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Waging The New War

Updated on September 12, 2014
Our minds are being manipulated in many ways every day, whether by advertising, religion, politics or for the purposes of inspiring fear.
Our minds are being manipulated in many ways every day, whether by advertising, religion, politics or for the purposes of inspiring fear. | Source

Psychological Warfare and Visions of Torturous Hell

World War Three is on and it is unlike any other in history. It is not so much about bombs as it is about total psychological shock and terror to the point of crippling and killing the target. This has developed out of a myriad of threads that have erupted concerning a huge variety of strange goings on in the world over much of the 20th and now 21st century. From alien abductions or invasion, to visions of hell, soldiers going crazy on their own team members, personality erasure and reconstruction, project bluebeam, HAARP, demon possession and a host of other strange things too numerous to list, all have a common origin. That origin is electromagnetically induced psychological warfare designed to create a sustained condition of terror in the masses, so that the elite can rule in relative peace. Now, admittedly, this sounds right out there on the lunatic fringe, but psy-ops as they are now called, have been in the R&D phase for so long that some practices are now well established practice. New methods of delivery are being experimented and developed. But let us look at how such a thing is possible, first by looking at the symptoms of an event and then how it is effected.

  • Attacks usually happen at night in remote locations making it hard to trace and believe.

  • The Victims suffer from psychological trauma after and event that sometimes leaves visible scars.

  • The vision is so terrifying, that memory recall is difficult even under hypnosis.

  • Electrical disturbances occur such as cars stalling or recording equipment malfunction.

  • Some disturbances are accompanied with a blinding light.

  • A vague but persistent feeling of having been violated in some manner.

  • A fear of going to sleep.

  • Powerful hallucinations that are uncovered in investigations by psychologists victims visit.

  • Some “encounters” or recalls thereof end up causing damage such as experienced in electroshock therapy.

  • A common thread such as a symbol seen by people who are not known to each other.

  • Accusations of being crazy or worse by associates and authorities.

  • A gap in time where they have no recall from two separate moments that can be hours or days apart.

  • Unaccounted changes in personality and living experience memories

It was Nikola Tasla more than anyone else who proved that electrical energy could be transmitted without wires. He is also regarded as the true inventor of radio, demonstrating that messages could also be transmitted wirelessly.
It was Nikola Tasla more than anyone else who proved that electrical energy could be transmitted without wires. He is also regarded as the true inventor of radio, demonstrating that messages could also be transmitted wirelessly. | Source

Mind control technology has been in the works since the 1970s and may account for a plethora of unusual events

There are a host of explanations that populate the culture of our times, such as Atlanteans, Nephilim, demons and alien invasion with or without space craft. There is also the fact of the existence of organizations like MKULTRA (1) and Cointelpro (2) and experiments like the fictional account of the “Manchurian Candidate” (3). Popular culture also produces movies for popular consumption such as “Conspiracy Theory” (4), Fire in the Sky” (5), Jacob's Ladder (6) and “Endangered Species” (7) among many others. But of all of this, the most substantial ones by far are the proven existence of MKULTRA (1) and Cointelpro (2) that have left a trail of horror wherever they have led. It is these two organizations backed from a so called black budget (8) that may be behind some or virtually all of these manifestations. We are after all, a world at war. If it is not between communism versus capitalism, it is between Christian and Muslim “terrorists”. Do not get the last point wrong, for Christians have played the terrorist longer than Islam has been in existence. The secret program in this war is to find ways to confuse and cripple the enemy combatant and the modern way is to attack the mind. Originally it was through propaganda and religion, but it has evolved into far more sophisticated techniques, many of which are likely still top secret.

We now know that it is possible to create a technology that can be remotely controlled by the mind alone. It is thus also true that the reverse can be done, as this bridge between electronics and mind is a two way “street”. The mind functions along several electromagnetic frequencies, two of which match the natural resonance of the earth; the Schumann Cavity (9) of 7.85 Hz and another at 23 Hz. Others have also been measured. But the important one here is the Schumann Cavity resonance as this matches the state of mind in sleep. It is also the state of mind where REM sleep predominates and dreams occur. It is also the state that equates with deep mediation, hypnosis and visions. In the past, the medicine person would use substances, blood letting and fasting to achieve what is referred to as the vision quest. Vision quests were done in a controlled and friendly environment. Modern psy-ops are done in a climate of fear and control and are usually done with the element of surprise and in secret and employs tactics such as the use of LSD and other mind altering drugs on unwitting subjects. In fact, many of the street drugs that have shown up over the decades, were at one time used in psy-op programs in a bid to out weaponize the enemy who was thought to be developing similar weapons. But drugs are not the only way to affect the mind. There is an active campaign to develop electromagnetic weapons using frequencies like microwaves to control minds.

