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Lies, Thieves, and Presidential Candidates

Updated on March 11, 2011

Isn’t it disgusting that if you are famous enough you can steal from the public and not get so much as a slap on the wrist. As long as you do not actually declare you are a candidate, you do not have to comply with Federal rules of what you do with your donations. You can raise millions and spend it on yourself. That is what Newt Gingrich did with American Solutions. He raised over 14.5 million dollars in 2010 and spent over 13 million on himself.

So Newt can announce a new website to collect donations to explore the idea if he should run for President. He just cannot actually declare his candidacy or he would have to account for the expenditure. Newt can get away with this because he appears as a potential serious candidate. You and I cannot get away with this. Anything we do to scam people out of 14.5 million will cause us to be arrested for fraud. But, since Newt Can pass himself as a potentially viable candidate he can accept donations for exploring the possibility of running and spend the money as he sees fit. He is stopping short of setting up an exploratory committee, which would have made him a legal candidate. He will only have to disclose his fund raising and spending if he ultimately jumps into the race. If you have extra money you want to flush down the hopper:

Newt’s biggest claim to fame is welfare reform. Wouldn’t you know that someone that scams people out of money would have as his  principal accomplishment  reform to  ensure those getting government help cannot acquire undeserved funds for their family.

And here is a little oldie but goodie, this wing nut conservative was having an extramarital affair even as he led the charge against President Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky affair.

His first marriage, to his former high school geometry teacher, Jackie Battley, ended in divorce in 1981. Although Gingrich has said he doesn't remember it, Battley has said Gingrich discussed divorce terms with her while she was recuperating in the hospital from cancer surgery.

And from "Newt's a Beaut" by Mickey Porter published in the July 25, 2000 edition of the Akron Beacon Journal:

"Gingrich's most recent ex-wife says he ditched her eight months after finding out she had multiple sclerosis. Marianne Gingrich, 48, shopping a book proposal "both personal and political" about how women are treated in D.C., says the ex-speaker of the House told her on Mother's Day 1999 that he wanted a divorce, after learning she had a neurological condition that could lead to MS. In 1981, the former congressman told his other ex-wife, Jackie Battley, that he was dumping her, after she had been hospitalized with cancer. Newt, 57, will wed ex-congressional aide Callista Bisek, 34 -- with whom he had an affair while still married to Marianne -- on Aug. 18. "

 So why is this man still a hero of the right?  I have no idea how those people think.  In an interview with POLITICO, Gingrich reiterated his support for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's attempts to curb collective bargaining for government workers, and said he has been in touch with Walker, for whom he campaigned last year:

"Walker's not going to back off an inch, and he's going to win"

So he supports Walker who has set as his goal the elimination of collective bargaining in Wisconsin.  Just like Newt, Walker works for the ruling class and despises the middle class.


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    • Mimi721wis profile image

      Mimi721wis 7 years ago

      Well the Newt is officially in now. Of course the first thing he's done is talk about how shameful our current president is. The Newt. Maybe Mr Ethics wants to sell a few more books and get fourth wife.

    • Terry.Hirneisen profile image

      Terry.Hirneisen 7 years ago from Shenandoah Valley

      Thanks Jillian! Of course, a man that I used to admire, John Edwards, also cheated while his wife had cancer and may have used political money to hide his behavior. But Newt comes right back out as though he never did a thing and starts fund raising all over again.

    • Jillian Barclay profile image

      Jillian Barclay 7 years ago from California, USA

      Dear Terry,

      Poor Newt, right? He is laughing all the way to the bank! He reminds me of...(better left unsaid)! And not even for what he did to the women in his life, but for the greedy, opportunistic thief that he is!

      Think his newest marriage is over...He is too wrapped up in working for America again! Ha!

      Great job!

    • Terry.Hirneisen profile image

      Terry.Hirneisen 7 years ago from Shenandoah Valley


      Did you notice I tacked a new link at the end of the HUB. Shows that 93% of the wealth is held by 20% of the people. The other 7% of wealth is split by 80% of the people.

    • Terry.Hirneisen profile image

      Terry.Hirneisen 7 years ago from Shenandoah Valley

      The guys at the top have enough going for them. They are not gods and should have to sit at the bargaining table. In Wisconsin they have already agreed to all the financial requests of Walker. They simply do not want to give up the right to bargain. If you think they should give them up then I guess we will disagree.

      Thanks for the discussion.

    • profile image

      Fay Paxton 7 years ago

      I don't know why people defend corporations...most of which pay no taxes at all. Everyone seems to forget that ALL MONEY IS TAXPAYER'S MONEY.

      I wouldn't say they should pay more. Just close all the loopholes, tax breaks or tax credits...or give the tax breaks to everyone.

      How do people think corporations have made so much money, while working people keep losing out...government contracts, that's how...taxpayer's money. My tax refund will be more than the average person earns in a year because I get tax breaks that aren't available to the average working Joe. Lots of people work hard.

