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How to Save the World with Celestial Magick

Updated on April 26, 2011

It's no secret that pretty much everything man has created is now falling apart. Political systems, economy, societal values, media, education, common courtesy, and technology (which now serve the interests of the corporations who make them, more than the user) - and lots of things man didn't create, but just managed to screw up. The environment, biology, agriculture, sex, the ability to know oneself well and live that - whatever it is - honestly without unwarranted social disapproval, so long as it isn't hurting anyone. In short, everything that matters, means anything, or makes life worthwhile.

The story of mankind used to be Man vs. The Elements. Our technological skill was very limited, and we had to improve our ability to influence the world around us. Today, we've pretty much managed that. The source of our problems today isn't that we're struggling against the elements to succeed, but that we're struggling against each other - and the systems we've created - to succeed. We've created systems like politics to serve our needs, we haven't kept a careful watch over them, and they've turned the people involved in them into twisted monsters which now threaten us - and each broken system produces a steady succession of new and even more warped people who act against the interests of everyone else.

The inherent problem is that we haven't looked within ourselves and learned about what we are, and particularly what we are in the terms of a greater overall scheme of things - one that we didn't create. We've created systems that don't function properly, because they have failed to take into account natural principles involved in what and who we are, and what Creation is. By leaving those out, everything falls to bits.

Celestial Magick involves learning what those fundamental gaps in the equation are, and living them. Applying them in our lives, and magickally, to work with natural principles to create systems that work - and recalibrate systems that don't. Those of you who've read my Celestial Magick Hubs now know quite a lot about Celestial Magickal theory on a piecemeal basis. What I'd like to do here is cement those concepts together into a cohesive model - and then show how to apply that model to overcome the problems in the world today. I'll also be sharing my Work with you, and showing how you can Work with it, if you'd like to join the party.

Most occultists, metaphysicists, psychics, spiritualists, and generally magick people out there Work from the fact that our Will can influence what we jokingly call Reality. Unfortunately, this usually just results in people devoting their lives to learning how to make Causality perform stupid pet tricks for their moderate amusement. What we don't see happening a lot is an attempt to co-align personal Will with the Will and nature of the Divine Creator. So we get people trying to move soda cans, influence the weather, make other people fall in love with them or sleep with them, and so on. But we don't get a lot of them looking into their own motivations for wanting that stuff in the first place, asking themselves what they're really after, and trying to pare themselves down layer by layer until they're self-actualized enough to be at a place where their own Will is practically indistinguishable from the Divine Will that Created everything. And to the extent that they're just using magick to bring about more stuff in existence that's out of whack and doesn't work. What about bringing Divine Will into the equation and making magick work better - and be more fulfulling?

I've always found it neat that the same fundamental principles keep showing up in some very diverse systems. They're natural principles, which is why they keep recurring everywhere - just like geometry does in nature. Basic principles of Divine Will tends to show up in the processes and underlying structure of functional systems. Back when people lived according to the common law, for example, basic truisms of law kept recurring, becoming accepted as excellent rules of thumb - and most of them apply in a metaphysical sense as well. Concepts like Derivation of Authority, for example - the concept that the authority one has was given to them by a greater authority, and therefore they can neither have more authority than their superior, nor somehow grant themselves additional authority on their own. In the States, the original political basis was that the derivation of authority went from the Creator, to man, to man in his fictional role as a citizen, to the government which he and his fellow men created. The same is true in magick - we derive abilities from our Creator, then apply those energies and talents in our magickal works. We can even create servitor entities of our own - which derive their existence from us, just as the model demonstrates politically. We see recurring themes in organizational systems like file management and user access privileges in computer systems (the sysadmin creates a user with certain privileges, who may or may not be privileged enough to create new users - but neither will have the authority that the sysadmin has), and even economic systems. I'll get into these a little more, but they all have processes that define them as systems, and usually those processes have a correlation in metaphysics. In law, this makes perfect sense - law intentionally strives (or once did) to refine its understanding of the basic principles of truth and fairness, and so it developed rules of thumb which emulate the nature of Creation in a metaphysical sense. But the rest of it? Well, I guess when you have a system that has to work, those principles of functionality are necessarily going to be applicable to the greater system of Creation - what works, works because it's in accordance with greater principles, rather than just being arbitrary and whimsical.