Electromagnetic impulse falls off to the square of the distance, so to penetrate a sleeping or relaxed mind by resonating with it, one either needs a powerful emitter or some form of collimated beam targeting the individual. Tesla (10) already proved in the 19th and early 20th century that signals and power could be transmitted without wires. His observations of nature and experiments established the truth of this once and for all and have been replicated millions of times. Scientists and engineers have added plenty of new ways to do various tasks. Among them are the experimental HAARP (11) and like programs. The idea, that began with drugs, is to introduce a vision into the mind that looks like a real event. Drugs are unpredictable, but a beamed program whether effected by a real time live streaming holographic video or voices triggered inside the mind, bypassing the ear are not and can be precisely controlled for any desired effect.

Subliminal messages work on a principle similar to the above illustration, only they tap into our unconscious drives to make us chose to do or buy something that we might not have without the subliminal suggestion.
Subliminal messages work on a principle similar to the above illustration, only they tap into our unconscious drives to make us chose to do or buy something that we might not have without the subliminal suggestion. | Source

Subliminal effects have also been used for several decades to penetrate the mind of the subject with ideas below the conscious threshold. A very simple experiment exists that proves that the awake and conscious mind has a frequency. That experiment is the moving picture made in the way it was originally designed before the advent of digital technology. In the early days, analog films were shot at 16 frames a second, which is why the picture either appears jumpy when played at 16 frames a second, or sped up if played in the standard of 24 frames per second. The later development improved the flow of images from a long series of individual photographs flashed at 24 a second. Most people saw what appears as continuous flowing movement from a rapidly displayed series of still photographs. With high speed videos and digital recording, the frame speed can be much higher. The subliminal part comes in when images or other messages are flashed in a speed not more than 1/24th of a second. As modern electronics functions on a 60 Hz carrier frequency, there is ample room to do tricks like 3D photography on a 1/30th second turn over or to inject messages under 1/24th second within the context of a movie or video. The subliminal effect is so powerful that whole marketing schemes have evolved around its use (12). Subliminal messages are either centered around our basic needs to promote marketing of products, or to trigger fear for the effect of compliance to authority or to respond violently to an assumed enemy. This much of the program is known and subliminal effects combined with some form of chemical stimulant is more effective.

Among the greatest of fears is of the unknown and this is enhanced from natural occurrences that are truly frightening such as a tsunami, great earthquake, pandemic, pestilence, impacts and other great natural horrors. The old explanations were attributed to a wrathful god who had to be placated with sacrifice and correct behaviour by those who promoted the plethora of religions throughout history. Today, we can add the fear of what we can do to one another in great wars and through the wrecking of economies. We all live in the context of the unknown; uncertain day to day if we will make it through without seeing a mushroom cloud, without falling victim to a huge man made plague, without an alien invasion whether from off-shore or from outer space and a host of other drummed up fears triggered by the use of the unknown. We even have the technology to fake visions that look for all the world to be the real thing and this does not require anything more than receptive minds that have been pre-programmed with all kinds of fictitious propaganda. There is absolutely no lack of conspiracy today, coming in all kinds of forms. Our minds are invaded constantly from what we watch on the news, for entertainment, the video games we play, to the internet. It is pervasive. Almost all of it is fiction. We go to war over fiction, putting millions to genocide. There are arguments as to whether or not we are inundated by false flags and black ops. One would need a lifetime just to follow one thread in detail let alone dozens. We are a society hypnotized by our own creations.

Some induced visions are so real, the people cannot tell them from the actual real. This is the nature of the mind that perception can be as real to the mind as a real event. The science of Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) (13) is based on this very reality. NLP is advertised as being an approach to healing, but there is also a dark side to this that is used in war. It can be used to construct character or to deconstruct character. Let us now look at the points above in a refreshed light.