      So businesses get to hold America hostage? Give them tax breaks, tax credits, zero interest loans, no regulations and cheap labor or else they're going overseas? The answer apparently is to allow them to blackmail America and the poor working man. Give me a break!

      What would happen if a CEO only made $10 million instead of $100 million?

    • DannyMaio profile image

      DannyMaio 7 years ago from New York

      Terry, on Newt, I personally do not like this man and pray he doesn't run. Edwards is a disgrace to the human race and that poor woman went through hell in the end and he was a piece of s%$t.

      as far as unions, sorry I have to agree to disagree. Unions have not been the whole problem but they are a part and everything needs to be fixed now. People do jot realize that if we get a little deeper we go over the cliff! America will never be the same. Again If anyone puts in the time and really sacrifices they can be in the top 5%. I have seen it with many people, these people do not care about family dinners, parties etc... they only care about business. my brother works as a pizza guy, just survives loves the time with his family and bowling and he is happy. my other brother went to school for many years and is fairly wealthy has a million dollar home travels and he enjoys his life but lacking in the family area. That is the great thing about this country you can achieve anything you want if you really want it bad enough, so It bothers me when I see that people want to take from someone who actually works harder than most doesn't do the 10 sick days 4 weeks vacations and works 16 hours a day not 8 with 2 15 minute breaks and an hour lunch and weekends off. It is not fair. the top 2% also pays 60% of the actual taxes in this country, yes they did well and they do pay, to make them pay even more for sacrificing and working hard and contributing more than the other 90% should be efficient. did you see what happened in Maryland the democrats needed to raise 100M and raised taxes and the rich left! now instead of getting that 100M they actually lost like 220M. same goes with business if you tax to much and it is cheaper to business elsewhere that is what they do, like even overseas, if you were the owner and you felt like they were taxing you to death you would do what ever to have your business profitable. the unions did not help by having to make things cost more and harder to compete in the market. the unions were very much needed years ago but now it is way out of hand.

    • Terry.Hirneisen profile image

      Terry.Hirneisen 7 years ago from Shenandoah Valley

      Thank you Danny for stopping in.

      Yes Edwards behavior is scandalous. I in no way defend Edwards. But at least Edwards never ran around criticizing others for their moral conduct with regard to the ladies. But Newt's scandalous womanizing is just one facet of his behavior. The main point is that he is able to get 14.5 million in contributions and spend it as he pleases as long as he does not actually announce. Seems pretty crappy for a guy who likes to scrutinize others on ethical conduct.

      And on the Union issue, it strangely turns out the Unions Walker is fighting are the ones that did not support him. The GOP has many large money making groups. Carl Rove raises millions for them. The unions are the one strong supporters of Democrats.

      On socialism, this country has had reverse socialism since Reagan. The government took from one class and gave to another. The upper 2% have done extremely well in those years. Most others have gone downhill. The GOP wants to convince people that only the lazy need a support net. And they have largely succeeded. The Koch brothers spend a lot of money to move this country in a direction favorable to their interests and away from the public interests. There is not much of a middle class left. If the GOP has their way we will all just vote against our own self interest. Unions are not the problem.

    • DannyMaio profile image

      DannyMaio 7 years ago from New York

      You make it sound like this is a republican problem, when it is both sides, what about John Edwards?? his wife had cancer and he screwed her over big time. he is actually being indicted as we speak for using money to support his affairs. this happens with many from both sides when you try and sway it so it looks one sided that is not right. as far as Walker I personally think he is doing the right thing. he is not going after the trade union only the public union. these union thugs steal from the workers and donate to the democratic party, is that fair? how can you have someone on the other side of the table that your bargaining with that you donated millions to? I hear ridiculous statements saying they are trying to bring back slave labor etc... please this is 2011 stop the BS. You do not think if the public employees were not treated fair we would not see complaints and reports. also why should bad teachers or employees not be laid off if bad employees? If you were a young teacher and very gifted and you lost your job to someone with multiple complaints against them but were protected by the union and have seniority you would be out of work and the students would suffer also. This is the great United States of America, if anyone really wanted to be wealthy and put in countless hours and plenty of schooling and sacrifice you can do it, if you want handouts and family and party time you get what you sow. also if your not being treated right by your employee and your that good at your job go and get another one! I bet if you were that good your employer would make sure your happy. and for the record I was a democrat until 2 years ago, the democratic party has changed and not for the good either, they should be called the socialist party! I'm all for helping people especially the elderly and young but people need to help themselves first.

    • profile image

      Fay Paxton 7 years ago

      I've always wondered what happened to the money these people raise. If they decide not to run they should have to give back whatever is left over. What am I talking about...there wouldn't be a dime left. Talk about a con.

      But then what should we expect. Afterall, a newt is a slimy lizard that lets off a stench.


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