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The House That Couldn't Stand - Why the Masons are Going Under

Updated on September 24, 2011

They work in the shadows, furthering their agenda of Light. They brought us the Founding Fathers, who valiantly rebelled against tyranny and gave us a country founded on rights given by the Creator which could never be taken away. They claim to be a fraternal order which strives to bring their members closer to God.

So why are they losing their members?

People generally understand Masonic lodges as fraternal orders, and part of this fraternity involves working together to advance their members into positions of greater influence in business and politics. But what then? Using their influence, they have acquired the informal loyalties of many other people in similar positions, and collaboratively they work to spread their agendas using quasimagickal codes and signs as doubletalk. So their effective membership has been far greater than simply the names on their lodge rosters.

These Masons, both formal and informal, purport to use a system of degrees of advancement. Tests are given to members according to their current ranking, and depending of their response the member is given new pseudosymbols and contexts to use in their doubletalk. These are indicators of rank, and they allow higher-degree members to talk over the heads of the lower-order members. While this occurs with formal lodge members, they have applied the same kind of method with their informal associates. Layer upon layer of doubletalk and context are typically embedded within the dialogue of their habituées, and generally seem quite normal to those who aren't in the know. While it's beyond the scope of this Hub to expose their pseudosymbols, a critical assessment of their methods becomes far more worthwhile. It's a simple matter for a covert group to swap out their pseudosymbols for new ones when they become corrupt enough to expose. Coming up with entirely new strategies because people are hip to your old games is a far more challenging prospect.

We have a network of people in this covert group, at various degrees of advancement. Like the pyramid on the Federal Reserve Notes, there are progressively fewer people advancing to each next higher level. At the very top is supposed to be God himself, because Masons purport to be working for the Creator in all they do. That's an easy claim to make, but theoretically only those in higher positions within their order would know for sure. Unless we evaluate what agendas have been given to the lower-order rank and file, that is. If we have a group that's working for the spiritual Light, that should be evident in everything they do.

So what are they doing? Well, they've been thoroughly entrenched in American governance for the last two hundred years or so. Washington, D.C. is littered with their symbolism, and information on this has been thoroughly researched on the internet. But what direction has the federal government been taking during the last two hundred or so years?

We started with perhaps the only country in the world in which every man was considered his own king, with nobody to lord it over but himself. You could do anything you liked, so long as you didn't encroach on someone else's life, their liberty, or their property, and so long as you abided by any contracts you chose to make. The nation's Masonic founders established a form of governance where rights were acknowledged to come from God, be impossible to take away, and where the government's sole function was to prevent anyone from encroaching upon their rights. Since then we've had that basic structure of law wallpapered over with a continual avalanche of baseless legislation that the Supreme Court itself has said isn't valid in any sense. We now, in effect, have two governments, the ones the Masons established and swore to uphold and the lawless one currently in play today. All of this through a systematic effort by politicians and their pet attorneys, using legal doubletalk where the words that have seemingly clear, ordinary definitions instead have convoluted legal meanings. These "doubletalk words" have acted to create a new system of governance about which most people have never heard the distinctions.

Voluntary Servitude by Deception

An illustration of how the 14th Amendment, which purported to abolish slavery, instead sought to create a new form of federal citizenship which made slaves of most U.S. citizens.

Hmm, that strategy is beginning to sound pretty familiar. A group formed on a noble set of principles instead begins to take on new degrees of infrastructure, and the next thing you know the whole system is doing the precise opposite of what it claimed to do. And this governmental system has been run for the last two hundred years by the Masons - the same people in both organizations, the lodges and the government. What are the odds?

Planned social horrors

Using their influence on government and media, as well as their social influence, they've also spread wave after wave of political trends through the understructure of society. Using local intimidation and pseudosymbols, they've created a threatening social grouping of Neo-Nazism in modern America. This is pretty appropriate, considering that the symbols used by the old Nazi party had, coincidentally enough, been Masonic symbols first. When the Nazis began using them, the Masons retired them from use. That, combined with the occult nature of the Nazi hierarchy, makes it seem rather suspiciously likely that Masons brought about the original Nazi party. Today, we have an estimated six hundred to eight hundred concentration camps in America that have been built and remain just waiting. These camps include parking lots with barbed wire pointing in, not out, to keep people in, not out, and warehouses featuring newly-added cement floors and tanks of asphyxiating chemicals. You can see video of one to the right.

