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Too Young to Die

Updated on June 16, 2011
Recruit the Young
Recruit the Young
Let Them Die
Let Them Die
But Never Forget Them
But Never Forget Them


This is a story, told by rafken

About a soldier, whose name was Ben.

He went to war, can’t remember when.

He didn’t know the reason he went

He just knew it was him they had sent.

Another soul to the war was leant.

He saw the enemy was just like him,

Young in face, some were fat and some thin.

All there for an unknown cause to win.

His platoon were sent to look around,

They saw a swarm of flies on the ground,

Alas, a lost friend had just been found.

Ever since he saw that dreadful sight,

He would have nightmares nearly every night,

Waking in a sweat and full of freight.

He dreamt that it was he they had found,

Lying there, all swollen on the ground.

Just silent, not even making a sound.

Why is it the young die in a war?

Not yet knowing what’s worth dying for

Life, love or even the girl next door.

Why don’t the leaders go fight alone,

Let them be the ones that leave their home,

Then see if, the war, they still condone.


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