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Mass Mind Control: A Psychotronic Conspiracy To Dominate The World (Project Blue Beam)

Updated on April 24, 2016
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Marc Hubs, author of "Reflections Of NPD" is a writer/researcher on the mind, science, psychology/psychiatry, metaphysics and consciousness.

Project Blue Beam Deception
Project Blue Beam Deception | Source

What Is Project Blue Beam?

Project Blue Beam (sometimes referred to as Operation Blue Beam) is perhaps one of the most extreme conspiracy theories to ever be proposed and very neatly combines just about all of the other conspiracy theories that exist together into one very tightly sealed package.

Perhaps the most daunting thing about the Project Blue Beam conspiracy theory is that, although it may be quite "out there" as far as conspiracy theories go, it all seems to make way too much sense and scientifically it's certainly not an impossibility. The theory was first proposed by Serge Monast in 1994 in his publication, Project Blue Beam (NASA).

In this publication, Monast claimed that NASA and the United Nations were conspiring to carry out a hoaxed alien invasion with the purpose of implementing a New World Order; to introduce one worldwide religion with the antichrist sat at the top, one unified global wireless monetary system (digital currency) and an oppressive socialist totalitarian one-world government.

The operation would allegedly be implemented by a variety of methods including:

  • The breakdown of all current religions.
  • The introduction of a global religion which unites all previous religions.
  • The replacement of monetary currency with a global digital currency.
  • RFID chip implants in humans for the regulation of digital currency.
  • Chemtrails for propagation of holograms and radio signals.
  • Satellites to project holograms of fake alien spacecraft.
  • Psychotronic technology to fool and control public minds and perception.

If you think such claims sound pretty far fetched and that Serge Monast was perhaps a bit too paranoid, consider that according to military witness testimony, Werner Von Braun, who was the head of the Apollo rocket program and who had many sources within NASA, also made astoundingly similar claims. The testimony was left by Carol Rosin, who had worked closely with Von Braun, at a Disclosure project conference in May 2001. It's possible that Serge Monast may have also attained his information from Von Braun.

STS-48 UFO Footage:

The NASA Conspiracy

According to her testimony, Werner Von Braun had allegedly discovered plans within NASA to use space weapons in order to establish this oppressive one-world government.

According to Von Braun, the public were to be told that such space weapons would be deployed for:

  • 1st - protection against missiles from other nations.
  • 2nd - protection from asteroids and meteors.
  • 3rd - protection from alien spacecraft.

Indeed, the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), which was nicknamed "Star Wars" and which is sometimes referred to as the Space Defense Initiative, was initiated in 1983 under the Reagan administration with the intent of defending against missile attacks.

However, it was also claimed by military witness Colonel Philip J Corso (who wrote the book, The Day After Roswell and who was closely associated with Von Braun), that the Strategic Defense Initiative was also used to defend against incoming alien spacecraft.

If that sounds like an unbelievable claim, consider that cable television Station Manager, Martin Stubbs, had recorded live footage from NASA's feed during their STS-48 mission which shows a missile being fired at a UFO which had come flying into Earth's atmosphere. Despite the missile being fired, the UFO amazingly managed to evade the attack and abruptly changed direction (see footage). Both Von Braun and Colonel Corso claimed that they had personally seen alien entities first-hand, Corso on two separate occasions.

Corso, who was the head of the Foreign Technology desk at the Pentagon, also claimed that the microchip which revolutionized both space travel and computer science had originally been retrieved from an exploded UFO and was reverse engineered. To Corso's credit, there are indeed many holes in the "official" history of the supposed invention and development of the microchip which I have documented in my soon to be released (e)book, Secrets Behind The UFO Disclosure Movement.

Madonna And Child, 14th Century
Madonna And Child, 14th Century
Aert De Gelder, 1710
Aert De Gelder, 1710

Religious Breakdown

The breakdown of all the world's controlled religions will allegedly be implemented by first presenting information to the public which suggests that our religious doctrines have been misinterpreted and misunderstood for thousands of years.

