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Tea for Two - The Koch Brothers Poison!

Updated on October 2, 2011

Oh I wish my brother were still here. He could always make me laugh and I am sure he would have some hilarious comments about the Tea Baggers. I might even be laughing until tears came. He passed away in June of 2010 and he is sorely missed. But perchance he is watching, I know he wants me to let the Tea Baggers have it. My brother was a laborer all his life. He never understood how working people could turn on each other and let the privileged enjoy divide and conquer. There is no question my brother and I were brewed in the same progressive pot. So this is for Jerry.

The Tea Baggers look like working people so I don’t know why they fight against working people. The lie being spread right now is that the Public Worker Unions in Wisconsin caused the State to go bankrupt. Don’t you believe the lie! The workers have already conceded all financial give backs to Walker. They are not seeking financial gain. They agree on everything he wants but one thing, the right to organize and have collective bargaining. Governor Walker just gave over $100,000,000 in tax breaks to business. Now he wants people to believe the Unions busted the budget of Wisconsin. It is not true. But the right wing uses the same old tactics, repeat something often enough and it becomes true. That is a propaganda trick well known by the Nazis. Blame it on the Unions and eventually you will get people to believe those Union Bastards are greedy.

The majority of the public is not buying it. Most folks are siding with the workers. But the Tea Baggers are pushing hard. I do not underestimate them. For over a year before Obama took Office, George W. Bush was bailing out the economy. Bush inherited a surplus from Clinton, but he spent money hand over fist on two wars, one based on lies. After lack of regulation allowed the economy to tank, he bailed out Wall Street and the Banks. He passed out Stimulus checks; He bailed out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He signed the Troubled Asset Relief Act (TARP). The list goes on. He passed on to Obama a crippled Nation in need of repair and the Tea Party was nowhere to be seen. There was no Tea Party hollering socialism. There was no Tea Party crying about deficit spending. Over 11% unemployment and still no Tea Party rallies. You did not hear of the Tea Party under George W. Bush. Nope! But 38 days after Obama took Office here they come.

When Obama bailed out GM and Chrysler Tea Baggers immediately cried Socialism. But today GM is back making a profit. He saved an industry and all the jobs with it. But that is socialism. It is OK to give money to Big Oil and unnecessary Tax Breaks to the richest people in the country. Upward redistribution of wealth is fine.

Does this look like a bunch of people concerned with fiscal responsibility? With all the posters and the timing it is very difficult to accept that racism does not play a role. Not once complaining about the deficit spending of George W. and immediately after Obama takes office every kind of negative "BLACK" poster you can imagine.  The hate and disrespect for Obama has always had a racial tone.  If not it would have blasted George W.  Don't let the Tea Baggers make you believe the workers are greedy.


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