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The Bare Naked TRUTH About 9-11

Updated on April 23, 2013

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."

Thomas Jefferson (author of the Declaration of Independence)


These words mean as much today as when he said them...

So Thomas, I am speaking up -- even if I'm doing so with a shaky voice and trembling hands.

I'm breaking the silence because Americans were stripped of a number of their Constitutional rights following the events of 9/11

With the Patriot Act, NDAA Bill, and other draconian bills passing through Congress, Americans were stripped of many of the rights that they had prior to the events of 9/11.


One of the first changes that was openly visible to the population at large, was the airport security measures before and after 9/11.

As my fellow Americans will know -- before the events of 9/11, citizens would merely have to step across a metal detector device to show that we were screened and ready to board the plane.

Following the events of 9/11, we are now given a choice to be x-rayed with a TSA body scanning device which reveals the human form as "naked"... or make the choice to be publicly humiliated by having a member of the TSA fondle us before boarding a plane.

The TSA full body imaging devices leaves very little to the imagination...

A LOT has changed since 9/11...

Due to the many infringements on American's freedoms and liberties following the reported "terrorist attacks of 9/11", I reserve the right to question "The Official Story of 9/11".

As you will see from the upcoming video collection that I have posted within this hub page, there are numerous reasons to study and investigate the events of 9/11 much more thoroughly than our national news services did!


I don't mean to bring up a sore subject, but when a historic event has THIS MANY ramifications which effect millions of people's lives and freedoms... I really only think that it is fair to take the time to rehash the story and delve more deeply into a number of details which were obviously happening so fast that it would have been impossible for the news stations to have accurately separated fact from fiction.

Just "one of THOSE Days"

There are "those days" that when you look back upon your life, you realize have a major impact on you throughout your life.

The list is extensive: your first bike and learning how to ride it; your first kiss; your first car; your Senior Prom; your High School Graduation; your first serious romance; your first job; your first home, meeting that friend that you've adored online for over 4 years for the first time-- in person, and feeling your heart go pitter patter as if this were the very day that you had your first kiss.

So many memories form and shape the way that we view our lives. These are the moments that forever make us "who" and "what" we are.

9/11 was definitely ONE of THOSE Days...

Looking back at 9/11...

If I were to ask each one of you exactly where you were and what you were doing when you learned about 9/11 for the first time, I'm sure that you would be able to give me a verbal account of the kodak moment that forever stands in your mind when you first heard of this tragedy and all of the many details that you can remember about this historic day.


As an American with a deep love for my country-- and a tremendous respect for the men and women that died that day-- (and the thousands of family members that have mourned and survived them), I feel a huge responsibility to share the information that I have been researching this past three and a half years.

I know that this subject is quite controversial, but I feel that it is something that my soul has had a calling to research and to shed some light on.

Nights when the majority of people have been comfortably sleeping through the night, I've been driven to stay up and watch video after video of the many camera angles and stories which have amassed as a result of the events of 9/11. I am bringing you this message after a lot of soul searching and coming to terms with my initial hunches about 9/11 -- and what I feel was left uncovered by our media sources and journalists.

A lot of you are so busy that you don't have time to be "research hounds" pounding down the research rabbit holes non-stop. I have researched the best of THE BEST videos and links that I've found on these late night searches... and have documented these for you in this article. I'm giving you the Cliff Note Version of videos here in this article. You have 3 1/2 years of video searches at your finger tips. All you have to do is hit "play" and watch as these videos unravel the many unique findings of 9/11.


Why have I felt so compelled to research this? I've literally been "haunted" by this American tragedy. I felt a deep connection to the people who died this day and the family members who are mourning their loved ones. You see, I was raised in the funeral business and I know all too well what it sounds like and what it feels like to see people mourning those that they have loved. I've been to numerous funerals and I know what it is like to see people grieve the ones that they have lost.

It's been ten years now: It's time to forget 9/11 and MOVE ON!

Yes, it's been ten years now.

I know. Realistically-- I should just "let it go". Forget about it. Drop it. What's done is done. There's no way that I can possibly crack the case and make this appear any less of a fiasco than it already was.

People have the argument that you should "just let this rest"... but I feel that if I were one of the people who had died in this manner, I would want the truth to come to light. I would be one of those spirits that would haunt people like myself, day and night -- until they finally brought the truth to light.


Who am I kidding? The "experts" obviously sewed this case up on the very day that this happened.


Right about here, my logical Nancy Drew side kicks in. I start evaluating that even the world's very best detectives-- such as Sherlock Holmes, Columbo, McMillan and Wife, Nancy Drew, and the Hardy Boys could not have pieced all of the information together as quickly as this story was unraveling on our TV's.

For heavens sake! How did the news piece together such an IMMEDIATE STORY?

Crime shows on TV take years to discover who killed someone, how did our media sources have all of the evidence to come up with an official story (within the very first 12 hours)?

But yet the media explicitly told us who did this and how the buildings fell -- WITHOUT any question.


Ok, STOP!!!

Enough already!

I should just turn my attention to another story on the news... and MOVE ON!!!





For some reason, this story continues to haunt me like a huge ghost from my past. Why? Because I feel an obligation to share what I have researched in the memory of the people that died that day. And because I had an emotional attachment to the Twin Towers. I had some wonderful "one of those days" type moments in the buildings at the top of the towers.

Windows of the World, the restaurant at the top of the World Trade Center was the magical spot that I discovered on a day to explore NYC and see something to "write home about". As I raced towards the picture window to peer out of the glass, I had never seen such a beautiful city scape with all of the beautiful buildings and the Statue of Liberty in the distance.

This building had a number of "one of those days" type memories. It was also the place that I chose to celebrate my Grad School Graduation evening... dancing till the wee hours of the evening in the dance floor that spun round and round allowing you to see every angle of the dancing city lights and the sparkling view below.

There was an energy to the city that you can feel, it was similar to this song by Alicia Keys "Empire State of Mind"...

Empire State of Mind

New York, New York: Frank Sinatra

I Had a Personal Love Affair With Windows of the World, the Restaurant at the Top of the World Trade Center...

These buildings were more than just buildings to me, they were monuments proving how high the human spirit could soar. The sheer height of these buildings was a tribute to all of humankind's hopes and dreams. They were a symbol of the song "New York, New York"... if I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere, its up to you-- New York -- NEW YORK!!!


So, forgive me. But I took it rather personally the day that those buildings plummeted to the ground in under 15 seconds each.

Your Intuition Can Be the Highest Form of Intelligence

Intuitively, I have always followed my hunches. I've trusted that if I am having a thought that won't let me sleep, then-- there must be something more to the story. Something that is hooking me in to want to pry it open and take more of a peek than what we were allowed to take the day the events took place.

In a number of ways, this story has been equivalent to opening Pandora's Box. Once the lid is open, it brings up a number of very dark things that you would probably have rather have kept hidden. But this is the process. You must open the lid, take a peek-- then shed light on it to dispel the darkness. This is at the core of every historically meaningful and great mystery.

Intuition can be the highest form of intelligence. You just have to learn to trust it and not block it. It will normally lead you where your soul is meant to be.

Regardless of the fact that this story brings up some depths of tremendous darkness-- my soul is very content to cover this story and to bring light to the subject.

"New York State of Mind" Billy Joel

9/11 was clouded with such emotion that the majority of people never questioned the Official Story of 9/11

9/11 was a day that put everyone's emotions into complete OVERDRIVE! So much so, that most people were too "shocked" to even raise logical questions about many details of the official story.

This was such a sensationalized catastrophe, supercharged with emotions. Events "exploded" at such a fast speed while the official story was shaping up.

What information is actually "TRUE" vs evidence that was possibly "planted to BE True"?

"Myths" without any basis of investigation or evidence emerged as "unquestionable truth". How do we really "know" that this was positively "TRUE"?

Before you jump to the conclusion that I should be wearing a tin foil hat...

Let me first clarify that I am not a "conspiracy theorist" and I'm really not even a "9/11 Truther". And for heaven's sakes... I'm certainly NOT a "terrorist" (Homeland Security can RELAX... and move on to another suspect! I don't know how to load or handle a gun, I am not going to strap some dynamite under my wig or push-up padded bra and blow up anything. I value my handbags more than to want to risk scratching them, let alone having them explode in some type of ridiculous bombing incident! (LOL...)!

A watercolorist and karaoke singer is dangerous on paper and the stage... but certainly NOT a threat to National Security!!!

Good Heavens!!! [Don't EVEN Go There! K?]


My motive for exploring this topic and sharing this story...?

I am merely a concerned American Citizen who viewed the events of 9/11 as they unfolded on my home TV screen and had a number of questions which have been unanswered by our media sources and our country's leaders.

I'm not selling a book, I'm not trying to get you to buy a 9/11 Truth T-shirt, I'm not trying to get you to buy a video tape. I don't have an investment in the information that I'm sharing with you and I won't gain anything by swinging you to the side of questing the events of 9/11 and the official story.

The only possible benefit that I will receive would be to sleep better at night after having gotten this "off my chest" -- so to speak!

