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Tea Party HiJacking

Updated on September 28, 2009


   I'm writing this to come clean and admit to the world that I lost a bit of my political innocence on labor day 2009. It all started when I heard that there was a Tea Party in the town square that day. I set to convincing my wife we needed to attend (she reluctantly gave her consent).

   We arrived about an hour before it was scheduled to start. We picked a park bench well away from the action to wait. And watched as a crew set up a public address system in the gazebo. Up rolled a box truck (the kind furniture is delivered in) and two vans. I counted 9 people exiting the vehicles. They began to setup folding tables, chairs, and big tripod easels with information boards. I noticed all the boards said Campaign for Liberty across the bottom. By the time we walked up to action all the tables were full of literature. You would think they would be giving it away to promote their point. But you would be wrong, it all was for sale. I was looking at a bumper sticker (who puts stickers on a bumper these days) that read “Live Free or Die” and I was told it was a dollar donation. Yea! I said donation! I walked away and waited for the speakers to take the podium.

   First up to the microphone was a retired steelworker, that lost most of his pension and all of his health care when it was taken over by the federal pension benefit guarantee corp (PBGC). Next up was a person from Campaign for Liberty/ Ron Paul. He went on and on about Ron Paul. I said to my wife – I know that name he's a congressman from Texas. Next up to the microphone was a lady/small business owner, she talked about the tight credit market and health care. Next up was another foot soldier oops! I mean volunteer for Ron Paul. You get the picture? Every other speaker was from Ron Paul. I can't speak for anyone else, but I went to here from the people, “NOT” a congressman from Texas.

   It made us so mad that we left the tea party, went home, and watched it on the local TV news. A lot of people must have felt the same way. Because by the time the news crew got there – there wasn't much of a crowd.

   My question is – Why does a congressman from Texas need to promote his agenda here? Does he represent his constituents too. If I lived in his district I would be asking questions. Why can't Campaign for Liberty have its own rally's and quit co-opting local tea parties.


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    • BloodRedPen profile image

      BloodRedPen 8 years ago

      MFB 111 I thank you for your comment. I would just like to see someone step up to the microphone that isn't there to make a buck on others discontent.

    • MFB III profile image

      MFB III 8 years ago from United States

      They complain about the economy, unemployment, and all the money woes that Obama has rained down on their heads, but then they charge the faithful who come to support the cause, for their byproducts, asking for donations from a nation that has little dough left to give. they invite people to speak, but then select only a token few, lest their brainwashers already scheduled, miss a chance to clean up any specks of doubt. They are driven not so much by Obama's plans, but simply by a chance to gain some form of a foothold in the mid-term elections. They work at driving a percentage of the voting population into a frenzy powerful enough to claim a few of the many, many seats they lost under the nightmare of the last administration. Most of us who do not attend these tainted tea parties, which would be the majority of Americans, represent the millions who are not blinded by their manipulations and their spins at all. ~~MFB III

    • BloodRedPen profile image

      BloodRedPen 8 years ago

      I thankyou for your comment joer4x4

      I think what angered me was that he didn't send 1 volunteer to speak. He sent nine. That took time and attention away from local people having their time at the mic. And then to commercialize the event by selling their wares.

    • joer4x4 profile image

      joer4x4 8 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

      I think a lot of people see Ron Paul as real person who cares more about the country. He seems to be uncorrupted by Washington politics. You won't find his name attached to any pork spending.

      He believes the country should get back to the Constitution and I think many many identify with that.