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The WHYs Of Obama-care!

Updated on March 19, 2010

If you don't know WHY, then help us stop it!!!

As the current administration rushes to push through Obama-Care, despite up to 70% of the population (from both parties) wanting to slow down and get it right, there are several questions that NEED to be answered for any thinking person.

1) WHY is there a rush to pass this bill when there will be ALMOST NO BENEFITS TO CITIZENS for THREE TO FOUR YEARS?

The government will immediately RAISE TAXES and have the right to INVOKE REGULATIONS against businesses and individuals, yet the benefits will not kick in for three years. Health care NEEDS reform, but why not slow down, discuss the individual aspects and get it right.

I was told that "haste makes waste". Does 3 - 5 TRILLION DOLLARS sound like there is room for waste?

2700 pages of bill NEEDS looked over and scrutinized! WHY the RUSH?

2) WHY are those passing the health bill exempt from living by it?

Members of Congress have their own health care that they like and will not have to change it. Also, due to special clauses added to the bill in order to get the bill passed, certain people, states and organizations have been given special exemptions.

3) If the bill is SO great, why are people in the dominant party having to bribe and bully their own members to get this bill passed?

We learned about the "Corn-husker kick-back" and the "Louisiana Purchase". Does anyone think that these are all the back-room deals that have been made? (That's what I thought.) If this bill was so good, then it would have all the support needed.

4) WHY are they villianizing the insurance companies?

Medicare (run by the government) has a higher decline ratio of benefits than ANY public insurance company. Medicare and Medicaid are both government run and are facing total failure. Where does the government have any right to demonize anyone?

The government has had MANY YEARS to perfect their programs. The results? Both are financial failures, massively corrupt, and gruelingly inefficient. Now, using all the success(???) they have had, they are going to create a new entity and force everyone into it?

Many people have their head in the sand listening to the rhetoric (and gripping to a hope) that they will be able to keep the insurance they have. This bill is laden with "if" clauses that systematically eat away at ALL existing insurance. Such as: If an employer chooses to change to the government option, you HAVE to go with them and never go back. They back that up with multiple incentives to businesses to use them. They will initially offer prices that insurance companies can't compete with knowing that when they have everyone on the government program, they can raise rates at will and make up the initial losses.

The TWENTY-SEVEN HUNDRED PAGE BILL contains hundreds of this type of manipulation

5) If the main objective of this bill (as they claim) is to get EVERYONE insured, WHY don't they just relax Medicaid and Medicare requirement and let everyone that needs it sign up?

The groups pushing this bill claim that nearly 15 million people don't have insurance. What they don't tell you is that over half of these people CHOOSE not to have insurance. The "uninsured" either feel they are healthy enough that they would take their chances or they are wealthy enough that they PAY THEIR OWN medical bills. That leaves 7 - 8 million needing insurance.

The president's own statisticians admit that after implementation, this bill will still have 3 - 5 MILLION people that NEED / WANT heath care. That is not even a gain of 50% of the people that actually need and want insurance. So wHY push a bill that they admit will only help half the people they claim they want to help? 100% could be covered by simply letting them on Medicaid and Medicare.

The bill they are passing will COST (again listen to the President's own statistitions, not the media) an additional 2 - 3 TRILLION DOLLARS. They say that they cannot let anyone else into Medicaid and Medicare because they can't afford it. I think that they could use just ONE TRILLION dollars and totally redo the two programs that they have failed at.

This is a winner! Everyone who wants it is insured, we save 2 trillion dollars that the new program would have cost us and we get to have just 2 failing programs instead of three. :-)

> WHY not just let all the uninsured people sign up on the government run Medicaid and Medicare?

> WHY are public insurance companies being villianized when the government programs exceed ALL public companies in EVERY area that they are attacking the public companies?

> WHY are the Democrats having to bribe and bully their own members to get them to vote for this "great" bill?

> WHY are the people who are voting to cram this bill down our throats EXEMPT from having to follow it?

> WHY the rush to pass this bill when there are ALMOST NO BENEFITS to CITIZENS for THREE TO FOUR YEARS?

There ARE many areas of health reform that IS needed. HOWEVER, we need to take time and do it right. The bill as it exists turns over 1/6th of our economy to the control of the government. Does anyone truly think that the government, who has years of experience with Medicaid and Medicare, will be able to give you better coverage than you have now? (Oh, that's right, YOU get to keep yours and only the rest of us will be affected.)

Anyone who has the answers, feel free to enlighten me.

Anyone who does not have these answers, then help get the word to your Congressman to postpone passing this bill until they can get you the answers.


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