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Learn Critical Information on Planet Nibiru - Part 2

Updated on October 13, 2018
Universal Laws profile image

Linda is the author of Advent Calendar for the Salvation of Planet Earth, a channelled book published by Gateway books in 1995

Nibiru / Planet X


Channelled information from Higher Beings - June 2009

We live in evolving times and very interesting times. As part of my blueprint I have been enabled to channel information from off planet beings - or Higher beings as I like to describe them.

The majority of these channellings which have been received since 1994 have been made into two books both of which are still available on the net or from my website. But from time to time I have channelled information in question and answer sessions for colleagues. This particular information below was given to me around a year ago and will be particularly interesting for anyone who has already researched or found the information about the Planet Nibiru which is on a 3,600 year spherical orbit and is due in our vicinity around 2012. Many are connecting this event in with the Mayan Calandar that gives warning of a different cycle for our planet beginning 2012 or rather the old present one ending then.

Both of the books which I have previously channelled have talked of the massive changes to our planet over this current period of time, much of which has come true already.

This is a question and answer session . By the way if you have not heard about planet Nibiru then put in a search and get updated, Nasa has this information but is not going to tell you!

Part 2 of Question and Answer session (Part 1 is on another hub)

Question - We have heard now that the calculations that are known by many who understand these changes are indeed way out and that Nibiru will arrive within twelve of our months, is this indeed so?

Answer - This calculation could be correct for we are aware that your time is indeed quickening. We will say to you that you are in no way ready yet for these changes. Your state of being will be your ally not your preservation of your physical resources. You will indeed find what you need if you are in the right state to do so. We cannot give you guarantees of all of your physical existence. We can give you guarantees if we are allowed to oversee your state of being and are given the opportunity to guide your self enlightenment.

All will be changed, you are still viewing this whole equation by your 3D method. We require you to begin operating from fourth and fifth dimensional faculties within yourselves. There will be many dimensional shifts available to you. When you do not have a word in your vocabulary we have difficulties of giving you our understanding, we also have difficulty when you do not understand what is possible. You do not have the perception yet to understand in depth where you are going and how that is going to feel, you are using your 3D world to judge our ideas, this will not give you the correct understanding.

Question - How can we speed up this process of letting go.

Answer - This process is one of changing how you perceive your world, our world and the worlds beyond, they are all one, just larger dimensions. These worlds are part of a universal energy continuum which is vast. Our worlds join within this universal energy continuum. We cannot give you set answers which fall into your 3D mind set, we can only answer from a wider aspect .

This is what is confusing some of you. If you let go of the 3D reality you can then grasp where we are all heading and it is down a huge freeway where many beings will join in the fun. This does not mean that we will not all understand that we are on the same freeway. Everyone on that free way will be aware that they are there with many other beings. We cannot think in a way of humans only. This should explain to you the difference in your very limited way of thinking and our very expansive way of thinking. We are already there, you are not even close to the freeway yet but you will be by taking down your constricts - the ideas and ways of thinking which keep us and all the other energy beings away from you.

These dimensions are around you now on other levels, they never leave you, you leave them. We can only give you an idea of what is possible as you cannot yet stay on these higher dimensions all the time. Your bodies and your minds will not yet allow you to do so. If we come closer then we also collide with the third dimensional limitations. We are fifth dimensional and higher beings, therefore we can dip down to you but for sense and purposes this can only ever be temporary. We are having to limit our selves in order do this.

We require that you stretch up to us so that you are growing. We do not need to stoop down to grow. We are at liberty to do this for you not for ourselves. It is your need to grow that means the stretching needs to carry on happening.

Question - Are the inhabitants of planet X the ones who genetically engineered us as Zacharia Sitchin translated from the tablets from Iraq?

Answer - These inhabitants that you speak of were the genetic engineers, they were around many millenia ago. We cannot speak too highly of these beings. They caused a great growth in the universal energy continuum by engineering a new race. This race, your race has been a wonderful way for souls to learn through the evolution process, particularly the emotional process.

