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Osama Down - A Million More To Go

Updated on September 22, 2013

One man down and a million more to go. What does this mean? Yes Osama Bin Laden may be dead, but there is a mass of Osama clones out there to be hunted. And perhaps now these clones may want vengeance for their leader. And who’s going to suffer? Obama the victorious? Bush the terrorist? Clinton the cigar seducer?

No, not at all. These politicians will be led back to their mansions, surrounded by bulky body guards, and sleep peacefully in a camera surround safe room. But the real victims are us, innocent people who are trying to get by peacefully. Do we really know how many al-Qaeda members are lining up at this moment, hoping to get this chance at been recruited into martyr-hood?

As I listened to Obama’s victorious voice via radio, heard him tell the world that Osama was dead, I didn’t feel relieved that the world’s most wanted terrorist was dead. But anxious, that revenge on one man is surely going to lead to the annihilation of thousands of blameless others. Innocent bystanders going through the motions of everyday life, only to be slaughter for the blood of Osama.

And do you really think Obama is going to care? Pay his respects, or show up to their funerals. No, because John Smiths’s life is worth a spec of dust in comparison to Obama’s ego, Obama’s vengeance, Obama’s war on terror. Whilst Obama will live, laugh, get rich, grow powerful and take his wealth to retire in the Bahamas, John smith’s mothers is going to hang her son’s photograph onto her living room wall, never forgetting that her son’s life was paid for with Osama’s blood. And soon after another malicious politician will take over, make false speeches and go on in his hunt for another terrorist. In retribution this terrosist's people will then go out and hunt YOU the civilian. This cycle will continue.

Yes I empathise deeply with the victims of September 11th and for the grief their families must have faced. I too watched in horror; saw the surreal images of collapsing blazing buildings on my television screen. And if it was my family in those buildings or aeroplanes then I too would most likely want Osama’s blood. Only based on the facts that Bin Laden was the real culprit and not been used as a tool in order to justify Bush’s war on terror.

But let’s just assume for the moment that Osama is the main sourse in all of this. Then I myself would stop and think, look into my logical diplomatic core. I would ask myself this; is it going to bring my loved ones back? Is this man’s death going to reduce the violence? Is this revenge going to be the birth to an accumulation of terrorists? If there is no God, is Osama’s death really revenge, or is he going to a place of oblivion? And if his God does exist, is this so called martyr getting seduced by 72 virgins in heaven as I type these words right now? Is he smiling down from heaven, in raptures of orgasms saying, ‘Thanks you president Obama, and if you could only check out these babes I have here with me.’

Okay so I’m making jokes in the seriousness of these vital issues. And for everyone’s sake, If this man is the architect in all this terror, then I so hope that he is burning in hell, that his skin is scorching, melting and rotting to the bone. And that his eye balls are dissolving in an acidic substance. Oops sorry I forgot, you don’t have a body when you die. But you get my drift.

A wise man once said that forgiveness is the key to peace. I think he was onto something, as researchers are now discovering that resent is unhealthy and unresolved bitterness can contribute to a serious of problems, such as depression, insomnia, emotional instability and rage outbursts. And such stress can exacerbate cardio-vascular problems.

Am I saying that we must condone Osama’s actions? No not at all. Forgive him? No not exactly. But I say, let go of the inbound bitterness, hate and gloom. Open your hearts to what’s good, and focus on peace if it’s only going to bring you one step closer in creating a better world. I believe that the human race has become more evolved, and compassionate in the last century. We need to stand together in amity, in order to prevent egoistical power driven political monsters such as Obama, Bush, Blair, Howard, Clinton etc. Stop them from having another 100,000 plus civilian blood on their hands. These tyrants stand in the same rank as the al-Qaeda and Taliban. So let us put an end to the destruction of our world by fighting hate with love.

