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Silver and Lead

Updated on June 19, 2013

Arming Our Rebels?

Almost every week or weekend, there is some event at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's Farm Show Complex. Many of the events are agricultural in nature; the event that gives the facility its name for example. But there are other events; an equestrian show that has brought Olympians, an automotive exhibition that brings current models and a glimpse into what may be next on the highways, and even two professional sports teams.

One of the other major events is an outdoors show that brings hunters, fishermen and women, archers, campers, etc to see and even try the latest gear. In light of the Newtown Shooting, the organizers decided that weapons similar to those used in the massacre would not be exhibited. Several exhibitors, including the major outdoor outfitter Cabela's, have pulled out, seemingly under orders from the NRA.

Now I can understand that owners of weapons like AR-15s are a valuable niche market to the manufacturers that the NRA is essentially the voice of. But who are the people who make up this niche?

It would seem to me and others that this niche has one goal in mind from their rhetoric. They are not interested in hunting game, or even personal protection. I have no issue with someone having a rifle to hunt animals, or a pistol to target shoot or even protect themselves. These people seem to be reading for a revolt against what they see as a tyranical government. The results of this rhetoric have been seen in such places as Tuscon, Arizona.

But these manufacturers may not mind that they are, in effect, arming America's Insurgents. America has a tradition of doing that; Iran and Iraq, Nicaragua, and Afghanistan come to mind.


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    • TeaPartyCrasher profile image

      TeaPartyCrasher 5 years ago from Camp Hill, PA

      That last sentence might be the most succinct definition if the "Insurrectionist" mindset one could come up with,

    • Patriot Quest profile image

      Wayne Joel Bushong 5 years ago from America

      I can't imagine a profitable sports store caring what the NRA says, nor would I think they would jeopardize stock holders money because of what the NRA thinks, Of course many who subscribe to the NRA certainly patronize their stores so who knows..........regardless there is so much divide in this country that has turned to hate and not simple disagreement, Conservatives believe the left is truly out to destroy their way of life. Liberals believe the right is out to promote the rich and exploit natural resources and holding them back in social evolution. Because of this the right wants weapons that can protect them in case of civil war and possible military action against the citizens.