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Ron Paul the Modern Day Nostradamus

Updated on April 1, 2012

Ron Paul is considered a crazy old man who is out o touch by most people in the political world. Actually he is considered crazy by most peoples in general. This seems like a rather strange concept considering the accuracy of his predictions over the years. The man has told us over and over what will happen, why it will happen and how it will happen.

Now lets look at a few of his predictions and I will add articles or youtube information to verify my points.

Ron Paul predicted the Housing Bubble

Ron Paul predicted the budget crisis

Ron Paul predicted where Osama Bin Laden was

Ron Paul told America Iran is not an imminent threat

Ron Paul predicted Obama would be failure

Ron Paul has predicted many of the problems we would face today. He even recommended was to stop the problems from happening. But people did not listen. Now when the country is question things like abortion, birth control and health care policies they ignore the one man running ho was a doctor. At what point will we the people vote an I man who has the answers.


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