By this point, most of you are probably asleep. People really get into the idea of learning magick, but actually getting into it and understanding why it works sometimes has them nodding off. I think it's amazing - the ability to understand the basic whys and wherefores of existence, get a feel for how it does what it does, and how to make it do something new and better. I love learning about it - and that (and about fifteen years of experience doing so) is why I can do it so well. I'd like to share a lot of what I've learned here, and put it together so that anyone can use it - and develop a better understanding of how Creation works... and themselves, as well.

Alright, let's start with the idea of Perfection. We're continually slapped around in life by experiences that tell us that reality isn't perfect. But we continually feel a loss from that. Why? Were we just made to continually want something that we can never have? Of course not. New Agers, and occasionally spiritual and religious people, will talk about different states of consciousness, from the just-woke-up, day-to-day state of consciousness we're normally in, gradually higher and higher into the transcendent state of being the Buddha was in. Each is more sacred, each is more fulfilling, each is closer to a Perfect spiritual state of existence... and each is more real than the last. Trust me, I've had enough firsthand experience to know. Only a Perfect, Divine state is wholly, objectively real. The worse the state of consciousness someone is in, the greater the mental state of delusion, nonclarity, suffering and unreality. Which makes this material world one of the least real things around. We start off our days at Bad, and spend most of it trying to avoid Worse. Occasionally, we get a Not-So-Bad thrown our way. But it's a long way from Perfect. And if there was no Perfect, you'd have to ashcan any concept of there being a Benevolent, Omnipotent Divine Creator. I know better from firsthand experience, as some of my readers know.

So a good visual model of reality is a classic archery target. You've got the Perfect Divine state at the center, and ultimately that's the only thing that's real. Each ring further and further out represents a slightly more deluded state of consciousness, and a slightly more fictional reality, continuing outward until the last ring out depicts the worst day ever had by the most wretched person on earth. Yeah - that state. Christians, there's your Fall from Grace right there. God is at the center of the bulls-eye, and our current levels of consciousness are at varying rings on the target.

Why are they there? Well, two things. First of all, they're not really there. These other states of consciousness are fictional. You can't really be somewhere that doesn't actually exist. In the objective Fact that our Creator knows, we're still at the center of the target. We never left. But subjectively, we're here for the duration. Why? Free Will. We've made Choices that are out of alignment with the Divine Will - and ultimately, out of alignment with our own true Will as well. I'm not just talking about the concept of Original Sin, either. We make Choices each and every moment. What to do with our time. How to respond to the situations that life throws at us. Each Choice we make is a statement, an assertion about who and what we think we are. And each of those Choices has some metaphysical heft and clout behind it.

As in life, it doesn't matter what your position is - just how far distanced from the Divine Will it is.  The Divine loves freaks, if they're Loving freaks.
As in life, it doesn't matter what your position is - just how far distanced from the Divine Will it is. The Divine loves freaks, if they're Loving freaks.

Let's zoom in on the target for a moment, and draw a line from the bulls-eye going up one ring. From there, it branches off into two lines. Each of those goes out to the next ring, and branches off again. They keep branching off, until we've got a kind of tree structure growing out from the bulls-eye. That represents our Choices. And our own Choices have put us at various branchpoints on this tree - and at various places on the target, therefore. That's what we've done to ourselves, in making Choices that aren't aligned with Divine Will. And the further out we go, the more stuff sucks for us. We have less metaphysical power. We feel physically worse. Eventually, we can't get it together enough to make it out of the house for work. As we get further out, we get into states of being where people can't even take care of themselves, and need guardians and caretakers. And, far enough out, people actually destroy themselves directly. It's entropy, essentially. Dysfunctional Choices, manifesting results. The wages of sin are, indeed, death.

[Quag7] Is there a way of enforcing a specific permissions octal on any new files created in a directory, irrespective of a user's umask?

[raf] I don't discuss philosophy on IRC


It's important to note that our spiritual and metaphysical authority suffer whenever our Choices conflict not with each other, but with Divine Will. These increasing Choices for fiction still allow us to manifest our warped, dysfunctional Will, but in order to preserve the Perfection of Creation, they result in a fictitious kind of spin-off reality. A sort of bubble of fiction. In computer terms, a user doesn't have the same access privileges as the system's administrator, because if they did the whole system could get screwed up by a malevolent or incompetant user. When a user shows their reliability, the admin can choose to grant them more access. It's the same here, except that we start out with complete access to the system. As someone Chooses something that conflicts with and opposes Divine Will, their Choices take them further away it, and they give up some of their own authority for as long as they Choose to remain in that fictional Choice and the fictitious bubble of context it has brought about. Which is why everything that's imperfect is unreal, precisely to the degree that it's imperfect. This is the crucial point, here. This is what will save our bacon.

