I do not know before I make any assertions. More than likely the sheriff's office already had copies of the text messages and the lewd and lacivious photos/vidoes Kaitlyn Hunt sent to her victim violating her court ordered "no contact" rule. And while I do not have first hand accounts, it has been reported that Kaitlyn Hunt's Mother aided and abbedding Kaitlyn in violating the restraining order. So the the second plea deal may never have been a reality given Kaitlyn Hunt's criminal activities therefore I will not report on it but show you the second plea deal and then its quick withdraw.

The Second Plea Deal

The Second Deal Being Withdrawn And Still Smiling For Attention

Just How Disorganized Is Kaitlyn Hunt?

Kailtyn Hunt’s argument was she did not know any better. Okay but after she was arrested she certainly should have known better. The handcuffs should have left a lasting impression. Hunt’s argument of she didn’t know any better because she was too disorganized is very interesting. Because after being arrested she waged a campaign which gained national attention, makes mid six figures in less than half a year and she has a massive marketing campaign which divides her community into a civil war. Are these the actions of a disorganized criminal? At eighteen years old she is doing major media which looks like a press junket for a major motion picture and is still having sex with the exact same minor despite a court order forbidding her to do so? Or are these the actions of an organized sexual predator?

In many ways, Kaitlyn Hunt obtain attention, fame and fortune for criminal conduct all while continuing her sex predatorial behavior and victimizing those individuals who donated money or bought her products because they believed Hunt was the victim of discrimination. Hunt managed to manipulate the media enough so she could prey on many individuals and not just her initial victim.

Kaitlyn's Fate Sealed

Bond Revoked

Danger to Society?

Do You Believe Kaitlyn Hunt Is a Danger to Society?

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The Social Impact of Kaitlyn Hunt

In my studies of sex offenders in this area, which there are quite a few, they fit a specific behavioral profile. They seem to have an attention seeking element due to a fracture family dynamic, a high level of organization, a complete disregard for the law, very selective hearing, and a self-deluded narcissism. The initial act of having an affair with a minor could have been readily resolved by Hunt accepting responsibility and taking the plea deal. Given the history of serial killers in this area, it would have been the smartest thing for her to do especially since her excuse was she didn’t know any better or that she was disorganized. The subsequent behavior after being arrested by waging a media campaign that received national attention, spinning the actual facts of the case into a psdeuo civil rights issue when in fact everyone had support Kaitlyn as a Lesbian in the community even after she committed a crime was very calculating, and then to proceed to mass market her tee-shirts, wristbands and take donations like an MBA graduate from Harvard collecting over the mid six figure range in a about four months discredits the argument that Kaitlyn Hunt was disorganized. This is especially true when she continued seeing the victim and sending her lewd and lascivious photos and videos after the court ordered her to have “no contact”.

The responsible sober adults thought Kate was to free and she needed boundaries. But Kate was ignoring everyone who was giving her good advice and, at least according to her deposition, sought counsel from drug dealers and criminals in our community. So the community which was torn in two because they support the Lesbian teenager who violated their trust and then claimed she was being victimized for being Gay is now divided even further because Kaitlyn Hunt has named the adults within the organized criminal fraternity. There have been outbreaks of violent crimes associated with this case because those who were named by Kaitlyn Hunt are trying to silence those who can confirm Hunt’s accussations.

Hunt’s incarceration has required her to prey on, according to her own deposition, the alleged drug dealers and organized criminals in our community. It was all in her text messages she had sent to her victim. Amazingly, the tee-shirts and wristbands have disappeared from this community now. No one supports Kaityln but grieves the destruction of both these young women’s loves. It is sad that Kaitlyn Hunt made the choices she did and only time and forensic criminologists will classify her correctly, although I will never believe she was disorganized and not a sex predator. The victim unfortunately has had her life ruined as well. While I will not mention her name because she is a minor, everyone here knows her name. As for the criminals who supported Kaitlyn and her press junket? I can’t say I feel sorry for them. For the rest of us who tried to guide this teenager, who had absent parents, Kaitlyn was eighteen and an adult. We tried. She sought money, fame, drugs, criminals and attention. Hunt made her choice and now she will have to live with it. I doubt she will ever be capable of understanding the tremendous hardship or the social impact of her crime on our community nor do I think she cares. Hunt’s favorite drug and greatest weakness is narcissism as with many juvenile sex offenders.

Third Plea Deal for Kaitlyn Hunt

Kaitlyn Hunt has been shown more generosity and nis very blessed by the community which she accused of discriminating against her because she was gay. Now before her is a third plea deal. The question is whether Kaitlyn Hunt will accept and abide by the conditions of her plea deal. If I were Kaitlyn Hunt, I would be completely embarrassed that the generous community which she accused of hatred towards Gay people has not offered her one but three plea deals when she has so clearly violated the condition of her release. But then again if I were Kaitlyn Hunt I would be in jail. Sadly there are many many who had same sex relations with someone under the age of consent who are serving time. They can challenge their sentences based on this third plea deal offer.