Question - Are they still inhabiting planet X?

Answer - There are no longer any of the Annunaki in the form which they inhabited all those millenia ago. They have evolved on through the system of our spiritual evolution.

Question - What form did the Annunaki take when they were genetically engineering the first of us?

Answer - They were in a form of fifth dimensional root race themselves therefore they could use their own DNA and the DNA of very much lower root race three dimensional beings. This would not have been possible if they had have been more developed at the time. There would have been too large a disparity.

Question - Are they the creatures of myth such as the Titians?

Answer - These mythical characters are indeed characartures of both the Annunaki and other beings of light that were around during previous millenia. There is no pure mythical characters only constructed ideas of what in the beginning would have been truer pictures of memories but which would have been tainted over the time period into pure characartures. Indeed these characartures would have been only what was acceptable to those living at the time.

Question - What do you need to instruct us on now, if anything?

Answer - We would wish you to be as we are, we cannot allow you to keep yourselves in the third dimensional range. We have only one mission and that is to help you stretch up through the ethers and be able to see yourselves above the material and sense yourselves above the material. If you do not have the desire to do so then we cannot pull you up. We would be destroying your free will and your physical ties. There will be no redemption pull from us, we will assist you when you ask but we will not force the issue. We are here when you reach up, this is available - this life line or spirit line when you are in your daily lives, not just when you are contacting us in this format. Ask and we are with you, ignore us and we are at liberty to ignore you most of the time. There are times of grace when we are allowed to support you but this is not the norm, it is the exception.

There are many beings aligned for the changes on the earth Planet. There are no short straws there are just many opportunities for all of us to join together to welcome in this next period in our evolution. As we all join together in the universal energy continuum then we are all evolving together on another level of experience, a oneness that was not possible before. It is for us as well as for the inhabitants of the earth plane.

Question - So do I understand it that we are to stay in constant contact and be guided on a daily level with everything we need to do in the forthcoming days, weeks, months?

Answer - We now have your understanding. We are graciously thankful that we have made this impact on you now. If you only remember one thing then let it be this, that we will guide you when you ask us. This can be a daily practice if you align your bodies and your minds on the higher levels and keep out of your own way. You are then aligned to your higher selves that are aware of these evolutionary changes.

Planet Nibiru - Part 1.........


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    • profile image

      Love this.crazy.but true 

      8 years ago

      All seems true

    • orchidmyst profile image


      10 years ago from Redding Ca

      Have you ever heard of O.A.S.P.H.E. A friend of mine has that is very can find it at metaphysical book stores

    • TheAllSeeingEye profile image


      11 years ago from England.

      I'll take a look at the video.

      I sometimes feel many religious names and happenings are symbolic in some shape of form.

      Jesus Christ and his resurrection for me is simply ascension of self, crucifying our sins within and connecting with spirit. The temple of Christ is within.

      The fallen angels are for me higher dimensional beings coming into the indigenous people and tampering with our DNA in some way.

      I believe we are lied to, misled and suppressed of knowledge because those of power have held back our divine right to access higher levels of consciousness so that they get to control and enslave mankind. In this dimension they get to rule and divide and reap the rewards for their endeavors.

      The difference is this.

      The divine right is for mankind to access the POWER OF LOVE!!!

      Instead mankind has been tricked into seeking the LOVE FOR POWER!!!

      This is why we live in a world driven by ego, self and external success for wealth and power.

      The TRUE way is to live in a world driven by love for all that exists, unity and internal realisation for true self and abundance.

      When we fall into the trap of mainstream media and all governmental run organisations and systems such as education, industry and law and order and believe in mainstream science and religion that have been purposely designed to give half truths and lies we become alienated from reality. We begin to look outside of ourselves for fulfillment, knowledge and success yet even when obtaining all the money and material possessions in abundance one still feels empty within, lost and living a life without a purpose or meaning.