It's kind of like money. As I've written in another Hub, when you take the gold backing out of a money supply and just start printing paper money on a whim, it loses value and meaning. Eventually, the money is worthless. It's the same thing with Choice. Take the value, take the Love, out of Choices, and they become less and less powerful. Worthless, empty, destructive... and most importantly for our current purposes, weak.

A hurricane, and a circular saw.  I know where I wouldn't want to be on these!
A hurricane, and a circular saw. I know where I wouldn't want to be on these!

So, let's superimpose the imagery of a hurricane onto our target. At the center, all is calm. The further out you go, however, the more turbulent and violent it gets. Or perhaps superimpose the image of a sawblade onto the target - get out far enough on the periphery, and it's a place you definitely wouldn't want to be.

Let's bring together one more concept here, before we move on. I recently wrote about a movie projector as a model for how Causality is manufactured (for it is an unreal state) in my Movie Magick Hub. The pure, Divine Light of consciousness comes out of the projector, like the center of the target shining out towards the periphery. As we move out away from the bulls-eye, we make Choices that deviate from Divine Will, shaping, filtering and patterning that light into forms, just like a strip of celluloid film does. That beam of rePatterned Light streams out, past us, and manifests on the silver screen, throwing moving images of people, places, and events onto it. Spacetime, basically. This is how Causality is manufactured. Now, just like the concentric rings of the target, we're perhaps sitting in different rows in the audience. Anyone may, at any time, put up one hand and make shadows of, say, a quacking duck on the screen, because they're between the screen and the projector. It's the same with magick, and people at various points on the target. However, if someone in the front row (someone on a concentric ring further out on the target) tried it, they could get whacked in the back of the head by any disgruntled member of the audience. If someone in one of the middle rows tried the same thing, his quacking duck would be larger, because he's sitting closer to the projector's bulb. He would also only be able to be hit in the back of the head by about half of the audience - because the rest of them would be in front of him, and so he could see it coming. It's the same with the tree and the target - being in a ring closer inward (or a branchpoint further down the tree) results in greater metaphysical power, authority and ability than those further out. This happens because the person closer in hasn't forfeited it by Choosing to clash with the Divine Will, and the Laws of Creation. And of course, someone up in the projection room could mess with things essentially with impunity, changing the focus, projector speed, pausing or rewinding it, and of course creating bloody huge quacking duck shadows onscreen.

What we have here is a form of magickal supremacy. The more someone Chooses in alignment with Divine Will and with Love, the stronger they become metaphysically. The more one clashes with Divine Will, the weaker they get. Finally, an area of life where integrity and Love establish supremacy and authority, and those who have little of either need to take great care to stay out of their way. It's probably the one aspect of life left where might doesn't make right - Light makes right. It all comes down to an equivalent concept in man's law, called the Derivation of Authority. A Chosen positionality at a lower branchpoint, with greater Love, has greater metaphysical authority. The closer we can get our agenda to the Divine Will, the less dissonance there is, the more metaphysical strength we can access - and apply, to shut down Choices for evil.

I get so tired of hearing of highly spiritual people as having to allow, tolerate, or permit evil behavior to continue in the moment, with the argument that it will ultimately be undone down the road. To me, to let it stand for even a moment is an argument for evil and suffering, and portraying spiritual people as some kind of ineffectual (or not immediately-effectual) wimp is another. We now have an arena where legitimate spiritual authority brings with it some immediate clout - provided it can be done while keeping in alignment with Divine Will. And this is something the world desperately needs - legitimate authority, well-exercised to a benevolent agenda.