Video footage of a concentration camp built by the federal government.  The chemical tanks on the outside of the building are not gas furnaces as described, but chemicals for asphyxiation.

These camps were constructed under FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Authority.  U.S. military equipment was used to build them.  This is what the government has been doing lately, folks, and we're assessing the level of integrity of the Masonic group which orchestrates its major agendas.

In the States, Nazi attitudes have been making a resurgence recently. With the economy doing what it's been doing, emphasis has been placed on trying to advance economically, while increasingly compromising personal integrity in the process. In the shadows, people have been confronted with what seem to be Neo-Nazi groups using their own brand of codes and pseudosymbols. These groups seem to be particularly involved with the distribution of meth, and use tactics like organized stalking to intimidate and scare people. The agenda seems to be to cause people to enjoin their group, and intimidate others into doing the same. (I've encountered their organized stalking tactics myself, and have written about them.) Once involved, membership on a local basis means that there's now a group with operatives locally in most cities, willing to comply with various nefarious agendas designed to warp and distort politics and society generally. Overt hate groups spring up in cities, because they started through covert organizing efforts like this first. These groups scare, intimidate, harass and occasionally attack individuals and minorities, elbowing them out to seize upon their property, their jobs and to further turn American into a totalitarian state in complete opposition to the basis upon which it was founded.

After tailing these groups and checking out their structure, people who are confronted with these shadowy Neo-Nazis find that the Neo-Nazism is just a front, and that the United Nations is moving for a New World Order in which the political landscape has been terraformed across the globe. The concept is to ensure compliance by economic slavery, with everything seeming peaceful and happy and having plenty of citizens willing to report any signs of dissent, and work as local muscle for global tyrants if needed. Dissent means being taken out of the newly-forming global economic system, and local reprisals by members of your local community who are stuck in a similar situation. Should a rebellion gain any significant momentum, the bankers who control the U.N. threaten us with nuclear strikes to prevent the world from becoming free of its grasp. This is the scenario people are handed, once they get past the Neo-Nazi absurdities.

Investigate these groups long enough, and you'll find that behind that U.N. facade there's a move for global rebellion against the New World Order tyrants.  And behind that revolutionary front, you'll find a layer of Masonic symbols.

The intimation seems to be that the Masons have been working together to stave off a New World Order threat of global tyranny.  But they've been steadily introducing this agenda into our governments for the last two hundred years at least, while claiming to help us rid ourselves of this global threat.  And this system of facade behind facade is essentially identical to the standard Masonic system of advancement by degrees.

Layer after layer of pseudosymbols. Illusion after illusion of social trends that encroach upon rights and reshape a world. All under the justification of the Masons saving us all from a New World Order agenda which their own people have systematically brought us for over two hundred years. Their people established a form of governance that acknowledged that rights were Divinely-endowed, could never be taken away, and that the sole function of government was to keep those rights safeguarded. Now we find a government, and the Masonic order's peripheral network of informal personnel, dedicated to the complete opposite agenda. Their own concepts demonstrate that even they aren't permitted to encroach upon rights, and yet they do. Destroying a world in order to safeguard it doesn't follow. And, if you don't buy their shtick, their next inferrence (for it's nearly impossible to get a straight answer from the group) is that it's part of a system of advancement by degrees, or to separate the morally-upstanding from the wicked, in order to vanquish those who would harm us. Yet we encounter the same trend in the world of overt politics, when recently terrorism was used to justify a horde of new unconstitutional legislation from the federal government. The concept of using national security to undermine fundamental values is used both in overt politics and in covert Masonic agendas, and it's absurd in both arenas. It was the Masons' own Benjamin Franklin who said, “Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security”. We are left to infer that this is hardly new territory for them. They know what they're doing is wrong, and yet they do it. So, the best thing to do with a covert group that's bringing harm to many is to bring it forth into the light of day. Overtly spread public awareness of what's going on, as part of a choice to shut it down.

