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Political Upheaval - 2016 to 2020. When Lunatics Run the Asylum. Make America Great Again?

Updated on August 23, 2022
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Retired RN & current news junkie. Following U.S. politics has become an obsession that more people should adopt, follow and vote.

From the top down

This article was written in 2014 with the original title: "When Lunatics run the Asylum", all levels of society runs amok in an ''undisciplined and/or faulty manner''.

I revised the title because i thought it was unduly harsh to predict what life would be like from 2016 to 2020 if a 'lunatic' really were elected President of the U.S.

Capitalistic turmoil is the one major necessity for the continuation of life as we know it today under the rule of Trump, his appointees, and as a country driven by the rules of the US as a Russian annex.

2022, August 22: I am revising this article yet again with an update.

After 4 years of sheer madness by an undisciplined psychotic despot running this country under the auspices of his actions being dictated by the Russian despot, everything has come to pass as originally predicted and the outcome is truly uncertain. This pathological lying self serving, and truly ignorant person has brought this great nation to the very brink of destruction and with the help of his (uneducated) minions on the farthest regions of the right wing fanatics, will undoubtedly succeed unless the majority of Americans wake up to the impending doom and destruction that this idiot (lunatic) has reigned upon us all.

The hierarchy.

The higher the level of incompetence, the faster the rise to power and the greater need to maintain the hierarchical form of governmental [governing] control.

Countries and Nations:

It is imperative for the minority, made up of the wealthy and powerful, to be able and capable of controlling the national leaders.

Maintaining dictatorships on the lower levels of society is necessary for doing just that.

While "dictatorship" has an inherent negative connotation to it, it is not necessarily bad for the world society in general.

There are many forms of dictatorships; many of which have more innocuous and harmless sounding names.

"Dictators" come in many forms. They are all persons with absolute control in, and of, a government or organization:

despot, absolute ruler, autocrat, tyrant, master leader, Duce, Fuhrer, Caesar, Czar, Kaiser, taskmaster, lord, commander, chief, overlord, headman, adviser, ringleader, man at the wheel, wire-puller, cock of the walk, boss, lord of the ascendant, disciplinarian, martinet, oppressor, sultan, sheik, sirdar, sachem, grand turk, caliph, imaum, chah, mogul, khan, lama, tycoon, rajah, emir, negus, bashaw, and anyone appointed to absolute power provisionally in times of emergency (ex: the Governor of Michigan unilaterally appointing his own representatives to take over towns and cities and destroying them with incompetence).

As one can quickly surmise from this impressive list of ["dictators"-by-any-other-name] they can easily be seen as either benevolent or malevolent, simply by the mere virtue of their names.

Global Control.

The top 100 most powerful and wealthy control the planet.

That is a real truism.

The control of global finances is imperative to maintain the orderly flow of all global commodities necessary to maintain capitalism at its most base levels.

This is the most fundamental part of ruling the global society, by the autocrats.

The Negative:

When these dictators become intoxicated with the power they possess, entire nations suffer under their regimes.

Absolute power has the side effect of corrupting absolutely.

A sad, but albeit true, fact of the frailties of the human condition.

And one in which dire consequences cannot be anticipated when incompetents rise to power too quickly.

The necessity -

of "dictatorships" for the continuing control of the global society by the few self imposed ''dilettantes'' who aspire to complete control is painfully clear.

Their money can buy temporary loyalty, but cannot buy decency, compassion or humanitarianism that is sorely lacking from the top to the bottom of this dictatorial 'ladders of control'.

The method behind this seeming madness is nothing more than a means of control and subservience by "lesser leaders" endorsed by the most influential few.

"How" they maintain their control is of lesser importance than their attaining and maintaining that control over the masses.

The exploitation.

When the ends justify the means, fear of "the loss of power", and threats to "the loss of these coveted positions of control" keeps those lesser "leaders" in line.

When the lesser leaders themselves become a threat to the top 100 they must be removed from their position any way necessary.

Destroying any person, or group of people, who threatens their ultimate position of control is nothing more than a necessary annoyance to the wealthy in preserving that control.

And those destroyed in that process are simply viewed as collateral damages that could not be avoided in order to do so.

Level of incompetence


Necessity for Incompetence

These levels of incompetence must be maintained at all costs.

The increase in the number of incompetents at the higher levels of control insures the continuation of that power by the few at the top.

There is little that anyone can do to stop this process when controlling organizations and governments are in the proverbial pockets of the top 100.

They have the means, power and wealth to buy loyalties of government officials, all Government departments (DOD, DEA, FDA, EPA, USDA, and the Supreme Court of the U.S., to name a few.

We are what we are

If ads are allowed on this article, on this web site, take a look at them and understand their positions within the hierarchy of our society when the only purpose for being here is to exploit others and in turn being exploited by them as well.

We are, all, in fact, nothing more than one more item in the global "commodities exchanges" created and ruled by those 100 at the top.

Very few of us will ever be anything more than what we already are in this food chain of societal survival without compromising our individual moral values of humanitarianism {assuming we had them in the first place}; and substituting them with greed and lust for money and power. For these are the basic necessities for gaining wealth and power in our society today, without a doubt.

The State of New York - How corruption is born

Here is a prime current example of the corruption of our society by devaluing social and individual equality and placing more wealth in the hands of the few at the top.

New York legislators have passed legislature that gives businesses a "tax-free" status for 10 years to entice new businesses to this state.

This merely opens the door for future manipulation and terrorist type blackmail threats.

The short sightedness of this legislature surely depicts the incompetence of the state leaders. When the reality of this folly would be the overwhelming evidence that many businesses would simply move to N.Y. state for 10 years, establish their worth, then transfer all business to foreign countries unless their "tax-free" status is continued indefinitely. The potential for this is more than speculative, as they already have displayed their desire for greed above all else.

There is no more logic, or civil decency, left in the U.S. political arena owned by Corporate America.

Once that door has been opened, it will never be closed in our lifetimes. And as long as the likes of the narcissistic self-serving, crooked, and lying people like those currently in the U.S. white house today (from the stolen election in 2016) are entrenched in Washington, they will never be ferreted out without a total societal upheaval by the down trodden as their plights continue to deteriorate.

by: Independent Mind 06/10/2014

Can we mandate morality?

© 2014 David Riley


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