I will leave you with this famous quote by — Martin Luther King Jr. "I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that"


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    • Ranzi profile imageAUTHOR

      Cut The Bullshit 

      5 years ago from All Over

      Hey lone77star, I have always heard that September 11th was an inside job, but avoided watching videos and reading articles that proved it. Why? you may ask. Because I didn't want to believe that the world could be so evil. That human beings could be so corrupt. That greed and power could over takes ones conscience. That someone could kill their own kind in masses. And that thousands of lives that fatal day on 9/11 got destroyed in vain. It's heart breaking and sickening that it could be an inside job. But this sort of thing happens all around the world I guess and only a small evil minority benefit. I tell you one thing though, there are plenty of legal sociopaths walking around this earth, especially those in politics, banking and CIAs. Thanks for your insight and information. :)

    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 

      5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Why not forgive Osama and Obama, Bush and Blair?

      To forgive is to take 100% responsibility (no more being victim), and it is giving unconditional love (no more resentment), and it is perfect humility (no more ego).

      Osama told the world he had nothing to do with 9/11. He took credit for other terrorist acts. Why not 9/11? Could it be that the American government lied to us? They lied to us about WMDs in Iraq and Al Qaeda camps in Iraq before the 2nd Iraq war.

      American leaders have been the biggest terrorists -- wars of aggression against nations that had done nothing to us. Lies to justify War Crimes.

      And it turns out that 9/11 was an inside job.

      Some of the 19 hijackers were trained by our own military bases in the months leading up to 9/11. FBI management told their agents to lay off of the future hijackers. Why? Did they want to ensure that their patsies were in position when the day finally arrived?

      Why would a seasoned federal prosecutor commit a felony by destroying evidence at the largest crime scene in American history. Giuliani did this when he cleaned up the 9/11 ground zero months before the official investigation even started. How many CSI scenes are cleaned before the CSI team gets there to investigate? That's why Giuliani's actions were a felony.

      I've also heard that many of the top military officers responsible for the massive security failures on 9/11 all received promotions instead of courts martial. Why? Could it be as payment for their complicity in the crime and the coverup?

      These facts raise some grave concerns, but they are not proof of an inside job. They only strongly suggest coverup and inside job.

      But we have proof of inside job. Lots of it.

      Here's one very simple set of facts that go far toward proving that 9/11 was an inside job:

      Fact: WTC7 fell at perfect free fall for 8 floors (almost 100').

      Fact: Free fall means zero resistance to collapse.

      Fact: Solid steel never offers zero resistance.

      Fact: WTC7 was a solid steel structure.

      Fact: Only controlled demolition could cause a free fall collapse of such a structure.

      Conclusion: WTC7 was brought down on 9/11 by controlled demolition.

      Fact: Controlled demolition takes months to prepare in a building of that size (47 stories).

      Fact: WTC7 contained several government agencies (including CIA) and thus had some of the highest security on the planet.

      Conclusion: 9/11 was an inside job.

      Spread the word. Help others wake up to the facts. But once that's done, we need to act.

      We need to walk away from the Corporate Party and its corruption. Stop giving them money (Bank of America, Ford Motor, Disney, etc). Starve the beast and build a new nation, learning from our past mistakes.

    • mariasial profile image

      maria sial 

      7 years ago from united kingdom

      great hub ... i am speechless... you people are too good and i agree with writers point of view

    • Darknlovely3436 profile image


      7 years ago from NewYork

      rant ....let it all out

    • jacobsterling profile image


      7 years ago from New York

      We cant blame people for their insecurity and being paranoid specially when someone put terror on them..

      When Obama took his position as a President,he already got the terror of Osama..Obama was scared that Osama would hunt him and his he get rid of him first...

      but i like your're right..maybe Osama's death would only give us another monster that is so called REVENGE.

    • Ranzi profile imageAUTHOR

      Cut The Bullshit 

      7 years ago from All Over

      Thank you for your comment heaven bound. :)

      I agree with what you said about peace, And this message by Jesus has been preached for centuries. Having one terrorist dead is not going to solve our problems, it will surely create more. And I concur with what you said “These systems are polluted with the sin that we hear so commonly quoted- For the love of money is the root to all evil.”