Let's re-evaluate their eye-in-the-pyramid model for a moment. With each successive level, new deliberate wrong-ities are introduced. Supposedly they're created to test the moral accuracy of the person who encounters them. But the world of spirit tells us that Love is a constant, and with each successive layer new filters to that Love have been added. The result is a stack of shadows, filters, eclipses to Divine Love. Hardly a valid approach from a group which purports to use reason to break apart that which obscures Divine Light from manifesting in the world. Love delayed is Love denied, and we have a group which denies Love at every level I have encountered. Their own people work systematically to sabotage interpersonal relationships with their members (translation: they play lots of head-games and use bait-and-switch tactics once they've got your interest in them) as part of an effort to establish control. What a piece of work, no? The burden of wrongdoing an organization has is cumulative, so it's difficult to claim a Light-based agenda when an organization is at least as wrong as the worst thing it does. In this case, you might say that a pyramid is at least as heavy as the largest of the stones which comprise it. So in assessing the rightness or wrongness of the Masons, one would start with the Neo-Nazi claptrap, add in each successive layer of wrongness (for they're all just reasons not to act based on Divine Light directly, right now, all the time), and then subtract any mitigating factors which have already manifested. (You can't start using theoretical or planned good deeds until they manifest, for the same reason that a middle-class family can't plan their budget according to campaign-promised tax breaks.) And what you're left with, in this case, is a colossal net detriment. Add to that an influence on politics that has left us with a broken system, but on which they piggyback their memes, and you have something that desperately needed to go ages ago.

"Do as I mean, not as I say."

The caveat here seems to be that the Masonic organization acknowledges what they've stated in overt law. Namely that bit from the Supreme Court saying that if something, like a given agenda, comes along and defies the founding principles (for instance, when some piece of unconstitutional legislation is drafted and passed), people should know that it's void. Thus no matter what comes down the pipe, the attribution of blame seems to be to the lower-level members for not knowing better than to disregard it. ("A bad workman blames his fools"?) This, of course, is absurd for the same reason that it's arguably treason for a politician to spend his paid salary trying to get unconstitutional legislation passed in the first place. If military personnel detain a U.S. citizen indefinitely and without trial, for instance, citing some piece of unconstitutional legislation as the basis, those personnel are still liable. But what of the politician who enacted the legislation in the first place? Any politician who doesn't understand the law of their own government should be fired for incompetence or hung for treason, and possibly both. By the same token, higher-level personnel within an organization shouldn't be putting out agendas which defy the Creator by harming people, or which could be easily misconstrued to cause others to do so by acting on it. Long story short, whoever gives the order as well as whoever carries it out are liable, as well as the organization generally. In fact, there's a concept in law called "void for vagueness". That is, when the wording of a contract is so imprecise as to be interpreted several ways, the contract isn't valid. In common parlance, we call it babbling meaninglessly.

Evidence of the cycle

This rework of Disney's Pastorale scene in Fantasia is chock-full of Masonic symbolism. It seems to depict a cycle of cultural sabotage, as the Masons lead entire societies from a life-affirming state, into temptation and moral vagueness, through into fear and tyranny, back into a healthy state, and then again into moral cloudiness. Lather, rinse, repeat?

Job security

Further, this Masonic group purports to have been around since the days of ancient Egypt. Whether or not that's true, the organization has been around long enough to have made quite a better world by now. While they supposedly teach people spiritual and moral discernment, and this is evident in the American governance their people had established, they also seem to then sabotage these structures on a systematic basis and corrupt the people within them. You then have a cyclical system of sabotaging whole societies, followed by public learning, followed by more sabotage. That's dysfunctional, and in both parts of this cycle you have godless behavior either hidden by stealth or justified by necessity. And that's hideous and vile.

Criminal, in fact.


