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The Conservative View: Trump Appeal

Updated on May 26, 2017

"Make America Great Again"

I cannot impart how much that simple statement rankles, however, Impartiality is a must. I've without thought, made my Conservative Friends as they say in the Mid-West "madder than a hornets nest", I feel the sensation of dagger's being aimed, and have witnessed the scowls that furrow brow's, and the pursing of lips ready to spew, and commit verbal assault on my good name, and personage. But, although a Conservative group they are first, and foremost my Friend's.

For the purpose of this article: I give absolutely no credence to the Alt Right or Neo-Nazi, or any organization of like Kind.

Disclaimer: I do not uphold, nor am I in agreement with any form of discrimination or discriminatory actions or beliefs as it pertains to this Article.

So much has been said regarding the economically disenfranchised areas in America, however, It's a starting point.

People who are perhaps seeing their comfortable way of Life disappear, are hurting economically. No viable opportunities, too old to return to School, too old to learn a new Trade. People who have for generations held on to Family Land, and good old Family values (The if you work hard you can make its values), are staring down the economic barrel of a loaded gun. There is very little hope that any major corporation will spend it's money or time diverting businesses to a run down, overtaxed, Land area that has seen little change in Population growth; that has never tried to be inclusive, however, it is vital to try to understand and be supportive. Their World as they use to know it has changed. The best example I could perhaps give so understanding perhaps dawns is this.

As Parent's you see your babies grow up, you watch them as they cooed making cute little bubbles, eyes focused on you as they smile. The pride swells as they experiment with word's, then you watch with pride as they on unstable legs take their first steps reaching out for your support, your strong hands always there. You watch them lovingly as they grow, pretty soon they are running, and before you fully grasp the idea that they are Adult's they break your heart's, and declare they are ready to leave home. Even though they are yours to raise, they don't belong to you, and with a brave face, internal sadness, and an inability to do much, so with your heart's breaking, you let them go off to make a life of their own. The reality of how empty everything is without them set's in, but there is absolutely nothing you can do to change their minds.

Trump supporters, watched as the only Life they'd ever known, changed. Hopelessness set in, as their only source of income disappeared, and there was absolutely nothing they felt they could do about it. These People, the Donald Trump supporters, are not so different than the majority of you and me, they believe in hard work, providing for their Families, and earning an honest Day's pay for a Day's Hard work, yes in that we are alike.

They view Welfare, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid as Government handout, it's that pride that fueled them to vote for Donald Trump. Some would argue that it is false pride, that the money paid into Taxes from their hard backbreaking work is for just that reason.

They hold onto a one sided view and refuse to acknowledge that all People no matter their sexual Orientation should and deserve the right to enjoy those said same freedoms, to work and care for Family. They cannot conceive of a Society where a Woman may have to or need to work to support her Children. They tend to be very close-knit communities that look out for each other not a bad thing really, however, it is not a system that is congruent with Large Cities where we are relative strangers to each other.

Suffice it to say, when you take away a person's ability to work and earn their self-worth, their ability to feel that they are worthwhile in Society then all they are left with is a bitter taste, pride, and hope. I guess we are more alike than first impression dictates. (Tongue in cheek), that is the same principled belief, and pride that drives black People, people of Color, Women, the Disabled Population, Gay/Transgender population, and Immigrants.However, as it relates to customer service it is imperative to teach customer friendly approach to transacting or conducting business.

Workers conduct

Often times not thinking about their customer's needs. Corporations use unfair practices when conducting business and all at the cost to us the consumers. This is what drove many companies to seek workers outside of the United States. American's to a great extent had become too complacent in their jobs thinking themselves irreplaceable. The Auto Industry and other Corporation realized that for a mere pennies on the Dollar they could mass produce products and receive service with a smile. A more customer Friendly environment. When Faced with the possibility of losing their employment overseas Workers tend to work harder and more efficiently, to maintain the job.

Unlike the majority of us, however, they have grown accustomed to a slow carefree way of Life. They rally against change, not willing to move or to deviate from a Life they have grown accustomed to. They are business owner's, Husband's, Wives, Mother's, Father's, Children, and Grandparents. They are a dying breed that will continue to hold on to their values despite, Financial need, an admirable trait, though foolhardy. They are losing, or have lost all they have worked for, or that their ancestors passed down through generations as their birthright. With job loss, foreclosure, and Bank seizures to look forward to, is there any doubt as to the reason why Donald Trump Won the Electoral Votes?

There is a rather strong belief in Entrepreneurship, free enterprise, and free trade. When free trade agreement due to regulatory taxes forced Companies to close or relocate. It wasn't quite what they had in mind, oh the Irony! Corporations, turned their backs on these small towns, for one reason only they saw where they could mass produce goods/ services for less, that yielded a high-profit margin returns to their pockets. They gave little or no thought to the Families that depended on them to survive. Families whom for generations has enabled their Children to live in Luxury.