How I came to question the official story of 9/11

I have a background in advertising video editing, graphic design, art, and came in with a number of different intuitive skills that I really can't explain, but seem to give me accurate hunches on a number of issues. In studying the videos of 9/11 for countless hours, days, months, and years-- the visuals from the film footage were very haunting. I couldn't seem to shake the intuitive feeling that I was having. Something was wrong. Things were not as they were reported in our official story of 9/11.


Going back to the initial impressions that I had when I first learned that a plane had struck the first tower...

The very moment that I saw the planes strike the buildings, visually-- this took on a very surreal, contrived, and artificially theatrical image for me. My intuition was screaming at me that this was just "too Hollywood". The whole entire thing felt staged, from the way that the planes crashed into the building, to the camera angles that were being filmed in the streets, to the news announcers interviewing experts immediately giving us the entire story within a few hours, to the scenes of people running for their very lives-- and then seeing someone coming up to a reporter and film crew and standing as cool as a cucumber giving us a very detailed explanation that the buildings had fallen due to the fires burning so hot that it melted the structural steel (who does this type of thing in the middle of a major EMERGENCY?).


My initial impression was that this was an elaborate "entertainment production".


The intuition and creativity works in funny ways. You "get" things in a way that sometimes can't be explained in a logical manner, but it is meaningful just the same.

As soon as the second plane hit the building and I was coming to terms with the fact that my neighbor raced across the street to knock on my door and tell me to turn on the TV and that a plane had struck the first Twin Tower, my intuition was sending me the visual image of King Kong standing on top of the Empire State Building fighting off planes.

And when both towers plummeted, my first visual hunch was that this was looking all too similar to the videos that I had researched on controlled demolitions. The buildings fell in a manner that was explosive. Excuse my Texas colloquialism, but these buildings appeared to be "Blown to Smithereens"... [translation: disintegrated into small fragments by a sudden impact or explosion].

Previous studies made me question the official story of 9/11

Nothing makes you question a journalistic story-- more than having the perspective of having studied journalism.

This would probably be like a surgeon who is faced with having to trust another surgeon to perform a major surgery on themselves or a loved one. The more that you know, the more that you are going to question the other professional. Right? It's just human nature!


As a freshman and sophomore in college, I studied journalism. It was always very interesting to see the results of over 30 people in a classroom giving their "story" of what happened in a basic journalism class exercise. I still remember the sound of all of these type writers clicking with a sound that buzzed through the air like hundreds of little woodpeckers pecking away.

Regardless of what the assignment was and which story we were supposed to write about -- each person in the class put their own "spin" on the story. No two stories ever told the same exact story. Journalist students would always choose to capitalize on their own interests and write their "story" based on what they felt was important. Kind of like a cooking class being given a recipe (without exact measurements) -- and given the assignment to bake their own cake out of the same list of ingredients. Each cook will use different measurements to come up with their own unique recipe of the dish. No two will ever be the same.

The entire journalistic exercise turned out to be very similar to the childhood game that we played called "gossip". You start with one story - and by the time the entire circle re-tells it, you have a completely different story!

Studying journalism (and creative writing) also gives you the insight into the fact that you are often having to write a story to meet the expectations of the instructor... or in the case of journalists working for hire, you are always in the position to write and tell your story in a manner that meets the the expectations of the news network that is cutting your paycheck.

In the event of a national news story which effects international relationships across the globe... (fill in the dots here). How much of the story could be truth - vs - something that is crafted to BE "True"?


Seeing each writer's "spin" on the story was equivalent to being an art student in your first nude model figurative class. The model disrobes and strikes a pose in the center of the room. Each art student sets up their easel and begins painting with their own perspective of the models curves, angles from a position that only they could envision, given the exact perspective and angle they were seeing the model and "view" from.

As you can imagine, the first time that you are in a class like this-- it is a bit awkward just getting over the fact that there is a nude person in the room-- and that art students are studying this nude person in their own position located about 10 feet away from the model by putting their thumbs up, checking to make sure that they are lining up the model appropriately on the canvas before them... making sure that the elbow is connected to the arm and then the shoulder-- rather than the knee!

After you get over that initial "shock", then -- later in the day... when you get to the critique, you quickly find that each person has a completely different painting. No two paintings are ever alike. Each artist has painted their own "spin on the story" (so to speak) given their unique perspective.

Tying the journalism and art lessons back into my story of 9/11-- an art class painting a bare naked figure model is a very good example of how each writer and journalist spins their own twist on a story. It is impossible to paint a picture from an angle that you are not seeing... just as it is impossible to tell a story from a perspective that you are not seeing.


Why am I mentioning "spins on the story" and the "angles that you view and paint your figurative models"? Because one of the first things that I noticed in my research of the videos of 9/11, was the fact that the American public was NOT privy to the same camera angles that were coming out in foreign countries. The BBC and Asian Channels were showing video footage that clearly indicated the explosives. The US broadcasting companies showed camera angles that didn't clearly show what was actually going on with the explosives and quibs firing out the windows of the buildings. It was only through extensive research and pulling up hours of film footage that I noticed the difference in what was conveyed over seas-- and what we were show more locally.


Other disciplines came into play to make me question the official story of 9/11.

Although college algebra was not my favorite courses, it taught some interesting lessons that can easily be applied to detective work and investigative journalism. One of the basic truths taught in algebra was that missing variables can be a very important part in finding the answer to the equation. Things that are NOT "a given" can be just as important as things that are stated to BE "a given". For example, the classic Sherlock Holmes mystery where an intruder enters the home, but the dog doesn't bark. Why didn't the dog bark? Could it be that the dog knew the intruder?

(A + B = C) If you are given enough of the equation, you can start figuring out the missing variable. 9/11 had a number of missing variables. 110 story buildings falling in less than 15 seconds, defies the laws of physics AND algebra... unless one of your variables happens to be "explosives" which equals a controlled demolition. (Think about it.)

And pulling statistics into this whole journalism analogy. It is critically important to analyze the probability of things when told in a major news story. What are the odds that something like this could even take place? What is the probability?

When you analyze the fact that there were three steel framed buildings that fell in NYC on 9/11. The Twin Towers-- AND-- Building #7. [Notice, there wasn't a lot of media coverage on Building #7, perhaps because it was a steel framed building that fell WITHOUT AN AIRCRAFT INVOLVED... so there is no way to put jet fuel into the equation.]

What are the odds that that building would fall in less than 7 seconds? Statistically, very rare! The ONLY way that this building could have fallen that fast would involve EXPLOSIVES (or possibly some type of directed energy weapon attack that the majority of the population is unaware exists ***See Dr. Judy Woods Videos on this theory***)!

Statistically, these are the only three steel frame constructed buildings to have fallen in a symmetrical fashion in the history of architecture. (Watch the Building #7 Video created by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth).

A Physical Education Teacher Expresses Questions and Comments about 9/11

9/11 was the ultimate journalistic story

I was born a couple of weeks before Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech-- and a couple of months before JFK was assassinated. So, I was hearing "stories" from a very early age about all of the many questions around three of the most traumatic events in our country's recent history surrounding the death of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Junior, and Bobby Kennedy.


In 2001, the events of 9/11 exploded in such a manner that it appeared to over shadow every known journalistic event before its time.

The record speed that this news story developed was amazingly suspicious. The major news networks had key "experts" ready to give a complete run down on many of these seemingly "unanswerable questions" that it would take months or even years for experts to determine.

When did these reporters, news anchors, and so called "experts" become the ultimate authority on architectural steel structured buildings? How can they immediately give a dignified comment on how these buildings fell?

When most people would have been in complete shock of the events of 9/11, how did these experts featured on TV know to head to the network studio that day -- so soon after these events occurred? (This in and of itself is majorly suspicious.)

One of the key "experts" gives his expert opinion on why he felt the buildings fell, and then shortly after this, he is suddenly an "expert" on Bin Laden? Very rarely does someone have that broad of a base to cover two unrelated subjects with ultimate authority.


My hunches are, there are just too many details of this "story" which appear to be contrived. There are way too many coincidences for this to have just played out in this manner without someone pulling some puppet stings behind the scenes.


With this in mind, I would like to be able to air some of my own questions about this historic event... and hopefully help others discover the many pieces of the journalistic "official story" which very clearly -- do NOT appear to add up.

Looking at the entire ten year story of 9/11

When you first enter your figurative art class (figurative = nude model painting/drawing course), most teachers have you warm up by doing a quick 5-10 minute exercise where you work on gesture drawings that capture the whole model on the page in less than 30 seconds or one minute. This discipline causes art students to stop focusing on the intricacies of painting every hair or quibbling about how to paint a nose, hand, or foot-- and forces them to capture the general essence of what they are seeing in front of them.

As an artist, when you are painting your figurative portraits-- sometimes, it helps to stand back from your painting and look at it from a different perspective. (If you keep working on the intricate details for too long, you can become myopic). You occasionally need to step back from the canvas and see your painting in a new light.


In other words... sometimes it is best to gain a "bird's eye view" of information. Take a look at the whole forest, before you examine the individual trees. This allows you to gain a better perspective of exactly what you are dealing with.


