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Solar Eclipse, New Feminism and Rise of the Omega Man

Updated on May 18, 2016

The Flower of Life on a Cosmic Scale

How can we put esoteric knowledge to practical use, through images?
How can we put esoteric knowledge to practical use, through images? | Source

Solar Eclipse

Don't miss the starting gun to begin your spiritual changes and join in the Ascension process.
Don't miss the starting gun to begin your spiritual changes and join in the Ascension process. | Source

Solar Eclipse

Most of mankind is oblivious to the astronomical, geographical, environmental and even social economical and spiritual changes taking place here on Earth. But more people from all walks of life are awakening to these changes. This article, Solar Eclipse, New Feminism and Rise of the Omega Man will focus on the upcoming changes taking place on The Only Planet of Choice, Gaia.

These changes are important because they help to propel our world into a new paradigm of thinking and reacting to situations that used to baffle me. No longer will I merely accept the tired old rhetoric of accepting everything that is dished out to me - the lies, the propaganda and the deception. Now I question even the most mundane news and information and am learning to look beyond the surface story.

The Solar Eclipse we just experienced was a physical sign of these changes taking place now. What is important to realize is that the Solar Eclipse was like the starting gun of a race signaling the beginning. This beginning is a signal for each individual to let go of all the past negative feelings and emotions that have been holding us back, that have prevented us from starting to change.

The best analogy I can think of is getting in physical shape or beginning a journey in which my own intuitive fear holds me back from starting. Either analogy is apt because both begin with one step. Too often I fear the beginning because I want to experience instant results, this is my conditioned thinking that has taught me to fear failure. I just need to concentrate on setting very small goals, that I know I can achieve, this will subconsciously inspire confidence in attaining results. The important part of creating new habits is to put yourself in a position to succeed, to do this requires practice, one day at a time or even one hour at a time.

To begin the changes I want, I must first clear some room for them to exist in my heart, my mind and my brain. So, any and all negative feelings, emotions or habits I wish to remove can be right now, by simply recognizing them. The best way but not the only way to get rid of them, is to write them all down on a sheet of paper, so I can hold it in my hand. I must be sure to be thorough, as I know that I'm my own worst critic, so I won't hold back.

Once I have completed this task and let's face it recognizing my own character defects doesn't take long because even subconsciously I am aware of them, now I must remove them. This is the point most of us fear but let me tell you this maybe the easiest part. Fifteen minutes of meditation will begin the process of removing these character defects and I will assure you right now, that you will feel instant results, if you try it yourself

For those of you that don't like reading you can listen to this process at this link but for those that do like reading you can go to this link and scroll down near the bottom and read Activation: Removing the Sleeper Cell.

Although I have done this meditation before, it doesn't matter if I do it again or if this is the first time, it works and just like exercise or beginning a trip, sometimes I won't recognize the results until a day or two later but I will feel better, instantly.

The Solar Eclipse is God's way of signaling to everyone here on Earth that it is time to start the changes that will propel mankind into the New Golden Age and it starts with each and everyone of us. That is the beauty of this new paradigm because it allows each and everyone of us to change the world, one day at a time.

Seed Of Life

The Seed of Life stems from The White Goddess or Divine Feminine and must be reintroduced into our Patriarchal society if we hope to Ascend.
The Seed of Life stems from The White Goddess or Divine Feminine and must be reintroduced into our Patriarchal society if we hope to Ascend. | Source

New Feminism

Feminism has taken on an a most negative aspect within our society due to the radical images that are linked to it, from the days of bra burning in the sixties. This was done on purpose by The Powers That Be to turn people away form supporting this idea and human rights in general. The concept of the Feminist Movement of the 60s was feared by those in control and to prevent it from gaining any traction in our society, it was infiltrated and disrupted from within.

There is now a resurgence of this theme by those of us on our planet that have awakened and recognize the dual nature of our existence. However what still seems to be lacking in our society is how to use this knowledge and understanding in our everyday lives. It is one thing to realize, accept and even embrace this esoteric spiritual knowledge of the divine feminine and quite another to put it to practical everyday use.

I can only speak through experience but accepting this knowledge as the key to evolving my own spiritual being has only just begun. For instance recognizing my character defects was just the first step in introducing changes into my life. Replacing these character defects with more harmonious and balanced thinking and action takes patience and practice.

I introduced these concepts and ideas through thinking and action even though they were foreign to my very nature such as, empathy, compassion, unconditional love and giving. How does the male of our species, that has been conditioned to ignore and suppress the very emotions that all women take for granted and use instinctively, embrace, activate and begin to use on a daily basis ideas and concepts that they don't truly understand or even identify with?

Just as a journey begins with one step, or getting in shape takes practice and using muscles we rarely ever use in our daily lives, so too does using emotions, ideas and concepts that might seem foreign to us. The process began for me by recognizing the aspects of my behavior I found lacking, that I realized I was not good at doing on a daily basis. Below are a list of ideas that I try to practice on a daily basis that in the past I was not good at doing or would even try to do for fear of being considered weak or unmanly.

  • I have learned through experience that giving unconditionally is its own reward. Meaning I now try to give an expect absolutely nothing in return, this is a lot harder than one might think.

  • I now try to put a positive spin on everything although by nature I am a very sarcastic individual to the point of being smug and arrogant.

  • I try to refrain pen and tongue, meaning I try not to respond negatively to situations that used to baffle me and too communication breakdowns, which in the digital age seems all too common.

  • I try to love everyone for exactly whom they are without trying to change their point of view, after all we all learn and grow at different levels and degrees.

  • I try to alter my perception of others character defects and recognize that I am only seeing these defects because I identify them in myself.

  • I try to remember that I can only change my perception of events, others attitudes and information I find unsettling and that I cannot change another persons views, only my own.

