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Making Fun Of A Tragedy--How Sad Is That?

Updated on March 17, 2011

Did We Miss Teaching This To Our Kids?

March 16, 2011

Okay, tragedies happen to everyone and most times it happens at the worse possible time.

Now how we respond to such trying times, says a lot about who we are and maybe, just maybe who we are as a people.

In case you haven't heard of the 9.0 Earthquake in Japan then like in the Geico Commercial you might be living under a rock (see tv ad at the video below). And talking about Geico, you probably have not heard of what Comedian Gilbert Gottfried said in which he is apologized for later. And yes, Gottfried is the voice of the Aflac Duck (see photo--uncanny resemblance by the way).

Yes and he probably didn't realize that this same duck has its biggest in Japan. So today we can call him Gilbert GotFired (or he is just keeping up with his name GotFried). And it's not hard to figure that out.

The Question--Why Do That?

But what posseses people to make fun of tragedies like that and out in public (at least some of us who can be so tactless do so in private right) especially now in the light of the worse Earthquake in years, the worse Tsunami in years and the threat of a Nuclear Meltdown to make a Trifecta of Tragedies we wouldn't want to wish in our worse enemy. And we did not even include the fires, the lack of food and water, the thousands still missing, and the freezing cold weather for those who did survive but who have lost everything they love and own. [Isn't that right 50 cent?]

The Bigger Tragedy

And what do we see happening, many people are in fact smirking, smiling, joking and are actually happy that those people got what they deserve. And some people are unapologetic about it and are even saying it out loud (and worse in youtube, facebook and twitter). No, I do not want to go there, as I would just probably go ballistic if not postal.

And so today, I am a little bit ashamed that I am an American (okay an American citizen). I mean, freedom of speech is one thing but we might have to be a little bit careful here.

Okay, stuff like that makes one want to be ashamed to be an American (especially coming from someone who is at California where the Big One might just be around the corner--let's not invite some bad karma here right? Duh.)

The Biggest Tragedy

Now imagine all this is coming after everyone all over the world are seeing the general attitude of the people who suffered and still suffering in Japan and as I have said showing how it is done to the entire world.

And my questions to you are the following?

Did you even see anybody running hysterically or shouting, screaming, yelling or making a scene?

Did we notice the way in which nobody was looting, the way in which nobody is cutting in line, pushing and shoving to purchase food? Did we ever see anybody crying out loud how they are entitled to this, entitled to that, we deserve help, we got nothing else to live for, yada, yada, yada... yes like what our people would might likely do, right?

No the people over there are all prim and proper, they are lining up and waiting politely for their ration of gasoline. They were purchasing their staples and waiting for their turn even waiting in line outside stores with snowflakes falling and obviously in biting-cold weather.

I mean, if you think about it, we cannot see any of that happening in the great US of A (and most probably anywhere else) if something even half of what has happened in Japan happened there. Heaven forbid right?

And besides these people are still battling what could be the worse Nuclear Reactor Accident(s) since Three-Mile Island and Chernobyl. And what can we say about those Nuclear Plant Workers who stayed behind to try to contain the leak working in conditions which could only be described as suicidal.

Enough said here.

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Gilbert Gottfried Defended By Whoopi Goldberg

Gilbert Gottfried has been defended by Whoopi Goldberg following his sacking by insurance firm Aflac earlier this week.

Gilbert Gottfried, the American comedian who was fired by Aflac for joking about the Japanese tsunami, has been defended by a number of high profile celebrities, reports the Vancouver Sun. Gottfried was promptly fired from his role as the voice of Aflac's 'duck' mascot after making a number of crude jokes about the recent disaster. He told twitter followers, "I just split up with my girlfriend, but like the Japanese say, they'll be another one floating by any minute now". After a barrage of criticism, the 56-year-old tweeted an apology, saying, "I sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by my attempt at humor regarding the tragedy in Japan". However, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar rushed to defend the embattled comedian on their popular daytime talk show 'The View', with Goldberg noting, "I think that one of the things that people always forget is that comics have never been appropriate... that's the whole idea". Behar added, "Have you seen his act? It's always inappropriate. That's his act".

Joan Rivers added herself to the list of Gilbert Gottfried's defenders, saying, "That's what comedians do!!! We react to tragedy by making jokes to help people in tough times feel better through laughter". Radio host Howard Stern, who's no stranger to controversy, said, "When the Aflac people hired him to be the Aflac duck, they knew all of this. They know this is an offensive guy. This is a guy whose humor is offensive".


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  • J@ps profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Southern California

    I agree David.

    Thanks for the comment.

    Did you see the video below? That might not surprise you either... as in what he was saying was so funny that he can't stop laughing???

    Have a great day.

  • Writer David profile image

    Writer David 

    7 years ago from Mobile, AL

    I wish I had an answer to why people mock tragedies. There were jokes about the people leaping from the WTC on 911. That told me all I need to know about society. It is disgusting that people do this sort of thing. Gilbert Gottfried doesn't surprise me. If he were actually funny sometimes, he'd be a pretty good comedian. But, he is never funny. As for Glenn Beck...I am surprised. I do think he is really reaching now that his show is sliding in the ratings. People that mock others during a tragedy have serious problems. I wish I could understand it. Great hub.


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