The upcoming video is a comedic spoof which basically allows the viewer to see the forest before the trees. It outlines the many events that happened to make up the official story of 9/11 over a 10 year period.

This story is often so clouded with emotion that it totally BAMBOOZLES you! You get caught up in all of the people who have died, all of the families who have lost loved ones... and then you can't rationally see the story for what it really is. A "convoluted MESS"!


The video does the same thing that the quick figurative gesture exercises does in an art class. It strips a lot of the emotion out of the events that happened on 9/11 and just states the details as if the announcer were reading a non-stop, extremely fast -- 5 minute teleprompter. Going back to my title and figurative painting example... this video gives you the "bare naked facts" about 9/11.


Do me a favor...

Please watch this video objectively (without any judgments). See what your general impressions are about the story in its entirety. Try to remain emotionally detached from the details of the story, and try to remain in a space of non-judgment on anything that you hear in the story. Just listen to the story, as if you were hearing this news for the very first time.

Is It Just Me? Or is This Whole Story "OVER the TOP"???

What are your hunches telling you?

How uncanny are these multiple "coincidences" that happened that historic and fateful day? And look at all of the many unbelievable "coincidences" that continue to happen over the next ten year period! Uncanny, isn't it?

When I first saw this video and witnessed all of the many details of the official story of 9/11 -- it reads like a complete joke! Who would believe this?

[I don't even think that you would take a movie of the week serious, if there were this many unbelievable "coincidences"].

Two President's speeches warn Citizens to NOT question the "Official Story of 9/11"... (why?)

Both President George W. Bush, as well as Obama made official recorded speeches which were aired to the public clearly addressing the issue that people should not question the "official story of 9/11".

[I tried to pull up the speeches on this, but for some reason each time I tried -- there was a broken link. If you are wanting to see these speeches for yourself, google > Obama Warns To Not Question the Official Story of 9/11. The first link that pops up under this will give you both Obama and George W's speech on this topic.]


Now, if either of them knew ANYTHING about child psychology (or adult psychology, for that matter)... the LAST THING that you want to do is to make a bold statement NOT to do something. Why? Because that is exactly what any kid is going to want to do. Right? This would turn even the most sissy kid into a mischievous little imp, just to find out "why" you said DON'T do something.

It is exactly like telling a kid, don't open the cookie jar on top of the refrigerator. Then pretty soon you see little Johnny blazing a trail and busting a gut to get to the top of the refrigerator to open the "forbidden cookie jar".


If the story were completely rock solid and didn't have a number of major holes in it, there wouldn't need to be this type of public announcement about it. They would actually welcome you to research this topic and would try to help you in any way find the information that you were seeking. They would joyfully open a new investigation of this topic knowing that it would help to resolve a number of questions that the public has about this topic. Right?


Obviously, they were advising this for a clear reason. (I'll let YOU connect the dots on this one! K?).

The unexamined and unsolved mysteries of 9/11

Nothing brings out my "inner Nancy Drew" and "raises the detective radar" faster than the unexamined events of 9/11.


Years after 9/11, I was still losing sleep piecing together all of the many unexplained details. There were several mysteries that had me scratching my head, trying to make sense out of illogical stories which were immediately spoon fed to us by our news medias. Each of these anomalies have been great source of intrigue.

[These were the glaringly OBVIOUS questions that initially puzzled me and caused me to question the news story as it was unraveling at record speed. These stories were so compelling that it caused me to begin an extensive research into the "facts" behind 9/11...


(Exhibit A): The Twin Towers collapsed (at almost FREE FALL SPEED), materializing into dust: How does a "FIRE" do this?

The visuals of the two planes striking the twin towers were very haunting. However this was quickly over-shadowed by the images of both buildings as they exploded and raced to the ground in less than 15 seconds each (almost at free fall speed). What was more of a mystery, was the fact that both buildings materialized into thin dust standing only a few stories tall. Where did all of this building material go?

Examining this further, these buildings fell less than two hours after the impact of the planes flew into them which is rather ironic. These THREE Buildings that fell that day, are the only steel framed constructed buildings to have collapsed in this manner - in the history of steel framed building construction. There are steel high rises that burn for days and NEVER collapse (forgive me, I wasn't a complete "ACE at math", but this information is completely blowing the concepts that I learned in my basic statistics course).

My initial hunch when I first saw the newscast videos of this was... *haven't I just seen this in videos of Las Vegas controlled demolitions?*

[How do you explain this WITHOUT the use of EXPLOSIVES?]


Exhibit B: Building #7 - the third building that collapsed that day, collapses in under seven seconds (HELLO!!! This Building Was NOT EVEN Hit by a Plane!!!!)

Building #7, the 3rd building that fell to the ground that day-- self destructed (and collapsed into a pile of dust) all within less than seven seconds. (There were only a few floors burning in that particular building. Like I said before-- this building was NOT EVEN HIT BY A PLANE so you can't rationalize that this involved "jet fuel" which caused the building to explode and burn to the ground at record speed!)

As a detective, this building is "the smoking hot gun".

[How can you explain this?]


Exhibit C: The "Miraculous Passport"

What a lucky fluke that they were able to find a terrorist's passport amid the pulverized dust of the twin towers! Amazing!!! Especially when you consider that there wasn't even a porcelain toilet, wooden desk, or copy machine that survived intact-- but yet this "Miracle Passport" survived a plane flying into the towers and jet fuel burning at a level that supposedly caused the buildings to collapse!

What a LUCKY Break! This major piece of evidence helped us to immediately KNOW who did this!

[ Could this have possibly been "planted" in the rubble? ]


Exhibit D: The Pentagon building hole that could NOT have been caused by the nose of a plane...

When I saw the pictures and videos of the entrance hole of the aircraft that supposedly hit the Pentagon, this was another detail that really "raised my radar"! Why is there only a hole for the body of the airplane, but not a visible hole for the wingspan? Where the heck did the wings go (did they fold down like a toy paper airplane?). These were made of metal construction, weren't they?

[Plane? (Funny, but this hole looks more like a Missile actually hit the building).]


Exhibit E: Skill level of the pilot could NOT have hit the Pentagon at this angle going at that rate of speed.

Analyzing the skill of the pilot was another question altogether. How can a pilot who can barely fly a small plane manage to maneuver a huge commercial plane into the Pentagon? According to records of this particular pilots flying experience and his difficulty maneuvering a smaller aircraft the week prior to 9/11, how can he miraculously fly a huge commercial plane like this into the Pentagon at this angle?

[This is more than a little bit suspicious, I would say.]


Exhibit F: Body language and actions of President are NOT congruent with a REAL "Terrorist Attack"...

The video footage of President George W.'s face was also an unforgettable image. Heck, if I had just been told that we were under some type of major "terrorist attack" that had resulted in two airplanes flying into The World Trade Center and the Pentagon being hit, I would have been high tailing it out of the children's elementary school engagement. Instead, he sat through the full reading of a story about a goat-- then he hung out an additional 30 minutes for a photo opportunity!

[What??? Shouldn't the Secret Service have dashed him to safety!!! As President of the United States, wasn't he a prime target for an additional terrorist attack?]


Exhibit G: Stock options purchased created millions of dollars for those with this insight...

Upon further study, when I realized that there were individuals who had the foresight to have purchased stock option "puts" on two specific airlines, (American and United).... this story REALLY began to look contrived. How would they have known to have placed stock options on the very two airlines that were going to take quite a stock tumble after the events of 9/11 played out? Some of these stock transactions were taking place as early as August the 6th, more than a month BEFORE 9/11.

[PLEASE: Get me the number to their psychic, I want a reading!]


Each one of these individual details has been a form of amusement which has led me to delve into the study of this topic and spend countless hours analyzing the many details that we were spoon fed by our media sources.

The Nancy Drew part of me has wanted to resolve all of the many questions because this has been a virtually unexamined case.

Isn't it time to have an official investigation into this historic event that forever changed World History?

The official story was elevated to "Sacred Ground" as a result of the emotional context of 9/11

When I've raised this question within discussions in internet chat rooms, the general consensus is that there is way too much "emotional pain" to even rehash the story.

The emotional context with this magnitude of disaster put this story into the realm of "sacred ground". It was frowned upon to even formally discuss or question all of the many events that were unraveling on the news stations that day. Assumptions and speculations became "Fact"-- without research and data to prove their validity.


I'm sorry, but I'm NOT Ok with "the Official Story of 9/11". I'm not the type of person to just sit and keep my mouth shut when I know that something needs to be hashed out.

Yes, I value the emotional feelings of all of the people who experienced the pain and loss of loved ones, but I honestly and truly believe that the people who died that day are being given a HUGE disservice to NOT discuss and investigate all of the many events that are extremely bogus and questionable surrounding the details of the events of 9/11.


So, moving forward...

Here are the reasons "why" I have questioned the "Official Story of 9/11"...

Examining the video footage of the Twin Towers Building avalanches

These buildings collapsed and literally exploded into dust. Yet the original story planted the information that jet fuel reached a burning point that caused the buildings to collapse.

[How does a fire do this?]


Viewing the video tapes, you see a couple of towers standing over 110 stories tall which explode into dust and hit the ground in under 15 seconds, start to finish.