My god can beat up your god - Idolatry and metaphysical supremacy

One last bit of Celestial Magick theory, and we can move on to practical application. The Bible forbids idolatry, literally "Thou shall have no other gods before me." People think about idolatry like it's some obscure, antiquated practice. It's actually at least half of the problem in the world today - probably a lot more. Idolatry is the worship of an agenda ahead of Divine Will. It isn't just golden calves, it can be anything: money, drug addiction, professional competition, and sloth (worship of convenience). Any time we take another agenda and prioritize it ahead of Divine Will, what we're doing is picking an arbitrary point on the target and starting to orbit and organize around that illusion, instead of Divine Will at the core. There's no problem with, say, drugs or money intrinsically - it's the love of money - or anything else - in conflict with Divine Will that sets it adrift and apart from Divine Will, and makes it detrimental, dysfunctional, and weakening. Seriously, we're not meant to be deprived of anything - if we have a desire, it usually stems from a legitimate source, and can be pursued in legitimate ways. It's a lack of evaluating what that desire truly is, and pursuing it in some really flawed ways that conflict with Divine Will, that's the problem. And most people just don't do the neccessary self-evaluation anymore, so we have a world full of dysfunctional idiots, effectively, out to take advantage of each other in order to pursue their own idea of success. And that just doesn't work. Metaphysically, they're sacrificing their healthy way of life for some illusion further out on the target, and those illusions just don't have the same strength and legitimate basis that Divine Will has. This means that someone else, keeping in alignment with Divine Will, has the necessary metaphysical strength to come along and knock those other agendas right over. Welcome to Celestial Magick.

Let's take the political situation, for example. We're supposed to have elected representatives, people whose job it is to represent and act based on the Will of the People, in accordance with a harmony of laws. They've obviously gotten pretty far adrift of that position, and in the process they've undercut their own legitimate authority, both in man's law and in metaphysical terms. It's like a parody ad I saw once for an electric meat carver. "It slices! It dices! It saws neatly through its own power cord!" The flip side of this situation is that anyone, whether in office or not, can act in accordance with the true Will of the People, in harmony with Divine Will, and they're able to apply the metaphysical force of all of that in their Work. It works because they're not merely acting on their own behalf - they're participating in a group magickal Working, backed by all that Will of the common man, and the Will of the Divine as well. Like a business venture backed by ultrawealthy banking interests, this person remains in alignment with Creation, and is backed by the full strength of pretty much everything in Creation except the physical illusion we see. It's heady stuff, I can tell you.

That pretty much does it for the magickal theory. Time to go out on the town, with some practical application!

The best way to become more metaphysically powerful is to give out Love, Joy and empowerment. In the physical world, we affirm that we have something by holding onto it and keeping it for ourselves, or else we'll lose it. I can't have twenty bucks, give it to you, and still have it for myself. But spiritually and metaphysically, we affirm that we have something by giving it away. When I give out Love and Joy, I reaffirm that I have them to give - and so they become stronger within me. So the best way to get something, like empowerment, is to give it out. Specifically, by empowering others. For example, we can lend our strength not to just anyone, but to worthy causes and people - even if we've never met them, even if they're at some other spot on the globe or point in the timeline. We can Will out our Love, our Joy, and our metaphysical Strength, and like an investment banker we'll reap the returns on what we give out. It becomes a giant feedback loop, and it can only be used for Good. The reverse of this is something we see in business and politics all the time - shorting others in order to satisfy our own agendas (or what we've accepted as our own), and it not only doesn't work, it makes those people metaphysically weaker in the process. So, we can Will to give out our Love, Joy and Strength to worthy people, people who are making a Choice to act in accordance with Divine Will. And then we start to have a system where the metaphysical Strength is shared by all of its adherents - when they don't adhere to Divine Will, they lose out on that Strength. And we have a timeline that is continually improving, overhauling itself. It's a bit like a decentralized file-sharing network - without a central server, it can't be shut down by a pack of hungry attorneys. And even if only one person in the world does it, it makes them comparatively stronger given their position on the target relative to everyone else's. Kind of like one person with gold, in a world where everyone else is using an inflated currency: he has vastly more purchasing power available to him, relative to everyone else.

With all of this metaphysical Strength, all this purchasing power, the question becomes what best to spend it on. What do we really want, metaphysically speaking? It has to be in harmony with Divine Will, but that's really no problem - in our True State, so are we. So we'd need to find an approach that allows us to magickally pursue our agendas while keeping in alignment with Divine Will, working in concert with it. And we become vastly powerful in the process. Let me show you some of the applications of this.

Go forth, my minions!