Overall there is nothing really wrong with the freedom to operate and run a business that is entrepreneurship. Not to be confused with free enterprise.

Free Enterprise- confuses even me sometimes, however it is the ability to open and operate a business without Government control. That being a major difference, imagine if you can a World devoid of regulations to protect the environment: Our drinking water, the air, the land from pollutants.

Entrepreneurship - is the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

I am well in my right's to voice what is obvious, often times highlighting a need for economic fairness. Most of us who disagreed with Donald Trump, value entrepreneurship, we would all like to own businesses, but we also know the responsibility to protect the environment is vital to our existence if biology and science are to be believed we cannot survive without. In some things governmental control is necessary. I see what some Conservatives don't or are too money driven to see.

They blame the government for the loss of employment, and in their eyes, America was at one point great, for the rest of us no it wasn't. If the tables were turned I imagine any of us would also feel this powerless, and there are those of us who have and continue to feel this powerless. We, however, do not stagnate hoping for someone to help pull us out of decline, we relocate, we work menial job's, sometimes two, in order to survive. We don't have the luxury of filing bankruptcy while keeping our homes, and businesses open.

That entitlement belongs only to Donald Trump and People in his Wealth category. The average person who files bankruptcy end up losing their home, and their businesses and have had to despite not wanting to..., relocate.

Misconceptions regarding Trump

I'll quote a Friend of mine John, whose last name shall remain a mystery. "Mr. Donald Trump has failed many times over his Years here on Earth. Failure builds knowledge, not total success. He never gives up and consistently achieves his goals. Today we have financially strapped Country with lots of Poly-ticks sucking our Country dry along with other handout systems abused. He understands money, with the utilitarian concept at heart that defines leadership qualities". (I tried not to gag as I wrote this of course).

What I would like to impart to John is this:

1. Success is not what one would use to define a Man who used the system to file bankruptcy numerous times.

2. Today our Country is less financially strapped and has seen job growth.

3. As for Trump's Leadership qualities, since being Elected I have yet to see a positive aspect to his abilities, he has led us backward until we are now involved in a fight for equal rights.

Leadership is what Kennedy, Clinton, and Obama had, and to some extend George Bush Jr. Leadership unites, it does not divide, make inferior nor is it boastful. A Leader has integrity and overall regards for the People they govern.

Failure is what the People who came into contact with Trump were left with. The Men and Women who owned small businesses those whom never received payment from Trump for work he contracted. The ones who struggled from nothing to build a business only to have it close because of Trump's over inflated ego. The Student's who paid thousands of dollars for an Education they never received. These are the People who because of Trump Failed.

Donald Trump for all his professed Wealth and the seemingly superior complex is an Incubus and a blight on the face of humanity.

According to D.K. Kasun Sameera Dissanayake, Wisdom Awakened: "Successful people think in terms of earning potential. They do not “feel the world owes them anything. Particularly in the current economy, executives and employees at every level are gaining the realization that the world does not owe them.” In order to be successful, it is vital that you think with a strong mind and work for your successes. They will never be handed to you on a silver platter. You must earn them and even when you think you’ve earned them, realize that sometimes you have to work four times as hard as you could have ever expected to get somewhere. Yet, successful people think, and think correctly, that if they work hard enough they will eventually earn the wins they want in life. The world may not owe them anything, but the world is much more likely to give them things if they work hard for them".

In essence, the measure of success is not in one's ability to manipulate the system, but by obtaining it honestly through hard work.

The Electrician who assures me it is his daily routine to work Day's or longer often times without a break, as was obvious; talked as he diligently worked, listened to the news as they glorified Trumps win, out of curiosity I asked the obvious why he voted for the current President, his answer like so many I've talked to is a simple one " I voted for him with the hopes of better health care, better employment opportunities", and because he is not..., you guessed it. not a politician. He further went on to say "I detest the Man personally, but he is a great businessman" (fool's and babies).

Donald Trump: The Hope for a return to Economic Security

If you have ever tried to change an annoying habit or to recover from addiction, then you can possibly understand why although impoverished, and in dire need of Healthcare, People who will remain somewhat of an enigma to the rest of Society perhaps voted for Trump. Understand that a great many of them Color, age, sex, irrelevant, are a Conservative People, meaning: They are not really prone to fighting for equal rights as it pertains to a group of People, for them their Religious doctrine, goes before all else, their "old fashioned values" should at all cost be adhered to.