Free Fall ---- BaBANG!!!

Free Fall ---- BaBANGGGGG!!!

The fact of the matter is both towers pancaked at a rate and speed that defied all known laws of physics (WITHOUT the use of explosives). [This eliminates the whole "fire theory" that we were first told by our news sources.]

Could this have been a "Controlled Demolition"?

As I mentioned earlier, Building #7 is the smoking hot gun in this whole mystery. Why? Because in examining how this building fell, you can more easily see how the Twin Towers fell in under 15 seconds each.

(With all of the many details that were reported that day, very few people are aware that a third building fell that day).

Building #7 was a 47 story building that housed the NYC Mayor's office and CIA/FBI offices. (Oddly enough, it was the very building that housed a great deal of the evidence dealing with the Enron and Worldcom cases). Keep in mind, this particular building was NOT EVEN HIT BY AN AIRPLANE (so there is NO WAY that jet fuel could have been involved in the equation of how fast the building fell). However, Building #7 plummeted to the ground in less than 7 seconds flat.

Time this if you will, please...

7 (1000)

6 (1000)

5 (1000)

4 (1000)

3 (1000)

2 (1000)

1 (1000)...



[How can this be?]

Building #7 Fell in Under 7 Seconds: Is this an apple? Or REALLY an orange? Do we see one thing, but are told that we are seeing something entirely different

Building #7: New camera angle shows explosions

Seeing is believing

After viewing dozens of videos of the events of 9/11, I have posted some of the most convincing videos that I found which reveal a number of flaws in the "Official Story of 9/11". Our news story announcements came about so quickly that there was no time to have formulated true research with facts and data. This leads me to believe that the original story may indeed be more fiction, than fact.


View these upcoming videos...

Examine each video. Look for the explosions (called "quibs" in the demolition industry), the building materials pulverizing into dust, and the steel beams ejecting. [One thing is for sure, this building is falling at a rate and speed which is definitely NOT due to a FIRE!!!]

The video that convinced me that this was a Controlled Demolition

First impressions: Intuitive hunches most often prove to be right

Remember the classes that taught you how to prepare for taking College Entrance Exams? One of the first things that they taught us, was to go with our first hunch. Don't think about it too much-- don't read into it. Just go with your initial hunch.

Ok, if I were following this advice on the 9/11 Events, my hunches were that the buildings fell due to an explosion. This looked all too similar to the other videos and films that I had seen of buildings that have been rigged to explode and bring buildings down in a controlled demolition.

I'm not the only one who had this impression. A number of news announcers blurted their impressions out as well, stating exactly what they were witnessing-- that this looks exactly like an old building being blown up; a demolition.


How else can you explain the physics defying rate in which these buildings fell to the ground? I mean, these towers were both over 111 stories tall. How can a building of that height fall in less than 14 seconds WITHOUT the use of some type of explosive?

Camera Angles: South Tower EXPLODES, look at the projectiles shooting hundreds of feet from the core of the building

What could this be, other than a "Controlled Demolition"?

Did you see explosives cascading down the buildings as if they were on a string of fire crackers? There are countless stories of eye witnesses who give accounts of explosives going off in both towers and in Building #7, this video confirms that.

[What? Do they want us to believe that these buildings fell like a free fall avalanche -- and NOT question what happened?]

Gravity-Driven Demolition, side by side comparison with another Controlled Demolition

The visual clues give you the information

As an artist and someone with a background in advertising, video editing, graphic design, and photography -- I can't deny what the visual information is telling me as I watch these videos.


The initial hunch that I had as I watched this has never left me. It has become a haunting image in my mind that has prompted me to speak up and break the silence. (Believe me, it would have been a LOT Easier to have never brought this subject up). But this topic is something that I feel is a very important part of our American and World History.


Witnessing the explosions on the news casts were the initial details that raised my suspicions of 9/11 and the primary reason why I delved into over 3 years of study on this topic. There are laundry lists of other questionable details that are explored on the videos that I have posted. Each questionable detail reveals that there is much more to the official story than what the news and media first reported to us.


I've watched dozens of videos on this particular topic, these are the best videos that I have seen that led me to the belief that 9/11 deserves a FULL Investigation.

Paper survives, but steel and concrete (and other contents of the buildings) pulvarize to dust? (What technology does this?)

Steel pulverized to dust? What does this?

10th Anniversary of 9/11: The Toronto Hearings -- Graeme Macqueen - Explosive Evidence (Bombs Going Off) in WTC as Reported by Eye-Witnesses

Eye witnesses who were near the scene all make the sound "Boom Boom Boom Boom"...

Listen to the first interviews which were taken shortly after experiencing the events of 9/11. Each of these videos give the impression that there were explosives used.

These upcoming videos all use the terms "explosion(s)", hearing the sound "boom, boom, boom, boom..."

Documentary on explosives used in the controlled demolition of the WTC Towers

Eyewitnesses explain bombs going off in the building

Office workers interviewed explains explosions

Eye witnesses explain "Bomb in the building, start clearing out"

Firemen explain about lobby explosions

The plane that hit the second tower was NOT a commercial plane

It doesn't take an artist to figure out that you need to examine the color of the planes, compared to the alleged airlines that supposedly hit the Twin Towers (American and United).

The color of the planes gave this away.


Where are the logos?

Where are the windows in a commercial plane?

For heaven's sake... the plane that struck the tower is grey (listen to this upcoming video: the eyewitnesses described this as a "grey plane") -- it isn't even the same color of an American or United Airline plane!

What the heck?


The color of this plane was not even congruent with the two suspected airlines that supposedly crashed into the World Trade Center (American and United).

Airlines spend millions of dollars making sure that their logos and identifiable markings are visible to identify their particular airline fleets.

The eyewitnesses who were witnessing this were reporting that these were "NOT commercial planes"!!! A number of them said that this plane did not have windows and looked to be a "military plane".

(Check out the google pics of these airlines and see for yourself!)

Eyewitnesses say a "grey plane" struck the second tower

Suspicious insider trading on 9/11

This was a piece of the puzzle that I didn't realize until after studying a number of different facets of 9/11. However, the insider trading on 9/11 stands out to me as something that is THE MOST SUSPICIOUS activity that happened around 9/11.

Why? Because whomever placed these stock option puts on both American and United Airlines, would have clearly had to have had advanced knowledge of the exact two planes that would be reported to have flown into the World Trade Center buildings. Some of these trades were made as early as August 6th... over a month and a couple of days BEFORE the events of 9/11.

Watch these upcoming videos and see for yourself.



9/11 Insider Trading: ABC

Reviewing what we have just seen...

The first film that I posted, forces you to see the official story in its entirety where you are having to see the full scope of what happened throughout a ten year period, in under less than five minutes.

The second series of videos show the explosive cutter charges cascading down the buildings -- leading you to believe that these buildings were a part of a controlled demolition designed to explode the buildings.

The third series of videos covers the fact that you have eye witnesses which saw the events unfolding and gave their unedited first responses... without any tele-prompters, and without someone handing them a script placing words in their mouth. (They each use the term "explosives" and say sounds that sound like a bomb, such as "boom boom boom boom").

The fourth video shows the fact that the plane that hit the Twin Tower was not even the same color as the two suspected airlines (American and United). The google links give you a very clear idea of what these planes look like, and the plane that struck the building is not even in the same ballpark with the commercial airlines planes, logo designs, colors, and does not even have commercial grade passenger windows.

Why are the American and United Airlines Planes so significant? Because this was what was released as "the Official Story of 9/11". Whomever planned this "story" was able to identify the very two (2) planes that would supposedly fly into the World Trade Centers on 9/11. The stock option puts were placed as early as August 6th... over a month and a couple of days prior to the events of 9/11. Over 15 Billion (BILLION) dollars were made off these "insider trades".

The Next Couple of Films Focus on More of the Details of 9/11 that Conflict with the Official Story of 9/11

There were several reasons why I chose these particular films for this article. The main reason that I chose this first film was because I really liked the video footage of the family members from 9/11 speaking up and stating that it was important to investigate the events that happened surrounding building #7 and the Twin Towers. I also like the fact that this film showed video footage of many different camera angles which give you a perspective of seeing the explosive nature of the buildings as they collapsed at almost free-fall speed.

This has some important interviews with eyewitnesses. There is a lot of information on this film.

This film also has some great film clips which tell "more of the story" than what we actually heard in the official story of 9/11. This also shows the subtle differences between a controlled demolition and other forms of explosions and building collapses.


The second film starts with the information about the vans that were coming and going early in the mornings before the 3rd of September. It also goes into the fact that there were numerous auditory recordings and videos stating that bombs were going off in the buildings. It also has interview and audio recordings of the people who were experiencing the bombs in the lower levels of the Twin Towers far removed from the fires that were happening floors above due to the airplanes colliding into the buildings.

It goes into more detail on the nano thermite and other explosives. The video footage is very clear. One clip shows the steel girders which were found impaled in a building over two football fields away from the towers. Fire doesn't do this, guys. This happened due to an explosion.