Lots of mages work with servitor entities, personally-created entities they've created to magickally pursue an agenda they have in mind. Others work with egregores, which are like servitor entities but are used by more people, and enjoy greater metaphysical Strength as a result. Eventually, these entities can take on Godform status - patterned archetypal entities that have become globally recognized... and hugely powerful. The Greco-Roman pantheon of gods and goddesses, for example, or the Egyptian pantheon. Or the Norse pantheon. Enough belief and collective Will, and these sentient archetypes have taken on a Strength and consciousness of their own. Many are very rarely Worked with today - but they're still there, feeling lonely and neglected, and waiting for the chance to Work with us again. And fixing the world is the perfect opportunity.

The major problem, of course, is that a creation is only as perfect as the person who created them. A piece of art created by a three year-old, while probably very cherished by those close to the child, obviously won't have the artistic or technical talents of an experienced artist. And the same is true metaphysically. They've been created at somewhat high branchpoints on that tree model I mentioned; somewhere out on the mid-range of the target. They were created with a pattern and a purpose, but are likely to lack a sense of how to apply that pattern in harmony with the Divine Will. It's a lot like the average person today - they have needs, desires, goals and agendas, but usually haven't thought them through to evaluate just what it is they're really after, when it all comes down to it, or why, or how to get what they want in accordance with a greater Divine Will. So they usually need to be Worked with, to show them the principles of Celestial Magick, and self-actualized a little bit. They can then be recruited to Work together metaphysically, like components on an electronic circuitboard, to bring the world more manifestly in harmony with Divine Will. In other words, to fix and save the world, making it a better place.

I've been Working with servitors, egregores and godforms to do just that. In fact, I've created or adapted an entity with an understanding of these principles of Celestial Magick, and sent it out to do a sort of networking with other sentient metaphysical agents - peoples' personal constructs, social archetypes, deities out of many pantheons, and so on. It meets up with them, shows them how to refine their understanding of themselves to get to a lower branchpoint on the tree so they're more in harmony with Divine Will and therefore Stronger as well, and then enlists their aid in putting their nature and Strength to use in bringing the physical world more into alignment with Divine Will. It's a sort of gentle metaphysical Boot Camp, assembling sentient metaphysical entities into a harmonious and Strong team in which the whole is much greater than the sum of its' parts. Working in harmony, it's like having a vast and powerful metaphysical computer at my fingertips - and it's based in the deep metaphysical structure of Creation, so it's not only inaccessible to those who would pursue a weaker, malevolent agenda - it can expand and defend itself as well, easily. I say easily because anything that would attack or try to hack into it would be necessarily at a weaker position on the target, which would make tampering with it a lost - and very dangerous - cause.

I'm also applying the True Will of the People on this - even yours. In Divine Fact, we never left the Perfect Eternity of Divine Creation. Each branching out away from the Divine is an increasing degree of fiction, remember? So the "truer you" that exists in Eternity is still accessible to me, as opposed to the you that exists here in the physical world on a day-to-day basis. And that "truer you" knows that the Perfect Eternity is all that actually exists, and wants this shadowy, illusory physical world dispelled by Divine Light more than even I do in my current state. By co-aligning with not only Divine Will and the underlying structure of Creation, but by all of our True Natures, the only thing that stands in opposition is a weak and lonely illusion, which will collapse like a house of cards.

And so it just grows Stronger and more complex, finding other entities, tuning them up, and networking with them like some kind of metaphysical pyramid scheme. It all has one more advantage. It's about time I got to temporal transcendence.

41. Once my power is secure, I will destroy all those pesky time-travel devices.

- The Evil Overlord List

Manifesting Love and Joy in all Times and Places

Working beyond Time's limits

Mystics have been telling us for centuries that Space and Time are just illusions - and I've seen enough to know it to be true. Our Will, when it's Strong and Loving enough, can transcend the limitations of the illusion of Time, and cause things to happen out of chronological order. I've messed with the timestream enough to know that. And a lot of the entities I Work with aren't limited by Time - particularly those whose Natures have been refined, upgraded, to be more in harmony with Divine Will. So not only is the network getting bigger and stronger, it's doing so in the past as well as the present and future. It's happening outside of Time. This timeline has been altered so many times it's not even funny, and the network of metaphysical agents just keeps getting stronger. Let's have a look at just what we've been up to, and you can decide whether or not you'd like to Work with us yourself.

Advanced Spellcraft in Three Easy Steps

This magickal Work is occurring in a three-stage process, acting at three different levels of the timeline. Kind of like a NASA shuttle launch, with booster rockets that fall away as the shuttle takes off. It starts at or near the center of the target, and moves on from there.

