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President Obama’s Presidential Library

Updated on September 25, 2011

Barack Obama


President Obama’s Presidential Library

Every president has had one dating back to Theodore Roosevelt and as things look grimmer and grimmer for President Obama. I am certain he is looking to creating his own presidential library and his presidential foundation both of which will net him and his family a fortune for the rest of their lives.

Sad as we will probably all be in soup lines when he is building this if it is not already under construction.

During the financial collapse of 2007 when George H.W. Bush just gave the presidency to Barack Obama he still managed to have 100 million dollars set aside to build his presidential library at Southern Methodist University. One would have to wonder why he didn’t preserve that cash for the Wall Street bail out but no such luck. So Barack being of equal measure and merit probably atleast has a 100 million sitting around to build his presidential library.

The question is where will it be? Which college campus will it grace?

I have a few ideas and I thought perhaps my readers would like to have input.

First there is Columbia University where he attended his undergraduate studies. He could have his library there.

Then there is Harvard where he completed his Law Degree. Theodore Roosevelt’s Library is there as well.

But then I thought perhaps he would want his library close at hand and he would have at at the University of Chicago. It is not outside of the realm of possibilities.

And their is also the possibility he may build it at the University of Hawaii where his Mother attended in his home state..

So where do you think Barack Obama will build his presidential library?

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Do you think Barack Obama will be elected president in 2012?

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President Obama's Presidential Library

On whihc college campus do you think Presidnet Obama will build his presidnetial library?

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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida


      You know what happens then. The man who hasn't been gainfully employed in a real job since he was 26, Joe Biden.

      Just wanted the country and internationally community to know where POTUS's mind was while the financial markets burn; his presidnetial library. His one big shovel ready project his library!!! He has his priorities straight.

      Thanks good friend!!


    • PETER LUMETTA profile image

      PETER LUMETTA 6 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      He may pull a Sarah Palin and quit, then what? Good HUB,