Similarly, people have tried to justify this errant behavior much the same way as the federal government has attempted to justify putting through unconstitutional legislation. The argument runs something like this, "We're not being unconstitutional, in that we're not violating it. We're simply being nonconstitutional. We're preserving the Constitution, still intact, over here, and simply working off somewhere else over there." Which appears to make sense until you evaluate it more carefully. In the case of the federal government, it received its authority from the People. They carefully planned and drafted it all out in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and so on. Only within the scope and authority of the Constitution does the federal government have any authority. Beyond that, it has none. Similarly, only within the stated purposes of the Masonic order do they have any business working. Principally, increasing the manifestation of Light. Beyond that is essentially beyond the scope of their organization. And in either case, whether federal government or Masonic order, when someone actually uses an organization to defy the very basis upon which it was supposedly founded there isn't any rationalization to make. It's just very wrong indeed, for any purpose. You could make up any number of rationalizations in an effort to justify it, but they'd all be wrong. They would also be, themselves, new violations of the professed scope, nature and purpose of the organization.

Love the sinner, hate the sin

I'm not saying there aren't some great people within their group structure, not by a long shot. I'm demonstrating that their group structure is beyond unsound, and needs to be taken care of. I'm also demonstrating how participating in that group makes its participants part of a group which easily qualifies as being a criminal conspiracy of treason, fraud, and obstruction of justice. Under the law, any member of that sort of group is automatically considered liable for the actions of everyone else within it, and because it's a conspiracy the penalties are tripled. Whether or not the Masons are ever brought into court for their actions, the same properties hold true metaphysically as well. That places them into a position of immense liability for their actions, and some of us know how to apply this karmic disparity on a metaphysical basis. I've written about it on some of my other Hubs. Things aren't looking good for their group.

In addition to sabotaging overt global politics and societal trends, they also seem to be accountable for causing a distortive trend within the Gay Pride community. There's been a trend towards increasing effeminitization, corruption of values leading to an environment of shallowness, and essentially turning the gay community into a shallow and mutated version of what it had been. I'd written about this problem in a Hub as well, before knowing enough Masonic symbolism to attribute the problem to Masonic influence. (A rainbow is what you get when you distort light with particles of water, and can be read to infer a Masonic agenda to distort values in a community of people. The Gay Pride rainbow begins to make a little more sense in this context, given the recent trends in the Pride community.)

This is how we used to do it.
This is how we used to do it.

Stop, thief!

So I'm left with a government so dysfunctional I can't be a part of it without subsidizing concentration camps. It's become so totalitarian that I can't work without getting ID that would require entering into an unconscionable federal system that was knocked over by the Masons. I'm on the street as one result of this. My dating life has been totalled because they've made it so completely shallow that there are very few quality people out there, and most of those are still playing Masonic head-games that sabotage pretty much any relationship, friend or otherwise. Distorting the gay community seems to be part of a general trend among some minority groups, like ghetto-izing the African-American community, partly as something to bolster their Neo-Nazi front. All told, they've essentially ruined my quality of life by breaking or distorting practically everything around me, even the political and societal systems we now endure. And they've been doing it to you too, so I thought people should be made aware. In common law America this was called "raising hue and cry" when a crime occurred, to notify other citizens of the problem and enlist their participation in putting a stop to it. This is very familiar territory for the Masons, and probably should have been done a couple hundred years ago rather than now.

At this point, and given their pyramidal structure, their typical response seems to be an effort to buy out anyone who has a problem with them, buying their silence or complicity in return for hush money and influence within their group. Certainly, that would leave them with very few people who've got enough personal familiarity with their strategies to buy out. Needless to say, that isn't going to work here. The first person who tries to offer me hush money for it's going to have some major problems, and I don't want influence within a group that's destroying anything of value in the world. I want a world that works, and doesn't turn everything into a means to give affrontery to the soul. And I would imagine that you do, too.

Now to go do some magickal Work to bring accountability to some of the higher-ups within their organization. It's based on the kharmic nature of their own Choices, so there's no potential for misfire. What fun.


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