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Missing-36,000lbs of Plutonium

Updated on October 13, 2011

Weapons Grade Plutonium

The United States

The US has lost 36k pounds of weapons grade Uranium and Plutonium.

No wonder that the government seem so worried that terrorists or rogue states may develop nuclear weapons.

So much for the official US statement being that since the break up of the Soviet Union, weapons grade nuclear material may be available on the open market.

Who needs any ex Soviet materials? The US has already ensured that there is enough material out there for anyone who wants it.

The government should be worried; they should also be apologetic, ashamed and unemployed.

Although this is now a known fact, I have not heard of any firings, demotions or imprisonments, why?


What Happened

Under special agreements, the US sent 38,500 lbs of nuclear material to 27 different states. Yet now, only 2,500lbs can be accounted for.

In September 2011 The United States Government Accountability Office reported to the Committee of Foreign Affairs in the House of Representatives, that the US has limited powers in accounting for and monitoring US nuclear materials on foreign soil.

When the Nuclear Regulatory Commission was allowed to visit foreign sites, between 1994 and 2010 security guidelines were only met 50% of the time.

This was an assessment made on visits that were permitted and considering that only 5 of the original 27 countries have been co-operative, the rest refusing, this is a poor outlook for nuclear security and our safety.

Was one of these un-co-operative countries Iraq, given whilst they were fighting Iran?

Is that why the government was so sure there was WMD?

How about Afghanistan whilst they were fighting the Soviets?

Real Terror



It is no wonder that the United States and the rest of the world are involved in a war against terror, considering the amount of weapons grade material that is unaccounted for. It can only be a matter of time before some of the material comes to light, let’s just hope that that light is not followed by a mushroom cloud.

How could this have happened? Who was responsible?

Is it really possible that the top echelons of the country can so easily and unaccountably yield such power?

If so, then it is little wonder that the United States is losing popularity, respect and trust throughout the world.

Accountability is responsibility and those responsible should be accountable for their actions.

Does the US government really send hundreds of men to die fighting terrorists, yet turn a blind eye to those that may be responsible for allowing the same terrorists to equip themselves with nuclear weapons?


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