The general public will then be gradually conditioned into accepting the "ancient alien astronaut" theory and will be led to believe that the Gods, angels and demons of tradition, mythology and religion were actually extraterrestrials interacting with humanity.

Media outlets will bombard the public with false news and propaganda designed to change their beliefs about archeological discoveries and to alter the public's opinion, perception, values and beliefs on religion. The public will eventually be led to believe that the aliens are our true Gods and that they genetically created us, the ultimate outcome being that all previous religions become replaced with one worldwide New Age religion.

Many people are of the opinion that this started many years ago and is already being done through alternative media outlets and websites such as Fox News, CNN, NBC, Disclose TV and Before It's News. Just consider the supposed archeological discoveries and findings that cause us to question our beliefs which have already been revealed through these websites. Could this be an attempt to plant the seeds of a new religion into the collective unconscious of the unsuspecting public at large?

As controversial as it seems, many ancient religious paintings from thousands of years ago do seem to depict what we refer to these days as "flying saucers" or "UFOs" - how would this be the case if the technology wasn't around thousands of years ago? Take a look at the image above of Madonna and Child from the 14th century and the 1710 painting below it by Aert De Gelder. Have there been attempts to recreate these vehicles in order to carry out a mass deception, or are the UFOs today the same phenomenon that was witnessed all those thousands of years ago?

Many people believe that New Thought writer, spirit medium and Founder of the the Theosophical Society, Helena Blavatsky, had been used to come up with a New Age religion which would replace all of the world's previous religions whilst shifting the human population towards collective effervescence and unification. Indeed, Blavatsky had founded LUCIFER magazine in 1887 and in The Secret Doctrine she had stated "Satan is the god of our planet, and the only god". Anton LeVay, author of the Satanic Bible, had taken many ideas from Blavatsky and Theosophy.

Worldwide Digital Currency

A new global digital monetary currency is to replace all other forms of money worldwide.

This new currency will be regulated by computer applications and each person on the planet will be given an RFID chip implant in their hand, allowing them to carry out digital transactions to make purchases or to sell goods. Those who refuse to accept the RFID chips will have no choice but to resort to bartering.

Many of us are already familiar with allegations of such plans but how many of us are aware of the fact that many people in high level positions have either spoken about or have testified to the existence of plans to implant the human race with RFID chips?

William Pawelec is one such man. Pawelec was a Computer Programming and Operations analyst for the US Air Force who left video testimony with Steven Greer of the Disclosure project, not to be released until after his death. Pawelec passed away in 2010. Pawelec confirmed that there are indeed plans to introduce a global digital currency which will require people to have an RFID chip implanted in their hand. In addition to Siemens, one other company that manufacturers RFID chips is the appropriately named company, Alien Technology.

Another man who spoke about the RFID chip conspiracy is the late movie director, Aaron Russo (Trading Places, America: Freedom To Fascism). Russo claimed he had been told of these plans directly by Nick Rockefeller and indeed Nick Rockefeller did go on to carry out a pilot scheme to test the efficiency of a wireless, cashless, monetary system in China. Russo also claimed that Nick Rockefeller had told him nine months earlier about plans to carry out a false flag attack some time around September 2001.


Chemtrails and HAARP technology are allegedly technologies which are used to amplify radio signals in the atmosphere and to enhance digital communications abilities.

Not only are chemtrails believed to enhance radio signals but that they can also be used for the manipulation of light frequencies.

It is therefore believed that the purpose of chemtrails is for the propagation and amplification of holographic and psychotronic technologies and it is these two main technologies which are to be used to carry out the false flag alien invasion. Satellites in space will allegedly beam Interactive 3D holograms (meaning you can touch and feel them) of alien spacecraft into the skies, along with various religious images and symbolism, these holograms being propagated through HAARP and chemtrail technologies.

If you think that carrying out such an ambitious operation is scientifically implausible, you would be wrong. It's very plausible. HAARP technology does indeed work by enhancing digital communications in the ionosphere and this can be confirmed by the official documentation. Chemtrails have also been shown to help the propagation of electromagnetic signals through the atmosphere, whereas plasma technologies allowing for interactive 3D holograms that can be touched and felt has only just been revealed to the public.