Occupation: 9/11 Reality (Full Movie) [Movie Shows a Number of Camera Angles of the WTC Buildings on 9/11]

It is Comforting to Know that Others Question the Events of 9/11 Also...

Whew!!! What a relief it was to finally find some other people who also questioned the events of 9/11. This is fairly isolating information at first, because it runs counter to what the general consensus has been.

There are over 1400 Architects and Engineers who also question some of the events of 9/11. Richard Gage AI, created the group Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. His group has a website which features all of the technical aspects of "why" this story should require a more thorough investigation into the events of 9/11.

Building #7 Holds the Key: This Video Has a Number of Professional Architects and Engineers Questioning the Official Story of 9/11

Short News Clip Featuring Richard Gage: Head of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (Reasons he feels 9/11 should be investigated further)

Richard Gage AIA - Head of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth - 10 minute speech

Richard Gage AIA - Experts Speak Out (Full Length Documentary Film with Interviews with Architects and Engineers that Question the Official Story of 9/11)

Demolition Technician Speaks on the Implosion of 9/11

Questioning the "Official Story" Reported By The Media

In beginning any investigating into the many events of 9/11 -- it is imperative to sort "Fact" from "Fiction".

What parts of the official media story were spoon fed to us by BEFORE a proper investigation could be conducted to positively, without a doubt, give us rock solid evidence that this indeed "IS a Fact"?

The sheer speed with which the events were unraveling has made me question the "official story" that was reported to us by our news sources. [ How on God's green earth could all of the pieces have been pulled together THAT F-A-S-T?]

What REALLY Happened That Day?

If I were playing Nancy Drew, and were following my initial hunches, I couldn't help but look at the many unbelievable details of the original story of 9/11 and examine what happened that very day.


What more could they have packed into a day, than what played out all within a mere 12 hour time frame?

How Questioning the Official Story of 9-11 Led Me To Believe That There Should be a FULL INVESTIGATION

[Is it just me? Or - is this story completely "OVER THE TOP"?]


The Synopsis:

Allow me to recap the laundry list of events that I remember unraveling on the news that day. (This list may be slightly out of order, so forgive me... but these were the events as I remember them playing out that day.)

[Keep in mind: I'm not making light of the situation, I'm just trying to state this in an unemotional way where I can allow you to see what a ridiculous story this whole thing is!]


Here we go:

* An airplane hit one of the World Trade Center Towers (What a bozo! Why was this plane flying this close to the city?)*

* Frantic footage of people on the streets of NYC shocked by the events (1st impression, doesn't this look exactly like the extras on a Batman or Superman film pointing up to the sky watching to see what horrendous crime a villain just committed?)*

* A second airplane flew into the other tower at The World Trade Center (Oops, this first plane was NOT just a random bozo who couldn't fly... Something is SERIOUSLY "UP"!)*

* Thousands of people were running for their lives to escape the buildings*

* Hundreds of people trapped in the upper stories of the World Trade Center Buildings making the choice to jump to their deaths or to be engulfed by flames*

* First Response Firemen, Policemen, etc. are called in to rescue people and manage the situation*

* Camera positions zero in and allowed you to see "the jumpers" *

* The South Tower falls*

* Frantic video footage of people's reactions to the events*

* Random interviews with people on the street who appear to be calm, even though others around them are running for their lives.*

* The North Tower falls*

* More random interviews with people on the city streets, again -- people frantically racing for their lives while a couple of people stop to "chat it up" with the interview cameras while appearing to remain as "cool as a cucumber"*

* A story emerges that terrorists on planes hijacked the planes full of people who fought hijackers with box cutters (Huh? How did these guys manage to sneak by airport security with box cutters, I can't even carry toenail clippers without having security take them out of my carry on?)*

* The Pentagon was hit by a plane*

* Another plane landed in a field (speculation was made that this plane was probably going after another major target like the White House or Statue of Liberty)*

* Story about cell phone calls to loved ones telling them bye (my cell never works on a plane, what service do they have? Sign me up!)*

* President Bush at an Elementary School listening to a story about a pet goat (why does this NOT surprise me?). Video camera later captures one of his secret service guys whispering in his ear two separate times. Rather than dashing for his life, George W. stays for a photo opportunity*

* Newscast interviews with key people who were already announcing how the buildings fell and who was involved in this terrorist plot (lucky for us, this story came together quickly enough to help us sleep better that night)*

* Building #7 (that housed the NYC Mayor's office, FBI, and CIA offices) plummeted to the ground in less than 7 seconds flat*

* Terrorist pictures already appearing on national TV identifying the guilty terrorists involved*

* Images of a terrorist group hanging out in the back caves of Afghanistan wearing checkered towels on their heads planning the entire story that played out that day (Send in the Navy Seal Sniper Team AND The Fashion Police! STAT!!!)*

* Images of the alleged terrorists groups doing random military type exercises*

* ALL USA airplanes were completely grounded. People were stuck in Airports all over the country waiting to fly home, to business meetings, etc.*

* Video footage shown of the throngs of people in the Middle East celebrating what had happened*

* President Bush arriving back at the White House (if he were really convinced that we were under a REAL Terrorist Attack, don't you think that he could have splurged on a hotel room that evening?-- The LAST place that I would have wanted to be, would have been at the White House, possibly a prime target for another random "Terrorist Attack").*


How crazy is this?

All of this was just so surreal!!! I mean, can you imagine all of the information that we were bombarded with in less than 12 hours? Each one of these major events could be a news story that ran for a complete month or more on their own, but on this particular day-- we were slammed with all of this information!!!

Mind Blowing!!!

Lucky for us, information was "planted" in our news stories that immediately gave us the answer to "who dun it"!!!




Within less than 8 Hours, they were already pointing the finger to Bin Laden, showing pictures of the terrorists who boarded the planes, they had already determining that the jet fuel had caused the buildings to collapse, blah blah blah blahhhhhhhh.

How did they manage to come up with this whole scenario -- THIS F- A - S -T ???

(Hello!!!???... this was the first clue that this whole thing was possibly completely "contrived". There were just too many "coincidences".)

Could this have been, possibly, (hmmmmmmmmmm) STAGED???

While people are in a state of panic, this guy chats it up with the news team. Is This Guy "Planting" the Story that "the buildings collapsed due to fire"?

Media Story Unraveling At Record Rate...

The very fact that all of this "story" was manufactured SOOOOOOOO FAST, is a true indication that we were being spoon fed an elaborately crafted fabrication.

UNBELIEVABLE: The News Is Unraveling SO FAST that THREE Separate News Teams Announced the Collapse of Building #7 BEFORE It Comes Down!

WAIT A MINUTE: Are you telling me that Fox News, the BBC, and MSNBC announced the collapse of Building 7 BEFORE IT FELL?




Holy Cow!!!

Well, this is just sheer "Luck"... or these reporters must be our Psychic Friends!

How did they know that Building #7 was going to Fall?


Could they have been handed a script and this message was recorded BEFORE they realized that they had goofed?


Smoke BEFORE the building collapses? Check out this upcoming video... there is smoke BEFORE the building falls down. Folks, this can ONLY be a "Controlled Demolition"!

Jane Standley Announces Building #7 Collapsing BEFORE the Building Actually Collapsed

News Reporter States "That is the building that is going to go down next"

Psychic News Casts?: Building #7 Holds the Key To Many Mysteries on 9/11

There were three separate news cast announcements which all happened BEFORE building #7 fell to the ground. How did each of these three separate news casters KNOW that Building #7 was going to plummet BEFORE the building actually fell?

Hmmmmmm.... could this have been "a controlled demolition"?

Yeah!!! Looks like it!


To confirm this, let's listen to what Larry Silverstein (the owner of the three buildings that collapsed on 9/11) had to say...

Building #7 Holds a Number of Keys to the Mysteries of 9/11

Building #7 Holds a Number of Suspicious Keys to the Events of 9/11: Larry Silverstein's Interview: Used the Phrase "Pull It"

This was a video that I stumbled across after exploring the footage of Building #7.

Larry Silverstein was the new owner of the World Trade Center complex who had just taken out an extensive multi billion dollar insurance policy on the twin towers buildings. (He owned all three buildings that fell that day).

According to a number of sources, Silverstein had a regular business meeting at the top of the World Trade Center building for breakfast every morning without fail. Amazingly, on 9/11-- he did not arrive for his standard breakfast, but instead had a doctors appointment.


I watched this video several times and each time I saw it, I was a bit suspicious of the words that he used. He states very clearly that he gave the orders to "Pull It"-- which are specialized words used in controlled demolitions that mean to go ahead and demolition the building.

He doesn't mix words here. He is very clear.

"Pull it!"

(Listen for yourself.)

The day of 9/11: Unique stories emerged

This day was packed with so many unbelievable incidents that it has taken over 10 years for some of these stories to emerge in a way where you can see the many different facets of what actually played out that day.

Here are some upcoming videos that delve into stories which were not that well covered on 9/11, but began emerging on the internet... or I was referred to them by others who were delving into the research of 9/11.