      Wow it’s scary to know that the terrorists trained today exceed what Hitler had! I had no idea.

      I personally don’t believe that God gave the land Israel to the Jews. I do not agree with how the Israeli Zionists kicked the Palestinian people out of this land, bulldozing homes, raping women and killing the innocent. And mostly I do not believe in borders, property of land or that God has favouritism among his children to give any type of land to any special type of people.

      Thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

    • heavenbound5511 profile image


      7 years ago from Under the shadow of the Almighty God!

      I agree with you Ranzi when you state that we are not to rejoice over the death of an enemy. Even in God's word He tells us not to rejoice when our enemy falls and to go as far as to give our enemy a cup of water, or to be a good samaritan and help even those that are rejected and called unclean by the world's standard. Also I agree with forgiveness causes peace, not just peace with each other but peace with ourselves- as this to lines up to God's word.

      We can never trust in man, the government, presidents or earthly kings- For God says this is the very thing he is going to tare down. These systems are polluted with the sin that we hear so commonly quoted- For the love of money is the root to all evil. This is what causes and drives are governmental officals and other leaders to do evil and not stand for righteousness(to do what is right)they are wanting money more than anything else.

      We can sow into good or evil and what we choose, we can be for or against God. Those that know God love one another and seek what is best for the other and not for there self first.

      Yes I agree with you that having one terrorist dead will not put a dent in all the rest that are quietly standing by waiting for the next green light to be given to kill in the name of God. It has been said that the number of people that are trained to be terrorists in this world now exceeds the number of terrorists that hitler had- and they both held up the same lie that they are to kill in the name of God! They both have so much in common with the same agendas. Both want to kill all who get in the way and pin pointing those named Jews and christians! Hitler killed 6 million Jews, and now there are about 6 million Jews again in Israel and once again they are being threatened to be blown of the face of the earth & also for there land to be taken that God gave them. Does anyone know what God says about those who rise up against Israel?

    • Ranzi profile imageAUTHOR

      Cut The Bullshit 

      7 years ago from All Over

      Thanks you so much Jundee. :)you're too kind.

      I loved your comment in a hubbers hub and thought is showed compassion.

      @ i have met the caa - Yes "terror is a terrible error" I love your imagination, and I hope you're right! a peace bomb would be ideal for a world of peace and love.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

    • profile image

      i have met the caa 

      7 years ago

      terror is a terrible error. the good news is that the government has been trying to keep quite is that approximately 1420 massive slow release peace bombs have been released in the middle east region since the year 2000 by the cohesion activation army. each device contained a life giving biological violence antidote that is breathed in and absorbed permanently into the physical body and mind of the victim altering their state of consciousness forever. its a giant cover up that this encouraging act has been not reported by the mainstream media who up until now seemed to be vested in propagating old tribal warfare.

    • jandee profile image


      7 years ago from Liverpool.U.K

      You are just so perceptive

      Hello Ranzi,this article is faultless and now I am off to read your reply to another hubber which is of interest to me,jandee

    • Ranzi profile imageAUTHOR

      Cut The Bullshit 

      7 years ago from All Over

      Hey Chuckandu6, thanks.

      I totally agree with you, Bin laden should die, but lets not forget how many civilian deaths George Bush has also caused, just Iraq alone - (100,000 + Civilian death alone and besides the U.S did bin laden a favour, as his death is every one of those million al-queda members dream.

      Thanks for your comment :) and may God keep evil away from us innocent

      LVidoni5,Thanks heaps. We can't all agree on the same things, but as writers we can appreciate difference in opinion, so thanks for reading with an open mind.

      Thanks for your comment and stopping by

    • LVidoni5 profile image

      Brian Loewer 

      7 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      It's great to read the well written perspective of someone beyond my home borders. Though I disagree with some points, your insights are honest and refreshing.