This is a very basic overview of psychological war as presented by the military

For anyone on the internet, this symbol is familiar. The question concerning this symbol of Anonymous is; "Is this a real anti-state movement or is it a psy-op front by the state to ferret out protesters?" There are debates on both sides.
For anyone on the internet, this symbol is familiar. The question concerning this symbol of Anonymous is; "Is this a real anti-state movement or is it a psy-op front by the state to ferret out protesters?" There are debates on both sides. | Source

Militarily, the best time to attack is in the we hours of the morning when the “enemy” is deep in sleep mode and can be easily disoriented when roused.

Any surprise altercation will place a person into a state of psychic shock. This part was learned from those who have survived events like a huge earthquake. Often injury will occur during the altercation, which the person will forget during the shocking process. They will see that they have wounds that they cannot account for or remember ever receiving.

Given the secrecy surrounding the military, the sudden shock of an attack using all kinds or disorienting methods such as bright lights, aerosol introduced drugs, attack at night and soldiers in battle gear so designed that most people are unfamiliar with this appearance when suddenly confronted with the newness. In history, the First Nations had no concept of huge sailing ships and men on horseback. Drawing from what they knew, they described these appearances as something other than what they really were. When we read the accounts today, some seem bizarre. The same thing still goes on and people can see aliens from space when it is in reality, it is a soldier in a sealed personal protective environment (PPE) uniform that resemble a space suit.

Electrical disturbances can be induced with electromagnetic pulse. There are also ways to remotely turn off power to effect a program of terror and control. One little spoken event of Desert Storm in Iraq was the use of EMP weapons to destroy the electrical grid, making the take over of Baghdad a lot easier (14). EMP has been known since the inception of the atomic age and ways to do it have been developed without using atom bombs. Like any other electromagnetic radiation, EMP can be focused in a specific direction to accomplish as specific end. A variation on EMP can temporarily neutralize an electrical current without doing permanent damage. This is done by induction to cancel an electrical current existing in any closed circuit.

For a person woken rudely in the dark of the middle of the night will see even a simple flashlight as a blinding light. How more powerful then must that vision be when searchlights are in use.

We know enough about the conquests of war to realize that an invading force will plunder, torture, kill and rape at will. The shock of these experiences is enough for many people to put it out of conscious memory. A secondary symptom of such experience is a new phobia concerning going to sleep. Many sleep disorders can arise out of such a trauma. It takes a professional to weed out the cause and return the patient to a condition where they can get a good nights sleep. This does not always work to the misfortune of the patient.

Follow up investigations often turn up bizarre stories that subsequently populate our modern movie culture. Subjects who attempt to find a cure for their condition seek out professional help and often while under regressive hypnosis, stories emerge that suggest alien abduction. As we live in the age of space exploration and the threat of attack from the skies, recalling the unfamiliar can result in strange stories emerging as victims recall their experience under hypnosis. This has now become so common that separate fields of investigation have evolved to uncover the truth. A lot of UFO culture has derived from such stories, but in the case of strange and unidentified flying craft, we have all kinds of our own without having to rely on aliens. Some people have become so traumatized by their experience, that regressive hypnosis can actually present the threat of physical damage as if the person underwent electroshock therapy (15) that was once popular, and is still used as torture. Electroshock therapy has encountered plenty of criticism as encounters with the practice cause patients to break teeth and bones in the process.

Popular culture is filled with symbols and popular ones recur over and over between people who have experienced trauma who are not connected, nor related, nor are in communication. In one described scenario, the vision of an owl, just before the attack was common. In another, people are drawn up into the air into some form of flying vessel by an intense light as if being raptured. These visions usually come out under hypnosis. When this experience is reported to others, the person giving the account is accused of being crazy or mentally unbalanced.

In more severe cases of shock trauma, whole periods of time will disappear from memory which may or may not be retrieved under hypnosis. The individual who has experienced such a shock, may have changes in their personality that are noticed by family and friends. Such changes are loss of memories that are sudden onset or of memory concerning events that never happened with the rest of the family or friends.

In ages past, such psychic trauma was viewed as the work of demons and many people today still hold to that view. But today, we have an additional cause in the form of visiting aliens. This work proposes that it is a secret military exercise with experiments to the end of achieving total mind control, exploiting the fear of the unknown and unusual to spread panic to the whole population in order that control by the military will be gladly handed over by a fearful populace. War after all, is a highly profitable enterprise and in a closed world where options get fewer and fewer, the fight over what is left intensifies. We are the aliens and demons! The object of the psychological war is total unquestioning control and compliance to the wishes and desires of the dominant military commander.


















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