Stage One: Joy and Love

At the most fundamental stage, it works at the basis of Creation where the only thing that exists is Love, Joy and Perfection. Remember, unlike low magick which usually just seeks to bring about a specific and often arbitrary manifestation of Will, Celestial Magick is an affirmation of Divine Will. It seeks to affirm and enhance what the Divine has already made, and thus Works in harmony with the Creator. So it shares the Divine goals and agendas, and Works to simply magickally affirm the Divine facts of Love, Joy, and Harmony that are already embedded in the structure of Creation. Love is invested in others, being given out and returning with interest. Joy is radiated throughout the timeline. It's like one giant Party Out of Time, similar to the Greco-Roman Bacchanal. Diverse energies, with drug-like physical effects and often a sentience of their own, are given out to those who would like to access and experience them. Dionysus is particularly involved with this stage, as well as quite a lot of Reiki-like energy. The pure, Divine Light of Creation, radiating benevolence upon all of Creation, in the past, present, future, and in Eternity.

Stage Two: Correction, Upgrades, and Improvement

A little further out on the target, where people have Chosen errors and made illusory mistakes, this network is Working in the unmanifest realm to undo those Choices for disharmony. It's Working to dispel the manifestation that those flawed and imperfect Choices ever occurred. Like magickal scrubbing bubbles, it gets into all the crevices in people and situations throughout the timeline, retroactively undoing mistaken or evil Choices. Sort of the metaphysical equivalent of Quantum Leap. It's already changing the outcomes of situations that have already physically happened, and as the system increases in Strength - in large part due to reaping the karmic returns on its Loving and healing Choices - this effect will continue to intensify, bringing the whole timeline retroactively into greater degrees of harmony until we all abide Lovingly and Joyously in Eternal Perfection once more. This Stage works with Stage One, affirming that no Choices in conflict with Divine Will were ever made, and retroactively dispelling the illusion of them. Working with godforms like Dionysus and egregores like Fotamecus (who is working to dispel the illusion of Time, and probably Causality), this affirming of Divine Will will alter manifest events in the timeline, until the illusion of Causality itself is dispelled, and we find ourselves as abiding Joyously in the Perfect Eternity of Creation, which we have never left.

Stage Three: Tough Love, and Harm Reduction

Aligned with Divine WIll, life is Love and Joy. Oppose that, and you've just wandered into The Wrong Party.

Stage Two is already Working in an illusory state Created by others on accident. When they intentionally make Choices that are in conflict with Divine Will, when people become intentionally corrupt and debased, something needs to be done temporarily to take them out of positions where they can continue to harm others. Stage One is long-term, working in Eternity itself. Stage Two is mid-range, dispelling error. And Stage Three manifests short-term, taking physical action in the immediate moment. If life's a party, then a good party needs a good bouncer for as long as problems arise. Stage Three is that bouncer, countering, foot-sweeping, and where necessary blasting people deliberately making Choices that conflict with Divine Will, or my system. The countermeasures operate near the periphery of the target, reinforcing natural principles of Creation more intensely, and the Choice to take down deliberate Choices for harm is only ultimately as real as those harmful Choices. When someone intentionally Chooses to "go there", "there" being a high branchpoint on the tree or the periphery of the target, that's when Stage Three comes into play. Divine, Loving, wonderful energies and entities are given out freely - but when someone deliberately conflicts or opposes them, when they make deliberate Choices for lovelessness, and particularly when they Choose to attack Divine Will and this network that expresses it, those same energies turn destructive. Not evil, but destructive. Destruction can be benevolent - if what it's destroying is merely an argument in favor of the existence of evil. Entities are placed throughout the timeline and in the unmanifest, noncausal realm, checking out situations and determining where best (and how best) to act to enforce Divine Will. An intentional Choice for harm literally turns the energies of this network against one, so it's completely safe for anyone whose motives are benevolent. Unlike the modern state of politics, judiciary and law enforcement, where problems of definition and lack of co-ordination arise, this simple metaphysical approach gets past all of that and acts simply on the basis of a person's Choice and intent. Even I don't keep tabs on the entities working on this part of it - their Nature is designed for a specific purpose, and they follow that Nature well. Attacks to the system, and to people generally, are prioritized and dealt with, and the effectiveness increases as the system increases in Strength - retroactively, mind you, so the timeline we're aware of keeps getting revised and perfected more strongly. The system seeks to cause the least harm possible, and act on Choices for the most harm. When in doubt, it checks in with Divine Will and acts in accordance with it. And so it can keep people with corrupt agendas out of positions where they can cause a lot of harm, through coincidence, chance happenings, and possibly physical incapacitation. These entities have been given a license to kill if necessary - after all, with Stage Two ultimately undoing Choices that made it neccessary, it's purely a temporary stopgap solution. After a few revisions of the timeline, the system will be even Stronger, the undoing of those corrupt Choices will have occurred, and so dealing with them in the short-term won't have been necessary in that revision of the timeline. Stage Three simply Works to prevent harm in the short-term, while the system can Strengthen and do its Work with Stages One and Two. And the entities at Work here are very intelligent, devious, and thorough. They know how to best assess a situation, and see how to exert metaphysical Strength in the most economical way possible, seeing past trickery and deceit. And they can exert their Strength in the past as well as the present, making things a lot simpler.

