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Is Political Correctness Harming British Values

Updated on June 1, 2012

PC Fanatics Destroying Britain

Once again political correctness has come to the forefront in Britain.Now it is the turn of British comedians to speak out against the PC fanatics who are ruining the profession of the comics with their petty rulings.It is leading to even mild comedy being restructured and we are going to lose our sense of humour and history.

These directives are driven by the EU,and this continuous interfering from the bureaucrats is now influencing everyday life to the extent that it is stopping the growth of Britain.I now believe the impact of political correctness is destroying the traditional values of Britain.

Threat To Democracy

This may sound like another rant against the EU rulers, but once again it is the mode of the ridiculous and almost spiteful creed that is driven by the over enthusiastic partisans of the overbearing governing body of the European Union that is becoming a threat to our democracy and freedom of speech.

For some reason the government of Britain is happy to waste our resources on conforming with their PC wishes.The timidness of the Nations leaders is a threat to Britain's standing in the world, and presenting this countries population with another reason for Britain to leave the EU.

It seems slowly but surely they are determined to drag the people of this country down.The education system, politicians and the media are now engulfed in this controlling PC monster.

Do We Really Need Political Correctness

The European Nations are going bankrupt and there are riots on the streets, yet the eurocrats in Brussels have a much more important agenda to address.

Over the years they have tried to force "gender neutrality" into our language which is absurd and insulting.

  • 'Miss' and 'Mrs' has been regarded as sexist.
  • Headmasters and headmistresses must be heads or head teachers.
  • sportsmen and statesmen, should be addressed as athletes.
  • A laymen should be called a layperson.
  • Police officers must be used instead of policeman and policewoman.

The list goes on,manhole,black coffee, brainstorming would all become taboo words.

The malicious hysteria of the PC brigade will attack anything that they see as racist,sexist or even Christian and identify it as perverse.

Is Political Correctness Harming Britain?

Do We Need The EU To Tell How We Should Speak

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We do not want to see a world of sexism and racism,but the PC brigade have taken it into a world to far,the majority of people have common sense and do not wish to be brainwashed.

Do they wonder why we are reluctant to vote? We are all being forced to accept middle of the road policies from all our political parties and give us no choice.This is all because of political correctness.The EU are happy to brainwash us into thinking we can't change anything without being radical and malevolent.

For the virtuous and law abiding citizens democracy and freedom of speech have long gone as mainstays of this country.Political correctness is harming Britain.It is costly to our long standing institutions and manufacturing industries, which is effecting the Nations economy and growth.


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    • ronaldoh profile image

      ronaldoh 5 years ago from England

      Thanks for your honest comment TT,we have to make up our own minds.We do not set out to offend people, but democracy and freedom of speech is certainly being undermined by this latest fashion.

    • TToombs08 profile image

      Terrye Toombs 5 years ago from Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map.

      I refuse to be politically correct any more because you can't please all the a$$es all the time. I now follow the philosophy of being an equal opportunity offender; meaning if I can offend someone, I will every chance I get; I promise not to leave anyone out, regardless of race, sex, political affiliation, bad hair day, horrible fashion sense, stupidity, etc. :) Voted up and more.