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Is the economic crisis really bringing in a one world currency as conspiracy theorists claim?

Updated on September 6, 2015

Project Camelot interview with David Icke 2009

How does the economic crisis serve the New World Order agenda?

David Icke has pointed out so many times that the Illuminati, the elite who run the world and manipulate people and events in it, use a formula that he describes as Problem-Reaction-Solution, in which you create the problem, wait for a reaction from the public and then offer the solution, which is what you planned to achieve in the beginning. The media is a great tool to use to make sure the public know what you want them to know about the problem you have made.

And so too, it is with the "economic crisis" the world is currently facing. The world bankers, led by the Rothschild and Rockefeller families, along with others in the Illuminati are seeking to bring in what is known as the New World Order. Former American President George Bush Sr talked about a New World Order and more recently so too has UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

New World Order

nformation Awareness Office logo
nformation Awareness Office logo

The Great Work of Ages and the End Game

It is the culmination of the "Great Work of Ages" and is a totalitarian world government with one currency, a one-world army and police force, one religion and controlled populations with all people microchipped and linked to a central computer. It is part of what Alex Jones has called the "End Game" scenario.

To create it they need to do this in gradual steps and so have been working away to bring in more and more parts of what is needed to realise their final goal. To bring in a one world currency and with it a one world government you need to do several things.

First, you must convince people that credit cards are better than real cash and you get most people using them as well as encouraging users to get into massive debts. You get the people used to seeing scanners in shops and banks and other public counters. You also gradually bring in new currencies and phase out the old. First there was the Euro that will replace all the European Union currencies, and meanwhile for the North American Union of Canada, North America and Mexico you create the Amero to replace all currencies of those countries that will be merged. Further steps like this will follow for the rest of the world with the Africa Union and the Asia/Pacific Union.

At the same time, you introduce the concept of being electronically tagged or having microchips implanted. You run media stories to scare people with tales of how dangerous criminals can be tagged this way and also you get people to have their pet dogs and cats chipped, so you don't lose them in the dangerous world out there. You keep up press coverage of stories about missing children and make the newsreaders convinced that all children are in danger from paedophiles and murderers. Eventually, you hope to convince the people who have already acepted chips implanted in their pets that it would be an equally good idea to have microchips in their children and ultimately in themselves.

You also run stories of people who have happily had microchips implanted in themselves, just to show how harmless it all is. You leave out all evidence that such implants can lead to cancer, and of course you don't tell the public that such chips can be used not only to hold all your personal details and can be used for tracking purposes but that they can also be used to send thoughts and feelings into you and can serve as an electronic mind control system.

The plan is to create what is warned of in the Bible where it speaks in Revelation about all those who have the mark of the Beast who are allowed to buy and sell.

"He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666" (Rev. 13:16-18).

And that is indeed, the plan - all who are chipped will be able to buy and sell and all who are not will not. Not only that but anyone whom the powers-that-be deem to be no longer worthy of being supported in their New World Order can be disconnected by switching their chip off. Imagine a world in which you cannot do your shopping without having a chip in you scanned. Imagine what it would be like if your chip no longer worked and you could no longer buy anything.

As well as getting people used to the idea of microchips and scanners, you also carry on the plan to do away with individual countries and their cultures. To speed this on its way you allow immigrants to flood into other countries. This has the effect of gradually destroying national culture, language and weakens peoples' faith in their homelands.

But before all these things can be brought fully into fruition, first there is the plan to bring the people to their knees with the deliberately created financial crisis, which there is no planned recovery from apart from offering the elite's solution - a one world bank and currency.

As well as all this, there is the continued culling of the masses plan, using war, gradual poisoning via toxins in foods, cancer-causing dangers from cellphones, HIV/AIDS and other forms of biowarfare on populations weakened through immune-system destroying vaccines, medical and street drugs, stresses of modern life and nutrient low foods on sale everywhere.

The plan is to get the population of the planet down to 500 million and this is announced plainly on the Georgia Guidestones, although most people don't know anything about this.

But, terrible as all this may sound, David Icke suggests that ultimately he is sure the Illuminati will fail and we will have a wonderful future ahead after we get through this Fork in the road - which aptly happens to be the title of the new Neil Young album. David also talks about the economic crisis as being part of a transition period we are now in. I thoroughly recommend the video I am including of David interviewed by Project Camelot.

My own personal feelings are that there are no definite futures, only we what we are all making. It all depends on how many go along with being manipulated and how many wake up enough to say enough is enough!

Gordon Brown's New World Order speech

Freeman on the Georgia Guidestones

© 2009 Steve Andrews


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