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Sign the Petition on the BP Oil Spill

Updated on October 2, 2012

Do your part - send congress a message about this oil spill!

(Authors note added 5-13-2012: The effects of the BP oil spill still continue today. This article however can also be used for educational and historical purposes)

After following the BP oil spill in the Gulf since it began, I've watched as journalists have been repeatedly censored and the mainstream media has been censored. Meanwhile we face the worst ecological and possible doomsday scenario known to man right now - the free flowing oil volcano that has been unleashed courtesy of British Petroleum - right into the Gulf of Mexico.

Despite all the fancy videos and press conferences showing us the magnificent efforts of BP to control the oil spill, we stand by and watch helplessly as tarballs and oils slicks mixed with toxic chemicals invade our coastlines. So toxic that they are killing countless species of wildlife and possibly depleting the oxygen of our wildlife by 75%. Recent reports are saying that the toxic dispersant Corexit is producing dead zones in the gulf, basically suffocating the sea creatures and also making people sick out at sea AND ON LAND.


What's even more disturbing is that some mainstream media have even reported the possible "doomsday" scenario we are facing - and they too are being censored. Not only are we NOT being told the truth but the truth is being deliberately covered up.

Why? Is BP afraid to tell us what's really happening down there? Do they think showing us attempted repairs of the oil leak will lull us into complacency? Do they not realize that there are many of us that have known for weeks that the leak they have been showing us is not the only leak? That we don't know about the possible problems with the seabed floor? In this technological age do they honestly think we are that naive and STUPID?

Growing evidence has shown BP to be woefully inadequate at addressing the mess they have made and I for one don't trust that they even have the capability to clean it up and handle what they've created at this point. When BP starts taking kids ideas for stopping the oil leak it really gives one moment to pause, doesn't it?

If you would like to sign a petition to send to your congressman and emails to your local representatives click on this link here which will enable you to do this. Perhaps together we can put some pressure on our government officials and figure out how to really get this leak addressed!!!

BP buys Google ads for “Seize BP” searches

There is also a grassroots movement gaining momentum that has discovered that BP has also bought ads for such search terms as "seize BP". "Deepwater Horizon" and "Oil Spill" .More about this here. An excerpt from their site:

How outrageous is this? Google “Seize BP” and the first thing you’ll see is a BP ad about its “efforts” to address the Gulf of Mexico crisis. BP is squandering millions of dollars in deceitful self-promotion ads when working families across the Gulf Cost are desperately awaiting compensation and relief. BP also purchased ads for “Deepwater Horizon”, “oil spill” and other search terms. This method of “news management” has become a favorite tool not only of BP but of other corporate criminals when they face a crisis."

Letter to Congress about the BP Gulf Oil Spill

Take Action Against The Oil Disaster Now!

Sign the Petition :5,236 Letters and Emails Sent So Far

Dear Mr. President and Honorable members of the United States Congress:

We, the undersigned, demand that you take the following actions immediately:

Remove British Petroleum (all of its officers and executives) from control of and participation in the response to the current oil disaster at the Deepwater Horizon Well. (Their actions to date have been a travesty: blocking media access; lying; ineptness; criminal negligence, etc)

2- That you order discontinuation of all chemical dispersants immediately. (They are toxic and causing more harm and killing marine life and driving the oil deeper where it can not be recovered)

3- Deploy all available Supertankers to the spill region to begin skimming operations. (Which has been shown to be 85% effective in recapture of oil from ocean waters in spills of this magnitude).

4- Employ any and all means to stop the flow of oil from the damaged well in the most expeditious means possible even if that means detonation and destruction of the well.

5- Indite and prosecute the representatives and executives from BP, Haliburton, and Trans-ocean responsible for this disaster and the negligent response to it.

6- Seize all BP assets in North America and hold them collateral until full restitution is made for the destruction caused by this disaster.