Dancing Israelis on 9/11: Arrested that day but released

9/11 WTC: Biggest Gold Heist in History -- $300 Billion in Bars

911 - Hollow Towers Part 1

911 - Hollow Towers Part 2

911 - Hollow Towers Part 3

Video Shows Unique Helicopter Activity: Original Footage

The Marriott Hotel was Demolished with the Fall of the World Trade Center Towers

Nine hundred and forty guests were checked in at the Marriott Hotel which was located across the street from the World Trade Center buildings. This upcoming video is a documentary on the different stories that were recorded on this documentary video.

Documentary "The 9/11 Hotel": Marriott Hotel Which was Demolished as a Result of the Twin Towers Collapsing Part 1

Similarities Between the Oklahoma City Bombing and the Events of 9/11

I had not really delved into the events of the Oklahoma City bombing until seeing the new documentary that was recently released called "The Nobel Lie".

This documentary gives some amazing parallels of what actually happened to the "Official Story of the Oklahoma City Bombing" as compared with the "Official Story of 9/11". When I saw this film, I was really shocked by the many ways the national news changed the original story that the local news stations were reporting in Oklahoma.

I strongly feel that every American should see this.

Notice the Parallels of the Oklahoma City Bombing and the Events of 9/11: "The Nobel Truth" Documentary Trailer About the Events of the Oklahoma City Bombing

Truth World News - 9/11 Ripple Effect Part 1

Truth TV World News- 9/11 Ripple Effect: Part 2

The Videos That Convinced Me that This Story Deserves a FULL INVESTIGATION...

After several years of researching this topic, these are the best video sources that I have found on this topic. Each of these three people have dedicated a great portion of their lives to seeking the TRUTH of 9/11, and reporting it to the best of their ability.

David Ray Griffin does a fabulous job of listing the key discrepancies with the official story and the events that actually played out that day.

Richard Gage goes into his information from the architecture and engineering perspectives.

Dr. Judy Woods questions the way in which the buildings fell, the cars that appeared to be "toasted".

All three of these videos go into much more analysis of why there is reasonable doubt that the events of 9/11 played out as they were announced on our news stations.


Grab some popcorn and your beverage of choice! Some of these are longer than others, but each video stands on its own with convincing material which has led me to the point where I am questioning the official story of 9/11.

David Ray Griffin: Separates The Myth and the Reality of 9/11

Richard Gage Blueprint for Truth: (Full Length)

Hutchison Effect: Interview with Dr. Judy Woods

Video Discussion of Explosives Used to Collapse Buildings

Pentagon Plane Crash: Where Did the Wings Go?

Remember watching the old Herman the Munster shows? Do you remember how he would walk through a wall and would EVEN leave a clear outline of his body and the bolts in his neck? This seems to be so elementary, but when an object moves through another object-- it will leave its imprint! Right?


The photos are not synchronized with the story here... (what's wrong with this picture?)??? This is a question that has really had me going from the git-go of this whole Pentagon Plane Crash scenario.

The official story says that a plane hit the pentagon. If so, then why do the photos from the Pentagon not show the wing span of the entire plane as it entered the building? The photos that I have seen, (so far) have looked as if there was a missile that struck the building. It left NO WING MARKS on the building, in any form that is detectable by the human eye. (What, did they fold up like a paper airplane?... This is ridiculous!).

Pilots for 9/11 Truth Question the Pentagon Plane Story

Jesse Ventura Pentagon Conspiracy Theory

Pentagon Eyewitness Says She Didn't See Evidence of Plane

General of American Intelligence Questions 9/11 Photos from Pentagon and the Rate in Which the 3 Buildings Fell

CNN Announces that there was No Plane that Hit the Pentagon

Former 9/11 Commissioner Admits Missile Hit the Pentagon

Initial Intuitive Response

The initial feeling that I had while watching the videos haunted me and kept me awake night after night trying to figure out the details of the day that forever changed our American and World History.

No matter how many times I watched the events of 9/11 play out on the TV news channels or videos that I would pull up, I could not forget the initial feeling that I felt that these buildings exploded and turned to dust before my very eyes.

Could the President Have Known About the Events of 9/11 BEFORE They Happened? Let Ted Gunderson, the Previous Head of a Huge FBI Division Answer This

Ted Gunderson openly admits the previous attacks on the World Trade Center involved inside personnel. He goes on to say that he believes that 9/11 was an "Inside Job" based on the history of attacks on the World Trade Center prior to the events of 9/11. He also disclosed the fact that there are a number of other agencies that have the surveillance technology to have tracked such suspected "terrorist activities" and that a great number of people would have known about the events of 9/11 BEFORE they occurred.

When asked if the President would have known about this... (watch the video and see his response).

Ted Gunderson, Previous Head of FBI Admits 9/11 Was An Inside Job

George W. Bush's Speeches Cause Me to Ask Questions

In examining the videos of George W. Bush and analyzing his choice of words and body language, I'm left with this sneaky suspicion that he knew much more about the events of 9/11, than someone who was innocently listening to a goat story in an elementary classroom. He makes some very interesting statements captured on these upcoming videos.

What did he know, before the events of 9/11?

Bush Admits Explosives Used in Buildings on 9/11

What Did Bush Know About the Attack of the World Trade Center? Bush Says That He Saw The Plane Hit the First Building? (Whaaaaaaaat??? -- Wait a Minute!)

Did George W. Have Advanced Knowledge of 9/11?

George W. Addressing Outrageous Conspiracy Theories (Watch his hands. Is he pointing towards himself when he mentions "away from the guilty"?)

9/11 Was the Inciting Incident that Carried the US into Two Overseas Wars

Looking back on the significance of the events of 9/11 and what happened as a result of these "terrorist attacks", the United States quickly became involved in two overseas wars with Afghanistan and Iraq.

Al Qaeda was supposedly hiding out in the back hills of Afghanistan so I understood why we may have ventured into that particular country... but the attacks on Iraq left me scratching my head, particularly after investigating the video tapes by both Bush and Cheney where they both admit that Iraq had nothing to do with the events of 9/11.

This is when it becomes valuable to review historical videos where both parties can be held accountable for their exact wording on these comments.

With all due respect, let President Bush and Vice President Cheney explain this, in their own words. (I couldn't make this stuff up, they actually say this with their own mouth and voice)...

President George W. Bush Admits that Iraq Had NOTHING to do with 9/11

Vice President Cheney Admits That 9/11 and Iraq Have No Links

Cheney & Bush Asked Tom Daschle NOT to Investigate 9/11 AT ALL: Senatore Tom Daschle Majority Leader Leads Press Conference Meeting

But, What About Al-Qaeda?

Well, it would certainly be worth your time to watch each of these four upcoming videos, which explain that the United States basically created Al-Qaeda.

The first video goes into more of an in-depth explanation of this. The videos with Hillary explain this in her own words.

CIA Agent Explains How Al-Qaeda Doesn't Exist

Hillary Clinton Explains that the USA Created Al-Qaeda

9/11 Is Still a Sensitive Subject, But Should Be Thoroughly Investigated

Due to the sensitive emotional context of this story, there are many questions and details of the events of 9/11 which have been left unanswered. Our country has not been allowed to officially "question" this topic in a professional investigation.


This is a VERY Tough Subject to Bring Up Without Ruffling Feathers:

When I have mentioned this topic in social circles and internet chat threads -- many people immediately jump to the conclusions that this is a story that should NOT be discussed or reopened. They almost "put you on a guilt trip" for even bringing the subject up, acting as if you are irreverent and claiming that you are offending and hurting the feelings of the families and loved ones who were lost that day. But it is my belief that if I were one of the people who had died in that catastrophe, my soul would not rest easy until there was an extensive investigation into the events that led up to 9/11, and what played out that entire day.

I am writing this from the perspective to honor those that lost their lives in the events that played out on 9/11. It is my wish that there should be an official investigation into everything that happened.


Lets face it, this was a tremendously painful day that has managed to shape our entire world history. Let us not forget that this event was the incident that led us into two overseas Wars as well as bringing about the Patriot Act (where our internet and phone lines are being scrutinized by Homeland Security Specialists) and completely new airport security measures which now turn a random plane boarding into an "Almost Sexually Explicit Fondling Encounter" that the majority of modest and conservative people would not even encounter on a 2nd or 3rd date!

Financially, this event has cost Americans billions of dollars. It will take decades to recover from the financial aspects of this major catastrophe. Not to mention the whole "Feng Shui" of having these buildings plummet smack dab in the middle of the American's Greatest Financial District!

As far as the initial reports of the NIST Investigation, according to my sources -- the investigation that they conducted only led up to the events that happened BEFORE the collapse of the buildings. It never considered the reasons why the buildings fell so fast. This leaves a LOT of the case to be investigated further.

Psychologists Interviewed on 9/11 Truth Denial By the Public

The Ash Experiment: People Conform to the Group

As you can see by the video, this experiment shows that people will eventually conform to the group that they are around, even though they may believe otherwise.

This is important when considering the "Official Story of 9/11" because a number of people may go along with this story simply based on group think... rather than standing firm to their own initial hunches and opinions.

The Ash Experiment Psychology Test: Group Conformity Test Confirms How People Buy Into "The Official Story of 9/11"

Documentary Film: 9/11 Truth: The Elephant in the Room - (Full Movie)

If You Question Why I'm Questioning the Official Story of 9/11... Look at the MANY Ways that 9/11 Changed Our Lives...

