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Learn Critical Information on Planet Nibiru - Part 4

Updated on October 12, 2018
Universal Laws profile image

Linda is the author of Advent Calendar for the Salvation of Planet Earth, a channelled book published by Gateway books in 1995

The splitting of the ways.............

Planet Nibiru and 2013 Part 4

Channelled from Higher Beings

We live in evolving times and very interesting times. As part of my blueprint I have been enabled to channel information from off planet beings - or Higher beings as I like to describe them.

The majority of these channellings which have been received since 1994 have been made into two books both of which are still available on the net or from my website. But from time to time I have channelled information in question and answer sessions for colleagues. This particular information below was given to me August 09 and will be particularly interesting for anyone who has already researched or found the information about the Planet Nibiru which is on a 3,600 year spherical orbit and is due in our vicinity around 2012. Many are connecting this event in with the Mayan Calendar that gives warning of a different cycle for our planet beginning 2012 or rather the old present one ending then.

Question - Can you tell us how it comes about that some are lifted to other parts of the universe and others stay?

Answer. When we say that people will be lifted we do not mean lifted into the air but lifted to another plane of the universe. This means that those that are lifted will actually be operating on another dimension. We cannot tell you which dimension for we do not yet know ourselves, it will be deemed necessary to leave this part of the equation until nearer the time.

Question - Why is this?

Answer - After the Planet Nibiru passes in her orbit she will be upsetting much of the motion of the universal energy continuum. Because of this the answers that you require cannot be given. We will be able to give you this information when Planet Nibiru has passed by this way.

Question - What will happen to those who cannot be lifted?

Answer - Those that are not lifted will be left on planet earth. This will be a traumatic occasion for the planet but we cannot lift those who are still operating in a manner of dualism. It is only possible to lift those who have surrendered to the higher levels of consciousness.

Question - How will it be possible to survive on the planet earth after Nibiru has passed by?

Answer - When Nibiru passes over the planet much will be torn to pieces. It is not possible to access the damage before it has happened. This has happened many times before, there has been complete devastation of all growth on your planet before.

Question - Can you give any advice at all to those who may be left behind.

Answer - The only advice we would give is that the soul must come first. As above so below, it has been said many times before, you cannot allow the dominating force to be the ego. The ego is not attached to your soul but is a personality deviation of its own making. If your ego is in charge then please begin to dismantle its power. If you are to survive on this planet of yours when the devastation is occuring you will need to comply with the higher laws of salvation. These are the laws of the One - you are all one. In this way even those who are left behind will be able to survive in some way or another. It will all be down to being able to counteract all the things which could throw you off balance. There can be no fear if any are to survive. Survival will mean beginning again on this planet with everything imaginable. If the structure of the "world" has broken down then all the knowledge of all of the technology will be lost again and everything will begin again as it has many times before. Whether people survive long term will depend upon how this survival is carried out. If it is carried out within groups of people then the survival rate will be better for some will have the knowledge of technology and some will have the knowledge of health and growth. We cannot give you numbers or percentages for these are not known to us. They are also unknown to you. We are all at the mercy of the elements and planetary workings.

Question - So as I understand it, there will be two groups of possible survivors,. one on this 3d dimension on the normal as we call it planet earth and another group who will be given the chance to survive elsewhere?

Answer - The question of survival for the second group is much more of a question of growing onwards and upwards towards a spiritual salvation. This cannot in itself be called just survival because it is also the evolvement of your race of people - the human race. This is what has been the whole determination of life on your planet. We cannot appease the others that do not choose to grow but we can assist them to be allowed to continue their cycle of rebirth and growth on your planet earth. It will take many millenia again before they can break away from the cycle of birth and rebirth which has been the challange all along. There have been a few souls along the way who have not had to wait until the end of the cycle to do so. Some of those great masters are known to you in your cronicles of religious leaders.

Question - Is there any more information you wish to impart to us before we reach this point of separation from each other?

Answer - We can assist anyone to pass over the other side of this dimensional shift if they will ask us for help. We cannot assist if we are not asked. We cannot be allowed to be seen to be lifting all those who do not wish to be lifted. If we do so we will be going against the heavenly creed which has been laid down many eons of time ago. It is against the law.

Question - For those that are able to be lifted can you tell us whether we will be needing to cultivate and grow food and whether we will need transport to move distances?

Answer - When you are first lifted it is not possible to do much at all for a while for your systems will be unused to the energies which it now has to operate within. For a while you will be able to rest and rejuvinate your bodies and your minds. After this time there will be much help for you from the higher beings who will be ready to advise you on anything you will need to know. It will be much as your planet now but on a higher plane of energy. This means that things that you wish for will be given, when you wish to move you will indeed move. Your movements will be much asisted by the energies and the lightness of your environment. Your food will be given as small amounts of live plant form which will nourish you completely. When your bodies have adjusted to the more etheric life streams around you you will be able to adjust the nutrition that you require. It will be much as it is for those who are less attached to the 3d world on your planet now. You cannot adjust completely when you are in the 3d world but you will complete this adjustment in the spheres of the higher dimensions. It will not be difficult, you have had much more difficulty in your adjustment on the 3d world where the majority of people have been following 3d ways and have emitted 3d energies. Your survival there will have been a feat, we are not about to give you another survival situation. We will be giving you a rejuvinating experience where it will be easy to adjust in our caring hands and around caring higher vibrations. We will be as one, does that not excite you!

Sitchin who translated much of the information on Nibiru / Planet X that was discovered on blocks in Iraq


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    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image


      9 years ago

      This is a very interesting subject, with so much information to be asorbed.

    • Universal Laws profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Joslin 

      10 years ago from UNIVERSE

      I would suggest here that people read information on raising your vibration, clearing your energies so that you can indeed meet with the resonance of this approaching event horizon. Each person is responsible for themselves and can be sovereign with their own feelings of what is truly going on and what the possibilities are. Namaste

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I’m so sick of ppl dismissing the whole notion of a 9th planet solely on the grounds that they think that we would have seen it by now. Sure, a lot of the claims about a planet nibiru and the anuuaki are a little out there, even for the most “open minded” conspiracy theorists. This doesn’t change the fact though that there are facts that point to the presence of a 9th planet (like perturbations in the orbit of Neptune that are far greater than the gravitational effect of Pluto or any other known celestial bodies). Regardless of whether there is a 9th planet, I still have a feeling that whatever happens in 2012 will not be favorable for us. There’s no way to know for sure, but I doubt that our collective resonance is on a frequency high enough to ascend into a higher consciousness or w.e it is that they say is supposed to happen. There’s actually some good articles about how the amount of fear, hate and anxiety on the planet is not only way below what it should be, but at an all time high on if anyone wants to read more about why we won’t be able to get out of the “3rd density” that we’re currently stuck in.

    • Universal Laws profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Joslin 

      10 years ago from UNIVERSE

      From these messages and the two books I received it sounds like those who have died will go around the wheel of rebirth and meet another event horizon in the future.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      what about those that have already died,are they left in the cold?

    • Doberman Training profile image

      Doberman Training 

      11 years ago

      Maybe it will happen... i bind the mayan calendar to nibiru... just have to wait and see...

      Thanks for the hub

    • emohealer profile image

      Sioux Ramos 

      11 years ago from South Carolina

      I finally made it to Part 4.....well worth the wait. The Law of One, yes we are one, an interesting law to continue to learn indeed.

      The biggest key of all you have here...We can not just bring someone along for the journey because we want them to go. Each One has to ask and have the desire of One to become One, because wo go forward as One.... Love and Light, Thanks Linda! Enjoy the journey and I will see you there!


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