      What they truly seek is union with themselves, knowing themselves within, discovering a complete soul to feel that sense of completeness, always living in higher self and feeling nothing but love for themselves and for others. This is true empowerment and not because one has been dishonest and immoral by accumulating wealth through greed and deceit.

      I think people like you and me can help so many understand the true meaning of life and what our true destiny means individually for each one of us.

      That sense of unity is what is lost within this world.

      When people choose to live by the ego they push their divine self further away. Living this way they will never find their soul, their true selves and will always live life full of highs and lows.

      Thanks for the chat.

    • Universal Laws profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Joslin 

      11 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Have just seen this video on youtube whilst looking for more on the igigi

      What I feel is that we need to take out the words "angels" and "gods from heaven" and insert extra terrestrial beings in their place then we get a clear reality picture. I reckon there are hundreds of different races, cultures out there and if we remove the remnants of the religious story then we can see things more clearly. Even this video as the other one you suggested are still mixed up because of involving the made up stories from religion. All of those things happened but they were just in the galaxy and some were interdimensional happenings.

    • TheAllSeeingEye profile image


      11 years ago from England.


      I've heard of the blue bloods and I am fully aware of the Illuminati and the secret organisations pulling the strings behind the scenes.

      These chosen ones who are given wealth and power must in return do a deed or have their wealth and power taken from them.

      If you read through some of my hubs you will see I have mentioned about some of this stuff.

      Thanks for the chat, I'll read over some more of your stuff, we all can learn from each other.

      I have become your fan.

    • Universal Laws profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Joslin 

      11 years ago from UNIVERSE

      There's so much information out there right now, being uncovered, I find at the moment I spend at least half of my time researching, reading, listening and watching videos as all of the pieces fall into place.

      I know Zacharia Sitchins work but thought that Enlil and Enki, or one of them, engineered a second breed of human where they turned on more genes which would make them overseers or foreman type characters to control the workers.

      I have been told by someone of the so called "ruling class" that this is the so called "blue blood" and why the upper classes, old royalty, old families of the illuminati still control today. This is why they intermarry so much, in order to keep those genes lit up!! I reckon they have the wrong genes lit up for enlightenment.

      I will watch video and look into igigi but also I will channel in this week and ask some questions.

      I reckon the adam and eve story is different to the time of the so called gods breeding with the humans. Also because it is from the bible that this story comes you will know for sure that it was only the women that were spoken of as in cahoots with these gods. I reckon there were male and female god characters in cahoots with male and female humans and that those editing the texts chose what they put in the bible!!!

    • TheAllSeeingEye profile image


      11 years ago from England.

      Thanks for your replies to my queries.

      I do indeed feel religion and dogma is holding back the human race from evolving. I also understand that much of the bible has been misinterpreted and tampered with. Much of the origins of ancient faith has been altered and removed by modern religion.

      By looking into ancient Hebrew and ancient Sumer I see so many comparisons to both sets of beliefs towards their ancient worship of gods.

      The ancient Sumer believe they were created by the Anunnaki as a slave race because the Igigi who originally came here with the Anunnaki revolted against working the land. The Anunnaki literally created homo sapiens from laboratory by using primates DNA(neanderthals possibly) and their own DNA to create a super race of beings to work the lands here on earth. This is why neanderthals became suddenly extinct and how the human race suddenly evolved from out of nowhere and goes to explain how we are a more sophisticated being across the animal chain here on earth. We have ape DNA because we are part evolved ape (neanderthal man) and part extraterrestrial(Anunnaki).

      Now the Igigi were originally created to come here as a slave race for the Anunnaki. They revolted and refused to work here so the Anunnaki created humans. The Igigi are also 5th dimensional beings and possess 5th dimensional abilities and when the Anunnaki returned to Nibiru they left so many Igigi behind to watch over their creation and monitor things.