Why am I questioning the "Official Story of 9/11"? Because I've seen an entire "transformation" of the American way of life after this event took place. Many of these changes are direct result of the fear of outside terrorism which was reported in the official story of 9/11.

(This upcoming video features a number of different newscast presentations on the many ways that Americans have lost their freedoms which were held before the events of 9/11. I have not had time to fully research the "Anonymous Movement"-- so I don't condone the last comments on this video... but feel that the newscast comments are worth watching because they address the full scope of the freedoms that have been given up by Americans since the events of 9/11).

The Many Ways that 9/11 Has Changed Our Way of Life...

There Are a Number of Unanswered Questions About the Events of 9/11

Without a formal investigation into the events of 9/11, we are left wondering if the reports that were first documented by our media were indeed "Fact"-- or merely "Fiction".

Architectural and Engineering Experts Request a Full Investigation

This Deserves a FULL Investigation

9/11 stands as one of THOSE days that will always bring up a number of complicated questions. It is a subject that continues to bring up question after question. The more that I have researched this topic, the more I find different research rabbit holes that need to be explored. It is a truly extensive and intriguing topic.

How can they let this go-- without doing a full investigation?

This defies all common logic!


We knew enough to go to war, but never went to court.

[How can this be?]

Who Cares About 9/11? (Sonia with The Truther Girls shares that 37% of people want a Reinvestigation into the Events of 9/11)

Questioning the Whole Bin Laden Death Story...

At least they are not waiting several years later to begin raising all of the many contradictory details of the "official story" of the Bin Laden death.


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    • ArtzGirl profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from San Diego

      Thanks for your input. I appreciate you taking the time to look at the videos that I have been researching for years and for reading my hub page.

      I agree with your comments on slant and truth. I feel that the official story of 9/11 unraveled so quickly that day that it would be utterly ridiculous to come to the major conclusions that they were announcing within a few short hours of the events. If nothing else makes you suspicious of this news coverage, than the sheer speed with which this story unraveled, should raise your radar.

    • conradofontanilla profile image


      7 years ago from Philippines


      I am not finished going through your Hub yet but I am posting a comment now. I will do it in installments as I will with your untiresome Hub.

      I am a journalist who was also an editor of a news agency churning out over 300 news stories and features in six hours. I am familiar with slant or perspective.

      There is slant but there is truth, these two are different. Both are constructs but done differently. Our knowledge of the external world is a construct, according to Bertrand Russell, a Nobel Prize winner in Literature (Philosophy) who was also a mathematician. When you look at a table you see only one side, which corresponds to a slant in journalism. But you assume that the other side is the same as the one you are now seeing. That's a construct. The difference between a slant and truth is that the latter is verifiable by other persons. Truth is the test in science. The slant is a test in journalism. Now, a journalist can also do science as you are doing with your videos of 9/11. That is what I am doing in the field of medicine. I am not a medical doctor but I can do science on the medical field. I have read of contrived stories before for big events like the Pearl Harbor and the passenger ship Luisitania affair. At least the Pearl Harbor is true that was allowed to happen with the Japanese as perpetrators to bring the U.S. into WWII. You can review another story of a jumbo jet downed over North Korea that killed all passengers including the president of a Birch Tree Society which is not a milk maker. The affair was of course blamed on North Korea.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      re the lying gormless shill "albury smith"

      as evidenced by his inordinate amount of official spin regurgitation, ( a quick google for albury smith 911 will show a history of his commenting on every blog concerning 911, posting the same lies, distortions and obfuscations ad nauseam, 24/7 ) this shows that he is either paid to do this or has severe mental disabilities, as pointed out by most everyone who has the misfortune to have ever crossed paths with the unflushable turd, and is as obvious as is the explosive destruction of the 3 towers that day.

      the only people who would argue against a transparent, unfettered independent investigation into the events of 911 are those with a vested interest in supressing the truth.

      there is irefutable evidence that the events of 911 did not happen as we are being told,as you have posted...

      but despite that, and despite not being asked, albury will continue to offer his unqualified, anonymous opinion, as if he is some sort of final arbiter of truth, in relation to ANYTHING to do with 911. a self proclaimed expert..

      its so pathetic, if it wasn't for the fact that on the backs of the lies of that fateful day, hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and children have been killed, civil and constitutional rights have been shredded, and the world has been subjected to a never ending war of terror, it would be funny.

      This video puts to rest ALL of alburys arguments and shows exactly why 911 needs a proper investigation.

      Professor Daniele Ganser (Switzerland) – 10 Years After 9/11 The Official Account Does Not Add Up

    • ArtzGirl profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from San Diego


      I hear you. I actually like George W. Bush, for the most part. I feel that he would have been a perfect character on Sat. Nite Live (although can't admit that I ever voted for him for President). I actually miss seeing him on the TV making appearances.

      You are right, he seems innocent... too naïve to have pulled anything like this off. But I'm confused by his words.

      I have never accused him of anything-- but feel that he was trying to get some sort of message across with his video-taped wording in the quotes above. I would like to think that he didn't have a part in all of this, but I'm concerned about his wording of knowing about "operatives" that were involved with the explosives that pulled down the buildings. What was he talking about? It appears as if he's talking about the buildings on 9/11 (what else could this be?).

      I just feel that it is interesting to see the video tapes on all of this story. With my background in advertising and marketing, I found it very interesting to pull the video tapes available on youtube and see what each party had to say about this issue.

      I pray that in my lifetime, I'm able to find out what actually happened. This has kept me awake for 10 1/2 years now. I hope to be able to finally know the truth... and find the parties that were actually involved in this whole plot.

      The most interesting thing are the video links that they keep pulling.

      Just today-- someone pulled the video on the insider trading information -- apparently it could be bad to have that type of information leaking to the public. Heaven knows that the press has done their job in trying to create a lot of confusion around this entire story.

      When they "pull" a video-- it seems to indicate to me that 'they" are covering their tracks. That they know that there is something worthwhile in what they have just pulled.

      For this very reason, I feel that it is very important to look at all of the insider trading that happened in this particular case. There is definitely something that someone is trying to hide with this. "What"... I don't know. But the truth will eventually leak.

      They can pull all of the youtube videos that they want, but people will always find "the Truth"! And well-- they should!

    • profile image

      Jason King 

      7 years ago

      Funny how the same people who claim George Bush was too dumb to tie his own shoelaces turn around and say he was brilliant enough to pull this off.

    • ArtzGirl profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from San Diego

      Thanks for your compliments --Truth Please,

      That 5 minute film on all of the "COINCIDENCES" OF 9/11, really stands out to me as one of the best reasons to question the official story of 9/11. That, and the fact that two US Presidents gave formal speeches announcing that people should NOT question the official story of 9/11 and just take it like it was reported! Who are they kidding?

      If they had have at least used basic psychology level 101, they would have known better than to say "Don't question the events of 9/11"... because they have now set up the ultimate challenge to question the official story.

      It's like telling a kid to not play in the water sprinklers. The minute that the parents leave the kids with a babysitter of any kind, the kids going to go running naked through the water sprinklers... for sure!


      Yes, I hear you on the Richard Gage comment. You are right, a great number of architects and engineers have come forward to share their doubt that three steel framed buildings fell due to a fire.


      The NIST investigation left off the investigation at the point where the buildings collapsed. Not once, did they even bring up "how" the buildings fell... and "why". That was a huge component to the whole story of 9/11.

      This was a mediocre attempt at an investigation just to appease the public and "act" like they cared enough to get to the bottom of what happened. It was a set up. Too many people were too close to the Bush Administration to have given that investigation a truthful shot.

    • Truth Please profile image

      Truth Please 

      7 years ago from Inside Your Head

      Very nice article. That first video was keen. Thanks. I needed that.

      @Albury - The NIST investigation was a sham. They either deliberately lied, or information was withheld from them.

      It's not just Richard Gage's observations either. There are over 1,300 architects and engineers that doubt the official story and growing.

      It's a shame that some can't see the forest because they are hung up on a damn tree branch.

    • ArtzGirl profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from San Diego


      Here is the mind-blowing article with the very detailed radio shows which question a number of different key details that the media NEVER discussed.

    • ArtzGirl profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from San Diego


      Yes, I agree with you. A number of people are afraid to talk about the events of 9/11. But I've found that more recently, particularly after the 10th Anniversary of 9/11... people are starting to carry on more in-depth conversations about the details that they have questioned. The week of the Anniversary, on several occasions-- I would be at a restaurant or coffee shop and people would be having an open dialogue of the many details that just didn't add up-- and just didn't make sense.

      The more that I have researched this topic, the more interesting it has become. I just posted a new article with radio show links it it. It is now posted in this article- and gives mind-blowing information on the fact that the twin towers may have been vacated and gutted prior to the 9/11 incidents. The radio show brings up a number of unusual occurrences which the press has not even touched upon. I haven't had a chance to listen to all of the radio show links in that article, but the first one that I heard was pretty mind blowing.