All the technology required to be able to carry out such a plan of action has already been developed and is already available and already in use by the military. Those who think that chemtrails are a myth are wrong. There is publicly available evidence which shows that the military have been using weather modification techniques and have been experimenting with weather modification for military applications since at least the 1960's. Operation Popeye shows that weather modification techniques had also been used in Vietnam to slow down the enemy.

Quantum Stealth cloaking technology, developed and in use by US military.
Quantum Stealth cloaking technology, developed and in use by US military.

Quantum Stealth

Combine chemtrail, HAARP and holographic technology with quantum stealth and you have something eminently powerful.

Quantum stealth is a recent breakthrough in technology and yet the principle behind how it works is so stupendously simple.

Quantum stealth technology works by simply bending the light waves around a person, people or objects.

Doing so gives the illusion of them being invisible to the human eye due to the lack of reflection on to the retina of the eyeball.

The same technology can also be used to make them appear transparent, like an apparition.

Psychotronic Interference

Psychotronic technology, which some people refer to as 'Voice-of-God' technology, will then be used to target specific sectors of certain populations, making them think that whatever deity it is they worship is speaking to them.

Due to the way that psychotronic technology intercepts and reacts to brain waves, people with varying beliefs will be targeted to their specific belief system. That is, if they are a Christian the psychotronic technology will pick up on it and they will then experience Jesus appearing in front of them and talking to them, if they are a Buddhist they will see and hear Buddha speaking to them, etc.

The general public, the whole world over, will be led to believe, through this mass deception, that all controlled religions have been misunderstood and that the aliens are our true Gods.

Whilst it may seem pretty 'out there' and many people believe it would be impossible, psychotronic (psycho-electronic) technology already exists and has done so for a long time. EEG is one of the most simplest examples of psychotronic technology.

Even a television or radio set could be considered to be a form of psychotronic technology. Televisions and radio sets use digital communications channels which can be used to implant suggestions into the subconscious mind of listeners and viewers and this is how advertising works - through subliminal persuasion. Jingles and slogans are repeated and embedded into the subconscious so that the product is thought of in the future whenever that jingle or slogan is heard (creating associations, also known as anchors). However, the uses and applications of such technology go much deeper.

There are many people all over the world who already have chips integrated with their brains or with other parts of their bodies. Some disabled people are now able to move the mouse cursor on a computer screen, thereby being able to control the computer, using nothing more than the power of thought. Their thoughts are decoded by the chip with then sends the information to the computer in a language that it can understand.

The great scientist and psychoanalyst, Wilhelm Reich, had discovered that the human mind could be influenced through frequencies of 420-MHz (note that 420 is a popular nickname for marijuana) and it's also well known in both science and psychology that ultrasound frequencies of 18-Hz can induce hallucinations. In 1974, a communication system for inducing hypnotic sleep in a target subject at range by using radio frequencies was patented in Russia. Such a technique is sometimes referred to as psychotronic interference.

Additionally, DARPA have already developed synthetic telepathy devices. This is called Direct Neural Interface (DNI) technology and it works by creating a direct communication pathway between the brain and an external device. The research into Direct Neural Interface technology had started as early as the 1970's. Make no mistake about it, psychotronic technology is a reality.


In conclusion, whilst the Project Blue Beam (NASA) conspiracy theory is one of the most extreme, when you look at the available evidence, it's also one of the most plausible and adds an aspect of plausibility to the various conspiracy theories that are involved.

In that respect, by studying the alleged Project Blue Beam conspiracy alone, a lot of evidence can be uncovered in support of many other conspiracy theories, indicating that there must indeed be a bigger picture to the story and that all the pieces of the puzzle seem to be falling neatly together.

Or, alternatively, could it be that Blue Beam contains various truths about various conspiracy theories whilst then throwing bits of disinformation into the mix in order to lead away from the real truth and portray a different one?

Could it be a psychological tactic?

Could it be misdirection?

I'll let you decide!

© 2016 Marc Hubs


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