      Now the Igigi are demi gods, they are not as powerful as the Anunnaki who are ascended gods. Please don't make the assumption that they are as powerful as the almighty creator, god spirit, because the Igigi are lessor gods with lessor power.

      Now the fallen angels that apparently came down to earth and mated with indigenous women here on the planet could be the Igigi. I am not implying they are, but it is possible.

      Whatever mated with indigenous women created the race of giants, the Nephilim or Annakim, and these giants were evil and ruthless and corrupted Earth. The fallen angels (Igigi maybe) brought with them some dark secrets and ideas into the minds of men and women and introduced witch craft and warfare. The giants ruled the earth while the Igigi watched their offspring reign terror on earth. Then came the great flood. I believe mother earth using the powers of eternal source (god spirit) cleansed herself of the vile that spread across her form. This was when the flood wiped out the majority of the Nephilim and Igigi that resided here. The bible talks about giants that once walked the earth and about the fallen angels coming into the daughters of man.

      Now in the Hebrew roots the Elohim are closely compared to the Anunnaki. The Elohim created man in their image, similar to the Anunnaki of Sumer. There was a revolt in heaven where the Grigori turned against the Elohim. The Gregori are known as the lower tier of angels that watched over mankind just like the Igigi in Sumer.

      When I refered to original sin I was thinking perhaps the genetic experimentation of primate DNA and Alien DNA was the great sin.

      Now it states EVE sinned and not Adam. Was the coming together of fallen angels and EVE the great sin? When women defiled themselves with demi gods?

      Food for thought!

      Thanks again.

      My mind races some times, I write as I think...

      watch this video

      It will open your eyes to the comparison of Hebrew and Sumer roots.

    • Universal Laws profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Joslin 

      11 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Forgot to say, I have never heard about the association of Eloheim as being the same as the Anunnaki. My understanding is that Eloheim is the council of nine - higher beings also not in an incarnation of physical body.

      Anunnaki are very much physical as far as I understand it, they may be 5th dimensional but still have some sort of physicality. Whereas the Eloheim and the higher beings I am in contact with are not incarnated into 5th dimension or lower so have no need of bodies as such.

      The Plaeidians are as I understand it, higher being also who are beyond 5th dimensional density, I have read channellings from Barbara Macinak and found it very inspiring.

      The first beings I channelled gave me names of archangels such as Raphael, Hilarion, Kuthumi etc. but now I dont ask but just feel the vibration.

      It was an important part of my own journey when I realised just how many dimensions of entities there are. For on our own planet our governments are in touch with what I call off planet beings but some of those are certainly not such higher beings. We need to discriminate by vibration as to who we are dealing with in channellings, on our planet now and in the days to come, but I would guess that we all come from the one..........

    • Universal Laws profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Joslin 

      11 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Hi, I dont know who came up with the idea of "Original sin" so cant make any comment on what is considered so or not. As far as I know Original sin was a concept of man and if it was in the bible as well, we know that the bible was just a combining of certain old texts some of which were channelled and most of which were corrupted and drastically changed by the physical powers that be of the time.

      I have only an affinity to a higher power, call it God if you wish, but this higher power is in all of us, it is not a deity or to be worshipped, we are a manifestation of it either consciously or unconsciously, we are all responsible for how we use that higher power and how we manifest it. The Anunnaki were a part of our evolution just as we are a part of that evolution today. Our souls are only embodied in these bodies to play a part and learn and evolve. If you play the game of pretending you are not a soul having this lifetime experience then many strange questions come. If you stay in the soul and question from the soul, the questions are different, the answers are different.

      Do we know that our souls were not in the Anunnaki bodies, do we know whether at another time our semi comatosed souls were corrupting the texts and then calling them the holy book????

      There should be no judgement, no following rules of religions, that time is past, the illusion is fading isnt it, I reckon you know this but some of the tentacles of old ideas are still dug in!


      Linda at UNIVERSAL LAWS

    • TheAllSeeingEye profile image


      11 years ago from England.