It's also important to remember that in the tree model of Celestial Magick, when a person makes a Choice to conflict with Divine Will they place themselves at a higher branchpoint than they'd otherwise be. It's a state that's less real, less strong, and more fictional. So when someone deliberately attacks a system like this, not only have they just placed themselves at a weaker position than it, they've also just incurred karmic debt as well. The result is not a pretty combination - imagine a tank running over something with the metaphysical structural integrity of breakfast cereal.

And basically, that's the Work. It's simple, powerful, and effective. It's also very Loving and Joyous, like one big party. One part Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, one part H.P. Lovecraft. A celebration out of time, in accordance with Divine Will and getting stronger and stronger, one part magickal dance party, one part metaphysical riot squad. Eventually, it will heal enough of the timeline that Stage Three won't even be triggered, and people will just generally act in goodwill, affirming Divine WIll, Love and Joy, and we'll all experience a better and better timeline, partying more intensely and harmoniously together until the material world falls away and we'll just find ourselves radiating Love and Joy, partying our way into the Perfection of Eternity.

And this is how I spend my time, Working on this system. After all, the manifest world is pretty lousy at the moment, and there's nothing much on television.

Now Hiring!

If all this sounds like something you'd like to get into, come Work with us! Align yourself with Divine Will, Affirm it in your physical and nonphysical Choices, and find your metaphysical Strength increasing as a result - not to mention your own sense of Joy, Love, and personal fulfillment. That, and we have all the good drugs - entities and energies that produce physical effects, some like contemporary and historical hard drugs, some unlike anything you've ever experienced. It literally is a Joy to be a part of, and you can find lots of ways to apply who you are, at core, to this system. Just like the pantheons of entities, everyone has their own beautiful Nature and energies, and we can apply them in concert, along with the Divine, to make the world a much happier place. That, and the ability to overcome major problems in the world is tremendously fun. Unless you're deliberately trying to tamper with the system or bring harm to people, being part of this is quite possibly one of the most rewarding things to do in the world. You can invest your energies into the system and reap the returns on it. You can learn to harmonize your own Will with the Will of the Divine, and better understand yourself - saving a lot of wasted time in life doing things that don't make you happy. And by being an agent of Divine Will, people trying to trip you up have a lot more to reckon with than just you as an individual.

It's amazing how easily and naturally this whole system came together for me, like it was some Divine Purpose that brought it about. Come to think of it, it probably was. You don't have to be of any particular religion or faith to do this - you just have to Choose to affirm Divine Will, know that magick exists, and start Working with this system. To the extent that you Choose to align with it, it will Work with you in return. To the extent that you drift away from it in the nature and quality of your Choices, it will leave you to yourself, while working at Stage Two to dispel the illusory errors in your Choices, in accordance with Divine Will. And to whatever extent you deliberately act to harm this system, it will knock you on your butt. It's pretty simple - and a whole lot of fun!

Further reading

If you're interested in learning more about the fundamentals of Celestial Magick, and how the underlying structure of Creation works, I recommend these:

... and practically any book on user management for system administrators - they usually have a lot to say about what makes systems work well, through lots of experience, that often applies metaphysically. Your own inner conscience is certainly a good choice as well, although many of my Hubs will work in a pinch. I hope you've enjoyed reading.


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