Send your letter to Congress via the Internet HERE

(Dorsi Diaz is a freelance writer/publisher who writes about a variety of topics including political conspiracies, government cover-ups and climate change. Please feel free to join her fan club, make comments here and subscribe to her RRS feed)

Lindsey Williams Talks with Alex Jones About Deadly Gases Leaking from BP Spill 1/9

Poll On BP's response to the Gulf Oil Spill

Do you trust BP's handling of the Gulf Oil Spill?

See results

Poll on the Governments response to the BP Gulf Oil Spill

Do you feel that the United States Governments response to the oil spill has been adequate?

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  • Dorsi profile imageAUTHOR

    Dorsi Diaz 

    7 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    forresttaft) I had heard about the media censorship - I would love it if your friend would come over and give his story here. After watching a documentary on BP the other night I am APPALLED at what BP has been doing, the number of incidents and the number of shortcuts they have taken to save money. It's just mind boggling that they are allowed to continue their oil operations here after such a horrid track record.

  • profile image 

    7 years ago

    BP is such a joke… they should all be arrested along with the US govt. How long ago did they cap the leak? And how many legitimate claims are still “pending” from damages they suffered back in the beginning of the summer? I happen to know three people that were affected directly by BP’s shady PR tactics and manipulation of our laws, one of whom was a journalist who was almost arrested and charged with felonies for taking pictures of oil covered animals near the coast. Not only is it bad enough that thousands of fishers’ lively hoods are ruined for god knows how many years to come, they were paid a pathetic amount of money to clean up BP’s own mess. To add even more insult to injury, BP used Corexit 9527, which contains mainly 2-butoxyethanol, which is very toxic. You wouldn’t have to be a scientist to know that, since in the first week of using it over 70 fisherman ended up at the hospital. Of course if you even inquired about this, I’m sure the govt (which is pretty much owned by oil companies) would deal with you quite quickly, let alone taking pictures of it in an attempt to run a story on it. If you didn’t know already, the govt is doing what they do best… crapping on the 1st amendment: My friend who almost got arrested on felony charges simply went out on a boat into about 30 feet of water and used a water proof cam to photograph one of the many oil plumes forming at the bottom of the surface (which BP vehemently denies). Now here comes the hilarious part. He switched the film in his camera with a blank one in the event they were stopped by police, which they were as soon as they got back to shore. They let him go but still took his name down, and what do you know... later that night, 2 guys wearing black hoodies attempted to break into his house. He caught pics of them on his home security system (he saved the pics… wireless adt system camera break in photos). Hmm, I wonder who paid these guys to break in and what they were after? Definitely not BP or our govt, that’s for sure!

  • Dorsi profile imageAUTHOR

    Dorsi Diaz 

    8 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    Beta_Tron, Hello, hello,mailxpress,ocbill ) Thanks for stopping by and reading. If you looked at the videos of the "reality" and the "lie" it's so shockingly apparent that BP IS NOT CLEANING THE BEACHES 24/7 as they state in their commercial. Or perhaps that is another section?? It makes me mad that the public is not getting the whole story - and yes the methane in the gulf is frighteningly high. Startling in fact and that should be raising tons of red flags.

  • ocbill profile image


    8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

    This news is extremely bad as I hate to see innocent animals suffer and there is no extreme outcry or action by the responsible parties. All they want is profits.

    What's worse is I heard there is a methane gas effect from this too..

    there has never been a oil spill with Ethanol.

  • mailxpress profile image

    Michelle Cesare 

    8 years ago from New York

    What a great hub. I never thought about BP purchasing domain names. I would think that billions of people are doing searches for the keywords. Of course they have to cover everything.

    This isn't the first time I've hear about the media being controlled. It amazes me how the government thinks we are so easy to be fooled.

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 

    8 years ago from London, UK

    Congratulation on such a fantastic idea. I would sign but I live in England. Would I like to know the reason why they let it go on? According to some hub report and it seem somebody who is quite close to the knowledge, is that they are drilling two oilwells and hope they can close the blow-out between it but it is time-consuming.

  • Beta_Tron profile image


    8 years ago from San Francisco

    I agree with every drop of oil in the Golf, BP nor the government has been making any progress that shows us that things need to Change!

    We Need Change!


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