      These beings you are in contact with, are they pleiadians?

      These beings are from the cluster of stars called the Pleiades, located in the constellation of Taurus. They are allegedly monitoring our situation here on earth and have offered spiritual help to ascend mankind before any forthcoming cataclysm or armageddon. They allegedly use channelers like yourself to get the message across. I sometimes feel as if they have used me in some way to impart information. I suddenly acquired so much knowledge in a short period of time. Although I guided myself to gather such knowledge and truth, I sometimes feel as if something else guided me in the right direction, perhaps this is the power of intuition and inner spirit.

      My bad for misunderstanding your hub in my first read, I thought you had contact with the Anunnaki. You said that they have evolved spiritually on Nibiru.

      If we have their genetic makeup (for the Elohim which is the Hebrew equivalent of the Sumerian Anunnaki)as it is said that humans were created in their image. That means we can ascend spiritually just like they can, am I correct?

      One thing stands in the way of anything, and that is the almighty GOD, the ALL that IS, the original creator.

      Where does this eternal source come into play?

      The Anunnaki was created through the chain like everything else, their genetic experimentation with primates of creation could easily be what is determined as the original sin. What is your take on this?

    • Universal Laws profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Joslin 

      11 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Hi, I have never felt that I was in contact with the Anunnaki. As I understand it, there are many dimensions, levels of consciousness and therefore many levels of beings.

      I am in contact with higher beings that as far as I know exist on a higher dimension and are not incarnate in physical bodies but exist on a much higher dimension. They see themselves as our helpers if we ask but as you will see from the channellings they will not try and control us in anyway and will only help those who ask. They can help and guide when we reach up onto a higher level of consciousness. They have never said they are the Annunaki.

      But next time I channel in I will ask about the Igigi who I have never heard of and have therefore never asked any questions about them. One of the things I have been told constantly is that we dont know what questions to ask, we have not even evolved the questions that need asking because we are so behind on understand a lot of things.


      Linda from UNIVERSAL LAWS

    • TheAllSeeingEye profile image


      11 years ago from England.

      Can I ask a question here?

      From what I've learned, it is the Igigi that are known as the fallen angels, the anunnaki were the higher gods that created us because the Igigi were originally sent here to be a slave race but revolted.

      That is why the human sapian were created to slave the land for the gods - the anunnaki. The anunnaki returned to Nibiru on their 3600 year cycle of the sun and left the Igigi in charge to watch over us, they are known as the watchers.

      In Hebrew roots the Igigi were known as the Gregorio and they are what we call today Grey aliens!

      The Anunnaki in Sumerian roots are what the Hebrews called the Elohim. So in Sumer God was known as Anu while El was the god of Hebrew although later El was changed to Yahweh.

      In Egyptian roots the gods were named differently again but what is important here is that these gods that created us are lesser gods and not the Almighty creator who created everything!

      So my question for you is this.

      You say you have contacted them, I think through the pineal gland which is a wireless transmitter in our brains that when activated can communicate with other beings even across galaxies if I'm correct...

      Sorry now the question.

      The Annunaki are spiritual and good beings as you say on here and they want to help us as their creation although we are originally a slave race made by them.

      Now if they want to help us then what is their taking on the Igigi, the fallen, who are representative of the evil gods, the creators of the Nephilim and Annakim, what is the anunnaki's perception of the Igigi fallen? Are they going to help us against the Igigi or return of the Nephilim?

      Can you answer this?

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      see the convincing proof that aliens exist on my hub pages....I really feel they are ...but could not get your question and answer session....were you interviewing aliens ???

    • profile image

      Kim Garcia 

      11 years ago

      I just watched a video last night and today regarding this. It's a definite Wake Up call for the Human Race. Crop circles having been warning us for decades.

      Peace ~ Kim

    • SampleFan profile image


      11 years ago

      Excellent hub, No I must admit I am a bit nervous!


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