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The Liberal Democrats & Hypocrisy

Updated on April 26, 2015

Bill Maher showing his Tolerance

In order to get my thoughts straight on my right-left views, I have spent the past year watching Maher, Beck, Hannity ect. The liberal left are the only ones who call women c****,  and act like this!
In order to get my thoughts straight on my right-left views, I have spent the past year watching Maher, Beck, Hannity ect. The liberal left are the only ones who call women c****, and act like this!

Best Seller that the Media is Ignoring

About Liberal Democrats

I can hardly turn on the television without hearing a liberal democrat celebrity speak of how self righteous and judgmental conservatives are, while they are more opinionated and intolerant of anyone who thinks outside of their liberal box. The mainstream media says that conservatives are single minded and intolerant, and presents democrats as the morally superior party. As liberals try to paint a negative picture of Republicans, ranting that conservative republicans are not accepting of all people, I have come to the conclusion that the democratic party is the party of hypocrisy and intolerance bar none. As Writer David calls it, Left Wing Hate. One of the things that has led me to take a more conservative position from my previous ambiguous one, was my distaste for the cult-like, closed mindedness of the liberal left.

An example of one of these observations was while working in a dental office in liberal California. Just two out of twelve people working in this office were conservative. They conservatives were two women who had their personal opinions and did not actually speak of politics in the office. On the other hand, the liberals were bashing George Bush daily with absolutely nothing factual, but a lot of propaganda and quotes by their favorite heroines from The (narrow) View. television show.

Honestly, as an intelligent voter who does not have some emotional side to take with regard to politics, I knew that they hated George Bush because they were following the heard. Liberals had themselves deliberately whipped people into a state of hysterics by all the noise. Anything that happened was because George Bush was a monster. Even when hurricane Katrina hit, I knew this would be another reason to bash George Bush, sure enough, the liberals blamed Bush. As a person with independent judgement I became turned off by the meaningless "stone throwing", and began to get an entirely different perspective with regard to intolerance. A very sweet and hard working hygienist was from Texas came to work in our liberal office, and when the liberal girls discovered that she was a Republican, all claws came out.

They banned together, telling untrue stories to the boss, stating that the patients were afraid of this lovely lady. These "tolerant, open minded Democrats" were putting words in the patients mouths about the conservative girl from Texas. For example, when a patient would come out after having their teeth cleaned, one of the liberals would say, "I am sorry you had to get your teeth cleaned by her,as all the patients are saying that she is too rough." When put in this predicament most people would just look confused, but when two or three liberals would spin the story together, many patients did become scared. This is sheep herding technique that the media uses. The liberals would then say, "we will make sure you get a 'good hygienist' next time", this is how these "professionals," whom have the trust of their patients would use the place of power, the art of manipulation.

These Democrat girls would write in the patients chart, "this person does not want to see this particular hygienist again." After they had several charts like this they told the boss that all the patients were complaining about what a bad job the innocent Republican woman does. The unjust spectacle infuriated me and I began putting my two cents in whenever I could. This conservative lady was a hard worker, and never complained about how she was the only one in her department who showed up at 8:00 AM sharp, while the liberal cats were consistently 20 minutes late. In other words this conservative was stuck doing their work for them, until they swaggered in to spin stories about her. Unfortunately, the boss was such a liberal himself that he regularly harassed one of his Republican hygienists daily, yelling "Bush lover"! in her direction right in front of his liberal patients every time a new piece of negative George Bush propaganda came out, which was basically all day long.

How amused I was when one of the most staunch liberal dental assistants, who was putting all of her energy into attacking the conservative Texas lady, was hanging around the front office and saw a patient coming out of the conservative hygienist room. Immediately the patient said, I" would like to be specifically set with her again, she is great"! This liberal was so angry at the patient for not fulfilling her own negative propaganda that she stated, "Really? Most people don't like her at all, they say she does a bad job." This was an intelligent man who recognized the venom and claws and made a complaint about this loudmouth liberal for creating lies about employees she does not like. That was a triumphant moment for those of us who appreciate honesty and justice.

Some time after that the prop 8 (gay marriage) issue was in full swing. Actually, when looking at the statistics, the outcome was largely dominated by the family oriented Latinos in California, I recall driving to work and seeing a group of about 50 Latinos holding signs in support of prop 8 every morning, however, I have read that very religious and observant blacks counted for most of the decision to ban same sex marriage. However, when listening to liberal propaganda, one would think that it was a white racist issue.

Why? because just suggesting this makes people vote the other way. Celebrities, and the liberal left media distorted all facts on this issue once again. The way I see it , one needs to contemplate both sides of the argument. In this case no one has considered the reasons to have a separate marriage for straight people and one for homosexuals.

What is really wrong with that? It does not say one is bad and the other is good, just that it has a different name. Once again, I tried to have a discussion with a liberal and immediately she said," I think its okay, I am not homophobic". No discussion took place. If one thinks, or even considers what the pros and cons are, the liberals throw a label at them, and make all kinds of ignorant assumptions. "Homophobic"! By contrast, no labels or derogatory names are placed on those who want to allow same sex marriage.

The Left Want Dick Cheney To Die

One of the more disgusting displays of the viciousness of the Democratic party, is when recently former vice president Dick Cheney received his heart transplant. I could hear my liberal neighbors shouting, "let him die!" (interesting words coming from the live and let live party) And if that is not bad enough, I witnessed liberal "news" anchors saying the same thing, only trying to cushion it by stating that Cheney "stole" this heart from someone else. Of course there is no evidence of this accusation, and all the facts point to Cheney waiting in line, just like everyone else, for his turn to receive a heart. It has as much credibility as "George Bush stole the election".( I am seeing a trend here, and am anticipating what crazy conspiracy story they will have if Obama loses in November.)

Their further argument being that he is too old to be spared with modern medicine. This is one of the most intolerant and narrow minded statements that the liberals have come up with. They want the man to die because he does not share the same political views, and because of that they will dream up "moral" reasons that make it the "fair" thing to let Cheney die. Always dreaming up false facts to bend things to their liking. I watched a show called, Impractical Jokers, where just for laughs, these four guys walk around with a petition and try to get people to sign it. The petition reads, "we decide when to put the elderly down." It was a joke, and no one signed it. I guess they were not liberals.

Teresa Wagner; Not Hired For Being Conservative

I have personally suffered harsh judgements from the narrow minded left many times over the past few years. Being one to look at to entire picture and question the issues that most are quick form judgements on has alienated me from the liberals, however, I believe that I must be real, instead of following the crowd. Hopefully they will learn to be open minded and accept all viewpoints, but I am not holding my breath. Perhaps now that Teresa Wagner of Iowa, is suing former dean at the University of Iowa, for employment discrimination because she was not hired for a professor position due to the dean and the entire law faculty only hiring liberals. The so called non- discrimination that the Democrats practice has a lot of holes in it.

Reality Check

It was the Republican party that was against slavery and made it illegal. A minor piece of history that the Democrats don't want you to know. They have done such a snow job of trying to get the black vote ever since the Republicans set them free, but as Larry Elder said, "The Democrats fell in love with the black vote, not the black folks." They are forever trying to scare women into giving them their vote, saying that Republicans are anti woman. I have only heard Bill Maher (liberal) call women the C word; and to think that Obama accepted a $100,000,000 donation from him. If Obama and his Democrats really cared about women, they would have turned it down, and made a public point about it. I have spent time comparing Conservatives, Sean Hannity, and Glen Beck with these Democrats, and I have never heard the Republicans say derogatory things about women. It is easy to get sucked in with the propaganda, but it takes discernment to weed through hype and find truth.


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