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News&Views Feb 2010 Politics-India Shiv Sena -3

Updated on February 12, 2010

News&Views Feb 2010

Feb 09 2010

Politics- India

Menace instigated by Shiv Sena-MNS continues in Mumbai

Shiv Sena leaders and workers continue with their agressive intimidations in Mumbai. There were four events in Mumbai during last two days connected with Shiv Sena's current intimidations.

Rahul Gandhi visited Mumbai and traveled in train. He was spared by Sena and MNS. Of course top guys from Shiv sena shouted a lot against him. Even today they are shouting about his calling Mumbai Bombay etc. But did not create any big problem for him.

Amtiabh bachchan loved by people of all ages had a sweet session of poetry recital with in Aman Ki Asha, a program to create friendship between India and Pakistan mainly sponsored by Times of India in India. Sharing stage with him was well known Pakistani actor Zia Mohyeddin. Sena top guys have time being spared Big B and Times of India also.

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol satrred and Karan Johar directed Movie My Name is Khan is releasing. Movie seems to be good. Look at sweet photos of Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan. They were not spared. Already there was violence near some theatres even before the movie is released. Mumbai police has promised all help and strict enforcing of peace. But it does not show much effect. Mumbai police is generally efficient. I do not see reason for ineffectiveness.

In between sharad Pawar even met Sena Chief. This was about Cricket matches. He will be spared, I think. Though his meeting sena chief brought him a lot of ridicule from all.

There is no logic of course in these intimidations and selections. I wonder what is the pattern? Have Congress and NCP leaders been spared by Sena just with rhetoric because of nexus between them and Sena and MNS? Why has Amitabh Bachchan been spared? May be handling Times of India will be too much for even Sena leaders? Shiv Sena leaders have demanded a sorry meeting. What goes on in these sorry meetings?

I admired the way Shah Rukh Khan handled media during last two days. For example he was asked "Did he expect more support from movie Industry?". He said some thing like this "not really! we people are very strong on Mondays. But on Thursday and Friday movies release, then we are very vulnerable. I could not help others. Do you think last time Karan Johhar would not have consulted me? So why should I expect others now to do more?"

As I wrote in earlier my comments Shiv Sena leaders should come up with a plan to improve economic conditions of Maharshtrians instead of these gimmicks.

Links to all these news.

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Mumbai top cop assures Karan Johar of security for 'My Name Is Khan'

Chavan miffed at Pawar for meeting Sena chief

Shiv Sena behaving like J&K separatists, says BJP chief Gadkari

BJP Opposes Shiv Sena style intimidation further

(photos taken from internet sources )

News&Views Feb 2010


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