The question before all of us now is Kaitlyn Hunt actually smart enough to take the deal and be a law abiding citizen? Or does she believe she can trick and manipulate all of us again?

Kaitlyn Hunt is a very fortunate young lady that the State's Attorney's Office has been so generous.

Third Conditional Plea Deal aka "The Sweet Heart Deal"

Defendant is charged with the following in the above case:

  • Count 1 Lewd or Lascivious Battery
  • Count 2 Lewd or Lascivious Battery
  • Count 3 Transmission of Material Harmful to a Minor

The Defendant will enter a Plea of No Contest to:

  • Count 1 Battery F.S. 784.03(1)(B)
  • Count 2 Battery F.S. 784.03(1)(B)
  • Count 4 Interference with child custody F.S. 787.03
  • Count 5 Interference with child custody F.S. 787.03
  • Count 6 Contributing to the dependency of a child F.S. 827.04(1)

Kaitlyn Hunt Accepts Third Plea Deal But Not Responsibility

Today October 3rd 2013 Kaitlyn Hunt accepted the sweetheart deal of a lifetime from the state's attorney's office. Sadly, the family still maintain the relationship between Kaitlyn and her victimwas consensual however have not acknowledged that Kaitlyn's victim was not old enough to give consent legally.

They have not returned the $40,000 in donations they have collected claiming Kaitlyn was being discriminated against and persecuted for being a lesbian when in fact the state attorney office and the community has shown her a tremendous amount of leniency. Hopefully someday Kaitlyn Hunt will understand what she has done by making such assertions about the community in which she lived and thrived. As for those individuals she has taken advantage of on line, she maybe held accountable for every single penny she collected.

It is very sad Kaitlyn and her family have not acknowledge their responsibility and the generosity of the community in which they live and the State Attorney's Office which have given her a deal of a life time. Since she has shown no remorse so it is highly unlikely Kaitlyn will be fit to be a productive member of society.

Kaitlyn Hunt Lesson Learned?

I would say that Kaitlyn Hunt has learned to make unapologetic crime pay. As of this evening, October 8, 2013, she still has expressed no remorse but bitter anger towards her victim. Kaitlyn Hunt also has not sown an ounce of remorse to the community she claimed were discriminating against her because she was "Gay". Nor has she been held accountable for the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars she fraudulently collected online for her defense when she in fact broke a "no contact" restraining order.

As a matter of fact she claims there was no victim. It is obvious she has no one that can influence her pathology to understand how much havoc and damage she has caused to her victim and her community.

Amazingly, it was never about sexual orientation but young Kate who was and is still filled with hate. All while maintaining her name in the media to profit off her crimes.

See Kate So Filled With Hate...How Well It Pays Her!

Kaitlyn Hunt in First Trimester

Kaitlyn Hunt; The Mother

What Kind of Mother Do You Think Kaitlyn Hunt Will Be?

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Kaitlyn Hunt:The Mother?

In yet another money seeking desperate ploy for attention Kaitlyn Hunt's parents has had their daughter impregnanted. Yes, the media money hungry Lesbian of Sevastian did not seek a quiet life during her probation studying to be a nurse but is now impregnanted supposedly for a vast sum of money and is about to become a probation parent?

Kaitlyn has had far to much media attention and money thrown at her when she was misbehaving and there has been nothing she has done subsequently which has lead anyone to believe her character has improved. If she had taken the original plea deal and owned up to her mistakes, I would not be typing this today. She did not and even worse she violated a no contact rule set forth by the judge. Where is DCF when they are truly needed? A 19 year old criminal having a baby which supposedly her parents paid for? This is dysfunction on so many levels that I feel very sorry for the child she is carrying. This is institutionalized multi-generation dysfunction which leaves society to pick up the pieces of attention seeking further crescendo of Kaitlyn Hunt's zenith social disastrous life. So pathetic and sad for the unborn child!

In Conclusion

Our community will heal but we will be more vigilant. Because there are many ongoing criminal investigations I have omitted many details to preserve the integrity of the cases. There will be many arrests and then eventually, slowly and gradually this community will begin to heal. We support diversity in this community. But we also believe in following the law, being accountable, and responsible.

We mourn the up and coming losses of those involved in criminal activity with Hunt but accept their fate as an anti-social criminals.

I wonder if Kaitlyn Hunt has paid quarterly taxes on all of her revenue made from selling products associated with her criminal activities? I am certain the IRS will have a vested interest in all of the donations she has collected as well.

I still support the LGBT because this case was never about discrimination but about crime. I am just sorry Hunt manipulated the LGBT community as well but Kate tried to take everyone down with her all while capitalizing off her notorious crimes.

Kaitlyn Hunt is only the Mother of social disasters and mental illness in Florida. She is unfit to be a parent!


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