They, in some cases tout Christian values often times not following the basic tenets themselves as it pertains to Love thy Neighbor as thyself, or Judge not Lest ye be Judged philosophy. They overindulge in alcohol, they fornicate, have Children out of wedlock, but whose keeping track? Some things are, and will forever be wrong in their eyes. As it pertains to a belief in rights to religious Freedoms, God, heaven, and Hell, a Woman's reproductive right's, Same-sex Marriage, and on the rights to bear Arms, there is an unshakable resolve.

Conservatism as defined by Websters dictionary: a political philosophy based on tradition and social stability, stressing established institutions, and preferring gradual development to abrupt change; specifically : such a philosophy calling for lower taxes, limited government regulation of business and investing, a strong national defense, and individual financial responsibility for personal needs (as retirement income or health-care coverage)

Conservative Christian Values: A misnomer if ever there was one, can be defined as theologically conservative movements, which take many forms in modern Christianity. For example, Traditionalist Catholics who reject some of the Vatican 11 reforms may identify themselves as conservative Christians. Likewise, Anglican's who object to the ordination of women or homosexuals may consider themselves conservative Christians. (Christian Conservapedia).

Those of us who did not vote for Donald Trump can perhaps hear the underlying message, we would see it perhaps as a racist, xenophobic, sexist belief, however to these People they see the rest of us as a threat to their economic way of Life.

They are of the impression, that a Man born into Wealth, and status can have an understanding of poverty. Well absolutely! Donald sees poverty, and building decline as a Profitable venture, so too do these People, with one exception. Donald refurbishes, drives up cost, and forces People out. To them, that is just savvy business acumen until it affects their way of Life.

The belief in less governmental Control is also a premise that they fully endorse; perhaps not realizing the implication, of doing away with the Affordable Care Act "Obamacare", they readily favored its dissolution. They were fighting against what they saw as forced Medical Insurance; that was created with People like them in mind. What they believed about Obamacare may just have been snippets of heresy. To call someone ignorant because they cannot understand perhaps the complexities of the Legal documents as it pertains to the Affordable Care Act, or for standing up for a cause they believe in is to show our perceived superiority.

Donald Trump played on the fears and lack of access to information of some of his supporters. The majority of whom are decent, some College Educated, Business Owners, who for various reasons saw their livelihood affected, and did what any of us would do if; a Politician talked about matters we saw as having the biggest effect on our ability to Work. Along with building a Wall, the fact that they did not see Trump as a Politician played the biggest part in People voting for him. Gun rights, barely mentioned but possibly seen as a foregone conclusion that they could keep their gun's, was also a factor.

Let's evaluate what or who defines a Politician: A person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of or a candidate for an elected office.

As certain as the fact that Donald is a self-professed; great Business Man, make no mistake, when he ran for the highest office in the Land he became what his supporters did not stand for. He became a part of the hated Institution he became what his supporters despised a Politician.

The Irresponsible Myth that will leave over 20 Million or more without Health Coverage

The shameful disregard with which Donald Trump encouraged People to vote for him can only be described as Cult like. he is a despicable human being devoid of conscience. His whole intent was just to win the election, nothing less. He somehow managed to convince a group of intelligent People that he was looking out for their best interest. He pandered and performed much like a circus Monkey. There are no redeeming qualities to this narcissist. One can only hope that there will really be an established plan the Day following his swearing in Ceremony that will ensure that Children, the Elderly, and People who genuinely need it will have access to Healthcare.

He pandered to the crowd inciting racial divide as he targeted Mexican American's and undocumented residents. While I can excuse some of the People whom perhaps were blind sighted. I cannot in good conscience find anything remotely decent to say about Trump or his Cabinet picks.

According to USA Today, "At a press conference Wednesday, Trump said he is prepared to offer a detailed replacement plan as soon as his nominee for Health and Human Services secretary — Republican Rep. Tom Price of Georgia — is confirmed by the Senate". America and it's Health and Welfare are being held hostage if understanding prevails: Unless Trumps pick for Health and Human Services is Confirmed there will be no Health Care Reform. Is that not the definition of Bribery?

I watched the Town Hall meeting with Paul Ryan as he assured People he would not eliminate the Affordable Care Act until such time as they had a replacement or a workable Addendum. If this is the Fraud Donald Trump wanted to expose, he has done a great job ensuring that Americans will either turn out in droves to vote or will call for the disbanding of Congress and the Senate.

We have the ability to get rid of Members of Congress by voting for a new representative every two years in the House of Representatives and 1/3 of the Senate. It is well past time that we hold them accountable for the Job they are hired to do.

Copyright clause: As it pertains to all written work Copyright Laws and plagiarism Laws applies cannot be copied or used in part or totality without giving credence to the Author as it stands under intellectual property laws.


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