  • I try to think how other people feel about information before sharing it with them.

  • I try to introduce concepts, ideas and knowledge that I recognize as true in a manner that will allow others to reach their own conclusions.

  • I try to accept the idea that everyone is intelligent and open minded and that different opinions are more important to gathering knowledge than similar ones.

  • I try to listen honestly without forming preconceived ideas of the information or judging the messenger.

  • I try to accept everyone for exactly who they are, without prejudice.

These are the things I try to do on a daily basis and I can honestly say that I fall short of these ideals constantly. I find myself falling back into old sarcastic behavior, language and habits quite easily . . . and most often I recognize that it is because I'm not thinking before I speak or act. This is usually when I realize that most women in my life and I work with over 300 on a daily basis, just naturally do the things that I have to really try to think about to accomplish.

This why I think that embracing the feminine nature of humanity is so important because all of these ideals are the kinds of things everyone could could benefit from and should practice.

Our Patriarchal society has conditioned the male aspect of our species to consider these ideas and concepts as unworthy and yet clearly when I practiced them on a daily basis my world became a far different place for me to live in. It made me wonder in amazement why an intelligent species would move away from ideas and concepts that would achieve balance and harmony, especially in a world ruled by violence, greed and fear.

The only conclusions I come to is it was and is done on purpose to achieve a measure of control and too manipulate humanity into creating a paradigm based on fear, distrust and ignorance.

Quotes of Note

The world has never yet seen a truly great and virtuous nation because in the degradation of woman the very fountains of life are poisoned at their source. ~Lucretia Mott

We've begun to raise daughters more like sons... but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters. ~Gloria Steinem

History is herstory too. ~Author Unknown

The Omega

The Omega symbol is the last letter of the Greek Alphabet and is defined as the last, end or ultimate limit of a set.
The Omega symbol is the last letter of the Greek Alphabet and is defined as the last, end or ultimate limit of a set. | Source

The Omega Man

Much has been written about the Alpha and Beta male but very little about the Omega, this is done on purpose to prevent humanity from recognizing the importance of the Omega Man. Our Patriarchal society embraces the Alpha and Beta because it categorizes two basic themes that coincide with our current paradigm, the leaders and the followers.

The Omega Man achieves balance between the two, meaning he is a leader willing to follow, and dances to the beat of his own drum. The Omega Man does not require the egotistical confirmation of his peers for his accomplishments. The Omega Man embraces his dualistic nature without the need for recognition or permission.

Our society prefers to label the Omega Man in terms that discredit his true nature, because we intuitively fear what we do not understand. The Omega Man is the next step in the evolution of the male genre of the human species.

I am without a doubt an Omega Man and do not require your acceptance nor approval to justify my existence.

I incarnated on this planet for the specific purpose and supreme responsibility to help alter your antiquated perspective with my unique outlook on life. I am here to plant the seed of truth and knowledge, what you do with the information is your business. I do not require proof, evidence or scientific facts to know the truth.

I have found a way to recognize the truth without the need or justification of proof, evidence or so-called scientific facts. I have learned how to think with my heart, instead of my mind which is easily changed, manipulated and controlled.

The education of America is all the 'evidence' anyone needs to understand and recognize how easy it is for humanity to be brainwashed, manipulated and conditioned. The sad truth is that most of America doesn't even realize they have been conditioned into accepting information that isn't even remotely close to the truth.

Let's take a quick look at the attributes that the Omega Man brings to society to help recognize his inherent importance to our evolution.

  • The Omega Man can be a leader but prefers to accomplish tasks on his own and will often be viewed as a loner because of this tendency.

  • The Omega Man does not require the recognition of his peers.

  • He does not need to inflate his own self worth or ego because he already recognizes his true nature and is comfortable with it.

  • The Omega Man is a seeker, explorer and idealist that prefers isolation.

  • The Omega man intuitively knows how to inspire others and often helps them to succeed.

  • The Omega Man is an observer with a unique perspective but prefers the truth to obfuscating it with little white lies to protect the fragile egos of others.

  • The Omega Man can be charming when he wants something but may seem socially inept as he does not engage in small talk easily.

  • The Omega Man often cuts to the chase and gets right to the point, without feeling the need to engage in back history or superfluous information.

  • The Omega Man does not require trophies, records or photographs of his deeds and accomplishments.

  • The Omega Man considers this planet his World and everyone else just guests, meaning he embraces the concept of live and let live.

While the Omega Man may seem arrogant to others, in reality he is quite comfortable with his true nature and does not require nor seek the approval of others to justify his behavior or attitude. He knows that his ways may rub society the wrong way however the need to be true to his own nature outweighs the need for him to explain or justify his uniqueness.

The Omega Man disdains the accolades of society, the accumulation of wealth or the adoration of followers and prefers the solitude and serenity of being alone with nature. He is the solitary explorer of the human condition and does not feel the need to have expensive toys to play with nor does he seek the companionship of society to justify his existence.

The Omega Man could and would prefer to be the last man on Earth (hence the movie of the same name) without another human to talk too and wouldn't even come close to going insane, no matter how long he lived. The Omega Man can go days without talking to another human being even though he may be surrounded by them 24/7.

All of these attributes allow the Omega Man the serenity to contemplate and meditate on the human condition while seeking spiritual enlightenment. This is why the Omega Man is the key to humanities next step on the evolutionary ladder. This article Solar Eclipse, New Feminism and Rise of the Omega Man was written to help others recognize how embracing the feminine side of our dualistic nature will give rise to the Omega Man's intrinsic importance to humanity as it Ascends to the next level of evolution. The Solar Eclipse was the physical signal that this next stage of human evolution has begun.

© 2015 somethgblue


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