    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 

      7 years ago from The Country-Side

      I was worried also about more attacks because of Bin laden's death but on the other hand.It is important to do something otherwise there will be a million of them that think they can kill innocent people and get a way with it.

      Great article and very well written

    • Ranzi profile imageAUTHOR

      Cut The Bullshit 

      7 years ago from All Over

      Haha no need to be concerned :) you didn’t get me worked up, but you challenged my thoughts and inspired me to write, which I thank you for. I’ve never really thought of myself as a political person and didn’t really know I had these views until I wrote them down.

      Of course we don’t have to agree with each other’s point of views, and thanks for taking the time to read it.

      So here is my super long answer, and my views may be extreme but in the end peace and love are all that matter to me.

    • Max_Power profile image


      7 years ago from Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

      Ha.. ha (nervous laugh:) Ranzi you have me slightly concerned now lol. I didn't entirely intend to get you worked up, but I do always enjoy your intelligent (and at times feisty;) perspective.

      Despite not agreeing with all my ideas, I appreciate you being so thoughtful in your reply. I will be sure to make the effort to see your point of view in the (super!) long version of your answer.

      As for you question re death - Hmmn.. I am going to have to get back to you on that one. It is a great question, and I'm not sure that I have a short answer off the top of my head.

      I will drop you a line when I do. In the meantime I will be watching this space! (with slight apprehension ;)

    • Ranzi profile imageAUTHOR

      Cut The Bullshit 

      7 years ago from All Over

      Thanks for your comment know it all, I love the AE quote.

      For us to help solve a problem, we need to put a voice out there. I agree, we do need to ask help from the divine, Jesus Christ is the greatest being that has ever walked the earth. Whether you’re a Christian or atheist, his teachings on forgiveness and love alone hold the key to great wisdom and peace.

    • Ranzi profile imageAUTHOR

      Cut The Bullshit 

      7 years ago from All Over

      Thanks Froggie! hunt one terrorist and another mass will be reborn. Hunt one corrupt president and another mass are also to be born.

      Clinton, bush and Obama are a bunch of sociopaths who use the war on terror to build their empire. They use the media to brain wash the masses and to gain control of the world. Democracy there is just a sham.

      Thanks for your comment!

    • Ranzi profile imageAUTHOR

      Cut The Bullshit 

      7 years ago from All Over

      Max_Power! Nice to see you here again. Always challenging me, but I love it :)

      Thanks for such a detailed and great response. Because you have many excellent points, (that deserve a hub) but I will have to disagree with a few. And I just finished writing a reply to you, opposing many things that you wrote and came to post it, but it turned out to be an embarrassing super long reply with 2000 + words, too long for a comment and longer than this hub. So I have decided to make it into an original hub and post the link on this reply asap.

      So right I will point out what I loved about your reply and post the super long response in a hub later lol. First, thanks for correcting my Obama and Osama, haha, I got so confused just writing their names.

      There are so many excellent points that I agree with, such as Special Forces and loyalty, Obama and the raisins hahahaha made me laugh and I totally love this sentence you wrote “I also do not believe he is burning and rotting in hell. I think he would be getting 're-educated' and experiencing the pain that he brought upon others during his life - As we all will when we leave this place. Well, for him that probably would be 'hell' I suppose, since he was responsible for causing a lot of pain.”

      And yes people need to take responsibly for their action and stop fearing death.

      Can I ask you when and how you got the strength to stop fearing death?

      Thanks again for your support and such an insightful reply and keep an eye for my reply in a hub dedicated to you.

    • profile image

      fiscal fanatic 

      7 years ago

      great hub. this offers a practical insight as well as enlightended approach.

      We can now see on so many levels the results of a pre-occupation with defence spending.....> potential bankruptcy of a country, tragic loss of life and back where we started asking the do we deal with fear/terror in a sustainable fashion?

      pray enough people ask this question sincerely.