      Thanks for reading the article! I appreciate your comments! I will continue to add links and videos as I find them. I feel that I owe my readers the opportunity to examine the many details that I feel have been avoided by our media!

    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image


      7 years ago

      ArtzGirl, Even now, years after the event, it seems that the people are afraid to talk about what happened. They are even afraid to admit that it could have happened differently from what was reported. More and more happenings of 9/11 are coming to light, that were not reported or known before, so there is a real possibility that more will surface in the future. If we were to document all the impossibilities and physical truths, we would see that the media lied and keeps lying. Thank you so much for a totally great and fantastic hub and information!!!!

    • ArtzGirl profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from San Diego

      Laurens, you bring up a very good question about the cell phone reception. There are a lot of questions surrounding this that we may never really know or find out. It is a huge "mystery"... for sure.

      I had not heard about the shoes being burned by the concrete of the rubble. Yes, jet fuel would not be burning hot enough to have done that.

      You may be right about the cashless society. I have studied Feng Shui for a number of years and when the buildings fell, it was a huge "Sign", if you just look at it from the perspective of the location of the buildings, its proximity to one of the largest financial districts in the world.

      My theory on the people who may "know secrets". After a lot of research into the chemtrail phenomena-- I wouldn't be at all surprised if these people were not "mind controlled" where their "alternate" actually planted the explosives-- and their REAL Self was completely unaware that this even happened.

      If someone were going to talk about this, it would have already happened. I think that they are using technologies WAYYYYYYY above the average person's consciousness to pull this whole thing off.

      Most people will not even question the official story, but as an artist-- I saw what I saw. There's no way that these buildings fell due to a fire.

    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image


      8 years ago

      During the 9-11 year, I traveled from Pittsburg to Scranton, Pa. by car. When I left Pittsburg to almost to Scranton, there was almost NO cell phone reception. How did a plane going 300-500 miles an hour have cell phone service? Also, I talked to a lady that said that she supplied shoes for the ground zero workers. She said that the people's soles of their shoes had been burned by the concrete of the rubble. How did the jet fuel create this much heat. It would take a massive amounts of heat. I remember people waving out the hole of the building where one of the jets had crashed into the building, so there could not have been that much heat generated. I thank you for such a great article. This article if fantastic!! For me, I think that this was a warning to fall in line with the cashless society. At this time, the other countries, like Japan, had already gone about 95% cashless. Another interesting fact is that Pittsburgh paper had an article about "site R" right after the other jet went down. President Bush was flying around saying that "Chaney was safe, in an underground bunker". Site R was supposed to be that bunker. I also heard that the chemtrails did not stop during this 9/11 time when the only planes that could not fly was the military aircraft. There are thousands of people that know what is going on and have the secrets that should be told. They should COME FORTH now and not take their immoral secrets to the grave. AGAIN, THANK YOU FOR YOUR RESEARCH AND YOUR COURAGE TO COME FORWARD! FANTASTIC HUB !!

    • smileNtherFACES profile image


      8 years ago from Mid Cali


      "AMEN" - Is all I can add to what you have to say. I cant even think of where to start on the subject of chemtrails, I didn't think much of the trails til an acquaintance mentioned, and described what he had been observing for years. Within a few days I had neckpains and my eyes were sore from deciphering vapor trails from chemtrails, and no doubt- There is a difference... After some research, and I do mean "some" you cant help but start to think something is not right (in my mind "right" is the same as good) with the whole chemtrail thing, what's frustrating is you can never get a solid straight truth about this, or anything like this topic, and if somehow an official, or leader comes forward with truth, a few things will happen- the media crushes it very quickly, you might not even hear about it, or that particular individual ends up being hushed up, or in a fatal accident boating or flying with his or her family "on vacation" or something along those lines. conclusion for me- Its real, and It cant be good. Technology is really much further advanced than the public is lead to believe, without a doubt!!!!. I say that just to mention the holographic theories that surround 911, and chemtrails. Creepy is right. The last thing I wanted say...the Osama Bin Laden story- people were frantically talking and hyping this thing up in my circle of friends and aquiantances, In my mind the whole time I was saying "yea right he was dead along time ago, or hes livin it up LARGE and in charge somewhere. Then I ask myself was their even a Bin Laden?"

    • ArtzGirl profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from San Diego


      I totally agree with you. Yes-- the wool is being pulled over America's Eyes.

      What better can prove this, than the 2 recent televised issues of Obama's Birth Certificate questions-- and the recent news that Bin Laden was killed (when there are numerous youtubes that have statements by people that Bin Laden was dead years ago).

      I almost feel that both news stories are some form of "Red Herring". Watch "this" -- while I get away with "this" (something far darker than the first story that they want you to see) behind your back.

      I don't have a good hunch about it. We are living in very unusual times. Technology has stepped into a very creepy zone. There are so many things going on behind American's eyes that are NOT being reported on the news.

      The Chemtrail Issues and the fact that I approached 2 local televisions to report the chemtrail attacks in San Diego, but both claimed that that was an issue that they could NOT report on.... was the thing that tipped me off that we are being seriously "set up".

      Americans are lazy. It's a rare person that "does their homework" to find out any other details than is reported to them on their news stations.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Wrong (first) link posted here; this should work:

      C & P entire URL, or search RK Owens no free-fall video on YouTube

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I think it's time to investigate some of the bizarre and absurd claims made by Richard Gage, not the three WTC hi-rise collapses on 9/11, since they've already been thoroughly investigated by much more qualified, competent, and honest people. The NIST scientists and engineers were only able to time the top 18 stories, or 242', of the collapse of WTC 7's facade, and determined that it took 5.4 seconds, yet Gage and others in the 9/11 "truth movement" claim that the entire 610' collapse only took ~6.5 seconds. Did the other 368' fall in just over 1 second? How is he even able to give us a time to the nearest 1/10 of a second for the entire collapse when NIST couldn't because buildings in the foreground blocked the view of video cameras?

      How can he claim that the towers nearly free fell when the loose, airborne debris from their upper stories was obviously falling much faster than the collapse zones, and began hitting the ground while at least 40 stories in each one were still intact? The North Tower was only down to the height of WTC 7 when debris from the upper stories first hit the ground. Was g miraculously increased on 9/11? They fell in ~15 and ~22 seconds respectively, nowhere near the ~9.25 seconds that free fall would have taken:

      yet he begins every presentation with his near free-fall claim. He's also claimed that the dust clouds from the collapses were "pyroclastic," but there are no reports of anyone's skin being instantly peeled off, and he's claimed that the fires in WTC 7 were minor, totally contradicting these NYC eyewitnesses:

      How could his claim that 400,000 yards of concrete were turned to fine powder be true, when there was less than 100,000 yards of concrete above grade in both towers combined? Does he know how to turn 400,000 yards of concrete to fine powder with explosives without leveling NYC?

      Has he ever seen a controlled demolition that left molten metal in the debris for months? Has he ever seen one that didn't leave even one explosively-cut column in the debris? Since he claims that explosives were planted in the core columns to start the collapses, and that it was done from elevator shafts, has he even looked a floor plan of the cores above the 78th floor sky lobby? There were only 6 regular elevators above there, plus a freight and 2 express elevators, and they were only near 6 of the 47 core columns. Several of those were in the paths of the planes, and the perimeter columns collapsed first, so he's not even making sense, especially considering the fact that 30 or more stories of core framing stood 15-25 seconds after each tower's main collapse was over.

      We should investigate the nonsense coming from Richard Gage, as well as his "engineers."

    • smileNtherFACES profile image


      8 years ago from Mid Cali

      America......"WAKE-UP" THE WOOL IS BEING PULLED OVER OUR EYES, less tv, more physical activities....get outside, think for yourselves. Dont be turned into a non thinking zombie.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

    • Thatguypk profile image


      8 years ago

      A most thought provoking hub. Or at least it should be, to those who haven't already begun to question the evidence of 9/11.

      And why was Bin Laden silenced, instead of being taken alive???

    • ArtzGirl profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from San Diego

      Here's the guy that has a complete DOCTORATE in all of the details of 9/11. Check this video out--


    • ArtzGirl profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from San Diego

      Thank you for your comment, Hinazille!

      Did you get a chance to see the David Ray Griffin Video that I posted?

      Wow, his investigation into this topic is worthy of a Doctoral Degree! Whew!!!


      I've seen dozens of videos on this topic, I hope you get a chance to see a few of these, if not all! It is an amazing subject, worthy of study!

    • hinazille profile image


      8 years ago from Planet Earth

      very thorough analysis ArtzGirl you covered almost every point i can think of which needs to be addressed...the fact of the matter is though that this was a gruesomely genius plot on behalf of the planners of this atrocity | they counted on peoples emotions clouding their judgment and blinding them to the truth...

      the other thing is that if people accept that it was in fact not terrorists hiding out in caves in the middle east and asia that were responsible, but the american government themselves had a hand in it, they must also come to terms with the fact that the very constituion that is supposed to be protecting them is causing them serious harm...which is ultimately hard to acknowledge for anybody..

      i just pray that more people become aware of this so that they can be better prepared to deal with life.

      overall, a great hub!!


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