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Political Campaigning. When logic and decency are abandoned. (When lunatics run the asylum). Trump vs Clinton

Updated on February 9, 2018

Abandoning logic

This article is meant to pique the interest of the average person who may not be interested in the workings of, and importance of, getting involved in any political activities. There are catastrophic and dire consequences to pay for that indifference.
When we elect politicians who don't know the difference between contrast and insults, it is time for every citizen to get involved, know the issues, and get out and vote for the best candidate who represents the interest of the general public.
The greatest mistake the average person makes is voting strictly by party lines. Often times some party members do not represent the best interest of the average American. Radical views and extremism does not belong in Washington or state politics either for that matter. Neither do religious beliefs, personal beliefs, nor prejudices.
Although this article is prompted by the "televised" so called "debates" by both parties vying for the highest office in this Government, it is true for any campaign, for any public office in every state of the U.S.

Empty promises


Debate defined

To discuss a question, or concept by considering opposed arguments, hopefully in an intelligent, informed, and civilized manner.

Without opposing views being considered there can be no actual "debate", but rather a one sided "opinion" often without and real merit.

What most people fail to understand is that the defalcation of campaign promises is inevitable when it requires constitutional changes or congressional approval. Especially in view of the fact that for the past 7 years there has been no meaningful laws passed, and no rational discussions (debates) in the U.S. congress.

Crossing the Line

Contrast defined

To compare, or appraise, in respect to differences of opinion, view, or logical deduction.

Political party "promises" do not offer contrast without opposing options being considered, and that can show no possible, or probable viability of their outcome.

Insults not a new phenomenon

Insult defined

To treat with indignity, insolence, or contempt.

Offensive allegations that are intended to cause damage to others.

This is often misrepresented as 'debate' or 'contrast' and has no place in any political debate or effectual discussion of possibilities.

Crossing the lines

When lines are crossed and lead to 'debate' deteriorating to 'insult', all credibility is sacrificed.

It has become "expected" and "accepted" that, this deterioration in the political party candidates' fight to gain top dog position is the norm. Especially when the media provokes these confrontations for higher ratings of their respective broadcast stations.

These attacks on each other and on the opposing party candidates are designed to camouflage the lack of knowledge, and lack of education, of vying candidates who are trying to achieve the status of national leaders.
Unfortunately this kind of display from the potential future (president of the united states) is not only disgusting, but frightening to the "average" intellect of the population.

However it seems to be acceptable to "die-hard" party adherents devoid of any logic, common sense, or common good of the general population.

Worse, it is seen as a global threat as well, by other countries watching the campaigning in the United States. They see these candidates as bullies in control.

Illiterate, ill informed, and extreme biases have no place in national leadership. Religion permeates that ignorant bias and further influences voting to the point of insufferable and offensive idiocy.

Sadly, most die hard party members only watch their own party candidates 'debating' with themselves.

This writer watches them all with reverence and open mindedness.

The most profound observation thus far is that the three Democratic candidates have more intelligence, insight, and experience individually than all 20+ GOP candidates collectively.

To see them (democratic candidates) deliberately try to mimic the GOP candidates in their last "debate" on (11/14/15) in order to compete for an audience by the media is both pathetic and sad.


defined: Deliberate interference with the progress, or business, especially of a legislative body.

When specifically designed to demean and discredit the political leaders, it is on the verge of treason when done without reason or merit.

This concept has caused a halt to logic and any meaningful progress in the U.S. congress for the past 7 years and now those obstructionists expect to be rewarded for that behavior in the next election.

It is a 'stated' first priority objective of their (GOP) opposition to the election of the current President of the United States. Those deliberate actions of political opposition by the hard right against the 1st (non-white) (non good-old-boy mentality) in such a high political office in America has done more damage to equality than any other action in the history of this country.

Uncertainty of outcome

These are troubling times in our history and it is still unclear what the outcome will be. This domestic vehement obsession with the return to ideological "conservatism" in the U.S., coupled with the unbridled unrest of the middle east seems to have no bases in logic and no remedy for it visible in the near future.
How much more destruction and massacre of innocent lives will occur before a settling of society is reached? Only time will tell.
We do know that there is a real war going on in global society but what is not clear is how , why and who is ultimately responsible for it.
The underlying factors that are contributing to global chaos and unrest include the following in the order of their importance and influence on today's global catastrophe.
1. Corporate Greed (including individual self serving, wall street manipulation, and allowing any corporations to become "too big to fail".
2. Corrupt religious influences promoting hatred for others without logic or reason.
3. Untrained/untried/inexperienced politicians trying to pander to both corporations and religion.
4. Inequality (in every aspect of individual lives - caused by Greed, religion, and lust for corporate and financial power over others).
5. Deterioration and decline in U.S. education (deliberately caused in order to maintain control over our lives).
6. Discriminatory practices by a self proclaimed "moral" minority who wants to return to the dark ages of corporate, religious, and political control.

by: d.william

© 2015 d.william


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    • d.william profile image

      d.william 2 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      always exploring: thank you for being the first to read and comment on this article. Good to see you again. I have been away from H.P. for almost a year and hope that i have not been written off by readers for not participating more.

      Most people are guilty of voting straight party tickets, but when you look at the people running for president and what they stand for we must start voting on those people who are most in line with our own personal beliefs about freedom and equality for everyone. Experience matters in politics and electing anyone with radical views can't be an option anymore just for the sake of party line votes. I am a registered republican, but i can tell you that there is not one of those running that makes me feel secure in backing them.

      The tea party faction must be eliminated from our political arena.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 2 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I have been guilty of voting a straight ticket because the party shares my belief's and moral's. I no longer do that. There are radicals in both parties. Your hub is well written. I hope more people read it. I'd seen the George Carlin video, but I couldn't resist watching it again. He is hilarious and tells it like it is.