    • The Frog Prince profile image

      The Frog Prince 

      7 years ago from Arlington, TX

      Fantastic Hub Ranzi. I was a bit put back when Obama said the world would now be a safer place. The last time I heard that was when Clinton said that, decimated the armed forces by reducing the troop strength and now we have our guys and gals on a treadmill between the Middle East and the states.

      Bin Laden was a hunted dog who became ineffective when GWB put the hounds of hell on him. His skin became paramount.

      The Frog

    • profile image

      know it all 

      7 years ago

      was it Albert Einstein? who once said "the level of thinking at which the problem was created will not be the level of thinking at which it is solved"

      cant expect any act of violence no matter how courageous and well trained the soldier to yield peace. Jesus Christ havent human beings learnt this lesson. We need to ask for divine help this time because IMHO human beings must be married to the divine to get the answers we need now.

    • Max_Power profile image


      7 years ago from Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

      Haha.. Loved it! Another great hub Ranzi.. You had me at 'Clinton the cigar seducer' lol

      RE: 'And if it was my family in those buildings or aeroplanes then I too would most likely want Obama’s blood', did you mean 'Osama's blood'? If so, it is an easy mistake to make (I bet I do it in my reply now;).. What are the odds of their names being so similar!?

      Personally I thought it was a good kill. I am very envious of the navy SEALs, as I applied for the special forces a few years back. For them it isn't so much about emotion or vengeance, think of them as loyal dogs who protect the herd from wolves. Any special forces soldier is a true professional who is doing what they are absolutely passionate about. They are also fully prepared to die, preferably doing something which they love so much.

      It was an excellent choice to send them in, and I am in awe of the fantastic job that they have done.

      As for Osama living it up in the afterlife, there is some debate over the 72 virgins theory. Another interpretation of the Qurán defines it as '72 white raisins' haha, so I hope Osama likes fruit otherwise he is going to be very disappointed!

      As for the assassination, No it is not going to bring people back - but that is not the point. Instead of thinking about it emotionally, try seeing it as a big game of chess. Osama made his move (his choice), and as a result he signed his own death warrant. As Obama said "The American people did not choose this fight. It came to our shores, and started with the senseless slaughter of our citizens."

      It is also worth noting that Twin Towers and the Pentagon weren't Bin Laden's first or only attacks. He has been running and funding terrorist training camps and attacks as far back as the 1970's. Terrorism is like a disease that seeks to make it's point by killing and maiming innocent people. Like any disease, it demands eradication.

      This is the life (and death) that Bin Laden has chosen for himself. I respect that just the same as I respect anyone else's decision for their own lives. I believe people need to take responsibility for their decisions, as well as stop fearing death and start embracing it. I think it is a good death, and is appropriate for the choices that Osama made.

      I also do not believe he is burning and rotting in hell. I think he would be getting 're-educated' and experiencing the pain that he brought upon others during his life - As we all will when we leave this place. Well, for him that probably would be 'hell' I suppose, since he was responsible for causing a lot of pain.

      I liked your Martin Luther quote, however killing does not have to be about hate, anger etc. We are all going to die, so in a sense God is going to 'murder' us all one day. Death is neither good or bad, it is just a fact of this existence. I agree that the world needs less hate and darkness, but they are all emotions which we choose and don't necessarily have anything to do with whether we assassinate or euthanise someone.

      Great hub - voted up, and can't wait for the next one!

    • profile image

      know it all 

      7 years ago

      this stuff is priceless. she has the answers most overlook in their haste for a quick fix. there was a reason someone wise said leave/trust vengeance and justice to God.

    • Ranzi profile imageAUTHOR

      Cut The Bullshit 

      7 years ago from All Over

      Tambien te quiero hermana. Yes MLK quote is amazing. Thanks for stopping by.

      Peanuts, thanks for you king words. Haha, maybe Obama might get jealous and want to join him and his 72 virgins.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      your line about getting seduced by the virgins was hilarious! Great writing style

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Sister I LOVE YOUR BLOG and you absoloutely right!!!! te quiero mucho hermosa!!!!! i will steal this qoute by MLK its beautiful !


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