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Osama Down - A Million More To Go

Updated on September 22, 2013

One man down and a million more to go. What does this mean? Yes Osama Bin Laden may be dead, but there is a mass of Osama clones out there to be hunted. And perhaps now these clones may want vengeance for their leader. And who’s going to suffer? Obama the victorious? Bush the terrorist? Clinton the cigar seducer?

No, not at all. These politicians will be led back to their mansions, surrounded by bulky body guards, and sleep peacefully in a camera surround safe room. But the real victims are us, innocent people who are trying to get by peacefully. Do we really know how many al-Qaeda members are lining up at this moment, hoping to get this chance at been recruited into martyr-hood?

As I listened to Obama’s victorious voice via radio, heard him tell the world that Osama was dead, I didn’t feel relieved that the world’s most wanted terrorist was dead. But anxious, that revenge on one man is surely going to lead to the annihilation of thousands of blameless others. Innocent bystanders going through the motions of everyday life, only to be slaughter for the blood of Osama.

And do you really think Obama is going to care? Pay his respects, or show up to their funerals. No, because John Smiths’s life is worth a spec of dust in comparison to Obama’s ego, Obama’s vengeance, Obama’s war on terror. Whilst Obama will live, laugh, get rich, grow powerful and take his wealth to retire in the Bahamas, John smith’s mothers is going to hang her son’s photograph onto her living room wall, never forgetting that her son’s life was paid for with Osama’s blood. And soon after another malicious politician will take over, make false speeches and go on in his hunt for another terrorist. In retribution this terrosist's people will then go out and hunt YOU the civilian. This cycle will continue.

Yes I empathise deeply with the victims of September 11th and for the grief their families must have faced. I too watched in horror; saw the surreal images of collapsing blazing buildings on my television screen. And if it was my family in those buildings or aeroplanes then I too would most likely want Osama’s blood. Only based on the facts that Bin Laden was the real culprit and not been used as a tool in order to justify Bush’s war on terror.

But let’s just assume for the moment that Osama is the main sourse in all of this. Then I myself would stop and think, look into my logical diplomatic core. I would ask myself this; is it going to bring my loved ones back? Is this man’s death going to reduce the violence? Is this revenge going to be the birth to an accumulation of terrorists? If there is no God, is Osama’s death really revenge, or is he going to a place of oblivion? And if his God does exist, is this so called martyr getting seduced by 72 virgins in heaven as I type these words right now? Is he smiling down from heaven, in raptures of orgasms saying, ‘Thanks you president Obama, and if you could only check out these babes I have here with me.’

Okay so I’m making jokes in the seriousness of these vital issues. And for everyone’s sake, If this man is the architect in all this terror, then I so hope that he is burning in hell, that his skin is scorching, melting and rotting to the bone. And that his eye balls are dissolving in an acidic substance. Oops sorry I forgot, you don’t have a body when you die. But you get my drift.

A wise man once said that forgiveness is the key to peace. I think he was onto something, as researchers are now discovering that resent is unhealthy and unresolved bitterness can contribute to a serious of problems, such as depression, insomnia, emotional instability and rage outbursts. And such stress can exacerbate cardio-vascular problems.

Am I saying that we must condone Osama’s actions? No not at all. Forgive him? No not exactly. But I say, let go of the inbound bitterness, hate and gloom. Open your hearts to what’s good, and focus on peace if it’s only going to bring you one step closer in creating a better world. I believe that the human race has become more evolved, and compassionate in the last century. We need to stand together in amity, in order to prevent egoistical power driven political monsters such as Obama, Bush, Blair, Howard, Clinton etc. Stop them from having another 100,000 plus civilian blood on their hands. These tyrants stand in the same rank as the al-Qaeda and Taliban. So let us put an end to the destruction of our world by fighting hate with love.

I will leave you with this famous quote by — Martin Luther King Jr. "I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that"


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